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Matthewtheman's FE6 RR(Featuring the Trial Map peeps and an edited script!)


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So, as you may or may not know, I made a Reverse Recruitment hack of FE8 where I included the CC characters into the recruitment reversing, leading to Lyon being the Lord, Fado being the Jagen, etc. Said hack can be found here if you're interested: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63349

Anyway, I got the idea to do a similar thing with FE6 using the Trial Map characters. Here's a list of who swaps with whom:

Since I wanted to be sure you had thieves when the game expects you to have them, I swapped the thieves around with each other, so Cath replaces Chad, Chad replaces Astore, and Astore replaces Cath.

Merlinus doesn't swap with anybody, due to his supply function being tied to his character slot. I did however boost his bases and growths so he'll be less of a deadweight.

Guinivere swaps with Roy.

Murdock swaps with Allen

Eliwood swaps with Lance

Zephiel swaps with Marcus

Brunja swaps with Wolt

Hector swaps with Bors

Gale swaps with Elen

Narcian swaps with Deke

Karel swaps with Wade

Yoder swaps with Lot

Juno swaps with Shanna

Niime swaps with Lugh

Dayan swaps with Clarine

Douglas swaps with Rutger

Zeiss swaps with Saul

Hugh swaps with Dorothy

Fae swaps with Sue(don't worry, I made Sue start level 1 pre-promoted because no way was I letting Sue join you as late as Fae does as a level 1 unpromoted unit)

Garret swaps with Jerrot

Igrene swaps with Treck

Sophia swaps with Noah

Cecilia swaps with Lilina

Perceval swaps with Wendy

Milady swaps with Barth

Raigh swaps with Ogier

Bartre swaps with Fir

Elphin swaps with Shin

Echidna swaps with Gonzales

Lalum swaps with Geese

Tate "swaps" with Klain(I didn't actually change their character slot because I wanted to keep the Pegasus trio thing intact, and because Klain would've spawned on top of a mountain in 10B. Instead I just changed their levels so Tate starts level 1 promoted and Klain starts level 8 unpromoted. They join the same chapter anyway, so it's nbd)

In addition to reversing recruitment, I did make some gameplay edits as well, most of it involving buffing units since FE6 gives you a lot of shit units, but I did do a few other things as well, mainly to make the game less frustrating. I'll probably do a complete list once the patch is out, but I cba rn. Ideally the patch should be easier than vanilla FE6, but not excessively so.

Now, one thing I'm doing, that most other RR hacks don't bother with, is actually editing the script so the game still has a coherent plot. Characters have the same role as the unit they replace, but for the most part retain their original personality, So for example, while Narcian may be a leader of a group of mercenaries now, he's still extremely narcissistic and smug. So far I have Chapter 1 and 2 and the tutorial done. I'll probably release a patch once I have the main plot done, with another one to follow once I get the rest of the text edited. Now, to fulfill the obligatory screenshot requirement, have some pics of Narcian's new dialogue:


Feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

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. . .and until you have a patch with some progress out, this gets booted into Concepts.

I put it in Fan Projects because all the hacking is completely done. It's just script editing I have left to do.

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