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Rate these pairings?

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So I had to continuously edit my revelations pairings so I get the children to have pretty good stats and this is what I got.

For my Female Corrin (This was kinda for my more serious run of the game):

(And a Niles Extra just cause I don't know what to do with him yet)
For my Male Corrin ( This was more just for fun and laughs to be honest):
Basically all the same things from above but I married Niles for fun and planned to probably
leave Silas alone)

Anything you guys think I could change aside from the Corrin couples?

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I've never really worked with Benny, but as for Selena, Subaki is a perfect choice for obvious reasons. (I don't have access to Revelation, but if I did I'd definitely pair them up) On the other hand Jakob could work as well.

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Rinkah!Ignatius shouldn't be bad, but his skill and speed aren't great for capping. He does get obtainable abilities that are not activation based (Death Blow, Counter, LanceBreaker,) so it's not bad, he also gets pretty good defense too! Rinkah can use the General's higher skill cap because her skill growth is pretty high and Benny pretty much just get some fun skills.

Selena + Benny is fine though, it gives 2 more options to Selena and one for Benny. Your Ignatius should have solid defenses and Hp.

Hinata could also take Rinkah, which gives Setsuna to Niles, which should net you more kids if you want more kids.

Silas can also go with Rinkah for the male playthrough for Sophie and the Paralogue Boss.


Otherwise it looks fine, I'll rate it 6 Pears out of 4 Pinneapples.

Just choose what you want/need, because our opinions are horribly biased sometimes.

Also Subaki+Hinoka > Subaki+Selena, IMO, better skills, growths, caps.

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Try Hinata x Selena both give nice classes for each other, Baki x Selena is just fanservice it doesnt give a good Caeldori( i prefer Baki x Sakura for magic build and abuse Prodigy in both offence)

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