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QOTD ♚♛ 1522 - Movies you don't see the appeal of?

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I respond to myself rather welcomingly for... whatever that even means.

My lack of awareness to something so trite has yet to endanger someone's well being, so I just leave "me" to their own devices

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God do I have to choose?

ill list my top five. I'll even provide links!

5. Vs ultra Necrozma(does this count as a final boss?)


4. In the Final from Bowsers Inside Story


3. Fell God's Tempest from Shadows of Valentia


2. The War's end from Kid Icarus Uprising 


1. (Was this one really even a suprise coming from me?) Zanza the Divine from Xenoblade Chronicles



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both versions

I wish jhen mohran counted as a final boss because I love the theme from the second stage of his fight

but I have noticed how the question asks for "themes" plural but the ceadeus theme is the only one I can think of right now (mostly because in terms of music monster hunter is all that comes to mind immediately)

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Sonic Battle - Final Battle

Chaos Rings 3 - The Story Titled Hope

MapleStory - Dream Fragments (Not THE final boss but she's the highest level boss as of right now I think)

Atelier Sophie - Liela Xea

MegaMan Zero 4 - Falling Down


(QOTD 1498 I was busy looking up videos oopS)


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Fight it Out from Tactics Ogre - I think this is one place where I prefer the PSX version to the rendition in LUCT

The easy stage Puyo Puyo music

The main player phase music in Future Tactics: The Uprising.

The second most common enemy phase music from the same game. Although Enemy Attack 1 is pretty good too. 

The Ocarina of Time combat and Majora's Mask combat music. - infinitely better than TP and WW. 

The cipher peon theme in Pokemon Coloseum. You fight more of them than normal trainers so you hear it more often than the designated Common theme anyway...

I'd put MDK2, Custom Robo,  and Colony Wars stuff in here, but it's too hard to justify anything as "common" since the battle themes seem more tied to stages than to enemy encounters.

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QOTD 1498:


The Exceeder
Broken World's King
Eternal God of Battle
Last Battle T260G
Last Battle Asellus
God Bless Prier
The Sacrifice part 2 (Part 3 is fine, but you're only really there for one part of it)
Distorted Evolution
Battle for Elgaia (the game may have ended up a badly designed mess, but its entire ost is nothing short of absolutely amazing)

Just to list a little bit of them

QOTD 1499:


Arise within you
Insanity of the Enraged
Reaper (I guess it's common enough considering it becomes your stage theme after a certain encounter)
Battle at the Gate
Progresses towards the end
Infernia Battle
Celestia Battle
Dona Nobis Pacem
Feldschlact 1-4 (SaGa Frontier 2 (it's better to say it this way, instead of link them each))
Virtually every song from Brave Frontier can be a battle theme, and I do so enjoy them, so I'll spare myself the hassle of listing/linking 20+ tracks

QOTD 1500: Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, not much. Don't need it often.

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quite often

there are games I play and I always come on to at least do dailies in them, and I also have a language learning app that I use to help with my studying

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3 hours ago, Nobody said:

All the time.


My work email in synced to my phone so it's pretty much chained to me.

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