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Introduce your Kamui!

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Name: Ty

Staring Classes: Nohr Noble/Ninja

Ending Class: Dread Fighter

Route: Conquest

Skills: Aggressor, Astra, Draconic Hex, Shurikenfaire, Swordfaire

Boon/Bane: Skill/Resistance

Spouse: Azura

Bio: An accident caused Ty to lose vision in one of his eyes when he was young. As a result, he became a very cautious child. He learned to look at the whole picture rather than just what was in front of him and earned renown as a tactician. Once he has identified a weakness of an enemy, he is quick to strike a devasting blow against his opponent and is often referred to as General Tempest. After his experiences in Hoshido, he determined that the only way to ensure peace for both lands was to change Nohr from the inside. During his campaign of change, he was enchanted by the music of the Songstress Azura. Their shared experiences as outsiders in a foreign land drew them closer together and they were eventually married.

Personality- Ty is very thoughtful and quiet, and spends more time listening than speaking. He is not fond of violence or war and is reluctant to fight against his family. Due to his disdain for war, he tries to end every battle as quickly as possible with the least amount of casualties. He is well respected by his army, but his quiet facade hides a fierce streak of determination to reach his goals. Despite his calm approach to war, he is an extremely driven leader with a precise plan to reach his goals.

Extra: Loves cheesy jokes.

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Guess it's my turn! My OC is my profile picture because why not right?

Name: Viola

Birthday: December 24th

Allegiance: Nohr (Conquest)

Class: Dark Knight

Weapons of Choice:

-Shadow Yato


Skills: Aether / Awakening / Draconic Hex / Hoshidan Unity / Lifetaker

Spouse: Xander

Personality: Viola is very similar to Corrin's conquest personality with some few things changed. Viola, like Xander, views darkness not as an evil being, but rather as a steeping stone towards a brighter future. While she understands that Nohr's actions towards Hoshido are unacceptable, she does not believe that Nohr is solely responsible, feeling guilty of Nohr's isolation and hopes to reform Nohr following their plan to dethrone Garon. Later in the story, she comes to understand that threats to the world's peace must be eliminated and she becomes willing to kill Iago, Hans, and the corrupt Nohrians herself, thought she still will never resort to needless bloodshed. She can come across as cheeky and upbeat, but when she hits the battlefield, she becomes much more serious and calculating in order to protect her friends and family. After winning the war, and being crowned Queen of Nohr, she plans to work alongside her husband to bring Nohr to an even brighter glory than before as well as working with Queen Hinoka to make peace with Hoshido.

Personal Critical Hit Quotes:

-"Dusk guide me!"

-"I'm not dying today!"

-"For Nohr!" (To good of a quotes not to use in Conquest)

-"Prepare Yourself!" (After marrying Xander)

Voice Actor: Marcella Lentz-Pope

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Everyone has such great design ideas and I'm just sitting here with my standard, white-haired dude voiced by Sasuke Uchiha, I mean Luke fon Fabre, I mean Asch the Bloody, I mean Yuri Lowenthal.

Anyway, on to the description!

Name: Dominik

Chosen Affiliation: Hoshido

Skills: Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Fang, Luna, Nohrian Trust, Aegis

Strength: Skill

Weakness: HP

Spouse: Hana (because I... er, he likes girls that can fight)

Preferred Weapon: Yato

Personality: A normally kind-hearted fellow, but he gets really upset if you injure / kill someone close to him. In other words: critical Dragon Fang! Like he did to Birthright's final boss.

Personal quotes:

"You'll pay for this!" (after an ally has been defeated)

"This is the end!" (killing an enemy with a skill)

"This is our power!!!" (using a skill from a partner through Nohrian Trust / dual strike)

"This is for Elise!!!" (used when killing Xander / Garon with Dragon Fang after Elise's death)

Theme Music: (Are links to music even allowed on here...?)

Battle Theme:

Sumeragi called he wants his line back

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I have two MUs. Lord is male and Lyla is female (as you probably could guess)


Personality: Out of the two, Lord is more calm and collected, and cares a lot for his family. He despises King Garon and as such, he decides to side with Hoshido (Birthright) or wants to stop the war entirely (Revelation).

Trivia: His scar was accidentally made by Xander during a sparring session.

Waifu: Selkie (Birthright), Ophelia (Revelation)

Class: Swordmaster


Personality: Lyla, instead, is brave, but not reckless. She firmly believes that her actions will play a big part in putting an end to the war. While she also despises King Garon, she sides with Nohr because well... We all know why.

Trivia: She fell in love with Gunter when she was seven, after accidentally kissing him.

Husbando: Gunter (Conquest), Ryoma, Lobster Lord and High Prince of Hoshido (Revelations)

Class: Nohr Noble (story), Hoshido Noble (PvP)

Btw, I still have to play BR with Lyla and Conquest with Lord, so they lack one waifu/husbando.

I consider Lyla's canon husband to be Gunter.



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Profile pic's my avatar, which is based on my OC.

Name: Blue

Class: Master of Arms

Route: Birthright

Strenght: Skill

Weakness: Magic

Wife: Rinkah

Preferred Weapon: Spirit Katana, Leo's Iceblade

Bio: A former bard, spellcaster and blacksmith, Blue has lived a colorful life of trying out a multitude of things he has come across and setting the bar high on all of them. He keeps a cool head in almost any scenario and always has a plan, when needed. He values skill above all else and the only way to earn his respect is to show yours to him. He travels with a small colorful band of people with all kinds of backgrounds, from ruffians to noblemen, as well as his loved one, the only woman capable of beating his arse in a one on one fight.

He's a man of few words, preferring to let his actions speak for his stead. He puts the survival of his comrades above all else and is not hesistant of pulling back from a risky scenario, even if a crucial victory meant the sacrifice of one or two men. He can be rather cynical at times and often uses sarcastic humor.

Now he has found himself and his group fighting for the defense of the lands of Hoshido and is constantly on the lookout with his travelling band for faceless and other invaders.

Skills: Vantage, Renewal, Galeforce, Aegis, Astra

Personal Quotes (critical/skill)

"How about I spice things up a little?"


"I've seen enough."

"Here's your consolation prize."


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