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FE7 Support Conversation Thread

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This thread is going to be mainly disscussing the Supports from FE7. Which one was your favorite? Least? Also please keep in mind I haven't read ALL the supports in the game. I also don't care about spoilers (for example a characters background)

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I like pretty much every support in 7, I can't think of one that I dislike. Not even Dorcas/Vaida. But among my favorites are Lyn's supports, Eliwood's, Fiora's, Wallace's, Sain's, Renault's, Legault's, Matthew's, Wil's, Canas', and Heath's. Yeah that's a lot, but what can I say? It's a great game with great characters!

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In no particular order...

Erk x Priscilla

Erk x Pent

Erk x Louise

Erk x Nino

Canas x Pent

Canas x Nino

Kent x Sain

Kent x Fiora

Kent x Heath

Kent x Wallace

Rebecca x Wil

Rebecca x Raven

Rebecca x Dart

Rebecca x Louise

Raven x Lucius

Priscilla x Raven

Nino x Jaffar

Most of the rest are pretty good, actually. I think the only one I really dislike is Wil x Raven.

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