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FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

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happy 20th anniversary, genealogy of the holy war. here, have a translation patch!

Download the current version: Beta Version 7 (7 July 2016)

to use this patch, find yourself a clean japanese rom of the game (no, we can't point you towards one), then apply a patch to the rom using Lunar IPS (for the .ips files) or Delta Patcher (for the xdelta files). the download contains patches of both types for both headered and unheadered roms, so if one of these does not work for you, try the other

so, what's new with this translation, you ask?

  • the entire game has been retranslated from the ground up, including everything missed by previous translations
  • the epilogue is fully translated and fully functional
  • a proportional font has been implemented for gameplay and menus
  • the chapter 4 sylvia glitch has been fixed
  • the seliph authority glitch has been fixed

Patch credits

  • Japanese-to-English translation: bookofholsety, gringe, Amielleon
  • Programming: DDSTranslation
  • Graphics: AzimuthFE
  • Script editing/special thanks: Tea, Hakkari, Ginger, Mark of the Asphodel
  • Special thanks: MP2E

this is an open beta, so we're looking for feedback on any issues with the patch. if you can help us at all by testing the game out with unusual pairings and endings, we'd greatly appreciate that! if you're going to betatest, be sure to follow these directions DDS posted on the rhdn thread:

Before You Begin:

  • Check this post to stay up-to-date with the latest beta version.
  • Please be sure to test using either the latest version of Snes9X or Bsnes/Higan. This patch will not function in the ZSNES emulator!
  • Also, be sure to make plenty of saves and be ready with the screenshot button.
  • Cheating seems to affect behavior adversely in the game, so try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you discover any bugs, or have any suggestions to make, please leave a comment in this thread.


Beta Version 7 - 2016/07/07 11:47 PM

  • Reverted prior "fix" for Sol as it was causing countless bugs with HP calculation.
  • Arena level-up bug should now really be fixed this time.
  • Intro graphical text has been cleaned up to remove artifacting.
  • Additional script revisions added.
  • Activating Adept with a negative attack speed should no longer freeze the game.
  • Temporarily added a check for Hawke in the epilogue, implementation may change in a future release.

Beta Version 6 - 2016/06/06 11:15 PM

  • All reported (and some unreported) typos fixed.
  • Missing dialogue blocks added for Ishtore and Reptor.
  • Fixed broken Welcome Home castle dialogue.
  • "Return ring" renamed to "Return band".
  • Musar's name fixed for Ch. 9 Status menu.
  • Ced Speed bug fixed; Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Def/Res inheritances capped at +15.
  • Arena level-up bug fixed; Only fixes the growth rate overflow, it's still technically possible to have a zero stat level-up if you're unlucky.
  • Sol HP display bug fixed; Sol with a Brave sword heals for both hits, but finishing blows only heal for enemy's remaining HP. removed from the patch due to technical errors

Beta Version 5 - 2016/05/20 1:24 AM

  • Prologue villager chats and DiMaggio's speech display text window at bottom as intended.
  • Quan/Ethlyn/Finn departure speech in Chapter 4 displays properly.
  • Fixed punctuation/typos/spacing from the various reported screenshots.
  • Hawke/Banba/Mabel/etc. death speeches should display their original portraits again.
  • Fixed the Circlet item not clearing the whole item description window.
  • Fixed Sakra's arena name being garbled.

Beta Version 4 - 2016/05/15 9:42 PM

  • Fixed broken opening demo
  • Fixed enemy names in Status menu
  • Fixed unit names for Chapter 5 Unit/Items/Skills menus
  • Fixed dialogue windows not displaying translated text (Holyn's recruitment, Quan/Ethlyn retreating, Sigurd/Eldigan speech)
  • Added "x gold stolen" message for Rogue enemy unit
  • Cleaned up Intro and Chapter Title graphics
  • Fixed reported typos

Beta Version 3 - 2016/05/14 11:40 PM

  • Fixed blank castle shop names when entering a captured castle
  • Fixed various dialogue window text overflows
  • Modified some skill descriptions
  • Revised two passages in chapter 1 (Jamke recruitment and Ethlyn talking to Aideen)

Beta Version 2 - 2016/05/14

  • Initial release

Known Issues:

  • The Unit and Item menu still flicker when scrolling quickly through them (sorry, still working on it :( )
  • Total turn count at the end shows a stray apostrophe if less than 100.

Need to Verify:

  • Epilogue text when Verdane has an heir with an unmarried sibling.
  • Various ending combinations
  • Different character deaths / game overs in every chapter (Don't be afraid to lose!)
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Ecstatic to finally be able to play this game. I've been waiting on this for a long time, thanks so much!

In fact I may very well do a first time player screenshot LP of this patch, if that's alright with you?

Edited by Irysa
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Ecstatic to finally be able to play this game. I've been waiting on this for a long time, thanks so much!

In fact I may very well do a first time player screenshot LP of this patch, if that's alright with you?

Yeah, I was thinking of doing a stream of this at some point as well (at least the first chapter or three), if that was OK with the people who worked on the patch! Edited by Bullwine85
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okay, i just noticed kind of an embarrassing fuckup with the chapter 2 sigurd/raquesis conversation. if you encountered it, sorry! we'll sort this out as quickly as we can

Edited by bookofholsety
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Oh boy, I can't wait to play this. I've been waiting for the release of the new Translation patch to play FE4. Thank you guys for doing this and continue on the great work.

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The heralded day has finally come...

So good of you and DDS to finally have put your hard work into something we can play. I'll be starting a Let's Play of this in about a week, so if we encounter any more strange happenings, at least you'll have video footage of it!

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Wow, this is awesome!

Finally I can see the entire epilogue and all the conversations.

Have completed this game last month already, but I'm so hyped to play it again and enjoy it much more.

Now we only need a good FE5 translation patch someday.

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I'm having probles getting zsnes to open it. I've patched it succesfuly I believe but some reason it wont open it. It will load an unpatched one also loads any snes games. i've patched with lunar and delta.I've noticed all my roms are smc while the new patch makes it a sfc. Does that have anything to do with it?

I'm afraid we simply couldn't get this patch to work in zsnes. We think it might be because of the expansion from 4MiB to 8MiB. I can only suggest switching to an emulator like Snes9x or Higan/bsnes. Sorry.

Edited by AzimuthFE
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