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EDIT: I have officially retired from making let's plays! If any of the images are broken, please post on this thread or PM me, and I'll see if I can do anything about it.

So, I was recently informed that apparently, some of my older let's plays are getting harder to find. I keep a list in my signature, but it's constantly getting longer, and bulkier, and I've had to de-link some due to URL limits. So! Here it is! An official list, with retrospective commentary, collecting links to all my LPs in one place.

Also, to anyone who doesn't know about my LPs: I like to do screenshot playthroughs of Fire Emblem ROMhacks... I mean...Fan Projects! I started my first LP, FE7 Chaos Mode, on September 17 2014 (eg: A Long Time Ago), and just sort of... never stopped doing let's plays.

And that's how I got to where I am today! Not really anywhere in particular!


FE7 Chaos Mode:


The later levels got a touch difficult and tactics like this may be required.

LENGTH: Quite Long

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Sep. 17 2014

END DATE: Jan. 9 2015

My very first let's play, and the one that started it all! I was still trying to "find my style", so to speak, but I still think it turned out really well. If you want to read all my stuff, I would definitely suggest starting here. FE7 Chaos Mode was an interesting hack and definitely a good one for a first LP, even though there were about 8 other people also playing it at the time.

Road to Ruin:


My favorite levels were when I could control generics. Things got crazy fun.

LENGTH: Medium

STATUS: Finished for now

START DATE: Nov. 13 2014

END DATE: Dec. 3 2014

Road to Ruin was a good let's play of a neat hack, which at the time was new and cool. It's a pity Road to Ruin as a project seems to have been abandoned, since it had so much going for it. Still, I think this is one of my better let's plays.

NOTE: "Finished for now" means that the LP thread could be revived from the dead if the hack I played is updated with new chapters!

Corrupt Theocracy:


Just enjoying the brilliant story and characterization.

LENGTH: Very Long

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Dec. 8 2014

END DATE: Feb. 11 2015

Corrupt Theocracy is probably my most interesting let's play. I think it's one of, if not the, best and most hilarious Let's Plays here. At the same time, however, I took a rather negative attitude towards the whole thing and kind of acted like a jerk throughout. So, I would like to apologize for that. It was if anything one of my most popular screenshot runs, climbing very high up on the most viewed/replied columns for this entire subforum.

Elibian Nights:


What else could I use to describe it?

LENGTH: 3 millimeters

STATUS: Did it even start?

START DATE: Dec. 26 2014

END DATE: Dec. 26 2014

The beta of the full version of Elibian Nights was released! But... it was super buggy... so I decided to put the LP on hold for a few days while it was all fixed.

...Was it ever fixed?? I haven't been keeping track of the thread... either way, I didn't come back to it and may never will.

Death or Glory:


Probably one of the darkest stories in FE hacking.

LENGTH: Medium

STATUS: Finished for now

START DATE: Jan. 26 2015

END DATE: Feb. 16 2015

Like Road to Ruin, Death or Glory was a very good hack, and I think this turned out to be a good LP, even if not a particularly memorable one. A quick note, I transcribe all dialogue in the hacks that I LP, and generally, this means you'll get to see the hack's whole story. Death or Glory has a very good story, and so that really helped make the playthrough interesting.

Markyjoe's Hacks:


The hacks made me commit many crimes against humanity. I am not sure if I will ever recover.

LENGTH: Long-Ish

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Feb. 16 2015

END DATE: Apr. 4 2015

I called the thread "All of Markyjoe's crap", which was intended to be funny, but looking back, it was a really a rather presumptuous title. It was only, like, 70% crap. I think this thread turned out well, particularly due to Markyjoe popping in and giving lots of entertaining and insightful commentary as to the level design. I initially planned to only play 5 hacks (Old Fire Mumblem, Tactician Hell, New Fire Mumblem, Super Hard Lyn Mode, and Chronicles of Lussaria) but was later convinced to play 2 more (Corruption of Roy, a ragefest submission, and Project Shoeshine as well). All of them are in the thread.

The Rolling Request Thread:

(TOTAL) LENGTH: Extremely Long

STATUS: On a maybe-permanent hiatus Finished

START DATE: Apr. 2 2015

HIATUS END DATE: Nov. 30 2015

I was faced with a quandary: There are a lot of little hacks out there I wanted to play, but I couldn't flood the forums and make a thread for every last one of them! And that's how this thread was born. It went on for a super-long time and I played a ton of hacks throughout, and I think it was fun for everyone. After a while, though, I stopped it because I was quite simply running out of little hacks to play, and I wanted to focus more on some of the major, longer hacks. Still! There's lots to read and enjoy, if you want!



Note: The links are to the page the start of the LP is on, not the post, so you might have to scroll down for some.

Vaati's Revenge:


1-range fog and references sum things up.

LENGTH: Very Short

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Apr. 4 2015
END DATE: Apr. 7 2015

Vaati's Revenge was a disqualified ragefest submission, and a boring hack. As an LPer, my job is to make boring things interesting. I failed miserably. I claimed it was the hack draining me, but let's be honest, that's a bad excuse. This was a bad way to start the thread, and if you like long, boring, terrible things then this will appeal to you.

Rage Emblem:


It got kinda crazy.

LENGTH: Short-Medium

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Apr. 8 2015
END DATE: Apr. 20 2015

This hack was actually never released to the public, so if you want to see it it has to be here. It was fun to play through, even if it was clearly a beta throughout. I enjoyed it and you might too.




LENGTH: Medium-Long

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Apr. 21 2015
END DATE: May 7 2015

Tacthack was a hack that deserved more love than it got. It was never amazing, but I definitely think it deserved this let's play. It turned out pretty well too, with me getting roleplay involved. I'd say it's one of the best ones in the thread.

Fire Emblem Different Dimensions Ostian Princess:


Like FE7, but weirder.

LENGTH: Medium

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: May 7 2015
END DATE: May 22 2015

There's already an LP of this on Something Awful, but this is what the crowd wanted! I think it went well. There was some things involved that the other LP didn't even cover, and surprised me multiple times.

Yet Another Ragefest Hack:


Even less than we were expecting.


STATUS: Finished

START DATE: May 22 2015
END DATE: May 26 2015

Another disqualified Ragefest submission, this one proved a bit better and more interesting, though it was still mainly killed by the flaw of tedium. Look at this if you want to see what NOT to do for a ragefest submission, folks!

Le Chien Est Adorable:


The level design of a hack says a lot about it.

Just... thought it was worth mentioning.

LENGTH: Exactly one post

STATUS: Finished

START/END DATE: May 28 2015

The third and final disqualified Ragefest submission, all the way back from RF1, it was an utterly atrocious, but short, ride.

One-Day Hack:


Things got a bit spammy at one point.

LENGTH: Quite short

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: May 29 2015
END DATE: June 2 2015

This hack took longer for me to play through than it took to make! After disqualified ragefest submissions, it was just a nice break for everyone. Nothing particularly interesting, but still pretty nice.

Maiden Quest:


The hack's plot.

LENGTH: Long-ish

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: June 3 2015
END DATE: July 8 2015

For once, I felt like my own humor and jokes were overshadowed by that of the hack. It was nice to play something good, and that's what this hack was. Interesting gameplay and a hilarious story. I only played one of three routes too, so you could play it yourself!

Mr. Night's Ragefest Defense Mission:


The end.


STATUS: Finished

START DATE: July 9 2015
END DATE: July 15 2015

Like Rage Emblem, this came from Mr. Night as a failed project that was never released to the public. I attempted an iron man run. it didn't go very well.

The Sacred Contention:







Fun time!

LENGTH: Short-ish

STATUS: Abandoned Close to Completion

START DATE: July 17 2015
END DATE: July 25 2015

A massive battle of multiple armies. Totally fun to play and watch.

Enderslicer's Escape:


Glorious Catharsis. The best part of the hack.

LENGTH: Quite short

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: July 26 2015
END DATE: July 28 2015

This actually wasn't disqualified, but I played it because I made a cameo and I'm a self-serving prideful person who likes to see myself. It was interesting. Not much more to say.

Athos Mode:


The plot had potential.

LENGTH: One update

STATUS: Finished

START/END DATE: July 29 2015

This was a very short hack that was done, like everything else, just for fun. Also. It was about Athos.

Awful Emblem:


It has girl Hector in it. It can't be that awful.


STATUS: Finished

START DATE: July 31 2015
END DATE: Sep. 4 2015

One of the last hacks played on the thread, and one of the best. It was made by Something Awful, and may or may not be abandoned/underground, but it was definitely a good playthrough, and there's some dev commentary too!



Too much to describe with one little screenshot.

LENGTH: Surprisingly long

STATUS: Finished for now

START DATE: Sep. 6 2015

END DATE: Nov. 23 2015

Sadly, this was the last hack played on the thread. It was an excellent finale, though! Bloodlines is an amazing hack that does TONS of cool things, and you should probably play it yourself. Or read my LP. Or both. Whatever you prefer!

The Reckoning:


Original character

Do not steal

LENGTH: Medium

STATUS: Canceled/Finished

START DATE: July 6 2015

END DATE: Aug. 2 2015

The Reckoning was a hack that was initially removed from Serenes Forest due to what was straight-up sprite theft from other creators. I managed to download it before it was removed, and I thought it would be fun to play through it. I was wrong. We got pretty far, but eventually I just stopped because I had lots of better hacks to move on to. You can read through it if you want but it's nothing particularly special.



How the creator made this hack.

LENGTH: Too Long

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Aug. 3 2015

END DATE: Mar. 25 2016

GhebFE... well, being completely honest, it's probably going to be pretty funny to you viewers, but for me, I can remember this with nothing other than regret. The hack is vulgar, it is rude, filled with inappropriate jokes that mean you probably shouldn't read it if you're 8, and you might choke on the tears of pain i cry while trying to play it.

Fire Emblem Requiem:


Running theme: Cowardly Bosses

LENGTH: Quite Long

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Apr. 3 2016

END DATE: Feb. 19 2017

Requiem was the very last hack I played (or, at least, the last LP that finished), and was a good note to end on. The hack had good gameplay and a good story, and was all-around a pleasant experience. I would recommend playing it yourself if you don't want to read an LP of it.



Imagine FE8 but with the units like this

LENGTH: Medium

STATUS: Canceled

START DATE: May 2 2016

END DATE: September 6 2016

It was regular FE8, except with the units all having their classes, stats, and recruitment order shuffled. The plan was for me and many other LPers to play it at the same time, butt I was in a period of very slow updates. Trying to split my limited time between this and Requiem was killing me, and the other LPers had finished by the time I was nearing halfway through. In the end, I canceled it so I could devote more time to Requiem - a decision much agreed upon by my readers.

You can read what I did do, or, if you want a full let's play, one of the full threads is here. By Mr. Night!


And... that's everything!


...Yup, that's all my FE screenshot LPs! There's nothing more!



Suitably named.

Plague Inc. Evolved

LENGTH: Short-Medium

STATUS: Finished

START DATE: Nov. 30 2015

END DATE: Feb. 25 2016

Hey! This isn't a Fire Emblem game!

Yes. At one point, on a whim, I decided to play Plague Inc. Evolved. I wouldn't call it a mistake, but the LP absolutely did not turn out how I had planned. It wasn't very popular, but I did cover most of the game's content, so if you've played Plague Inc. and want to see an LP of it, you might find it entertaining.

Before I go, I'd just like to thank all of you viewers out there! You're the reason I do all this, so thank you for all your comments, support, criticism and whatever else. I hope to continue doing great LPs in the future!

Also... could you all do me one more favor? If there's a problem in any of my LPs, like, images breaking, or a link isn't working, or whatever, post about it here. That way, we don't need to necro-post anything!

One last thing! I'm not quite happy with some of my screenshots right now. I feel like they could be better. If while reading through my LPs, if you find a screenshot of mine that better emphasized the hack in question, let me know!

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Phew, finally! That took longer than I was expecting, but it's done! I know 2 URLs are broken/don't exist but I'll fix them soon. Is anything else broken? Please tell me it's all working fine...

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Thanks for this thread btw. I've been trying to read all your LPs, and it's nice to have a list of them all in one place. I didn't even know you'd done Plague Inc. I have some friends that play it on their phones, though I've never played it myself.

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Nice to see this. It was becoming impossible to keep track of your stuff.

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Everyone, I'd just like to say... Thank you all. For everything. There's been times of high motivation, and low motivation, but finally, I'm officially retiring from making let's plays. Thanks for being avid and supporting readers throughout all my shenanigans. I hope you've all enjoyed reading my stuff, and to any future readers, I hope you enjoy it too! I've finally retired now, and I'm happy to end it on a high note! 

With that said, I'll still stop by and check on this thread occasionally. If any of my images break and leave my let's plays unreadable, please PM me or post on this thread. Depending on the scale of the problem, I'll see if I can fix it. If I recall correctly, my Imgur images will break if nobody views them for 6 months - so, just as long as get one random person binge-reading my entire archives once per 6 months, all of the lps should be fine!

I wish any future LPers luck, and I wish the hack-makers luck too. None of this would have been possible without them.

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