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Matthewtheman Play(test)s FE6 RR(Hard Mode) [Chapter 8 Part 1 is up!](on hiatus)

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I've been working on a FE6 RR hack, seen here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63618

I decided after playtesting a bit on Normal and determining the difficulty was where I wanted it, I should probably playtest hard mode and make sure that it is where I want it in terms of difficulty. Hopefully, it will be a bit easier than FE6 hard mode, but still hard. And I've decided to make the playtest a bit more fun, by straight up LPing it! This will allow me to show off the features of this hack and get some feedback and suggestions. I won't be showing off the edited script though, mainly because it isn't finished yet.

As far as route splits go, I'm doing Ilia because it's easier and has a better character(though getting it is harder, since you have to make sure your peg knights get more exp than the ever so useful Elphin and Fae). For the chapter 9 split, I'll be doing both routes and then letting you guys vote which one is canon.

Now, without further adieu, here's Chapter 1!


Inventory: Divine, Vulnerary

Growths: HP 60 Mag 20 Skl 30 Spd 35 Lck 25 Def 15 Res 30(+25) Total 195

Let's start by looking at our new Lord, Guinivere! Note that if a growth has a (+insert number here) next to it, that means it's how much I've buffed it from vanilla FE6. As you can see she has great bases, but her growths are horrible. This will be a common occurrence among our early game units. Luckily her bases are good enough that as long as you aren't RNG screwed she'll actually end up with pretty good stats, and maybe even cap a few. Her HP and defense will always be terrible though, making her a glass cannon. She does have the problem Roy does of not being able to promote until very late in the game. While I haven't tried this, I'm pretty sure if you manually promote her before the Roy promotion event, she'll end up demoting during the event. So yeah, hold off on promotion. A unique factor she has that no other Mage/Sage in this game does is the ability to wield light magic. Keep in mind this is something she had in vanilla, not something I added for this hack. Compared to other Sages, she's probably one of the best, but her late promotion really hinders her.


Growths: HP 90(+5) Str 60(+10) Skl 50(+40) Speed 45(+35) Lck 60(+30) Def 60(+50) Res 40(+35) Total 405

Here we have this game's Jagen, and one of the best units in the game. I'll certainly be using him. He's incredibly tanky, and you can expect him to cap HP, Def, and Res. And since he has 30s for all his caps, this means he'll be the tankiest unit possible. If you're lucky, he may cap other stats too, though he'll need at least one Goddess Icon to cap luck. Zephiel's move is probably his biggest bane, as he'll have trouble keeping up with your army, and his high con means very few, if any, units can rescue drop him that aren't also of low Mov. But if you're patient enough, a Zephiel solo is certainly feasible. The other items in his inventory are mostly just there to be traded to your other units, since he has no reason to use them over Eckesachs. You'll notice I've buffed weapon uses to Genealogy tier levels. Your basic weapons and a few others will have 50, Braves have 60(since they deplete fast), and the legendarys(other than Saint's staff) are unbreakable, both to make unlocking the true ending easier and because it'd be rather odd if Eckesachs was the only unbreakable legendary. Other weapons vary in uses. The buffed uses are mainly because I found a lot of weapons in FE6 had too few uses for my taste, especially the unbuyable ones, but also to make shit like parking an unarmed Zephiel in front of the boss and letting the boss run out of weapons so you can boss abuse take longer. I've also changed Eckesachs to S rank rather than King-locked, mainly so Marcus can wield it while remaining a Paladin, but you can feel free to trade it over to any other unit who reaches S swords if you wish. I'll be keeping it on Zephiel though.


Inventory: Spear, Iron Lance

Growths: HP 85 Str 50 Skl 10 Spd 10 Lck 30 Def 10 Res 5 Total 200

Here's Murdock, Allen's replacement. He's another good bases, shitty growths unit. He's honestly one of the worst Knights you get in the long run, and I'll probably bench him. He's certainly usable for the whole game though, he's just outclassed. Try not to overuse his spear, IIRC you won't get another. You'll notice I've buffed the movement of Knights to 5. This because I could never manage to keep my Knights up with rest of my units without playing at a snail's pace, making them hard to raise. I haven't buffed the movement of General's though.


Inventory: Iron Sword, Javelin, Rapier, Vulnerary

Growths: HP 85(+15) Str 70(+50) Skl 60(+30) Spd 55(+20) Lck 45(+20) Def 45(+30) Res 30(+25) Total 390

Eliwood, who replaces Lance, is all but required, since he's the only unit you get who can wield the rapier and by extension the Binding Blade. One of the best cavs you get, and the only cav you'll have for quite a while, Eliwood is going to be a permanent team member. Eliwood is one of two units in this chapter with reasonable bases, but his excellent growths mean he's definitely worth using long-term. The Rapier has been buffed to a generous 60 uses, and since you get two, as long as you don't overuse it the Rapier should last you the whole game.


Inventory: Fire, Vulnerary, Fimbulvetr, Bolting

Growths: HP 85 Mag 50 Skl 10 Spd 10 Lck 30 Def 10 Res 20(+15) Total 215

Yet another good bases, shitty growths unit. She replaces Wolt. She's useable for the whole game, but other Sages, including your Lord, outclass her. She'll probably get benched. Don't overuse Fimbulvetr, it's the only one you get. I should take my own advice. You may also want to conserve bolting, as it'll be a while before you get another.


Inventory: Iron Lance, Vulnerary, Brave Axe, Silver Lance

Growths: HP 90(+5) Str 80(+30) Skl 50(+40) Spd 35(+25) Lck 50(+20) Def 50(+40) Res 30(+25) Total 385

And last but certainly not least, it's Hector! The best General you get, your only axe user until chapter 7, and one of the best units in general, I'm certainly never benching this guy! Like Eliwood, his bases aren't as good as the other units in this chapter, but he has good growths that make him superior in the long run. I let Hector be able to use axes from the start for what I hope are obvious reasons. He replaces Bors.

Anyway, let's get to the gameplay. The first few chapters are rather easy due to how high the bases of your early units are, but it get's harder as the enemies get tougher.


Eliwood starts us off by chipping a Fighter. I can't wait until he promotes so he'll no longer have a generic pallet. I can already tell Hard Mode is harder, this Fighter does scratch damage to Eli on Normal Mode.


Hector finishes with his Brave Axe. I also can't wait until he promotes, this time so he can have axe animations.


Here's the boss. He can actually damage Zephiel.


I have Brunja use Fimbulvetr on this Bandit because Fire doesn't do enough damage to kill it. She gets a redundant crit on the second hit.


Here's how we look on at the end of turn 1. Murdock's gonna save the village because I plan on benching him. He's probably the worst overall of your starting units.


A Fighter foolishly attacks Brunja and she responds by dodging and critting him. I think she's trying to save herself from the bench.


I have Zephiel murderize this Archer Eliwood weakened. Zephiel could've oneshotted it without Eliwood weakening it though, but Eli needs chip damage experience right now.


I have Murdock visit the (in)famous "Money is important!" guy because I can.


This guy misses Brunja and I realize I forgot to have Brunja unequip Fimbulvetr. I have a feeling it'll be my first weapon to get Hammerne'd.


Brunja ends her dodge streak and proceeds to show why she's going to get benched.


Murdock makes it to the village.


Eliwood weakens another fighter, and dodges its attack. I hope he gets speed on his first level, I'm already sick of him not doubling shit.


Here's how I end the turn. That's Brunja using a charge of her vulnerary. The fighter decides to suicide on Brunja, who kills it with Fimbulvetr(which I again forgot to unequip). I wish the enemies would attack the units I actually plan to use long-term.


Eliwood continues to merely chip Brigands. He may need to use a Vulnerary soon. Part of me regrets buffing axes to FE7 level accuracy.


Hopefully the enemies ignore Brunja this time. I remember to unequip Fimbulvetr, and notice I've already burned through half its uses.


The two Fighter near the boss attack Guinivere. The first nearly murders her but she thankfully dodges the second, which is good, because I haven't made any savestates. She'll need to heal next round. At least she doubled and murdered them.


Eli javs this archer and no sells its counter. What a pathetic archer.


Zephiel crits against this Fighter, and its barely not unnecessary. Best Jagen ever.


Guin heals up with a vulnerary. I'm not worried about the Archer given how pathetically weak it is.


It does a weak ass four damage(which is sadly a whole quarter of Guin's HP) and she counters with an unnecessary crit. Did this archer get any HM bonuses at all?


Eliwood tries to chip the boss. He misses. Hector weakens the boss but takes major damage in return. I decided to fuck it and let Zephiel kill the boss. At least I'm actually using him long-term. I could've let Guinivere kill the boss, but I wanted to seize that turn and I don't want Guin ramming the level cap too soon.


This is one of the few scenes I've edited so far.

And that's chapter 1 done! It's actually harder than I expected. It was still pretty easy for the most part, but it had a few toughish parts. I doubt I could make it through vanilla FE6 hard mode. I can't wait until I get a healer next chapter.

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Does Hector have a higher Axe Rank than Lance Rank? Also, Eliwood and Hector's growths seem as though they might be better than they were in FE7. I would also like to see you do this to your FE8 Reverse Recruitment.

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All right, let's get into chapter 2, when we get the best FE6 character(IMO)!

Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern


Growths(As if he'll actually level up!): HP 215(+115) Str 25(+25) Skl 90(+40) Spd 125(+75) Lck 150(+50) Def 100(+80) Res 75(+70) Total 780

As you can see, Merlinus has had his bases and growths greatly buffed. His bases are based on his averages as a level 1 promoted unit in FE7 btw. However, those Str and Skl stats are useless on him, and mostly just there for the lulz. He's the only character in this hack that can't attack, as bards can now wield anima and light magic(like in the jugdral games) and dancers can now wield swords(like in literally every non-GBA FE with dancers). He'll probably never level up, due to him only getting 1 EXP at a time, though his bases are good enough he can freely waltz into danger and survive. Since, unlike FE7, I don't need him on the map to be able to deposit extra items into the convoy, I'll only bring him on maps where I'll need to withdraw something from the supply mid-map. I briefly considered giving him a weapon of some sort, but decided against it. He does have unpromoted caps, so he'll ram his speed cap after a single level.


Inventory: Iron Lance, Vulnerary, Killer Lance, Javelin

Growths: HP 40 Str 20 Skl 20 Spd 15 Lck 30 Def 30 Res 5 Total 160

Gale, who replaces Elen, has the worst growths we've seen yet. Not even a 50 in anything. He has good bases though, and, like (hopefully) every unit in this hack, he's usuable for the entire game if you want to. He's the first of the four wyverns you get, and definitely the worst one. In fact, we'll get our second wyvern later on in this chapter, who outclasses him in every way(except aid I suppose), though Gale does have better bases. Gale will likely be seeing the bench.

Now let's get it started! Great, now I have the Black Eyed Peas song stuck in my head


I start by having Zeph visit the armorslayer village, while Merlinus heads towards the armory.


Eliwood finally finds something he can double.


Hector finishes it, and he doesn't even have to use his Brave Axe. He gets a pretty average(for Hector) level. Listen Hector, I know you only have a 35% growth in it, but please build up that speed stat! I want you to be able to double things without having to use the Brave Axe!


Guinivere decides to conserve a Divine use and crit this soldier, but gets a sadly unsurprisingly terrible level out of it. Get some HP and Def girl!


I have Gale finish the turn by one-rounding this soldier.


This Fighter attacked Gale but missed, and Gale proceeded to miss his first hit but thankfully hit the second. I think it might be weak enough for Eli to get the kill!


Narcian(yay!) and his band of Mercenaries arrive to help! All four of them are useful, so let's check them out!


Inventory: Iron Lance, Delphi Shield

Growths: HP 85 Str 80(+30) Skl 55(+45) Spd 50(+40) Lck 45(+15) Def 45(+35) Res 25(+20) Total 385

Here we have my favorite FE6 villain. I love how hammy and over the top he is! It's so entertaining! Don't worry, in this hack, he's still an over the top narcissist, he just happens to be working for the good guys! By far the most useful wyvern you get, he has the worst bases of all of them, but the best growths. Milady does have a better speed cap though(which she'll likely hit). I'm definitely using him! His Delphi Shield is incredibly helpful, as he can go into an archer's range without a care. You only get one though(Deke, who replaces him as a boss, doesn't have one because it makes no sense for a non-flier to carry one), so strategically trading it between your fliers as needed is not a bad idea.


Inventory: Iron Sword, Vulnerary, Armorslayer, Wo Dao

Growths: HP 210 Str 130 Skl 140 Spd 140 Lck 120 Def 110 Res 100 Total 950

Here's Wade's replacement, Karel. Karel is basically an extreme version of an Est except he joins you really early. His bases are literally the class bases for a Myrmidon, but his growths are all 100+! The only stat he might not cap is Luck, and that's only if you promote him ASAP and only proc +2 luck on at most 1 level up. Since he'll cap everything anyway, I'll be promoting him at level 12 tops(unless he surpasses it before I get a Hero Crest). He's by far the best Swordmaster you get, though he is hard to raise, especially on hard mode. I'll try my best to raise him, but it may have to wait until chapter 7 when I can access the arena. He'll probably need to rig some crits with his Wo Dao. Note that thanks to his high con, only the armorslayer weighs him down, and only by one.


Inventory: Heal, Recover

Growths: HP 20 Mag 30 Skl 15 Spd 10 Lck 20 Def 10 Res 40(+20) Total 145

Here we have Yoder, who replaces Lot, and has worse growths than Gale! Nevertheless, he's our only healer until chapter 8, when we get a way better healer. He'll be used for now, but he'll probably get the bench eventually.


Inventory: Slim Lance, Javelin, Vulnerary

Growths: HP 50 Str 20 Skl 35 Spd 30 Lck 45 Def 25(+15) Res 25(+15) Total 230

Here's Juno, replacing her little sister! She's got pretty good growths compared to most of my army at this point, but they're still pretty bad. She's the most balanced of the Pegasus trio, she likely won't cap anything but she will usually end up with the best Def and Res. Her sisters are more useful though, especially Shanna. But since we need Juno and Tate to have more EXP than Elphin and Fae in order to get Shanna, we'll have to use both. Even after getting Shanna, who is the best of the Pegasi, I may use her sisters to if only for triangle attack utility, which I have a feeling I might need for Wolt.

And now that we have our new units, let's continue the chapter!


YES! Eli can kill it. I've never been more thankful for one of my units missing. Unfortunately he doesn't quite get enough EXP from the kill to level up, but he's close!


Hector crits here, saving both a Brave Axe use and himself from a potentially dangerous blow.


This ends up being a bad idea, as Karel misses the first hit and fails to crit the second. At least Yoder got some healgrinding in. Narcian finishes off the soldier.


Murdock gets into a miss match with this Fighter.


This is how I finish off the turn. Gale misses once and the hand axe hits him. The Fighter suicides on Guin during EP, who thankfully dodges his Hand Axe.


Karel fails to dodge a 39, nearly giving me a heart attack, but he thankfully dodgetanks his way through the rest of EP. He even procced a crit on the guy who hit him!


Merlinus goes shopping. I buy one of everything.


Here's how I end this unnoteworthy turn.


The enemy phase is much more notable. Karel gets his first level, I realize I accidentally left Yoder in an enemy's range, and Karel fails to dodge another 39 but thankfully dodges the next two enemies. Karel's giving me a lot of close calls.


Eli gets his first level failing to kill a soldier. I suppose he proved he needs the skill, but seriously, speed Eli! SPEED!


Narcian and Juno team up to kill and Archer, though Juno gets a redundant crit. Note that Juno actually has a unique palette as a Pegasus Knight, oddly enough. She's one of two prepromotes with a palette for their base class.


Karel luckily crits on the second attack when I have him attack this soldier. He took a hit, but he's not in any enemy's range so he's fine. And now we've cleared most of the map! Victory is nigh!


The boss is actually pretty pathetic. I'd imagine the Rapier and/or Armorslayer will easily do him in.


Narcian gets his first level, and it's pretty average.


This Fighter attacks Juno, and she kills him. She missed her first attack, but she only needed to hit him once for the kill, so thankfully her second attack hit.


Only the boss remains...


Gale OHKOs the boss by critting with his Killer Lance and gets an okay(for Gale) level out of it.


It's so weird seeing this scene with Roy and Guini's roles switched.

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Does Hector have a higher Axe Rank than Lance Rank? Also, Eliwood and Hector's growths seem as though they might be better than they were in FE7. I would also like to see you do this to your FE8 Reverse Recruitment.

Hector's ranks are equal. And they indeed received growth buffs. Judging by Hard Mode so far, it seems to be a good thing they did. I might do my FE8 one once I finish my draft run.

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Are you sure you'll have enough time after your draft to edit the text in Sacred Stones? Or did you think that I meant playing through it? Either way, both are good. Do you think you know enough FEDS hacking to make a Shadow Dragon Reverse Recruitment patch?

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Are you sure you'll have enough time after your draft to edit the text in Sacred Stones? Or did you think that I meant playing through it? Either way, both are good. Do you think you know enough FEDS hacking to make a Shadow Dragon Reverse Recruitment patch?

Well I do intend on editing the text of the FE8 hack eventually. As far as making an FE11 RR, I could maybe do the unit editing, but I don't believe there's any program out there that lets you edit the text of DS FEs, so I'd probably have to resort to hex editing, which I'm a total n00b at. A FE11 RR would certainly be interesting though.

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All right people, let's get down to business to defeat the Huns and get into...

Chapter 3: RIP THE CHIN


I hope you guys weren't expecting this hack to take itself seriously. We start with a scene of the Big Bad Marcus, whose kohai Wolt informs him of Bors's capture. Bors, proud of his square jaw, refuses to give in and insults the narrowness of Marcus's chin. Wolt expresses his doubts to his senpai about the dragon girl, Idun. Marcus tells him to shut up and do as he's told, and Wolt apologizes and complies. Guinivere meets Cath and we finally get a thief on our team, and assures Prince Roy that none of his brother's actions are his fault. Let's check Cath out shall we! No, not in that way you sicko.


Inventory: Iron Sword, Lockpick, Vulnerary

Growths: HP 100(+20) Str 65(+25) Skl 45 Spd 95(+10) Lck 100(+50) Def 25(+10) Res 20 Total 450

Cath's probably the best of the thieves. In fact, with her good growths(she'll always cap luck and will likely cap skill and speed too), a well-raised Cath can make for decent combat unit too for most of normal mode, and I'd imagine she'll be good for until we stop running into unpromoted enemies on this mode, where her lack of promotion will really hold her back. She's a bit hard to raise though(3 base strength, lol), and she's got the worst defense of the thieves(best HP and Res) though. If you find it too hard to raise Cath, one could replace her with Chad in chapter 8 as he comes at level 10 with good bases. Astore though comes chapter 12 at earliest and at level 5, though he does get hard mode bonuses. Both have slightly better con than Cath, too. I'll be trying to get Cath at least 2 levels(with +speed in them) before chapter 6, as I want Astore's lockpick and while he has a base speed of 13 on normal, which is enough for base Cath to steal from, since he gets hard mode bonuses he will likely have a base of around 15 during chapter 6 if I'm calculating right. I'll definitely use Cath for thief utility, and probably have her and Chad split up and get my thieving done faster once I get him, but I'll be waiting until chapter 22 to recruit Astore as I want to see how his stats look during all of his different chapters, so I doubt he'll get much use.

Now onto the gameplay.


This pathetic soldier gets doubled and one-rounded by Murdock.


I have Brunja Bolting an Archer(it doesn't kill it though). Can't have it attacking my non-Narcian fliers.


Here's what we look like at the end of turn one. The bulk of my forces are heading east and through the main castle(Merlinus is going to the village though), while Juno(who's there to recruit Niime asap) and my future benchwarmers(other than Murdock, who only got to be part of the castle stormers due to one of the soldiers being in his range) head west to handle the enemies on the outside. See if you can spot the mistake.


Enemy phase does not go well. Juno misses a 78, and I overestimated Cath's survivability. My first death of the LP. I guess I'll start a death count. LOAD STATE. I have yet to edit death quotes as you can see.


This time I have Cath head towards the village to recruit Niime. I might as well show off their convo.


Murdock kills the soldier again, and crits on the second hit. Listen Murdock, could you please crit at moments when the attack wouldn't still kill the enemy if you hadn't? It might save you from the bench. Probably not though.


This EP goes much better. Some soldiers make futile attempts at attacking Merlinus, whom I discover lacks battle animations, while Juno hits with both of her Javelin throws. We also get our first glimpse of Niime, who is totally a 13 year old orphan you guys.


Karel took significant damage finishing off an enemy that Eli weakened, so Yoder heals him. I wish we were still mainly up against axe users. In fact this chapter is mostly lance users, with a few sword wielding cav reinforcements.


Juno gets her first level after killing the soldier she weakened on EP, and it's pretty good, especially given her bad growths. I just wish it had speed, but her base is good enough that I'm willing to let it slide.


Guinivere ends our turn by getting what I'd consider a good level for her. HP! Now please get some defense too.


OUCH. Thanks God she has vulneraries, because Yoder's nowhere near her.


Being a flier and therefore naturally afraid of bows, Juno hesitates at first when attacking this archer, before gathering all her courage into her second attack. I don't know why, but I find killing archers with my fliers to be so satisfying, y'know? Like, it just feels good knowing your flier is no longer in danger, and they're the reason why. Even if they're wearing the Delhi shield(or that game's version of it), I still like making my fliers kill archers. Obviously this doesn't apply if there's another archer nearby, because that's just being stupid and putting your flier in the highway to the danger zone.


Cath picks up Niime from the village. Let's check her out, shall we? Gross, she's like 90


Inventory: Flux, Vulnerary, Eclipse

Growths: HP 25 Mag 15 Skl 15 Spd 15 Lck 5 Def 15 Res 20 Total 110

I think she has the worst growths yet. Tbh, her only advantage over Sophia and Raigh is availability. And it's not even that big of one, as Sophia joins in chapter 7 and Raigh in chapter 8. Niime's usable, but she's even frailer than Guinivere, and is honestly one of the worse ex-prepromotes. I'll maybe use her until chapter 7 and then bench her in favor of Raigh and Sophia, both of whom are equally good and will get used by me.It's actually a bit of a shame, because I do like Niime a lo as a character. I like Raigh and Sophia better though. Niime probably needs a growth buff, tbh. Her inventory isn't that great either, only Flux and I guess maybe the vulnerary are useful. Eclipse may have a more useful function in FE6 than FE7 but it still has piss poor accuracy. Seriously, even with max skill and luck on a druid(skill cap is 26 for male, 5 for females), you'll only get a hit rate of 95ish, which is absolutely horrid.


Hector gets a level killing a soldier Eli weakened(I wish Eli could actually kill instead of weaken) which manages to get every stat but the three I want from him the most. C'mon Hector, you're supposed to be a thwomp unit, get Str and Def! But don't neglect your speed, even thwomps are worthless if their speed isn't sufficient.


Merlinus visits the mend staff village. I suppose Yoder could put it to good use, though his base Mag is high enough that he'd rarely need to use mend over heal.


Now that our units have finally started storming the castle, this scene plays.


Meanwhile Gale gets an unsurprisingly terrible level.


Guin y u so frail?!


I think this is the first time I've seen the cav reinforcements go this way. Usually they head for the castle because my units are far enough in it that they're the closest target. And I just realized there actually are axe users in this level. Huh. Shame it's only two, though.


Hector needs more levels in him, he isn't thwompy enough yet. He did dodge a 74 though, which impresses me.


I forgot Niime has the durability of wet tissue paper and left her in the range of too many enemies. That Hand Axe hit was bullshit though. Good thing I made a save state at the beginning of the turn.


Yoder gets his first level healing up Guinivere, and for a Yoder level it's actually pretty good. He got 2 stats!


Narcian takes a page out of Murdock's book and crits on his second hit when he didn't need to. He did dodge a 51, though he would've been just fine if he hadn't since he'd have only taken one hit.


Not only does Eli finally get to use his Rapier, but he can finally one round something! Granted it's only due to Hector weakening it during EP, but still! And he got a great level out of it too. Everything but Def and Res, which are the only stats he doesn't really need more of right now.


Niime decides to make up for her earlier fatal blunder and actually dodge something.


Gale apparently liked his last level because he decided to get it twice in a row.


Here's the boss. He's as pathetic as Ruud, maybe even moreso due to being 2 levels higher but only having 1 more HP, Skl, Spd, and Lck and 2 LESS Str.


Winning Road has started playing, as all that's left are the boss and the chest guards. I actually get kinda disappointed whenever I'm this far in a FE6 map, as I'm not a big fan of winning road, and I really like Beyond the Sky.


Narcian borrows Hector's Silver Lance so he can kill the boss. As long as he doesn't miss, Narcian should finish Slater off during the next turn. I'm making Narcian kill him because in vanilla FE6 Narcian threatens to personally execute Slater if he fails at his job, so I thought it'd be fun in a meta sense to make Narcian get the boss kill.


Fuck I should've equipped his Armorslayer. Thank God he's too fast to get doubled.


I remedy that during player phase. He gets an especially good Karel level, +2 Strength ftw. One thing I love about Karel is the fact that he's immune to RNG screwage. He'll always cap everything, except as I mentioned last time MAYBE luck, but you'd have to pretty much be trying for him to not cap it. I can't wait until chapter 7 when I get a Hero's Crest AND an arena. I'll definitely be getting him promoted then.


Narcian meanwhile finishes off the boss and gets a good level. It may only be 3 stats, but it's the 3 most important ones so I'm cool with it.


I decide to let Murdock kill the final enemy, and for a Murdock level, this is actually pretty good. He somehow procced his 5% Res growth.


Hey look Karel and Yoder can support. I'm not surprised, they replace Wade and Lot, both of whom's fastest support is with the other. I haven't edited any of the support convos yet, as I'm saving those for last. Thanks to this support, I may end up keeping Yoder around as a secondary healer/Karel support bot. I also noticed they both have Light affinity. I can already see it, level 20 promoted Karel, with an A supporting Yoder nearby, wielding a Wo Dao, against a low luck enemy. I'm pretty sure that'd be a 100+ crit chance right there. *insert SA get in smilie here*

Anyway, after that I just had Cath get the chests and Guinivere seize.


Bors, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! RIP in peace. Best chin ever 10/10. Arthur, Leno, and the Crimson Chin got nothing on you, Bors. And no, Guin isn't refusing to lead Ostia's army, she's promising not to let Cecilia die

And we end this chapter on a sad note. I'd like to dedicate this chapter to the late Bors. He will be sorely missed.

Next time, we'll recruit our first unit with hard mode bonuses! Will they be enough to save him from the bench? We'll find out!

Death count: Cath 1, Niime 1

Edited by Matthewtheman

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Marcus finally had enough of Bors' bullshit and had Wolt bust a spike in his ass (or rather his chin). It's great that the few reverse recruitment patches that mod text are humorous when certain things, especially Hector's Death in canon Binding Blade, are turned into the death of Bors' magnificent square chin. (But Bors himself is gonna be ok... right?)

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Marcus finally had enough of Bors' bullshit and had Wolt bust a spike in his ass (or rather his chin). It's great that the few reverse recruitment patches that mod text are humorous when certain things, especially Hector's Death in canon Binding Blade, are turned into the death of Bors' magnificent square chin. (But Bors himself is gonna be ok... right?)

Sorry, Bors is dead. But his chin will live on forever.

Anyway, script editing for chapter 4 is done, so I'll get to playing it soon. Starting from last chapter, the first one I hadn't edited script for yet, I've been editing each chapter before I play it. This ensures I'll have the script editing done by the time I finish the LP.

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balance was thrown out the window

I know. I'm working on it. It's not like the original FE6 was very balanced though.

Edited by Matthewtheman

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I've done a bit of rebalancing. I've changed the bases and growths of many characters. Here's the new growths of characters we've recruited so far(that got changed growths):

Guinivere: HP 60 Mag 45 Skl 30 Spd 35 Lck 25 Def 15 Res 30 Total 240

Brunja: HP 85 Mag 50 Skl 30 Spd 25 Lck 30 Def 10 Res 25 Total 255

Murdock: HP 85 Str 50 Skl 35 Spd 10 Lck 30 Def 23 Res 15 Total 263

Gale: HP 75 Str 40 Skl 30 Spd 20 Lck 30 Def 30 Res 7 Total 232

Yoder: HP 45 Mag 35 Skl 25 Spd 22 Lck 40 Def 10 Res 40 Total 217

Juno: HP 60 Str 30 Skl 35 Spd 30 Lck 45 Def 25 Res 25 Total 250

Niime: HP 45 Mag 55 Skl 30 Spd 25 Lck 20 Def 15 Res 27 Total 217

I've lowered some of their bases a bit too, which you'll see when we do chapter 4.

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All right, it's time to do...

Chapter 4: Our first hard mode bonuses


Have a peek at the opening cutscene.


Cath is heading for the beach so she can take care of the pirates. I want her to gain at least 1 +speed level so she can steal Astore's lockpick.


Gale visits the Door Key village. I'm still benching him, btw.


This cav is apparently either suicidal or an idiot, since it attacked fucking Zephiel.


Narcian's still using Hector's Silver Lance. I think I'll let him keep it. I want Hector focusing on Axes anyway.


I probably should've fed this kill to a weaker unit instead of Zeph, but most of the weak units available were future bench-warmers, and Zephiel isn't, so...


Come one Juno. I didn't buff your growths only for you to get two stat levels. I'd bench you if I didn't need you for Shanna.


Now THIS is a good level. It even contains my four favorite stats! You could stand to learn from Brunja's example, Juno. Brunja's still getting benched though, but only because I already have two other(3 if you count Guin) Sages I'm planning on using, and I don't need four sages in the party.


I have Eli get the Steel Blade from the village. It'd probably be better in Karel's hands though, since he has better con.


Kar-Kar just critted with an Iron Sword. <3 Best Myrm ever, after Marisa of course.


Douglas frees Dayan. Let's check out his stats.


Inventory: Iron Bow, Vulnerary, Short Bow

Growths: HP 60(+5) Str 35(+15) Skl 30(+10) Spd 35(+20) Lck 25(+5) Def 35(+25) Res 10 Total 230

I honestly really like how balanced the nomads are. Max level Dayan and Shin will have roughly equal stat totals but Shin is more focused on the stats on the left side of the level up screen whereas Dayan is more balanced. Sue is an inferior Shin, but she's also easier to raise due to coming in level 1 promoted at a time where most of your army will be promoted or close to it, whereas Shin joins at level 1 unpromoted in one of the route splits(meaning he's optional) which is very underleveled for that point in the game. Sue is also mandatory in the final chapter, so you might as well raise her. I'll probably use Dayan, but if the B route is made canon I'll probably replace him with Shin, and he may also get replaced by Sue when I get her, though I might just use them both. Note that Short Bows can attack from 1 range in this hack, though this is more so that Wolt, who's meant to be one of the hardest bosses in the hack, can't be cheesed from 1 range, rather than some obligatory archer buff.


Dayan recruits himself onto our team.


Merlinus got us this from the southern village. I'll put up a poll on whom it should go to. I'm leaning towards Guinivere myself.


Eliwood leveled up but I didn't cap it in time. It was HP, Str, Lck, and Def. He needs to work on speed badly at this point.


Erik speaks with Douglas. I can't wait to see what hard mode has done to Douglas's bases!


Kar-Kar got another +2 strength level. He's fast on his way to becoming amazing.


Yoder gets a level from healing him. 3 stats!


Normal mode bases: HP 43 Str 13 Skl 8 Spd 4 Lck 9 Def 15 Res 5

Inventory: Killer Lance, Silver Lance

Growths: HP 75(+15) Str 40(+10) Skl 35(+5) Spd 35(+5) Lck 30(+10) Def 40(+10) Res 15(+10) Total 270

Given these bases, his final averages would be 60 HP, 29 Str, 24 Skl, 20 Spd, 21 Lck, 30 Def, and 13 Res. He's better than Murdock, but Hector is still better than him. I might use him, but probably not. Now let's recruit him!


Dayan does the honors. Now that he's on our team, there's only one thing to do...


Pick your Killer Lance...


and kill!!!


Are you fucking kidding me Karel?


Narcian has to kill it instead, and he gets a thwomp level out of it. I'm very thankful for the extra strength, now he can one-round more things with his Iron Lance.


You are the dodging queen, young and sweet only... 14-15ish? I think?


She gets a level from killing the iron axe one. It's amazing, as one would expect given her growths.


Here's a look at Erik's stats. He's somewhat threatening. Eliwood's already weakened him a bit.


Juno gets the boss kill, and a horrendous level. I so wish I could bench her.


Her bad luck seems to have rubbed off on Cath.


Kar-Kar gets ANOTHER Iron Sword crit. I'm certain his support with Yoder contributed to this. At this point I'm just trying to finish off the rest of the pirates for EXP.


Niime, you suck.


At least this level doesn't.


Near perfect level! Cath is turning out rather nicely, wouldn't you say?

That was the last pirate, so it's time to seize!


Have a screenie of the chapter's closing scene!

Next time, we do one of the most boring and pointless chapters in the game!

Death count: Cath 1, Niime 1

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I honestly don't really like this chapter. It's not all that fun, you don't get any new units, and plot wise it really only serves to introduce you to Saul and Dorothy, which they could've easily done in chapter 6. Nevertheless, get ready for...

Chapter 5: What even is the point of this chapter?


Here we have the generic rat faced bandit talking to Dory, who has the hilarious misfortune of sharing his name with Ellen Degeneres's character in Finding Nemo.


Dory himself is actually pretty scary. Especially with that Killer Axe. I'll be making sure he switches to his Hand Axe before engaging him head on.


Goddamnit Narcian.


Juno shows him up, hitting on a 54.


Gale picks his Killer Lance and kills this bandit.


But then he reminds me why I'm benching him.


We get introduced to some new faces. Hugh and Zeiss will be joining us next chapter.


I think Juno's trying to cap Res. Which is fine by me, but could you please get more than two stats per level? I'll even settle for 3.


This is a decent level. Given his growths, most of his levels will probably be two stat levels, and he picked two of the most important stats for this one.


Really, Eliwood? This is why you need to get speed. You have a 55% speed growth, but you've only activated it once in your 3 levels. Don't make me have to waste a Speedwings on you.


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! KAREL FAILS TO CRIT ON A 47 BUT THIS GUY CRITS ON A 3? FUCK YOU GAME! At least he had the HP to survive that, but I don't know if he'll survive enemy phase.


We're taking the north road, by the way. The only point of using the gate is for if you wanna LTC, but I'm not an LTCer, so...


Btw, I upped the Thief caps to be those of an Assassin. That's because I realized there was at least one stealable(i.e. Wolt's Guiding Ring) that was on an enemy with greater than 20 speed. Cath is the only thief with enough speed to be able to cap it though, except probably Hard Mode Astore. I'll probably up Chad and Astore's base Skl and Spd though so that they can actually cap them.


Dodging Queen, feel the beat from the tamborine

You can dodge, Bern can die, having the time of your life

See that girl, watch that scene(especially you Eliwood), digging the Dodging Queen~!

Seriously, Cath is probably the best dodger in the game. She's got good bases in both speed and luck, and good enough growths that she's guaranteed to cap luck and nigh guaranteed to cap speed, both of which have caps of 30. I wouldn't say she's the best dodge-tank though, as her HP is too low for reliable dodge-tanking. A good dodge-tank needs good HP as well as Speed and Luck, because they're not gonna dodge everything, and when their luck runs out, they need to be able to come out with a good amount of health still left. Karel eventually becomes the best dodge-tank, since he will cap Speed(which has a 30 cap), Luck, and HP(and everything else, for that matter), but it'll take some work because he doesn't have good bases in any of them except maybe speed, but that's because the myrmidon class itself has a good speed base.


I couldn't really show it since Hector lacks axe animations as a Knight, but he just dodged a 58.


This is Kar-Kar critting by the way. He wasn't even in Yoder's support range! I officially forgive him for the incident with that Mercenary earlier.


Even though for a Narcian level it's rather meh, I actually really like this level, since the skill and luck will help him hit more often, and given his performance at the start of this map, hitting more often is something he needs to do.


Cath is already getting foes with 0 hit rate. Granted, she is on a forest, but still...


Dayan needs to learn from Cath's example.


And another one bites the dust. Shit. I thought she was out of his range. Guess I'll have to redo the turn.


Narcian re-gets his level. The only difference is he got strength instead of skill. I'm not sure if that's better or worse, since while strength is a better stat, he has shown he could use more skill.


Dayan just critted off a 1%. It was an unneeded crit, but impressive nonetheless.


Cath, this is a pretty meh level for you. Though I suppose you did proc your lowest growth...


Hector goes and gets Gant's Lance.


Juno, you suck.


Douglas, you don't. This is him getting a crit, btw.


Ouch. Should've put her on a forest.


Thank God. wtf is up with that Merc's legs


I take the risk. I'll probably regret it.


Well Dayan certainly hasn't. Sigh...


Support powers, activate!


I just noticed he has enough aid to rescue Zephiel. I suppose one could abuse this, but they'd have to never promote Dayan, which would cause this strategy to suffer in the lategame.


That's much better, Dayan.


Goddamnit, Dayan. At least you got a decent level.


Juno can dodge a hand axe, why can't you Dayan?


Nevermind, Dayan. You are forgiven. Perhaps I was too quick to judge.


More magic is nice. I'll take it.


Karel gets an amazing level, as usual. I think he's trying to be more critty and less fragile.


Zephiel gets to be the boss bait this time. He's reliable.


Karel gets the boss kill, and the worst level he can possibly get, which is ironically still better than the best level most units can possibly get.


And we're done. I forgot to edit a Guinivere portrait into a Roy one, which led to what you see in the last screenshot. I'll fix it ASAP. And no, not every instance of the word brother has been changed to onii-chan, only the ones that refer to an elder brother.

Next time, we finally get a preparations screen! Who should I bring? I'm definitely bringing Guinivere(obviously), Zephiel, Hector, Eliwood, Karel, Yoder, Narcian, Juno, and Cath, but I'm letting you guys vote on the final member.

Death Count: Cath 1, Niime 1, Juno 1, Dayan 1

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I've just boosted a few characters' bases for the sake of character balance. Of the characters we've recruited so far, Douglas has received a boost to Luck, Gale has received a boost to Res(his niche is now "Mage-tank wyvern"), and Niime has received a boost to Luck.

Edited by Matthewtheman

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All right, the vote for the Angelic Robe was unanimously in favor of Guinivere. I didn't get enough votes on who to take with me to the next chapter(you guys do know that you can delete your vote and then vote again right? That's what you had to do to vote on the second poll if you already voted on the first), so I just decided on Dayan.

Now let's get on to...

Chapter 6: Way too many chests.


I wish FE6 let you use items from the prep screen. Why can't I access the prep screen armory btw? Is it a hard mode thing?


I've done some inventory shuffling. Guinivere has that door key so she can unlock Fae's room and recruit her ASAP. The Fire tome is because her Divine is low on uses. Cath is going to be blocking Astore's spawn point so she can nab his lockpick, and hold him there until Guinivere talks to him. Because I only have 1 healer, I'll be moving everyone as a single group, going clockwise around the map.


After the opening cutscenes, we're ready to begin. First, we have two new units, let's check them out!Again, not that way you pervs


Inventory: Steel Lance, Javelin

Growths: HP 80 Str 60 Skl 50 Spd 35 Lck 25(+5) Def 30(+5) Res 10(+5) Total 290

Zeiss is a very solid unit. Since I've reached the point where I feel the units are fairly balanced, I'll no longer be describing who is better within a class, but rather what strengths the unit has compared to the other units in the class. Zeiss can expect to cap everything but Def and Res, though he'll come close with Def. His sister Milady is the same way, but she has slightly lower Def in exchange for slightly higher Res compared to Zeiss, not to mention different caps(she'll still hit the same ones as him though). I probably won't use him, mainly because I'm already using Narcian and the Peg trio. Now on to Hugh.


Inventory: Thunder, Vulnerary, Elfire, Elixir

Growths: HP 85(+10) Mag 55(+25) Skl 40(+10) Spd 45 Lck 25 Def 25(+5) Res 35(+20) Total 310

Hugh is the tanky Mage. He can expect to cap HP, Def, and Res, in addition to Mag, and his other stats are solid too, even if he doesn't cap them. Note his base con. That's enough to wield every anima tome in the game with no AS penalties. While I really like Hugh as a character, and I would love to use him, he's in the same boat as Brunja in that I don't really have room for more Mages/Sages.


Wagner is surprisingly not very threatening. A decent physical unit should easily take care of him. Now let's actually play this chapter!


Cath's gonna wait here until Astore arrives. Then she'll swipe his lockpick and keep him there until Guin comes to talk to him. This chapter will probably go rather slow as I'll be unlocking all the doors, getting all the chests, and killing everyone(but Astore of course) for some sweet, sweet, EXP.


Guinivere uses the Angelic Robe. I can't believe it took them seven games to realize they should probably let you use stat boosters and promotion items from the prep screen.


Here's how we look at the end of turn 1. Stupid narrow corridors.


Here's the obligatory recruitable unit introduction scene.


Guinivere gets a good level from killing a soldier. Defense!


I take the risk, and he of course misses twice.


This Merc is weak af. He doubled Eli, but he has puny strength and did no damage.


Dayan finishes the Merc, and gets a meh level.


Even if they'd hit, it wouldn't have mattered, as Juno is Res-tanky af.


Fuck, now I have to redo the turn. I thought Karel had grown enough to be able to handle himself, but I guess not. He was even in Yoder's support range! At least I know he has the strength to damage Knights with an iron sword.


Guinivere re-gets her level, which thankfully is unchanged, though I'd have appreciated it if she could've gotten speed as well.


Eli, y u miss dis tiem?


This time I had Karel kill the Merc, rather than go for the center enemies.


Juno crits with an Iron Lance, and gets a level that I'm only okay with because it has important stats, especially that strength. But could you please get some speed eventually? Peg Knights are supposed to be fast!


Hugh shows this Mage how2Thunder. I mainly took these screenshots so you can see his palette. He and Juno are our only units so far without generic palettes. Yes, even Zeiss, who only gets a unique palette when he promotes for some reason.


Juno's already making use of the Luck she gained last level up.


Hector Hand Axes a Mage for this level. I find his lack of speed disturbing.


Juno impresses me by getting a 1% crit, and then disappoints me by dying.


Hector's level doesn't change.


Hugh fucking solos all the enemies in the center area, and while he only gets a two stat level, he gets points for getting the two most important stats. I think I may keep him around for a while.


Meanwhile Narcian gets a nice level. I'm a bit concerned about the fact that he's only gotten speed once in 5 levels, despite a 50% growth, but given his high base speed and Wyvern Lord's low speed cap, I'm not that hung up on it.


Goddamnit Eliwood! Are you allergic to speed or something?


Guinivere has unlocked Fae's cell, so let's look at her stats.


Inventory: Dark Breath

Growths: HP 130 Str 90 Skl 85 Spd 65 Lck 150 Def 30 Res 50 Total 600

Her stats and growths are completely unchanged from vanilla FE6. I gave her Dark Breath(Idun's weapon) because there was no way I was giving you a dragonstone this early. She'll get it when Sue joins. Given her bases are even worse than Karel's, she's incredibly hard to keep alive, even on Normal, so I'll be benching her until we get her Dragonstone.


Fae even mentions having lost her Dragonstone in her recruitment convo.


Astore's here! Let's look at his Hard Mode bonuses!


Normal mode bases: HP 21 Str 6 Skl 7 Spd 13 Lck 15 Def 6 Res 5

Growths: HP 90 Str 35 Skl 45(+5) Spd 50 Lck 40(+25) Def 25(+5) Res 25(+5)

I'll save the analysis of him as a unit for when we actually recruit him, which won't be until chapter 22(I wanna see what he looks like with max hard mode bonuses). If we were to recruit him now(which we obviously can't do), his final averages would be 37 HP, 12 Str, 17 Skl, 24 Spd, 23 Lck, 10 Def, and 10 Res. I actually meant to buff his skill by 8 so he has a chance of capping it on Normal, but I forgot. I'll do it after this chapter. My Cath barely has enough speed to steal his lockpick without him being able to steal it back.




He leveled up but I forgot to cap it.


I'm assuming these are hard mode only reinforcements, because I've never encountered them before.


Dammit Karel, not again!


Guinivere talks with Astore.


Meanwhile Zeiss finally sees combat.


Yet another level I forgot to cap. You guys can do the math, right?


Time to deal with these reinforcements.


There's more? Seriously?


This was with an Iron Axe btw. I see Hector still refuses to gain speed.


The asshole reinforcements are finally here.


It looks like Zephiel actually took damage at some point. Huh.


Guinivere crits this guy and gets a nice level. Speed!


Eliwood rapies a Knight.


Nice, Karel!


Karel again gets the worst possible level he can, but I don't mind because it's still fucking amazing. Karel is 100% RNG-proof.


Juno finally gained speed!


Fae's dark breath apparently has no animation. Good thing I savestated before engaging this guy, since I had a feeling something like this would happen.


That's better.


Are you fucking kidding me? Even more of them? If it weren't for her high avoid, I don't think Guin would have survived. She luckily only got hit once.


She gains a terrible level. Try for at least two stats, Guin!


She crits this guy though, so it somewhat makes up for it.


While I don't do this, it's nice to know the boss can't even hurt Guinivere. I think I'll have Juno kill the boss, as she has as much Res as Guin and hits his weaker defensive stat. I can already tell she'll make a great mage killer.




Nice dodges, Dayan!


Cath, this is a terrible level! Not only do you have the best growths in the army(besides Karel, Merlinus, and Fae), yet only managed to get 3 stats, but you missed your 95% speed growth! 95 FUCKING PERCENT! I am dissapoint.


Zeiss, got his first level, and while I barely didn't cap it in time, it was fucking terrible. +1 strength and nothing else.


Eliwood is still allergic to speed. I ended up checking Nightmare just to make sure I hadn't accidentally given him a like 6% speed growth or something, but no, it's still 55%. He better pull a lot of speed levels in a row soon.


Hector decides to show up Eliwood by getting a perfect level. He finally got speed even! Hopefully he gets it next level too. I don't want a speed screwed Hector.


Cath unlocks the Short Bow chest, and Dayan gladly takes it off her hands.


Yoder gets this level from healgrinding.


I'll put up a poll on who this should go to. I'm leaning towards Eliwood myself.


Stupid fucking throne. Guess I'll have to use someone else.


I do it anyway. It's not like he can hurt her. She hits, he misses.


Narcian pitches in.


I let Zephiel get the kill because he was the only one who could do it and have a good chance of hitting, and since I'm sick of this chapter I want to seize now.


And we're done here. I've almost hit the screenshot limit. I may have to start splitting up chapters into multiple parts.

Next time, we finally get an arena! And you bet your ass I'm using it! Tell me who I should grind! And to what level? Karel's definitely getting grinded to promotion(there's a Hero Crest in the chapter) and Eliwood and Hector will be grinded to level 20 because I want them able to wield Durandal and Armads, respectively, by the time I get them. I'll put a poll up.

Death Count: Cath 1, Niime 1, Juno 2, Dayan 1, Karel 2

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Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I was working with my dad Wednesday and Thursday and I was playing Elibian Nights on Friday. I'll try and do chapter 8 today too to make up for it, but I won't promise anything. Anyway, let's get into...

Chapter 7: Finally, an arena!


I'll try to steal this if I can, but if not, it won't be the end of the world. I do get an arena this chapter, after all.


I'm bringing the same units as last time, with the addition of Merlinus(who's there because I have a feeling I may need to use the supply this chapter), Gale(my brother really wants me to use him for some reason), and Hugh(I'll definitely be using him for a while).


How could they betray THE CHIN?!


Wow, I did not do a good job editing this conversation. I've screencapped all the things I forgot to change, which amounts to me forgetting to change Guinivere's portrait to Roy's, and forgetting to replace mentions of Roy and Cecilia with Guinivere and Lilina, respectively. About the only thing I did right was remember to change Roy's portrait to Guinivere's.


Guinivere's gonna hang around up here until Sophia comes out so she can recruit her.


Cath's gonna rush for the chests ASAP.


Zephiel's gonna assist Garret and Igrene until Guinivere and Sophia can get to them.


Eliwood gets the Goddess Icon.


Merlinus is gonna head for the shops.


Karel's gonna go get his Hero Crest.


Narcian visits the Killing Edge house because it's in range. Is the person referred to by this lady implied to be anyone in particular? I feel like it is, but I'm not sure who.


Juno gets the torch staff. A shame that torch staves in this game don't work like in FE7/8. I'd love to be able to Torch Staff Glitch certain chapters of this game...


This is how we look at the end of turn 1. Yoder's hanging next to Karel because I want them to keep supporting.


Let's look at these two's stats.


Inventory: 2 Steel Axes(Why, past me?) and a Hand Axe

Growths: HP 70 Str 45 Skl 30(+5) Spd 30 (+5) Lck 25(+10) Def 35(+20) Res 25(+20) Total 260

Why TWO Steel Axes, past me? That's just redundant. I'll probably change one of them into something else eventually. Anyway, unless you pick A route, Garret's the only Berserker you get. Geese and Gonzales are both better than him, but they're both A route exclusive. I'll use him for now, but if A route's what we end up going with, he'll be replaced by Geese and/or Gonzales. But for now, I'm glad to finally have another axe user.


Inventory: Iron Bow, Short Bow, Vulnerary, Killer Bow

Growths: HP 70 Str 35 Skl 30(+5) Spd 35 Lck 30(+10) Def 15(+5) Res 25(+20) Total 240

Out of the Archers, she ties with Klain for best skill, ties with Dorothy for best Defense, and she has the best Res. All 3 will cap strength, though Klain technically wins in that category due to males having a higher cap. I'll use her for now, but I think Klain will end up being my Sniper since he gets hard mode bonuses. I should probably buff Dorothy and Igrene's bases because they don't. (I later gave her +8 to her base defense)


Narcian gets a good level.


B support achieved.


Here's Garret and Igrene being attacked by enemies. I could be wrong, but Garret's palette doesn't look very unique, even though it should be. Maybe it'll change once I recruit him?


After this scene between Bartre and Sophia, we get a chance to look at her stats and recruit her! Let's do so!


Inventory: 2 Flux(should probably change one to Nosferatu or something...), Vulnerary

Growths: HP 85(+25) Mag 70(+15) Skl 50(+10) Spd 55(+25) Lck 50(+30 Def 30(+10) Res 60(+5) Total 400

Unlike in vanilla FE6, Sophia is an excellent unit who is worth raising. Compared to Raigh, she ends up with significantly better Res at the cost of some HP, Lck, and Def. I'll be using both because I like them both too much to have to choose between them. Now let's recruit her!


Sophia get!


Sophia kills a dude on her way to recruit Garret and Igrene.


Eliwood retrieves a Longbow from a village.


This little girl gives us a Physic to heal Cecilia with. But I might as well give it to Cecilia herself to use, no?


Zephiel gets us a Red Gem.


I missed the cap, but Dayan got a pretty good level killing a wyvern. It was +HP, Str, Spd, and Def, all very nice stats to have.


Hugh makes sure I don't regret not benching him.


Gale on the other hand...


Shit. I had a feeling moving her out so far was too risky, so I luckily made a save state just before moving her. I hope Gale gets a better level this time...


He does!


...but then Igrene dies. I'm not counting this towards the death count because it was as an NPC. Fuck you FE6 Hard Mode.


Gale opts for Res instead of Def this time.


Hector gets his second amazing level up in a row. You keep getting speed, Hector!


Finally! You'll notice it has 2 uses. I gave promotion items 2 uses because they were rather scarce in FE6 and a lot of them were difficult to acquire.


Juno got a level I forgot to cap. It was pretty meh.


Merlinus begins his shopping spree.


Guinivere recruits Garret.


Well said, Garret. Well said.


Zephiel finally gains a level. It's pretty good, though some speed would have been nice.




Garret talks to Igrene, so now we have everyone!


I've finally cleared the bottom portion of the map, which means it's arena time!


But first I have Igrene and Sophia visit the final two villages for a Horseslayer and an Elixir.


I reset the game to see if the defense boost I gave Igrene would apply, and this happened.


Narcian gets this level in the arena.


Dayan gets this level taking care of the reinforcements near the boss, which is what I'm having everyone who isn't getting arena grinded do. Btw, I missed the cap, but Karel got his first level in the arena. It was the worst level he could possibly get.


Here's Garret's palette as a player unit. It does not look generic.


Shit, I forgot about the south reinforcements. I guess my arena grindees who aren't being grinded that turn can take care of them.


Goddamnit Juno. It's nice that you decided to work on your lowest stat, but can you please work on more than one stat at a time?


At least she's Res-tanky, as a Peg Knight should be.


Here's the boss's stats. Pretty standard Armor Knight stats.


Here's Karel's second arena level. I'll let him get one more level in before I promote him.


Garret kills the boss. Heavy armor means little against a 21-strength walking WTA. I can already tell he'll be a useful crutch to lean on.


Sophia gets her first level. As one would expect, it's pretty fucking great. She even got defense!


Cath has unlocked both chests now.


Yoder gets this level from healing his bro Karel. It has speed, so I'm happy with it.


Eliwood still refuses to gain speed. I'd bench him if he weren't the only character with Rapier/Binding Blade access. At this point all I have left to do is finish arena grinding. I'll be posting everyone's final level to save space, rather than post every level they get in the arena.


It's time.


Everyone, meet your new God. Just look at that glorious crit rate. With a Wo Dao equipped, it'd shoot up to 91! He has S swords now too, so if I wanted to I could give him Eckesachs. I won't though. In any case, Karel is now ready to break the game into itty bitty pieces. Raising him was tough at first, but it was sooooooo worth it.

Oh, and btw, I'm not gonna count arena deaths towards the death count, as they are purely luck based rather than a result of poor strategizing on my part.


Sophia and Igrene can support. Might as well do it, no?


Here's how Eliwood looked at the end of his grinding session. He capped strength, but he got speed screwed pretty bad. Eliwood, being strength blessed does NOT make up for being speed screwed. Being speed screwed is NEVER okay! NEVER! You got that?


Hector turned out much better. He's a little Def screwed, but I can forgive him for that since he managed to stay on his averages for speed, unlike a certain someone.


I go ahead and get Narcian another level in the arena. It's pretty good, it's got three of the most important stats IMO.


Here's Gale's last level. It's surprisingly good, though ironically he got every stat but the one I most want him to get more of. Seriously, he lost a lot of arena matches to missing too many times. Anyway, Narcian's better in every way but HP, Str, and Res.


Yoder hit level 20 in the middle of the arena grinding. He turned out okay, I guess. I'm a bit surprised he failed to cap Res.


Here's Sophia's final level. Unlike Eliwood, she made good use of her 55% speed growth. And I must say, she did simply phenomenal in the arena. She literally never lost a match.


After an arena match, Igrene's defense went down to 20.


Last but not least, here's Igrene after going through the arena. She ended up very strength blessed, and I think she'll perform pretty well in the chapters to come. Now let's finally finish this chapter!


Finally is right. I think this chapter took me about 8 hours to beat, though half of those were admittedly spent arena grinding.

Next time, Guinivere rescues her future waifu Cecilia!

Death Count: Cath 2, Niime 1, Juno 2, Dayan 1, Karel 2

Edited by Matthewtheman

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All right, as promised, here's...

Chapter 8 Part 1: Finally another healer ft. bullshit copypaste reinforcements


Here's who we're bringing this chapter. I unfortunately couldn't fit everyone. Hugh got left behind because when I'm hard pressed for units like this I can't really afford to bring two of the same class(remember, Guinivere is required). Garret and Igrene were left behind because they were my highest leveled units other than Karel and Zephiel, both whom I'm never gonna bench ever, and in Igrene's case Narcian and Sophia, who are the same level as her and also never seeing the bench, as well as Yoder, Eliwood, and Hector, all of whom are getting promoted this chapter. Merlinus is here in case I have to send a promotion item to the convoy, while Cath is here so that I can get all the chests unlocked faster and she and Chad can each steal one thief's lockpick(there are two thieves this chapter, Astore and a generic).


Oh noes! You better not!


I guess Guinivere got promoted to general at some point. It's kinda odd how in FE6 Roy is called Lord Roy at first but then beginning in this chapter he's now a general all of a sudden. Anyway, let's look at Chad.


Inventory: Iron Sword, Lockpick

Growths: HP 85 Str 50 Skl 50 Spd 80 Lck 60 Def 25 Res 20(+5) Total 370

Chad is a pretty good Thief. Cath will usually end up better, but Chad comes pre built and is a bit easier to use due to not starting at level one with a pitiful strength stat. He has the best skill of the thieves, and is tied with Astore for best defense. His 20 base speed means he can steal pretty much anything from the get go, though since he only has 10 levels of growing room, it'll probably fall a bit shy of the cap. While Cath will still be my primary thief, Chad will make for a useful back up thief in chapters where I'll want one. Now, before we start playing, there's another new unit we'll want to look at...


Inventory: Aircalibur

Growths: HP 60 Mag 60(+25) Skl 60(+15) Spd 55(+30) Lck 55(+30) Def 35(+15) Res 30(+5) Total 355

...Cecilia! She starts with the ability to use tomes right off the bat, due to the fact that she seemed to specialize in them in vanilla FE6 and even started with a higher Anima rank than Staff rank. The reason her tome wasn't confiscated is because the enemies assumed she couldn't even wield tomes yet due to her still being a troubadour. I think I meant to give her a mend too but I forgot. Oh well, guess it's a good thing we brought Merlinus, plus Yoder's got some staves she could take off his hands. After being forced to rely solely on Yoder for healing for 6 chapters, she'll be a welcome addition to the team, and a permanent one at that. I'll be making her support with Guinivere, as they have the fastest support in the game due to replacing Roy/Lilina. Since she starts with a tome already, she could technically break down the wall to her cell and start attacking enemies, but that's needlessly reckless and will likely get her killed because her bases are pretty low for this point in the game, especially on hard mode. Plus Aircalibur only has 20 uses, and I'd rather not waste any on a wall, at least not before I'm able to buy more. (Note: I later changed it so she starts with a Mend staff too, but that was after I'd already started the chapter and thus it was too late for my Cecilia)


Yeah, I think I'll just let her hide in a corner. I have a feeling I'll end up mostly using her for healing until she gets a few levels in her and let her take advantage of her good growths.


Too bad your stats are too low for you to make good use of it yet.


Here's Chad failing to dodge a 43. It's settled, Cath will definitely remain my primary thief.


Nice level Dayan! I don't regret bringing you!


We meet our three final new allies for this chapter!


Milady is such a stupid name. I don't blame gringe though, I'm pretty sure Milady is probably the most accurate was to romanize her name. I blame FE6's developers for giving her a dumb name in the first place. Seriously, it's a dumb name no matter how you translate it, and it makes sentences like this awkward. Now let's look at their stats.


Inventory: Flux, a Fenrir he can't use yet, Vulnerary

Growths: HP 90(+35) Mag 50(+5) Skl 65(+10) Spd 50(+10) Lck 45(+30) Def 45(+30) Res 37(+2) Total 382

First off, it's actually supposed to be a Nosferatu in his inventory instead of a Fenrir, but since the Japanese name of the GBA Fenrir tome is Nosferatu, the Army Editor nightmare modules labelled it as Nosferatu, and so I ended up accidentally giving him Fenrir instead of Nosferatu. I have already fixed it and given him the proper tome, in addition to giving Garret an Iron Axe instead of a second Steel Axe, and Sophia now also gets a Nosferatu instead of a second Flux. I know it means Sophia and Raigh start with the exact same inventory, but keep in mind FE6 had very few tomes available(dark itself only has 5 tomes, for instance) and since Raigh and Sophia both start with C rank Flux and Nosferatu are the only tomes they can immediately wield. Since I made the changes after I'd already recruited Raigh, my Raigh still has Fenrir instead of Nosferatu. I'm okay with it though, as Fenrir is normally enemy-only and I want to try it out for myself once Raigh gets to A dark. As for Raigh as a unit, I already covered how he compares to Sophia in the previous update. Raigh's gonna get used alongside Sophia. His bases are worse, but that's because he starts 4 levels lower, and he'll be just as good as her once he catches up.


Inventory: Steel Lance

Growths: HP 80(+5) Str 50 Skl 50 Spd 45 Lck 25 Def 25(+5) Res 10(+5) Total 285

Milady's a pretty solid wyvern. She'll likely cap all but Def and Res, much like her brother, but she'll have slightly worse defense than him and slightly better Res. Her bases are especially good, and she's usable right off the bat. I won't use her though, as I don't really have room for her.


Inventory: Iron Lance, Javelin, Vulnerary, Silver Sword

Growths: HP 115(+40) Str 55(+25) Skl 45(+20) Spd 55(+20) Lck 55(+35) Def 40(+20) Res 35(+25) Total 405

Finally, here's Perceval. For the longest time I was unsure about what to do with him, because he was the only character besides Karel who would cap literally everything on average, but at the same time I was hesitant to nerf him because I like shiny green numbers, plus Paladins don't even have very good caps. In the end, I decided instead of nerfing Perceval, I'd buff the other Cavalier, Noah. Noah can also expect to cap everything, but he has better bases since he joins later. Both join at level 1 though. Eliwood wasn't buffed because he has Rapier/Binding Blade access and Treck and Jerrot weren't buffed because they're prepromotes that are there in case you neglect to raise your cavs. Both are decent, though Treck is better in everything but HP, however Jerrot does get hard mode bonuses. Anyway, Perceval's gonna be a permanent team member.


Milady does the honors of breaking down this wall.


Come on, Narcian. You're better than this.


Ouchies. Raigh's gonna have to pay Yoder a visit.


Good thing I got that Physic last chapter.


Ow. I forgot how low his base HP is. He barely makes it through enemy phase alive.


He gets his first level, and it's fucking terrible. I hope this doesn't become a habit, but the fact that he has middling growths in everything but HP means he's probably very susceptible to RNG screwage.


I actually really like Milady's palette.


Dayan decides to emulate Perceval.


Raigh, it's nice that you decided to work on your weakest stat, but could you work on other stats too?


The first treasure room is finally unlocked.


That's much better Perceval. Some speed would've been nice though, 10 speed doesn't exactly cut it on hard mode.


The thief reinforcements are finally here.


Fuck. I should probably pay more attention to the inventories of my enemies.


At last!


Eli goes first since he's closer. His promoted palette is a bit disappointing, tbh.


Hector's turn. He didn't get S axes unfortunately, but we get Armads in 12x, so he's got plenty of time to improve his axe rank. At least he finally has axe animations.


Here's Astore's stats this time around. I remembered to buff his skill. His speed's actually slightly worse this time than it was in chapter 6. He's heading for the western treasure room, which is v bad.


I have Chad Light Brand him as a sign he needs to cut that shit out.


The generic thief unlocked Cecilia's cell, so I do this convo for a free Thunder tome.


Both thieves have been neutralized.


Guinivere/Cecilia OTP. Seriously, their support is ridiculously fast. One turn and they're already at C support.


Here's Eliwood's promoted palette.


I go ahead and get Astore's second convo.


I took this both to show off Hector's palette and the fact that he now has axe animations.


Yoder gives his Mend to Cecilia, so that she can heal.


Nice Guinivere! Everything but the defenses, I'll take it.


You know, I just noticed that Sophia's hair is really fucking long. I think I finally understand why MarkyJoe had such a big thing for her back in the day.


Speaking of Sophia, she got a pretty nice level. Sure, she missed the two most important stats, but considering she one-rounds pretty much everyone right now, I'm not too concerned.


What's with all the


They better stop soon, I wanna get this chapter over and done with.


Cecilia gets her first level and it sucks. Are my units just allergic to good levels this chapter?


I finally get this chest.


I missed the cap, but Percy leveled up and it was very good. I'm pretty burned out on this chapter at this point tbh, and I haven't bothered to screencap a lot of things I should've.


Yep, you're definitely benched.


You know what? I give up. I quit. I'm sick of this chapter's bullshit reinforcements. I'll probably come back to this later, but for now, I'm taking a break.

Death Count: Cath 2, Niime 1, Juno 2, Dayan 1, Karel 2, Cecilia 1

Edited by Matthewtheman

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What happened to this project? It was interesting to see...

It's on hiatus. At some point I'd like to finish editing the script and start an open beta, but there's SO MUCH text to edit, so I've been putting it off. I'll return to this once I finish my GhebSaga LP and my GhebFE LP I plan to follow it up with.

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