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EU/Australian Skills: Pls help!

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Hey there!

im on EU Fats and im searching for some skills i cant obtain with Nohr only :s would be nice if you have an european / australian FATES My Castle with one or more of the skills on their charakter.

Laslow: Rally Speed, Replicate

Xander: Swordfaire/Life or Death, Quixotic

Avatar: Tomefaire

Siegbert: Miracle, Leathality, Rend Heaven

Midori: Norian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Shuricanfaire


Helping me would be very nice! :)))

But pls remember, blueshild units dont help with sharing skills :s

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I have a Midori with Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity and I just updated so she should have Shuricanfaire too.



(Still don't know how I share pictures I've saved LOL)

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My Midori has Quixotic, Aptitude, Shurikenfaire, Hoshidan unity and Rend heaven my address is:


If anyone has Midori with Pavise and/or Aegis and/or Charlotte with Death blow that would be very much appreciated :)

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