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BR!Lunatic PMU

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This is my first PMU thread.

So, in all the months of having Fates, I haven't actually finished BR. I admittedly got bored playing through it the first time and eventually deleted my file, which I regret at this moment because I only had two more chapters to finish.

To keep myself from growing bored, I've decided to embark on a journey through BR on Lunatic and with no grinding (except My Castle battles for support grinding). However, I am much too lazy to pick the units to use.

So I want you guys to do it for me.

My Corrinmui has been decided, so you don't have to worry about that.

1.) Malig Knight!Femui (+Mag/-Def)

2.) Spear Master!Oboro

3.) Master Ninja! Sakura (S rank with Kaze)

4.) Butler!Takumi (A+ with Jakob)

5.) Dread Fighter!Azama

6.) Nine Tails!Selkie

7.) Blacksmith!Hinata

8.) Great Knight!Azura (S rank with Silas)

9.) Basara!Hinoka

10.) Mechanist!Setsuna

11.) Sniper!Mozu

12.) Falcon Knight!Ryoma

13.) Great Master!Tsubaki (A+ with Azama)

14.) Paladin!Jakob (Gets the first Heart Seal)

15.) Kagero!Basara!Kisaragi


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LOL. Thank you.

You're welcome. I was originally going to suggest Kagero!Basara!Kiragi, since that actually really is a good Kiragi, but I went with something more... basic.

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Does no grinding mean no support grinding as well, or are you allowed to do that via my castle battles?

Yeah, I'm going to do Castle Battles for support grinding. I'm going to update the OP and put that in there.

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Paladin!Jakob. Dammit, I'm going to get SOMEONE to do this and someone else already picked Ryoma. :<

EDIT Also requesting that he gets the first Heart Seal.

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