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First of all, thank you all for the positive feedback!!!

My computer broke so I haven't been doing any digital paintings recently. I did however finish Silas, Niles, and started Siegbert so as soon as I can salvage those, I'll post them here!


Definitely. I've had some requests for him on Instagram and he's one of my favs so I might as well do him. I'm sorry of hesitant though because he's so pretty. I don't want to make him ugly.


Once I finish the Fates characters. He's majestic af though so one day.


Also, I have to do some acrylic portraits for my portrait class so here is my special boy, Odin (again). I'm quite happy with it. I'll have prints (once I get a new computer and can edit it) at SacAnime and online. Yay.


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