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Volunteers to help with TMS#FE section

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Nah, I keep that page open for any pages I'm editing/adding... but I don't think it should be relevant though? I mean just a text should get the idea across. I doubt it should appear in any other side stories/main story.

Also I'm gonna do a NG+ (at least until I finish this goddamn dungeon) so I'll try to add in any missing stuff later if it hasn't been.

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OH, you mean like the attachment photos? I think it'd be fun to include them : P

Is it this one?

Dang, that picture is making me hungry.

In any case, a textual description is fine for now.

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Hullo, I'm noticing lots of errors and unfilled info that's sorta driving me nuts. Could I be allowed to edit as well? I currently am playing through NG+ Lunatic and have registered over 110 hours ingame, in case you're wondering whether I have any valid info.

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I think I see what you are going for, and yes the vending machines do have shared drinks, but the only vending machine that changes its stock is the one in Fortuna Office. I still have all the data in a table on my spreadsheet so it shouldn't be too hard for me to spend a bit of time and add a tab that shows what food items give what benefits to each party member. When I created it I was thinking more along the lines of what I would use it for. I prefer to use the healing item that is closest to me, so I just put them in a slot depending on what location they are in. I can play around with adding in different tabs and I could probably manage to fit both ways in there since I do think that both ways have their merits, but if everyone else would rather do it by characters, then I can change that around in an hour or two. I'm getting the hang of editing the pages so it shouldn't be too hard.

I think I remember getting a Muscle Drink EX from a vending machine in Shibuya once, but I'm no longer sure. But I don't mind too much the actual format of the page, it's just that I thought having the possibility to check both which character is affected by which drink and vice versa would be convenient. But since it's functional, I will probably try to do other things first, like Accessories.

I just finished all skills pages, I tried to keep everything as consistent as I could (there are quite a few errors and inconsistency that bugs me in the game, which surprise me since the localizers of Atlus and Nintendo have done a really incredible work in the game in general). If anyone notice an error, feel free to correct it.

I added the Stage Ranks for the Radiant skills and also removed a few things like the "Door of" Radiant skills and some descriptions for some other Radiant skills, since the first ones don't give anything and are possible spoilers, same thing for the second. I also tried not to mention the dungeon names to avoid spoilers. Now I would like to know if most of you would prefer to have the "Door of" radiant skills, the full description for other skills (like the Feel my Voice/Soul/Heart for Tsubasa), also the dungeon names (Illusory ___ ). I don't mind putting them back if the majority prefers that way, so I'm asking.

I'll probably start a Lunatic run in the near future, so I'll be able to add the "ultimate" carnages (not before a really long time though) and Legendary difficulty for the arena, if I don't surrender before getting to the endgame.

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I feel like if you're coming to a wiki for information, you're putting yourself at the risk of spoilers by choice. There's no reason to have incomplete information because of spoilers. If needed, maybe just put a warning at the top of the page saying it contains spoilers for, say, dungeon names, or whatever else the case may be.

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Yeah, I don't think there's any reason to step around spoilers.

However, since the game is still fairly new, we could have a spoiler disclaimer on the section page. I do know that some people often go to wikis and accidentally spoil themselves, despite the obvious ^^;;;

Alternatively, I could create a spoiler template that covers the spoilery text in black bars.

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I don't know if you're still editing the page, but you should consider adding the following.

  • In the Clear Bonus below season 2, after completing Chapter 2: Head over Heels for her, you can get at Harujuku in the costume shop Tiki's exclusive costume @Street through the lottery.
  • Tiki's costumes in general are: @Bloom Palace, @Absolutely Cute!, @Microwavin' Idol, @Sneeze Detective Maho, @The Tunnel Home, @Concert
  • The arena gets a legendary difficulty.
  • You can forge weapons from the beginning of the game.
  • On the goddess pose achievement Tsubasa's default carnage form: "Pegasus Form" works to get the achievement.

Also if you want i can document the arena fights, enemies, levels etc. and post them here.

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If you wouldn't mind then yes, that'd be fantastic.

I still need to document the NG+ stuff at some point. But I can't see me getting around to that under the second quarter of 2017 at least, with all these new releases coming out over the next few months. Sorry for the wait there, folks.

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Here is a general idea of the Arena's function. The enemies for the beginner and the intermediate difficulties and the rewards including the titles. I am currently working on the Advanced and the Legendary difficulties. Once i complete the remaining difficulties i will post the enemies and the replacement rewards per milestone.


~General Info~

The arena is a facility in Harujuku, in the shortcut Shrine Vicinity. It is a neutral Idolasphere, helping players grind weapon mastery, stage rank, levels and money.

Note: Harujuku can be unlocked as early as Chapter 2: Head over Heels for her, through Touma’s second side story. If the player either doesn’t complete side stories or keeps them for the latter half of the game, Harujuku is unlocked when ENTER-KINGDOM is announced.

The arena on your first play through has only three difficulties.

· Beginner: It’s entrance fee is 500yen

· Intermediate: It’s entrance fee is 3000yen

· Advanced: It’s entrance fee is 15000yen

When you play the game on Season 2 ( NG+ ) an extra difficulty is added.

· Legendary: It’s entrance fee is 55000yen

Special mention should be given to the daily challenge. It does not cost any money to enter. You are facing a single enemy wave and you can earn performa and prestige. ( My personal opinion though it is that it is not worth the hustle. All the enemies that you face can be found in normal dungeons throughout the game. )

Note: Though the entrance fees get more expensive, it can easily be made back through sessions.


Each difficulty consists of an initial round, followed by two encores. The encores can be rejected. Each round consists of 5 enemy waves. Each wave has four possible enemy sets for your team to fight against. ( I have replied a bunch of times the 2 difficulties and have only come across these groups of enemies. If there are more enemy sets, I have not encountered them. )

Ø Beginner

- Wave 1: All enemies are level 16

* 3x Blob

* 3x Dark Mage

* 3x Nickelwise and 1x Man o’ War

* 3x Ironclad Myrmidon

- Wave 2: All enemies are level 18

* 3x Ironclad Myrmidon and 1x Samantha

* 2x Samantha

* 3x Dark Barbarian and 1 Caspar

* 1x Troll and 2x Man o’ War

- Wave 3: All enemies are level 21

* 2x Troll and 1x Man o’ War

* 2x Ironclad Cavalier

* 3x Apparition

* 2x Dark Shaman

- Wave 4: All enemies are level 23

* 3x Troll and 1x Worm

* 1x Bacillus and 2x Abyss

* 3x Skellington

* 3x Regal Myrmidon and 1x Dark Cleric

-Wave 5: All enemies are level 26

* 5x Ironclad Cavalier

* 2x Abyss and 3x Bacillus

* 3x Skellington

* 3x Regal Myrmidon and 2x Dark Cleric

Ø Intermediate

-Wave 1: All enemies are level 34

* 1x Inferno and 3x Leviathan

* 2x Regal Myrmidon and 2x Blackwing Knight

* 3x Red Barbarian and 3x Dark Cleric

* 1x Man o' War and 1x Abyss and 1x Leviathan

-Wave 2: All enemies are level 37

* 1x Blob and 1x Bacillus and 1x Hedorah

* 2x Red Barbarian and 2x Red Archer

* 3x Hedorah

* 3x Ironclad Knight

-Wave 3: All enemies are level 40

* 2x Red Shaman and x2 Red Mage and 1x Red Cleric

* 3x Blackscale Rider

* 4x Abyss

* 1x Regal Myrmidon and 1x Regal Barbarian and 2x Ragal Paladin

-Wave 4: All enemies are level 43 with one set being different

* 2x Red Shaman and 2x Regal Knight

* 4x Hirudinean

* 2x 1x Caspar, 1x Apparition and 1x Phantom

* 2x Red Mage ( Level 42 ) and 2 Blackscale Rider ( level 44 )

-Wave 5: All enemies are level 46

* 2x Chaos Sniper and 2x Red Archer

* 1x Chaos Falcon and 2x Bloodwing Knight

* 1x Chaos Sniper and 2x Red Archer

* 1x Chaos Falcon and 2x Backscale Rider


Each arena difficulty gives out rewards per milestone the player achieves. The beginner and the Intermediate difficulties give 2 coins which are then tripled per encore the player chooses to follow up with.

eg. A complete run though the beginner/intermediate difficulty gives 2 coins for completing the first round. It gives 6 coins for completing the first encore and then 18 for completing the final encore.

The Advanced and Legendary difficulties give 1 coin which is then tripled per encore the player chooses to follow up with.

eg. A complete run though the advanced/legendary difficulty gives 1 coin for completing the first round. It gives 3 coins for completing the first encore and then 9 for completing the final encore.

Once you beat a difficulty once and gathered 99 coins, your progress on the difficulty will be reset and a new set of prices will replace the unique original prices for each subsequent run.

Inside the arena through the receptionist’s side quest mirages gather and you are allowed to trade with them. These trades are affected by your title within the Arena. Your title is affected by the prizes given out by collecting coins in each difficulty.

Note: The prices affecting your title are the ones you get for clearing each difficulty once.

First Arena Run

§ Beginner

1 AC: Tears of Friendship

20 AC: Bead Chain

40 AC: Peddler's Ploy

60 AC: Large Gold Bar

80 AC: Promised Quartet

99 AC: Black Maneki-Neko

§ Intermediate

1 AC: Cursed Charm

20 AC: 2x Skill Book

40 AC: Kishin Emblem

60 AC: Chakra Pot

80 AC: Herald Emblem

99 AC: Deity Emblem

§ Advanced

1 AC: Destined Glory

20 AC: Tome x2

40 AC: Lady Emblem

60 AC: Clap Track x2

80 AC: Tyrant Emblem

99 AC: Megami Emblem

§ Legendary

1 AC: War Testament

20 AC: Soma

40 AC: War Testament

60 AC: Master Seal

80 AC: War Testament

99 AC: Godly Emblem

Subsequent Arena Runs

§ Beginner

1 AC: 3x Macao Leaf

20 AC: Bead Chain

40 AC: 2x Soma Drop

60 AC: Large Gold Bar

80 AC: 2x Soma

99 AC: 10x Detritus

§ Intermediate

1 AC: 2x Chakra Drop

20 AC: 2x Skill Book

40 AC: 2x Balm of life

60 AC: Chakra Pot

80 AC: 3x Skill Book

99 AC: 20x Detritus


Ham ~> 2 prizes

Supporting Cast ~> 3 Prizes

Lead Actor ~> 4 Prizes

Talented Actor ~> 6 Prizes

Veteran ~> 8 Prizes

Fan Favorite ~> 10 Prizes

Star ~> 12 Prizes

Superstar ~> 15 Prizes

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Apologies, but I had gotten incredibly busy for a time and completely forgot to update. I finished the Arena information all the way up through Advanced enemies and patterns that show up if you want to save some time and just do the final difficulty that I didn't get the time for. Here's a spreadsheet I made with all the information I compiled. You can use it or not, but it might save you a ton of time. I have a local copy of it, so I opened it up for editing if you find that easier.


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Before I get around to this, I need to ask: does the difficulty you choose at the start of a game affect the stats for the enemies in the Arena, or are the stats consistent, no matter the difficulty? I think it's consistent, but I'm not 100% sure.

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hi I would be interested in helping namely as I have found a piece of missing information on the wiki and was wanting to add it on as at the moment on the carnage pages the final teir carnages are missing all or at least some of the ingredients to craft them and I have them unlocked and can add the ingredients required for them.

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If you still need help, I would love to help. I've played Persona 3 Portable, Binding Blade, Blazing Blade half way through Sacred Stones and Three Houses. I play games thoroughly so I thought I could help since the page still isn't finished

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