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KoF XIV Discussion Thread: PC version released


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4 hours ago, Jedi said:

I'd have been more interested if it had Online, but its a good collection.

I hate the "white" blood however.

I agree, on both points, but I still bought it since it means supporting SNK :)

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The game is fun, but I asked for a refund because I don't think it is worth the price I paid for (100 bucks here. Probably less than 50 dollars). It is very pricey for a fun but simple and straightforward game with average content (which is the same issue that Tekken 7 has, unfortunately). The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match (coincidentally, my favorite) has more modes and characters than this game, and I expected this game to actually have a story. Yeah, it's a fighting game, but I'm too used to Tekken, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue to let it pass.

I'll wait until prices lower a bit, then buy it again. I'll buy it when it costs 50 bucks or less.

Also, what the hell, why does the game insist that I use the analog as if I were a pro arcade player? I want to use the arrown buttons, and it doesn't even allow me to change those settings (I'd have to edit x360ce's settings). Luckily I am the Jar Jar Binks of fighting games and things somehow worked out for me.

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