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Favorite Fates Pairings

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So I'm pretty sure there was already a poll for this a while ago, but I think the poll was going for favorite pairings stat-wise. So what are, in your opinion, the best pairings support wise? Some of mine are Saizo x Felicia, Niles x Mozu, and Xander x Sakura(Favorite Fates Pairing).

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Support Wise:

Leo x Charlotte

Saizo x Sakura

Odin x Felicia

Keaton x Selena or Mozu

F!Corrin x Xander or Kaze or Laslow or Keaton or Hinata

Niles x Setsuna or Camilla or Elise

Azura x Arthur or Subaki or Hinata

M!Corrin x Kagero or Charlotte or Scarlet

Hinata x Mozu

Shiro x Caeldori

Xander x Selena or Peri

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M!Corrin x Azura

Ryoma x Elise

Laslow x Peri

Hayato x Effie (I just found this recently and it's surprisingly good)

Subaki x Nyx (ditto)

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My favorites are:

Kagero X Odin

Mozu X Saizou/Ryoma/Xander/Takumi

Orochi X Laslow

Felicia X Hinata

Nyx X Tsubaki

Effie X Azama

Hinoka X Hinata

Rinkah X Hinata

Charlotte X Kaden/Benny

Oboro X Benny

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Well the poll was looking for the overall opinion on pairings, some voted due to stats while other voted due to supports. There is a reason that some of them are higher than others, despite their stats not being as good.

Okay enough of that, time to share some of my favorite pairings based on support and design.

Laslow x Hana

Leo x Sakura

Kaze x Felicia

Hinata x Peri

Ryoma x Camilla

Silas x Oboro

Shigure x Sophie

Foleo x F!Kana

Hisame x Velouria

Kiragi X Midori

(Yeah, I have extremely poor taste.)

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Ryoma x [Rinkah, Scarlet, Xander]


ShiroSieg when not Ryoumarx or Marxoka (or well, ryouma and marx with each other's siblings in general, but Ryoumarx and Marxoka are the only two I like romantically)

I like a lot of pairs and generally flexible with most of my pairs but these are the ones I'm most attached to

but I also like Ryoma/Elise platonic friends

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Based on supports is really hard, I don't like most of the supports, even for the pairings I like.

Anyway, these are the ones I like:

- Takumi x Oboro

- Effie x Asama

- Kiragi x Selkie/Midori/FKana (this kid is so cute with a lot of his options)

- Xander x Hinoka/Sakura

- Ryoma x Elise

- Hisame x Sophie

- Forrest x Soleil

- Leo x Hinoka

- Kaze x Azura

They have good supports and interactions... Well, I find Leo's support with Hinoka actually lacking, but I like the pairing, so I count it, ha!

And a pairing that is not possible but become one of my favorites:

- Orochi x Niles

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First ten pairs to come to my mind in no particular order would be...

Xander/f!Corrin: Cute chain, and she brings him a more romantic dynamic that Xander's supports usually lack for me. Bonus points for Corrin getting some characterization.

Azura/Ryoma: Similar rationale to Xander/f!Corrin, where I really struggle finding Ryoma a pair with a good dynamic I could see romantically.

Felicia/Kaden: Just cuteness.

Ryoma/Camilla: I like seeing them mom 'n dad it up. Camilla never feels on equal footing with her male support partners for me, and this is the one support I've gotten where they seem closer to equal. Ryoma could probably use a woman who dotes on him anyways.

Odin/Kagero: She legitimately appreciates his behavior.

Kaze/Nyx: It's slightly more subtle handling of Nyx's issues, and I like that.

Jakob/Selena: Another kinda 'equal footing' type pairing. I feel bad pairing a harsher character with a sweet one, and these two are both a lil more... prickly. It's nothing I think would really be good irl, but it's fiction, so who cares.

Charlotte/Saizo: It's pretty much all about her rougher personality, which is exactly what I want to know how her partner would handle.

Benny/Rinkah: Just cuteness again.

Hinoka/Hinata: Along the lines of Xander/f!Corrin and Charlotte/Saizo, where the support addresses something I usually find missing in one of the character's support sets. In this case, it's important to me to have Hinoka rely on someone, which this support shows.

Edit: Added in some reasonings.

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oboro/orochi - is rapidly becoming my birthright otp. shit.





mostly filling out support logs so they usually change, but i think the first three have been with me for awhile ngl

the other two i just did and they're actually quite sweet

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Let's see...

Hinata x Felicia, Hinata x Hinoka

Ryoma x Rinkah, Ryoma x Kagero

Saizo x Sakura, Saizo x Mozu

Takumi x Oboro

Azama x Hana

Laslow x Orochi, Laslow x Azura

Odin x Peri, Odin x Elise

Camilla x Niles, Camilla x Kaze

Kaze x Beruka

Charlotte x Benny, Charlotte x Kaden

Benny x Oboro

Selena x Arthur, Selena x Laslow

Azura x Arthur

Jakob x Nyx, Jakob x Azura

Xander x Sakura

Niles x Elise

Kaden x Felicia, Kaden x Oboro

Hayato x Effie

Odin x Kagero

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Man, there are a lot of ships I like that have really meh supports, but here goes:

Corrin x Azura: Birthright and Conquest especially. Birthright has Azura warming up to Nohr a little bit thanks to Corrin sharing their experience, while Conquest has Corrin being comforted by Azura whenever they regret their decision. They play off each other pretty well.

Silas x Mozu: I liked how Silas trained Mozu to help her become stronger. He encouraged her to keep fighting in the army and made sure she didn't put herself down too much. You can tell how confident Mozu is by the S-support thanks to him!

Kaden x Felicia: It's one of the few supports that doesn't focus on or make fun of Felicia's clumsy antics at all. Seeing them care for a kitty was sweet~

Subaki x Sakura: This is one of the few supports that explains Subaki's perfectionist attitude well. Unlike his support with Hana in which Hana constantly brings his mistakes up to mock him, this one reveals how his flaws were what drew Sakura's attention to him, and not out of pity! The S-support was also good for the both of them, as Subaki's oath lets him reveals his flaws without hesitation while Sakura's proposal shows the confidence she now has. It's just an adorable ship <3

Hinata x Hana: Honestly, I wouldn't have listed it if I didn't read the S-support. At least Hinata here understands that what he says can offend people even if it wasn't intentional. Fortunately Hana knows what he means and they just work great together. I especially love their new goal of becoming the best sword-wielding couple ever, it just warms my heart <3

Arthur x Effie: At first it may seem a little Elise-centered, but it does bring out their characters quite a bit. Effie telling Arthur that it's best to be yourself and do things your own way is inspiring, and the S-support was sweet! I especially liked Arthur's explanation after Effie said that she was married to Elise. Hell, Elise would definitely be super happy seeing them get married~

Niles x Beruka: We learn more about both characters' pasts with each support. The A-support is a good conclusion on its own, but the S-support, cheesy as it was, did finish the support off well.

Arthur x Beruka: C-support especially. Arthur's in-depth explanation of justice and Beruka's interest in it made me wanting more. I was not let down throughout the whole thing.

Phew, better not get too crazy about this. I'll just leave a shoutout to Takumi x Oboro, Ryoma x Rinkah, and Dwyer x Velouria. Those were some good interactions.

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Takumi X Oboro: Tauminis nice to her throughout the whole support which is pretty rare from what I've seen. It also isn't a bunch of Oboro going "Why won't senpait notice me." I also love their S-support.

Sakura X Hayato: This support doesn't give the most character depth to either but I think it's very sweet (no pun intended) and they have great chemistry.

Subaki X Hinoka: These two have great chemistry and explores a lot of both character's pasts before the events of the game

Xander x Charlotte: Need I say more?

Camilla X Kaze: I LOVE the A and S supports for these two and even before that, the C and B aren't bad at all. I love their chemistry and I see a natural bond forming between them. It's also a Camilla support without the avatar, which is a plus.

Leo X Nyx: Like most Nyx supports, this support delves into Nyx's backstory and I love how much Leo tries to help her with it. Another supports with great chemistry

Azama X Setsuna: The supports are funny but Azama never comes off as too mean, like in some supports (Sakura, Oboro, Kagero) and I like how he talks about turning over a new leaf in the S-support. Mitama looks great bluish hair as well.

Keaton X Azura: I really like the A and S supports for these two and it's just all around a great paring imo. I also love Wolfskin Shigure (which you can see by my profile pic)

Beruka X Niles: I love this pairing. It delves into both of their backstories and they have a great S-support. Doesn't give the best Nina but that's ok.

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From what I've seen in their support conversations:


Arthur x Azura (One of the few cases that doesn't rely on Arthur's bad luck.)

Leo x Sakura (Features well-thought-out character development on both sides.)

Benny x Oboro (Oboro overcoming part of her hatred against Nohr is ...actually heartwarming. ...and perhaps an anvil that needs to be dropped in this current world that seems quite fear-driven.)

Belka x Saizo (Their S-support is a bit tragic, but shows resilience.)

Leo x Takumi (Their stuck-up behaviour in the B-support is hilarious.)

Elise x Sakura


Sakura x Xander (Sakura trying to be less shy is something I can relate to myself, and Xander showing his caring side is really sweet. I find the S-support uncomfortable, though. I'd rather ship Sakura with Leo, and Xander with Hinoka.)

Elise x Ryoma (I love how Elise actually can pacify the most battle-hardened former adversary. But, yeah, similar to above, better to limit this within A-levels.)

Selena x Setsuna

Forrest x Sakura

Rinkah x Charlotte

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Support/story-wise, some of my favourites are Mozu/Ryoma, Setsuna/Azama, Leo/Nyx, Xander/Charlotte...Odin/Elise is super cute.

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Honestly I voted both for stats and just support wise so it'd basically be the same as if I voted.

Corrin x Laslow

Azura x Laslow

MCorrin x Azura

Takumi x Azura (S rank is debatable)

Keaton x Azura (thought it was funny)

Niles x Beruka

Xander x Sakura

Ryoma x Elise (despite the age gap turning a lot of people off, goddammit, i love this pairing in all honesty)

Leo x Sakura

Takumi x Oboro

Takumi x Mozu

Takumi x Elise (I don't ship them but the support was cute)

I guiltily like Takumi x Camilla even though I know it's not healthy I'm sorryyyy

Niles x Oboro

Benny x Oboro

Hinata x Hinoka

Hinata x Felicia

Xander x Selena

Tsubaki x Nyx

Saizo x Mozu

Saizo x Sakura

Odin x Kagero

HUFF okay done.

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Azura X Arthur: This is a very good one. the story of both and the confession just heartwarming.

Velouria x Kiragi: love those 2 nature child's together.

Xander x Hinoka: my favorite from the royals and one that goes for the Royal etiquette.

Shiro x Nina: they end up understanding each other so well and look so cute together.

Dwyer x Mitama: and the volcano found happiness

kiragi x Soleil (the japanese one)

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silas x hana

asugi x sophie

saizo x sakura

azama x orochi (don't like dwyer but whatever)

leo x takumi (forever wishing they could get married)

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soleil x shigure (p obvious bc my username + signature rip)

laslow x selena

selena x xander

mitama + caeldori

dwyer + kiragi

leo x charlotte

subaki x sakura

literally any support including laslow except laslow x peri

azura x arthur

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I haven't gotten to do that many yet, but...

Laslow x Mozu

Ryoma x Camilla

Saizo x Sakura

Odin x Elise (I was giggling pretty much the entire time)

Benny x Beruka (most supports including Benny, actually)

And, if it existed, Jakob x Flora.

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This are my Favorites:

Kiragi x F!Kanna

Sakura X Tsubaki

Arthur x Setsuna

Elise X Odin

Azama x Effie

Azura x Jacob

Nyx x Leo

M!Corrin x Selena

M!Corrin x Beruka

F!Kanna x Hisame

A Supports:

Xander x Ryoma

Oboro x Beruka

F!Kanna x any mother

Elise x Sakura

Elise X Xander

Arthur x Niles

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My current Revelations S-supports line up like this (I'm using UnassumingVenusaur's same-sex patch!)

Corrin x Niles (though I'm suuuper disappointed in localisation Niles)

Silas x Kaze

Jakob x Felicia

Ryoma x Xander

Hinata x Oboro

Subaki x Hinoka

Takumi x Leon

Keaton x Kaden

Azama x Setsuna

Kagero x Oboro

Sakura x Elise

Rinkah x Charlotte

Soleil x Nina

Siegbert x Shiro (through romhacking my Shiro is actually Scarlet!Shiro and therefore not Siegbert's brother lmao)

Caeldori x Sophie

Kiragi x Hisame

Dwyer x Kana

Ignatius x Forrest

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Okay, here goes (Spoiler for length)

M!Corrin/Selena (especially their S-support. It was hilarious!)

M!Corrin/Mozu (cuteness to the max!)

M!Corrin/Nyx (that confession melts my heart and like all of Nyx' supports I've seen, it shows how much of a well written character she is)

M!Corrin/Elise (very cute and it made me like Elise more. If only the S-support didn't exist... not that it was bad, but marrying who you thought was your little sister for years is... well...)

M!Corrin/Sakura (I'm guilty of thinking that their S-support is actually well written and I even shed a tear at how cute it was. I deserve to be shot...)

Leo/Nyx (same as above, minus the confession part)

Arthur/Effie (for reasons already stated)

Kaze/Beruka (in the same vein as Nyx, this support chain shows that there is more to Beruka's character than her being an emotionless assassin. It also gives her access to Ninja, which fits quite well with her character)

Kaze/Peri (see above, but with Peri being a psychotic sadist, a hilarious one at that)

Peri/Laslow (this is probably one of the best written supports in the entire game)

Saizo/Mozu (same as above)

Keaton/Azura (Not exactly the deepest support, but definitely one of the funnier ones.)

Niles/Charlotte (I think it fits. And it's pretty interesting/funny, too)

Odin/Elise (cute and funny. What more do you want?)

Odin/Felicia (same as above)

Azama/Setsuna (I laughed during the whole thing)

Takumi/Oboro (one of the few where Takumi is not a prick or anything close to unlikable)

Arthur/Selena (one of the few where Selena isn't a b*tch. Even though I hate Percy with a passion, I always pair Arthur with Selena, because it's one ot the better support chains in the game)

That's everything I can think of atm.

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(Im One year Late But Ahhh Well!)

My Favourites:

1st Gen

Rinkah x Ryoma (Warriors In Love)

Setsuna x Arthur (Thier Support Is a Must See Seriously !) ~ It Made Me Like Them More !

Xander x Charlotte (Self Explanatory ....)

Odin x Elise (She Acceps His Weirdness)

Keaton x Moze (Country Bumpkins For The Win!)


2nd Gen

Rhajat x Kana(M) (The Stalker Gets Stalked!)

Shiro x Caeldori

Kiragi x Midori (Too Cute ! Innocence Overload!)

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