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Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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Chapter 23/24 Intermission 1: Advances to the East


While Lucina and and her regiments across the Ylissean Commonwealth were fighting down south to hold back forces from Kyushu, our main Nohrian forces advanced further east, along the main Sanyo highway towards Osaka and Kyoto. All of our regiments, whether led by our father, Hans, Lucina, or myself steamrolled across southwestern Honshu for occupation. And all our troops went through more ambushes and fanatical fightings from the Hoshidans.




One of the most difficult tasks we had was to subjugate and occupy Hiroshima, which had the Imperial General Headquarters (Daihon'ei; 大本営), and both Hiroshima and nearby Etajima Island also hosted a large naval base. Because of this, fanaticism ran high across the defending Hoshidan forces; no amount of our soldiers, their precense, their big guns, or even Sakura's plea for surrender could dislodge them. Some even decided to go out with banzai charges, or even what you, the audience, will now recognize as suicide bombings. We also had to keep an eye on Sakura, as there were attempts by the defiant Hoshidon'ts to kidnap her. All of this constantly kept us on our toes.


Thus, it was to our huge relief that the road after that became somewhat easier. Perhaps due to the major base falling into our hands, and perhaps also because of Sakura's appeal in stopping further bloodshed, we had an easier time convincing cities along the coast to surrender. A further help to our cause came from Joseph Grew, our Under Secretary, and Kaze and his propaganda writers.




"So how did the telephone meeting go with the President?", I asked him as we surveyed the makeshift barracks just outside Kokura City.




"Very well, I assure you," the Under Secretary replied. "Back a couple of years ago, I've written my memoirs of my stay in Shirasagi as the ambassador to Hoshido. I persuaded both Churchill and Roosevelt to read my published book."

"And then?", I verbally prodded.

"All those relevant came to the conclusion that the Japanese would probably not surrender unless the position of the Emperor was guaranteed. That was the easy part. The hard part, however, was convincing the Soviet Feroxis. They wanted nothing of that."




"I see... So that must have been the real reason why both you and Mr Eden wanted us to strike Fengmaguo first before the Soviets had time to do anything," I said.




"Exactly," the Under Secretary confirmed. "And our President, and the Ylissean Prime Minister made a joint statement a couple of days of the conditional surrender; that is, if Hoshido surrenders within the next six months, then we will guarantee the life and position of the Emperor."

I've realized now that this was going to affect Kaze's propaganda flyers. "Have you already told Kaze about this?", I asked.

"Not yet. We need to tell him straight away. Come, let us bring the news to him."


We went to one of the local printing press we occupied amidst the factories. We saw Kaze overlooking the workers managing the printing presses.




"Gokigen-you, Kaze", I greeted.

"Indeed, gokigen-you, our Senator," Kaze greeted back.

"How is the printing press going so far," the Secretary inquired.




"Manageable so far," Kaze replied. "At least 8 of the 10 printing machines are working now. We just did a test print this morning, and the outcome seems adequate for the purpose. The workers are all acting obediently."

"That is good, because we have some important news for you to include on your flyers for the Hoshidans," I said. "Actually, Secretary Joe, you tell him."

"Oh?", Kaze said.

And thus our Under Secretary explained to Kaze everything he told me just before.




"This is great news, actually," Kaze responded with a smile. "I'm really happy that they are starting to understand our culture, even if a little bit."




"And that also means that more Hoshidans would be persuaded to lay down their arms and take back up their pens, hoes, and what not," I said.

"Very well," Kaze said. "Just give me a day, and I will get the first print for our new propaganda leaflet. Hopefully, it will be something that will sufficiently convince them to cease resistance."

"You do that, while I will examine our other troops," I ordered. "I shall be back tomorrow midday."


As it turned out, the propaganda was just what I wanted. Here was the result:






To the Citizens of Hoshido


What duties do you have in regards of this war?


We all sincerely ask you to ponder this question throroughly. Was this a war that you truly wanted, or was it a war for your rulers and generals? While we have occupied the western half of the Hoshidan Archipelago, we have constantly wished for more peaceful way to stop the fighting. We would like you to carefully consider whether it is worth further resisting us for further bloodshed and destruction of your land.


Her Imperial Highness, Princess Sakura, knew this far better than most, and have urged others to cease resistance. The result have been of less destruction and less bloodshed, such as Daegu, where the city and the surrounding farmland has remained intact. And the citizens there have started afresh more easily than in Seoul, where fierce fighting has occurred.


For those who are worried about what is to become of your homes, worry not. We do not wish for further destruction to your homelands. In fact, USN and the Ylissean Commonwealth have agreed to retain your country's Emperor as the Head of State. In exchange for Hoshido ceasing to fight, this is a guarantee we will make to the Hoshidan citizens.


Chapter 24 Introduction: The fall of Osaka



Within two weeks, we managed to reach Kobe and Osaka. How different it must have been! Through photographs, I remember seeing Kobe as a bustling cosmopolitan port town. Not only did we witness many bombed and burnt buildings across the city, but we also saw a tired display of banners, signs, and citizens displaying their Hoshidan nationalism. There were also many people dressed in simple and traditional Hoshidan clothes, signifying their impoverished and desparate situation. An eerie and lack of hostilities engulfed the town as we marched through Kobe for our occupation. There were the occasional screams of civilians who fled from our presence, but surprisingly, the majority showed little resistance if any. We proceeded to take over a number of their public buildings as our occupation bases, and we subsequently left them with garrisons.




"Whew! Here we are in Kobe. What a long journey it's been," I remarked as we were taking a short break before our final march into Hoshido's second-biggest metropolis from the northwestern suburbs.

Azura, who accompanied me, replied, "Yes, but soon this long ordeal will finally be over. If we can capture the Emperor and seize the throne room, victory will be ours."

I was somewhat taken aback by her calm. I asked her, "Azura... Are you OK with that?"

"...Why do you ask?"




"We're about to conquer the place where you grew up..." I explained to her. "...The city you called home. If this is too much for you, I'd understand. You can leave the fighting to me. If you need to, go hide somewhere safe until our work here is done."




"Thank you, my friend, but I'm afraid I can't do that," Azura flatly refused. "I didn't enlist with this army just to lose my nerve and turn tail at the pivotal moment. I told you once, and I shall tell you again. I am with you until the bitter end. Ending this war will benefit us all, even the nation I grew up in with my mother. This is what I need to do, not just for you, not just for the world... But also for the Hoshidan friends I love so dearly. That is what I believe, with all my heart. It is why I am able to bear this burden."

"Azura...", I remarked, almost smiling and being touched by her stoicism and her unwavering support.




Before I had time to speak further, Azura continued, "Speaking of our Hoshidan siblings... We never did find him."

"As you said indeed," I replied. " Our troops made a thorough search of the area, but didn't find a thing. Nothing... Not even a single clue as to where he might have gone. It's as though Takumi just...vanished. But Sakura, Leo, and I know that's not possible."



We had a second of silence before Xander came up to me. "Hisashi, are your battalions ready to move?"

"Indeed so," I affirmed. "Is it time?"

"Yes. We are to march into Osaka immediately. Please prepare your troops...and yourself."


And thus we started our march into Osaka.


There were some more resistance in Osaka, though not as much as what both happened in Shimonoseki and Hiroshima, nor what would happen in Kyoto and Shirasagi. As we marched into the city, we had some partisan groups that attempted to ambush us, as well as other civilians recognizing me. Here is a conversation I overheard when we marched south along the city's main Midosuji Avenue from Osaka's Main Station towards the City Hall on the Nakanoshima sandbank.




I overheard a boy yelling, "It's them! Gods, the rumors are true! The Nohrian army is headed this way!"
A girl next to him replied, "
They're so frightening... Like an army of reapers out for blood!"
I could hear Johnny besides me growling and glancing at them. I immediately tugged him, beckoning him to focus on the road ahead. I also kept an eye on Sakura on the opposite side to Johnny, who seemed to be walking upright, seemingly emotionless. She seemed to keep a good stoic face in light of this.




The next moment the same guy seemed to have recognised both me and Sakura.
"I guess...our cause has already been lost now, huh," he remarked.

"I cannot believe even Princess Sakura would forsake us...", the girl replied.


Nearby, we could hear a local elderly couple bad-mouthing their government. Besides them, we saw a number of people wearing what looked like hospital crosses.

"I knew we are better off quitting this," the old man remarked. "Though I wish my son was alive and back with us..." I nearly froze

His wife standing besides replied, "I just hope this one's better than the government we had..."

Just then, we heard a yells of anger. "Not so fast! Shoot the traitors!"

The next second, we heard gunshots and screams from the onlookers. Before we knew it we saw the people with the crosses take out their concealed rifles and start shooting at us, while the onlookers cowered to the ground. A number of our troops including Elise and Sakura fled to the back, while others including me fled to the side. (It was hard to tell whether they were actual soldiers or civilian partisans, but I think they were the latter.)




"We'll never surrender to the yokes of you! Dai-Hoshido Teikoku BANZAI!!"

"Oh no, ya don't!!!"





The next thing I knew, I saw Johnny spraying his machine guns at the insurgents as the latter let out a horrific scream. Before I knew it, two of the insurgents corpses were utterly mutilated with blood splashes everywhere! The remaining three insurgents, were now hopelessly cornered and outmatched. Still, they remained defiant.

"Go ahead, you white devils! There would be others that would take our lace!"

"Dummkopfen! You think you can kill us with your puny guns?!"

"Johnny! Stop!", I ordered. "That's enough!"


He shrugged me off without a word, however, and continued on. "Now! Prepare to say your prayers for now is the time you DIE!" At the very last word, he sprayed his machine gun bullets on the three insurgents. Just like the previous two, their lifeless bodies with some of their mutilated body arts and their bloodstains on the ground is all that remained.




"Johnny!" I raged. "What the hell did you just do!?"

"I haff executed them as we ought to, Senator."

"B-but why? Why did you have to do this?!", I screamed, oblivious to the surrounding cilivians and allied soldiers that emerged back.




" Dummkopfen! What happens if we let them go? They komm back to ambush us, for sure!"

I now noticed Xander and Sakura besides me.

"Hisashi...!", brother Xander called me. "...As much as I feel your pain, Hisashi, Johnny...has a point."

"Xander..." I stood in silent disbelief as Xander continued.




"...At least on technical terms Johnny did not break any rules. Those insurgents hid their weapons, and even worse, they were faking as medics. Only lawful combatants have access to protection under the Geneva Convention. Once we see these sorts of things, all bets are off."

I could see that Sakura was giving all she had to fight back her tears. Her tears of sorrow and horror, of witnessing yet another death that we wished we could prevent.

"B-but..., I stammered. But before I could start, my wife came in screaming at me.

"Hisashi, honey, we'll end up killed if we don't draw a line somewhere! Get over it!"




I quickly turned around and saw my wife besides me. After starting at her for a good five seconds, I left the scene with my head hanging...




Chapter 24 Introduction 2: Preparations at Kyoto Imperial Palace



Eventually, we made our way further east into the city of Kyoto. While we expected some fierce fighting in the city, it turned out that the majority of forces were fortified inside the Formal Imperial Palace. Thinking about this now, this was when morale amongst the Hoshidans took a hit. Upon writing this memoir, I had a look at some of the declassified documents; in one set of records, I noted that the Hoshidan generals observed mass desertions, and in another set or records by Nohrians, there were increased rates of surrender by civilians and former Imperial Hoshidan soldiers.


It has been over an hour since we surrounded the Imperial Gardens.

"So how is the situation, brother Xander?", I asked him.

"Not too desirable for us. The Hoshidan troops inside insist on fighting to the death," Xander replied.

I sighed and then said, "Don't they know how futile this is?"

"I wish they do, but sadly, they don't. We'll have to treat it as a lost cause, I'm afraid."

"Why do they have to do this? Don’t they realise we want avoid unnecessary killing?"

"I know," Xander agreed. "I don't like this plan any more than you do. But we must stay strong. If we falter now, our entire military will pay the price. Little Senator... The sad truth is that justice is an illusion. A child's fairy tale. There is no light path that always leads to good, nor dark path that leads to evil. To believe that—to see the world in black and white—is missing half the picture. All that matters are the choices we make—especially the hard ones."

"But this? It's too much...", I replied back.




"Letting innocents die is a tragedy, but so is letting the chance for peace slip away. This is war. There is no such thing as a clean win when lives are on the line. Instead of clinging to a false sense of justice, hold strong to something true... The desire to do what you know is right and to protect the ones you love... And the ambition to see your vision of a peaceful future through to the end. If we allow evil men to let their vision take precedence over our own, we all lose. Remember that, and find solace in it."




"You're right, Xander. I know in my heart that you're right. Gods, give me strength..."


Soon, we would barge into the Imperials Gardens... To arms, boys and girls.



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Stats: Before Chapter 24

 So I had a bit too much fun in getting external skills for my troops. Here how everyone eventually turned out before our battle.



Stats prior to commencement
Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 10, HP 44
24, 16, 23, 27, 11, 19, 18 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, (HP+5), Renewal, Shurikenbreaker, (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 29, HP 28
10, 22, 26, 22, 32, 14, 25 Dagger B, Staff B
Extra skills: Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Nobility

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 10, HP 27
6, 35, 20, 27, 34, 12, 34 Tome D, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Rally Speed

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv10, HP 38
27, 3, 24, 27, 24, 25, 17 Lance B, Sword C
Extra skills: Luna, Sol, Aptitude, Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 10, HP 40+5
31, 0, 30, 20, 17, 29, 14 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 10, HP 41
38, 2, 22, 18, 27, 32, 13 Lance B, Axe D
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 11, HP 34
17, 23, 27, 22, 24, 20, 18 Tome B
Extra skill: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Duellist Blow

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 10, HP 30
21, 22, 20, 35, 14, 20, 33 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 11, HP 36
34, 5, 35, 31, 19, 22, 16 Bows B
Extra skill: Profiteer, Pavise (with all Villager and Archer/Sniper skills)

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 30, HP 30
24, 10, 29, 31, 30, 12, 18 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, Profiteer, Nobility, Replicate

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 10, HP 37
25, 2, 31, 19, 21, 29, 14 Lance E, Axe B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Sol, Savage Blow

Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 10, HP 39+5
24, 3, 20, 30, 18, 26, 14 Sword B, Axe E
Extra skills: Aptitude, (Shurikenbreaker), HP+5, (Poison Strike), Air Superiority

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 8, HP 33
26, 9, 23, 27, 20, 22, 15 Axe B, Lance D (Used Godess Icon)
Extra Skills: Aptitude, (Swordbreaker), Bowbreaker and all Wyvern/Malig class skills

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 10, HP 40
18, 26, 22, 20, 20, 17, 25 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 11, HP 52
34, 0, 15, 18, 18, 30, 14 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 11, HP 42
28, 4, 22, 23, 24, 26, 17 Sword B, Lance D

Extra skills: Sol, Aptitude, Aegis

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.


Battle of Kyoto Imperial Palace



Back in Osaka, Peri took over chef duties for one of the hotels we acquired from the locals. This happened to be her first time to cook Hoshidan cuisine, with sashimi salad to boost our agility and resistance. In addition, some of us prepared ourselves with steroids for performance enhancement. The following tonics were prepared for the following people:

Defence: Elise, Felicia, Azura
Mozu, Arthur, Selena, Beruka, Azura
Speed: Beruka, Felicia,


This would prove helpful to us dealing with the lightining fast fighter and bomber planes during our battle.


Before I start, I divided our main team into three groups. Team A would proceed west from our initial position to engage with the Onmyoji magic artillery and Imperial Riflemen units (Oni chieftain). Team B would rush directly north to take out another isolated group of Onmyoji magic artilleries, Hoshidan Army Air Force planes (Sky knights), and special Mitsubishi Zero planes (Kinshi knights).


Team A: Camilla, Effie, Niles, Odin, Silas

Team B: Arthur, Beruka, Leo, Mozu, Xander

Team C: All others


Turn 1: Day 1 - 1000 hours


(Start of Turn 1)


All units on Team A moved out, with Effie, Camilla, and Silas armed with Guardian Naginatas and Hexlock Lances. For the rest, Elise rallied us with enhancements in speed and resistance, before we moved out. Everyone took their positions to engage their respective adversarys.


(Team A (left) and Team C (upper right))



(Team B vs Onmyoji)




Meanwhile, Hinoka and her retainers have spotted us. She seemed to be more determined than ever in taking us with her.




Not that we care, once she would be apprehended, and the palace occupied, we we would have a much bigger fish to fry. Try all you like, sister Hinoka; you cannot resist against our mighty military-industrial complex of Nohr!


For the enemy phase, Niles and Leo successfully counterattacked 1-2 enemies each, but Leo took over half of his HP in damage, requiring his withdrawal back to the ambulance. (His HP at the end of the turn was 17/40.)


And just before the turn ended, Hinoka radioed in her metrology division to create whirlwinds for her planes to fly in. (Dragon Vein) On the other hand, the winds became so strong, our ground troops had trouble walking straight. 

Turn 2: Day 1 - 1100 Hours
Team A swept up the rest of the enemy units, while they also prepared their positions against the Kinshi planes. Pretty easy so far.


Team B and C had a bit more going on. Felicia's motorized division temporarily caught up with Team B, and resupplied and healed Leo's division. The latter division and Beruka's squadrion of bombers provided support fire to each other, one-rounding the two remaining Onmyoji magic artilleries.


Because the winds proved to be untenable for our ground troops, Xander decided to radio in the Ylissean allies, where their metrological division had created weather bombs to alter weather. One of the bombs have been deployed, which both brought wind to a stand still and emitted an electomagnetic pulse disabling planes. As such, while the air units struggled to navigate, my ground troops were able to move freely. (Dragon Vein)




After this, Niles in Team A readied his anti-air guns, and took down a Kinshi plane. We all were encouraged by this development, with morale running an all-time high.


For the enemy phase, Niles took down the other Kinshi plane, while other planes would close in to us. Gradually, because their navigation is also hindered, but gradually, due to their struggles in flying. Two Onmyoji magic artillery divisions would approach us; one down south to Team A, while the other approaching Team C.



(Team A - end of Turn 2)



(Team B (right of centre) and C (left) - end of Turn 2)


Turn 3: Day 1 - 1200 Hours


(Team A within Onmyoji's range, and Team C heading northwest)


The entirety of Team A advances up north to engage one of the Onmyoji magic artillery and takes up their position.


(Team B after their action)


As for Team B, Xander, Beruka, and Arthur took down the Kinshi and fighter planes, while Mozu and Leo withdrew from the northern front and merges with Team C. Team C, on the other hand, took out the other Onmyoji magic artillery, and took their position further north-west.

As for the enemy, the other Onmyoji magic artillery unit decided to go after Arthur, who got a nasty surprise. To Arthur's credit, his troops survived, still standing. Also, the winds started to pick up again (our Dragon Vein expired).

Turn 4: Day 1 - 1300 Hours


(Start of Turn 4)


Beruka and Xander returned over to our main group, and after Azura's double-time rally (singing), she and Camilla proceeded to attack the lone Onmyoji magic artillery unit. Meanwhile, Odin took his position to lure one of the HAAF plane nearby, with flares coming out from his artillery.



(Odin's position. Notice the Sky Knight (HAAF Plane) on the upper-right of centre of this photo, near Setuna was.)


The HAAF plane proceeded to attack Odin, and further air reinforcements were called in as well. Finally, Hinoka called up her metrological division to stir up another whirlwind against us.

Turn 5: Day 1 - 1400 Hours
Due to the enhanced range and speed of the air units, we all retreated back to our new position, as especially the Zero planes had anti-air missiles against Beruka and Camilla's squadron. I also paired up Odin 's magic artillery division with Effie's heavy tanks, and Niles's anti-air artillery with Silas's light tanks. Meanwhile, the Zero divisions closed in on, and fired their guns at, Team A.

Turn 6: Day 1 - 1500 Hours
Effie and Niles responded by having their respective divisions fire their guns at the Zeros, and their direct hits sent the two enemy squadrons going down.



(Camilla/Xander vs HAAF Plane (Sky knight) - Xander was equipped with an anti-air/tank gun (Beastslayer))


On the other hand, Camilla and Xander took out the HAAF plane from the northeast, and with Azura's double-time, Camilla rushed to the west end of the gardens and rendezvoused with Beruka to deal with the other two sky nights that just arrived.



(Camilla and Beruka deployed to engage the HAAF planes (Sky knights); left side)


The HAAF planes responded by firing their guns at Beruka. It turned out, however, that all their shots missed while Beruka successfully countered and shot down at least one of them.

Turn 7: Day 1 - 1600 Hours
While the sun may had started to set, the sounds of the gunshots still had not died yet. Camilla and Beruka went on the offensive and shot down the other HAAF plane and bombarded the diverted
Imperial Rifle division.



(End of Turn 7)

Turn 8: Day 1 - 1700 Hours
We had a small stalemate during this hour, where both sides were on their toes, too nervous to make their wrong move. As such, we only moved slightly forward, anticipating tje enemy's next move. Another group of HAAF planes zeroed in on Leo, but, Leo's guns successfully shot down all their planes.

Turn 9: Day 1 - 1800 Hours
As evening turned into nightfall, the whirlwinds stopped their rage, though it was still somewhat windy to hinder my ground troops. Due to what we would do next, I pulled back my troops to outside of their range. Beruka also returned to our main party, while Camilla returned to Team A. Xander once again called in the Ylissean weather bomb planes to stop the winds, which increased movement of all ground units. Effie heavy tanks from Team A also moved into position to engage with Setsuna from the south, and Silas's division closely followed after hers.



(Effie and Silas within Setsuna's range)



(Setsuna vs Silas)

The next thing, Setsuna's artillery division audaciously went to the very front of Effie and fired their artillery onto Silas. It would have been a dangerous one...had the attack actually connected.


Meanwhile additional HAAF planes and Onmyoji magic artillery units arrived, not too far away from our fighting.

Turn 10: Day 1 - 1900 Hours
Our fighting has become trickier from this point onwards. Not only was it nighttime with reduced visibility (Just kidding, it's constatntly daytime in the actual game...sadly.), but there was Azama's artillery nearby which were armed with Hex Mustard Gas rockets (Azama's Hexing Rod) so we had to stay out of range as much as we can.



(Effie & Silas vs Setsuna)


Anyway, Effie and Silas's (attack stance) tanks started to fire their guns at Setsuna's artillery.



(Camilla vs Setsuna)


While Setsuna was distracted, Camilla's planes swept in and scored a rout on her artilleries. As for the supporting Onmyoji magic artillery units behind Setsuna, Odin's magic artillery moved in and fired their guns for another rout.


As for the aforementioned reinforcements from last turn, Xander and Felicia grouped together (pair up), and rushed to the same western location as Beruka and Camilla did before. There, Felicia fired her magic bazooka at one of the Onmyoji magic artillery divisions, routing them in the process.



(Leo vs Onmyoji)


Leo's magic artillery also joined in, harrassing the other Onmyoji magic artillery division. 

Meanwhile, for the Imperial Rifle units that were closing in on our main group, Arthur and Beruka took care of that, while everyone else moved forward, skirting around Azama's range.

Turn 11: Day 1 - 2000 Hours
Felicia's division finished the remaining Onmyoji magic artillery, and after some transferring, Silas's tanks sheltered Felicia's division. Arthur's riflemen happened to be close by, and Felicia's infantries provided support fire with their magic machine guns (frozen plate). Elise's ambulance also took cover under Arthur, while Odin's motorised magic artillery division also sought cover under Effie. Azura also joined me (and Douglas), for we are to brace ourselves for the next wave of air raids.


In the enemy phase, one of the HAAF plane divisions retreated for repairs under Azama, while another division fired their guns against Beruka's. Again, Hinoka radioed her meteorologists to start up yet another set of whirlwinds.

Turn 12: Day 1 - 2100 Hours
It may be late into the night, but the battle is raging as fierce as ever. Beruka's squadron of fighter-bombers took out the HAAF planes, before encircling lower under protection from Xander's midweight tanks (pair up with Beruka supporting Xander).



(Beruka paired up with Xander)


One of the Zero squadrons went for Silas's light tanks, while a group of HAAF airplanes reached the rear where I was.

Turn 13: Day 1 - 2200 Hours
Our response to the above? Have Arthur and his riflemen equip anti-air bazookas (any Axe would do) with Xander's support through their Siegfried gun turrets. I on the other hand, fired my Grim Yato Mk-2c, with the HAAF planes going down with one direct hit each. The air raid was not yet over however, as there would be two Zero squadrons that just came in. They went straight for Slia's light tanks, nearly routing his division with 4HP left.

Turn 14: Day 1 - 2300 Hours
As with the previous hour, Arthur and Xander took down one of the two Zero squadrons, while Silas retreated for repairs and medical attention under Elise. It was up to Effie's heavy tanks and myself to shoot down the other squadron of Zero planes, which we succeeded.


Turn 15: Day 2 - 0000 Hours

Now was the moment where we decided to go for the gauntlet against Azama's Hex mustard gas artillery. Felicia, with Silas's support, started her move, while Elise closely followed behind, and fired her Enfeeble gas mortar at Azama.



(End of Turn 15 - notice Azama's (top, right-of centre) weakened icon)


It seemed to have worked, as Azama's division attempted their Hex mustard gas against Elise and missed her (with an accuracy of 25%).


Turn 16: Day 2 - 0100 Hours



(Felicia vs Azama - You go girl!)


With support from Silas's light tanks, Felicia and her magic machine gun troops quickly approached Azama and routed his division with their gunshots (Flame Shuriken)!


Unfortunately, I got too excited and accidentally ordered Elise to rally her nearby troops, when I meant to order her to send a rescue helicopter (use her Rescue staff) to Felicia. Thankfully, Silas's division provided cover for Felicia's (due to the dual block gauge being filled), while the latter fired at the approaching Imperial Riflemen with impunity.


Annoyingly, yet another set of enemy air units arrived at the scene, and it just showed just how the entire Hoshidan military, and Hinoka in particular, were utterly unwilling to take surrender as an option.


Turn 17-21: Day 2 - 0200-0600 Hours


(End of Turn 17)

The majority of our hard work were over by this point, and apart from Camilla radioing in the Ylissean meteorologists, all we had to do was to sweep any remaining land troops.


The enemy air units struggled to approach us due to the lack of helpful wind, allowing us to eventually concentrate on our firing against the Zeros and the HAAF planes.

Turn 22 onwards: Day 2 - 0700 Hours


(Mozu vs Hinoka - notice the 22 is black (normal damage) instead of how it usually be green (effective damage) against air units)


It turned out that Hinoka's plane was made of some special material that allows special resistance against anti-air artilleries and missiles. Fret not, however, as we could always gang up on her.



(Silas vs Imperial Riflemen (Oni Chieftain))


Eventually (after some boss-abusing, which involved raising weapon levels for Beruka, Selena, and Niles) Silas and his light tanks fired their guns at the Imperial Rifle division...though Hinoka would fire her gun as well, blocking Silas's projectiles (dual guard).



(Camilla vs Imperial Riflemen (Oni Chieftain))


As such, Camilla was brought in next to ensure the enemy riflemen routed.


Then my riflemen and Douglas moved in to engage with Hinoka.


(Pffft, I don't even give a fuck. I've got more important matters.)



(Footage of me vs Hinoka - declassified in 1959, which was just before I started writing this memoir. Thinking about it now, I had so much fun, hey.)


After exchanging a couple of pleasantries (yeah right), my troops and I fired our guns! The next thing, Hinoka's plane went straight down onto the ground in a smouldering wreck!

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto has fallen, and we have made our superiority clear. Now, the citizens of Kyoto shall accept our occupying authority from now on. God bless the United States of Nohr!!



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On 4/6/2017 at 8:44 PM, blah the Prussian said:

So WWII officially has better writing than Conquest, then.

Sorry for the late reply. I'm...filled with both joy and sorrow that you mentioned this. Joy for hearing that I did something right with this LP's story. Sorrow for seeing that IS did something very wrong with the vanilla story.

On 5/2/2017 at 3:22 AM, Acacia Sgt said:

The enemy is at Honno-ji! Wait, wrong area

Yep, wrong area, and wrong era too!

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Chapter 24 Conclusion 1: Hinoka's bewilderment






A dazed and battered Hinoka climbed out of the smouldering wreck that was of her plane. "Dammit!", she cursed. "How could I lose?! Our ancient city... Our former capital... I failed..."

Acting indifferent to her sorrow, I ordered, "Lay down your weapon, Hinoka. It's over."




"Hmph! As if!", Hinoka rebuffed, hanging tight to her rifle. "If that leads to you killing me, just get it over with. I won't beg for mercy, and none of my other soldiers will!"

Azama, in horror, yelled, "No, milady! You don't know what you're saying. You are a princess of Hoshido. You must not fall!"

Setsuna, too, seeing the inevitablilty of the situation, also pitched in. "You can't do that, Lady Hinoka..."

"Azama, Setsuna... Brace yourselves. We shall die with glory..." Hinoka muttered.

I sighed, already sick of the bloodshed we caused all throughout our campaign. Nevertheless I verbally pressed on. "I'm...I'm afraid I have no choice. I'm sorry , but...I must do what I must do."

"Well make it quick, traitorous brother."

"Of course."


After some good five seconds, I aimed my gun and fired my shot. But not at Hinoka. I had enough of seeing people committing honour suicides and banzai charges and the like. So did Sakura and Elise, and I was sure Xander and Azura would have felt the same too. So what did I shoot at.


It was Hinoka's rifle, which I shot away from her hands. Before anyone knew, her rifle ricocheted off her hand, and fell onto the ground.




"Curses! What on earth are you doing, Hisashi!"

Hinoka yelled this as she reached for her gun. Immediately, a number of our troops including Camilla and I aimed our guns at Hinoka. Realising this, Hinoka hesitated at the first second, glancing at Azama and Setsuna besides her. Seeing that Azama and Setsuna raised their hands, Hinoka raised her hands too.




"Hinoka, you have made a wise choice," I said. "Live, and let us rebuild this country once this war is over."

"What are you saying?! You're really going to let me live?", Hinoka asked.

"Indeed so. The last thing I want is meaningless bloodshed. I will not kill you nor your remaining soldiers, but you must go to our prisoners of war camp. In fact, under my administration, I will not allow any suicides."

"I... I can't believe it. Having to live in shame like this?"

"There is no shame in living and being able to rebuild your country, Hinoka. A bigger shame is to die for nothing. This is what your government is trying to do - sending your people to their deaths, and trying to subjugate the countries around you."

"No, it is better for me to die than to live under you kichiku nohr."


Just then, Camilla came up to Hinoka, taunting, "My, what a spoiled child." She then aimed her bayonet at her throat, to which Hinoka squirmed.

"Hey, Camilla," I said, trying to back her off.

Camilla, ignoring me, continued to taunt Hinoka. "Oh dear, how did my naughty blade get so close to your vulnerable little throat? If you move even a tiny bit, I may just slice it open like a ripe tomato."

"Camilla!", I said louder.

"Then get it done with!", Hinoka shouted.




"Quiet, dear." Camilla chided. "You see, my brother chose to spare your meaningless life. It's rather precious. I support his choice, of course. But only so long as you keep your end of the bargain. If you cause my darling brother any harm... If you disobey him and refuse to run away... When you least expect it, my naughty little blade might just slip. Understood?"

Hinoka became silent, with a twitched face. Camilla, noticing this, continued, "Aww, you always make that same frightening face when we speak. Keep that up, and you'll positively terrify Princess Sakura when you see her again."

"Heeey, Camilla!", I yelled louder.
"Shoosh, Hisashi!", Camilla chided at me, unaware that I want her to back off.




"Sakura is alive?!", Hinoka exclaimed.

"She is. And she will stay that way if you help me keep my brother safe," Camilla replied.




Just as I was to verbally talk my sister down, an even more ferocious voice boomed across. "Camilla!", Xander shouted. "That is enough. Back off!" He then turned to me and said, in a more calm voice, "Hisashi, continue your talk with Hinoka."

"Aww...just when I had so much fun with this sweet talk...", Camilla grumbled with disappointment.




"Ahem," I interjected. "Anyway, as I said before, Sakura made the wise choice and stopped fighting against us. She realised that further fighting is futile, with needless bloodshed. As for our end, we plan to finish this war as quickly as possible and rebuild this country. Sakura and many of the people under her are intending to join in with our efforts."

"What!? Sakura defected too!?" Hinoka exclaimed with disgust.

"Yes, sister!" Sakura's voice called out from the back. Our troops stepped aside as Sakura walked towards Hinoka.

"First it was him, then you!? I won't have this!", Hinoka yelled with rage.




"Hinoka-neesama! Please! For the sake of our countrymen, please stop!", Sakura pleaded.

"So you say, you hikokumin!! You really want to live under those kichiku nohr people!? Huh!? You really want to live a life of shame!? Fine, if that is what you want!!"

"...But I don't want any more fighting," Sakura quietly said. "And...I don't want more needless bloodshed. Please, l-let's rebuild our country together..."

"Think about it, Hinoka-neesan," I replied. "You country is only going to lose sooner or later. Wouldn't it be better to finish this war sooner and rebuild sooner?"




"Hmph. Fine! You win. I will do as you say," Hinoka spat, as she walked towards the other guards who apprehended her.



Chapter 24 Conclusion 2: Anticiating future's peace



After seeing all of this, Sakura and I breathed a sigh of relief. It looks like, this time, we may have Hinoka and her remaining soldiers alive.

"Oh, thank goodness!", I exclaimed.




"For a second there, I thought nee-sama was going to steal your sword and stab herself," Sakura said.

"Sakura-chan, I will never allow that to happen. Not on my watch. And maybe, just maybe, we can be a family again."

"I hope... At this rate, it looks like you would be my only family..."

"I'm sorry, Sakura-chan..."

"Please, don't apologize. Seeing you on the other side cleared up my mind. I look forward to the day when I can practice swing-dance again."

"I remember you said that before, when we were in Korai. You know much about Benny Goodman and the like?"

"I did for a brief time, before Hoshido banned them."




Azura came in to join us. "Sakura-chan! Good to see you safe. I meant to see you earlier."

"Likewise," Sakura greeted back. "I'm so glad to see you again."

"Wait so you actually know each other?!" I asked.

"Yes, when my mother was an ambassador," Azura replied.

"Oh, wait, yeah, you did tell me that," I replied back, dumbfounded at my forgetfulness. "I forgot it was you and you mom who were in Hoshido before."

"Oh, Hisashi! Anyway, speaking of him I heard from him that you surrendered to our division in Seoul."

"Yeah... I-it's a long story...", Sakura replied, suddenly feeling heavy-hearted.

"Oh, don't worry, if you're not ready to talk yet. I'm just glad that you're alive, and you're still that sweet girl I remembered."




While they were chatting, Xander came up and beckoned me.

"Hisashi? Sorry to interrupt. Lucina and Laslow needs to talk to us."

"Oh, what for?"
"Umm, it's quite a long story. I'll have Lucina explain to you."


Chapter 24 Conclusion 3: A Conspiracy?






I went over to Lucina, and we walked around as we surveyed the gardens and the palace.

"Senator Hisashi, I'm glad to see you safe," Lucina said.

"Same to you Laslow and Princess Lucina. I gather your divisions successfully took over the rest of the city," I replied.




"Indeed, we did," Laslow replied back. "Now that we've secured the city, I do hope I'll get to see a geisha performance at some point."

"Laslow! How many times do I have to warn you not to think of flirting!?", Xander scolded, though somewhat in jest.

"Yeah, chasing after girls skirts! It's disrespectful for us women!", Lucina rebuked, half in seriousness, half in banter. Her smile, however soon turned into a heavy frown as she continued. "I do have some serious matter I need to discuss with all of you."

"Oh? What abouts?", I asked.

"Well, uh...where shall we start?" Xander thought out loud. "Oh yes. It is about Iago - and we have some bad news with this."

"Go on," I verbally beckoned Xander and Lucina to continue.




"We had some serious miscommunications within our divisions in regards to our battle plans, and in particular, to our coordination," Lucina explained. "And this is really awkward to explain, so pray bear with me. We had some divisions that deviated from the battle plans that the Nohrian and Ylissean militaries had set on."

"Geez, that is not good," I remarked. "How did that happen? A breakdown in your communication system?"

"Something even worse, and I'll mention that in a moment. Anyway, we have court-martialed a good number of our soldiers, while issued warnings to another good number for insubordination. We are questioning everyone at the moment so that we can figure out what has gone wrong."

"And what happened?"




"It turned out that someone is spreading something about you double-crossing us and joining the Hoshidans."




"Huh? What on earth?!", I exclaimed, my heart skipping a beat. "Wait, is it because of Sakura-chan, and maybe they might have gotten the wrong idea?"

"We do not know that yet," Laslow replied. "Though considering that Peri and I also have been regularly checking on Princess Sakura as our other retainers do, I doubt this would be the case. I think this as a result of a bunch of racist chumps who don't like to see a Hoshidan-Nohrian leading our army. Anyway, Lucina told me all of this before, and I told her that you are as patriotic as we all aim to be, and that you've been following all of our plans to the best of our abilities. This is the case, Senator Xander, is it not?"

"I swear to God, that this is the case. Whosoever says otherwise is a poor chump needing enlightenment," Xander confirmed.

"My brother, and my faithful friend, I thank you both," I said with a sigh of relief.

"That's what I thought as well, and I'm really bewildered by this," Lucina explained. "So we issued an order to only take orders from myself, and no other."

"Come to think about it now, I know Iago has been causing some miscommunications in the past. General Marshall told us this before," Xander thought out loud. "That bastard...could it be?"




"I knew there was something untrustworthy of him," Laslow mentioned. "He had this habit of moving the goalposts, and withholding resources and what not when Selena, Odin, and I were doing our missions before the war. Frankly, I am thankful that my current supervisor would have none of that."




"I am glad to hear as such," Xander replied with thanks. "And may all of you, and God himself help me to keep it that way."




"...Though I would not mind if taking leave for the night clubs were a bit easier, hehe."




"...Very funny, Laslow." Xander and Lucina replied with sarcasm.

"Hmm...It's possible that Iago may be behind somewhere," I suggested. "Maybe he could be manipulating someone in the Ylissean military. This scenario and the one the General mentioned...they seem to suggest a similar modus operandi."

"If that is the case, then this could become a ticking time bomb...", Lucina remarked.

"Once we finish our inspection of the area, let us gather again, and explain the situation to General Marshall," Xander suggested."


May Sakura stay safe. And may God bless the United States of Nohr.



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@blah the Prussian: It's probably not going to be more than this, however. Partly because the main focus is definitely myself, but also Xander, Sakura, and (to some extent) Lucina. And maybe Beruka (as she is my waifu) and the Ylissean trio (as they represent the Ylissean/British Commonwealth side). I'll have to figure out what to do once I re-edit the whole thing as a fanfic in the near future.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi, everyone, I'm really sorry for the long hiatus. I have been busy with work and other commitments outside of video games. Also, I think I am starting to burn out with this project, considering how my scenario ended up verging away from the official canon. But I am back, for now, and I hope that I can do a last spurt on this.

Intermission 24/25 1: Discussion of a conspiracy


Later that day, we retired to our assigned sleeping quarters in the city. But my job was not done yet. We had to inevitably give the awkward news to General Marshall, of a possible sabotage on our war efforts, one that could lead to a pleothera of finger-pointings amongst us. But it had to be done, lest Iago possibly pull off a worse kind of sabotage upon us - one that could doom our cause.




Lucina, Laurent, Xander, and I all gathered in front of General Marshall's office inside the acquired western-style hotel in the centre of the city. We all took a deep breath before I knocked on the door.

"Come in," the General's voice called out, prompting us to open the door. All of us saw both USN General Marshall and the Ylissean Commonwealth General Charles Keightley.

"What is your business to discuss?", General Marshall asked us directly.

"We've got further bad news in regards to Iago," I replied.




"Oh?", both Generals interjected, looking at us. Then General Keightley continued, "Sounds like you're quite eager to talk, chaps. General Marshall, pray spare a couple of minutes with me?"

"Well, you all leave me with little choice besides that," General Marshall replied. "Especially if we are talking about that bastard."

"Well, let me get to the conclusion first," I started out. "Long story short, we suspect that Iago may be sabotaging our war effort, in particular, on the Ylissean Commonwealth side."

"And what do you may have in terms of evidence?", General Marshall asked us.

"It will be a long story, and I ask you to listen to both Laurent and myself," Lucina requested.


And then Lucina explained how there were disobediences from soldiers, supposedly from miscommunication. They also noted how a couple of the miscommunication robbed the Commonwealth forces from tactical victory in occupying parts of Kyushu. While some of Lucina's information were already known to General Kingsley, others were of more recent information. Laurent then pointed out the similar modus operandi between said sabotage and what Iago did in messing up the communication between the Pentagon and the Nohrian military over in the European theatre.




"Hmm...that smells of trouble," General Marshall remarked. "Somehow, that bastard managed to get through all the bullets and bombs in the ocean to meddle with our troops. Even though, I ordered everyone to either capture him on sight, or shoot the crap out of his ass with bullets and extreme prejudice. Unbelievable. That is one sneaky son of a gun."

"Obviously, now that the FBI and the higher-rank administrations are after Iago, he must have decided to go after the Ylisseans instead," Xander commented.

"Well, Iago would have known classified information in regards to Ylisse," I thought out loud. "I guess we should not be surprised that he would be going for that route..."

"In this case, then, all of the information from back home should be directed to me then," General Marshall said."And at any rate, I'll have to send an urgent telegram to the Under Secretary and the President. Hisashi, issue an notice to everyone that all battle orders are only to be authorized from you or me."

"You can count on me, sir," I assured the General.




"I will have to do the same thing with the Ylissean Government and particularly with Prime Minister Churchill," General Keightley said. "And Lucina, similarly to what General Marshall said, authority of order are to be based on either one of us and no one else. Both would be ideal."

"Understood, sir," Lucina replied.


That is it for tonight. There will be further intermission chapters before the main gameplay section. I hope I won't wear everyone down.

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Intermission 24/25 2: Ceasefire Negotiations at Nagoya


Our final march across the Hoshidan island started from Kyoto. This was also when more and more Hoshidans either fled from us, or surrendered, as we marched across highways of the Tokaido and Nakasendo to Nagoya and Tokyo. This was not least to the efforts of Sakura, who had a particular charisma which attracted the tired populance. This was how Maibara and Gifu fell without any bullets involved, and this was also how we took over Nagoya.




We eventually met with the 3rd Division of the Imperial Hoshido Army, who were awaiting us in Nagoya. I brought Sakura and Xander along myself as the representatives of the Nohrian Army.

"So we meet," Tatsumi Ei'ichi sternly greeted us. "I expected you to arrive sooner or later, though I did not expect Princess Sakura nor our missing Prince to defect. What is it that you want?"




"We hereby ask you to surrender the city, Commander Tatsumi," I replied.



Sakura initially hesitated, then blurted, "I... I am afraid that you...no, we are fighting for a lost cause. It is not too late. Please, join me in rebuilding our lives anew!"

The Hoshidan Commander asked her, "So...you will no longer bless our valiant struggle?"

Sakura hesitated again for a couple of seconds, then confessed. "No... I... I will not anymore."

Xander pressed on, "Indeed, we ask you for unconditional surrender. If you surrender now, we'll gurrantee your lives! Insist on fighting, and you shall leave us with no choice but to see battle!"

"Unconditional surrender? That is quite an order, Senator Xander," the Commander growled.




"This, I will not budge on. I say this again, you are to unconditionally-"

At this moment, I stopped Xander, yelling "Brother Xander!". He stopped there for a moment, and stared awkwardly at me, while I extended my hand sideways to stop him. Sakura was also staring at me anxiously.

"Hisashi?", Xander said incredulously. "What on earth are you doing?"

"I'll negotiate from here, brother," I said.




"What?", both Xander and Sakura exclaimed.




"I shall take it from here," I repeated. I then turned to the Commander and said, "Commander, please forgive my brother here. I acknowledge that such surrender may adversely affect your honour. And I would like to make it clear that it is in my interest to guarantee the safety of your troops and of civilians."




"Indeed, this would be one condition for us to cease resistance", the Commander questioned. "I will need some time to think and discuss within my division."




"Well, here are our terms," I declared. "While we will ask your soldiers to remove all arms, I also would like to ask for assigning 3000 soldiers for law enforcement. Upon your acceptance of these terms, I ask your promises to be carried out within the following 12 hours. After this deadline, we request an assembly to be inspected at your Army Barracks in Nagoya. I shall grant you 24 hours; if we do not hear any correspondence from you after this, we will attack the city."
"I shall return to you then, in due course," the Commander promised.

"And we shall see that your promise shall be carried out."


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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 24-25 Nagoya

Intermission 24/25 3: Siege at Nagoya - Odin and Nile's Mischief


Upon Sakura and my insistence, we had the Allies forces hold fire, to give the city 24 hours notice. We held fire for the next 24 hours, on high alert. There were the occasional guerrilla attacks from defiant Hoshidan soldiers, which made thing tricky. Further harm came from our side on the form of trigger-happy and impatient subordinates.




"Face the wrath of Odin Dark!", Odin yelled as he started to chase the fleeing Hoshidan soldiers

 who initially attempted an ambush. His guns were blazing for over 5 minutes during the preceding gunfight.




"Hehehe, now this is where the fun begins...", Niles muttered with a smile as he also started to give chase, his bazooka blazing. The Hoshidan soldiers gave out screams as they fled for their lives.


KhHjn3p.jpg (3)


"All right boys, that's enough," Leo cautioned, with not a single eyebrow moved.

"Senator Leo!", Odin called. "We shall chase those ambushers, and strike them with our pitch-black thunder of justice!"

"No, Odin, I will not allow that."

"Senator, I'll promise I won't give these boys a...rough ride like I did before," Niles replied, ignoring Leo's previous reply.

"No, Niles, I will not allow your chase either."

"Oh-ho! Whatcha gonna do if I break my...leash to you?"




"Easy, I'll just tell your wives that you were thirsting for blood."

"What?! No! Not that!", Odin yelled in horror. "Anything but that!"

"Uhhhh... that's not quite what I was craving for either...", Niles replied, with his face twitching.

"OH YEAH???"


In a reaction to three furious voices, Odin and Niles twitched their faces on even bigger horror. It was Elise, Effie, and Arthur and their regiments who came after.




"Odin! You, my hubby, are in reeeeaaaal big trouble!" Elise screamed. "And I mean, reeeeeaaaaaaal big!"




"I don't believe in senseless violence, but if you are going to aimlessly chase after thrills, I've got no choice but to physically break your legs," Effie warned Niles, in a voice more normal, but no less threatening.

"Aww, Effie, darling. Can't you understand, this is our chance for some fun punishment...", Niles peevishly pleaded.




"Senators Elise and Hisashi do not believe in senseless violence," Arthur yelled. "And neither shall I allow it, as it is utter injustice! We will endeavour to settle this particular standoff against the Hoshidans as peacefully as we can!" Along with Elise and Effie, Arthur then aimed his weapon at Niles and Odin.




"Stand down, both of you! Or face our justice on behalf of Senator Hisashi!"

"All right! We'll stop! Please don't shoot us!" Odin and Niles pleaded as they dropped their weapons, and raised their hands, while Arthur, Effie, and Elise sent them back to our position. All while Leo was snickering.




Intermission 24/25 4: Siege at Nagoya - Beruka's Agitation




Meanwhile, Silas, Mozu, Beruka, and I were all observing the city and the skies above us. Silas and Mozu patiently waited. The former kept on watch, listening to Mozu reading to him her daily bible passage, like any good Catholic disciple does. Despite the war going on around us, they always seemed to find a bit of contentment.


The same thing cannot be said for my wife, however. The more she circled around our camp, the more agitated she became. It was clear, from both her yelling at me back in Osaka and her current action, that she was being rather impatient. Finally she came down to talk to me.




"So, any further movements, Beruka?", I asked her.




"None so far," she abruptly answered. "Seriously, I don't understand any of your stupid waiting stuff."

"Oh?", I said, frowning with annoyance.

"Seriously, the time to strike is now. We can wipe the army clean if we push now. Strike fear in the enemy's heart. Give our revenge for what they did to our soldiers, to Pearl Harbour, or even our POWs cooped up here. Why aren't you giving that order?"




"Beruka, I thought I made my point to everyone last night," I retorted. "We are going to win anyway. What's the point of further killing when we have a better chance to avoid that? Haven't you seen Sakura calling the entire city of Gifu surrendering?"




"You think they'll surrender that easily? Face it, they don't want you, and they don't want Sakura either. Better to kill the country off to the point that they can't recover. Look at Valm. Our fathers should have completely levelled Valm years ago when we had the chance. Strip of her money and her industry. Kill off her population off the face of the map. Not something lukewarm like what stupid Wilson cooked up."

"You think having Hoshido...or Valm for that matter, in abject poverty is a good idea?"

"Better than risking another war down the line."

"You may have a point with Valm. Still..."




Suddenly, Laurent came up to us, panting in panic.

"S-senator Hisashi!" he called, still gasping for air.




"What's up, Laurent?  No, wait, are we seeing battle after all?"




"By jovial golly, I predict as such if we do not subject Peri, Selena, and Cynthia to restraint!"

"Oh God, no! We better stop them before they drag us into trouble."




"Hisashi! We'll come with you!", Silas and Mozu yelled as they jumped out from their seats and hurried alongside.


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@Ottokar: Thank you. Further intermission episodes will be coming up. There will be further drama, amongst the allies. I'm sorry to say, but to be quite honest, I'm starting to be burnt out by this project. I think this will be my first and my last LP involving changing up the entire story of an FE game.

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Just now, henrymidfields said:

@Ottokar: Thank you. Further intermission episodes will be coming up. There will be further drama, amongst the allies. I'm sorry to say, but to be quite honest, I'm starting to be burnt out by this project. I think this will be my first and my last LP involving changing up the entire story of an FE game.

Ah well. Was certainly an interesting experiment, and significantly improved on the story of Conquest.

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@Ottokar and @blah the Prussian, but also @Hylian Air Force, @Acacia Sgt, and @Alastor15243: I know this is still somewhat early to say this, but what was your favourite chapter? And your least favourite? Were there any chapters that ended up being worse than the corresponding chapters from the actual game?

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This LP is pretty hilarious. Although a passing reference about jeepneys a few pages ago is a bit anachronistic, as jeepneys were made from jeeps the Americans left in the Philippines after World War II.

This also makes me want to make an LP of FE12 revolving around the Philippines. Conquest's story sucked, but you somehow improved it. Thanks for making my day.

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Intermission 24/25 5: Siege at Nagoya - Selena, Cynthia, and Peri's Revolt


Selena, Cynthia, and Peri were amongst the group of impatient soldiers looking for revenge.




"You know what those villains did to our brothers and sisters in Malaysia and Singapore!", Cynthia yelled.

"YEAH!", the crowd yelled back.




"Are we going to let those fuckin' bastards forget what they bloody done to Darwin and Townsey?!", Selena yelled to the crowd.





"What are we doing now? Say you wanna kill 'em?", Peri yelled.


"All right!", Cynthia proclaimed. "In the name of justice, let's slaughter those bloodthirsty Hoshidon'ts and teach them a lesson they'll never ever forget, and-!"




"SELENA! CYNTHIA!! PERI!!!", a furious voice roared out.




"Eeek! Uhhh... Lucy? Laurent?", Cynthia said. She saw an angry Lucina right where Cynthia and her men was about to run towards.

"Ugh, bloody hell! Thanks for ruining our revenge plan," Severa complained.






To our relief, that last sentence was what we first heard as we joined Lucina.


"All of you! Back to your assigned positions! We are not to engage the enemy until the order comes!", Lucina commanded.

"Say who, party pooper?", Peri yelled.




"Another word of smart aleck, and I'm sending you to Xander, Peri!", I warned her.

"Uuuuuugggggghhhhh! Senator, you're the worst! I friggin' hate you!"

"Yeah, Senator! Why don't you and Lucina go live to Hoshido? If you like them so much!"

Ouch, we thought. I've heard insults from other rowdy people, but this was on a new level. Both Lucina and I struggled to make a comeback at her, but Silas filled us in.




"Excuse me? I'm reporting you to General Doug for insubordination if you don't watch your mouth!" Silas rebuked her. "And I will not let anyone insult our Senator here! Not on my watch!"




"Agreed. We are witnessing a significant deficit of reverence for our military chain of command. I strongly recommend some sanctioning to set examples for others! 50 lashes at the triangle in front of an audience shall do the trick!", Laurent commented.

"Ugh, why should we give a damn to you coward weaklings?!" Cynthia retorted. "Let's just get outta here and run for it."

"YEAH!", the crowd yelled as they started to move.




"Stand down, or face my Falcion at your own peril!" Lucina yelled as she fired warning shots from her Falchion Mk-II machine gun at the air above the crowd.




"And you shall face my gun too, bad apples!"

We all heard further gunshots after that, and in reaction, we all quickly glanced who fired his or her gun. It was our legendary sniper, Mozu who was previously hiding behind the bushes.




After a good five seconds, the crowd of men following the three girls all raised their hands, much to the latter's chagrin. The girls all raised their hands too. I must note that by this time, Mozu became a legend within our army, as the super sniper. Judging at how some of the men were twitching, it was clear that Mozu's reputation spread amonst the Ylisseans too.

Intermission 24/25 6: Siege at Nagoya - An order upheld


We eventually detained the men and women, and sent them back to their respective camps. Xander eventually came in to detain Peri, while Lucina, Laurent, Gerome, and Kjelle came into detaining the others.




I told Xander everything what just happened, and I must say, I expected to see Xander explode at Peri. Instead, I was surprised to see how Xander was more or less calm and restrained.

"You are to stay within our quarter of the barracks, and your will be forbidden to leave our army grounds, unless acting upon official duty. Do you hear me?"

"I hear you..."




"And after we are discharged, I will have to send you to a psychologist. I've been meaning to send you to one sooner, but alas I could not get around to that."

Peri stayed silent as we walked back to our barracks.

"Hisashi, thank you for attending to this on my behalf," Xander told me.




"That would actually go to Laurent, brother," I replied. "He was the one who told me all of this. Really, I can't afford to provoke the Hoshidans any more than we did already with Odin and Niles. Everyone must be going giddy now that we are so close to victory."

"All the more reason why we need to excercise restraint," Xander said. "Peri, have you thought what might happen down the track when your attempt a massacre against civilians?"

"Uh no...", she murmured. "Aside from our Senator, what difference would that make if they are Hoshidon'ts?"

"It makes a lot of difference, both for us and for them," Xander replied. "Obviously, we can't avoid all civilian deaths. And of course, we will have to kill enemy soldiers, otherwise we will be killed ourselves. The thing is, war destroys. It destroys our homes, destroys the lives of ourselves, our family, and our friends, and it destroys our community. And it gives people motivation for revenge. It is an utterly cynical method to solve problems and disputes."




"But the Hoshidans started it!", Peri protested. "My uncle and auntie died in Pearl Harbour by those stupid planes! What have you gotta say to that, huh?"

"Peri..., I'm sorry. ", I said.

"Oh, it's not your fault...", Peri replied, to my relief. "Your family, maybe... But definitely not you!"

"I know, Peri," Xander agreed. "I'm am deeply saddened to see my family friend perish in the air raid as well. I myself desire revenge, or at least I am tempted to wish as such. However, this is also the very thing that will eventually trap us in a cycle. One can only look at the previous war, and how we humiliated the Valmese, and how that nurtured their desire for revenge."

"The other thing, of course," I continued. "Is that not everyone agrees with the Valmese or the Hoshidan government. I mean, look at me or Kaze. Or some of the Jews in our rank and file who fled Valm."

Peri, look at us and managed to get some quiet words out. "Senators... I'm sorry. If this restraint against revenge means so much to you, then I won't disobey you two again."

"Oh? What did you just say?", I asked. I guess I was not listening properly.

"I said I won't disobey you anymore 'cause you don't want to be trapped in the ...well ring of payback."

"You promise? You promise to honour our wishes?", Xander asked Peri.

"I promise."




Xander, seeing Peri's earnest face, smiled. "Thank you. I'm glad our message got through. If you need to talk more about this, then I'll always have time for you. Anyway, Let us get back to our positions. Hisashi, thank you for staying behind. If you need me again, you know where I am."

"Anytime, my brother. If you do not mind, I need to return to my post."
"You may do so."


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Intermission 24/25 7: Siege at Nagoya - An order defied?


Meanwhile, a less pleasant conversation was exchanged in Lucina's quarters.

"Ugh, why do we have to follow that stuffy Lucina around?", Selena grumbled as she was sitting in Lucina's office.




"Hey, just give it up already," Gerome said. "You're not going to get out of detention quicker."

"Really, Gerome?!", Selena snapped. "You're following around that bloody-two-shoes instead of joining my and Cindy on our adventure?"

"Your 'adventure' is just some silly child play," Gerome replied.




"Ugh, fair dinkum! you're just as bad as Lucina!", Severa retorted. "You act all tough, and gung-ho, but you're just another try-hard! Why don't you go fuck yourself, dickhead!?"




"Is that all you can say?", Gerome mocked with a condescending smile. "You know I'm used to people insulting me like that. Your insult is so pathetic, I can't help laughing."

"I'm gonna cut your dick off if you don't bugger off!", Selena yelled.




"And I bet that Lucina would love to court-martial you if you don't stop making a fuss!", Camilla chided with a laugh as she came in with Lucina.




Lucina, in a much less playful mood, called out on Camilla. "And for you Camilla, I would not mind if you could get your darn act together and stop being such a bad influence!"




"Oh? Have you got a problem with my supervision?", Camilla retorted with a glare. "She's our darling hero who the enemy fears!"

"And one that your brothers are starting to have problems with. I have heard that Xander stood you down for threatening to unlawfully kill an unarmed POW."

"So? She's a Hoshidan all the same. She deserves everything she should have got."




"And these things create big problems for all of us! We had to deal will banzai charges, not helped by rumors of your barbaric behaviour! Furthermore, do not dare mock my authority over Selena! She is ultimately responsible to me. For now, I will let her go, because I need her contribution. But if I hear anything remotely resembling your squad participating in a mutiny, then I'm revoking my permission for you to borrow Selena. You too, Selena. I will not allow you to commit acts of barbarism, and that overrides anything that whore-of-a-senator says! If I hear you go against this command, I will court-martial you! DO YOU BOTH UNDERSTAND?!!"


Both Camilla and Selena froze as Lucina finished her borderline-demonic shrieking. The fact that at some point Xander also came in, glaring at the former two did not help matters.


Finally, Selena spoke up. "All right. I will stop..."

"You swear to do so?", Lucina asked, still not dropping her sharp tongue, nor her glare.

"I swear."

"And Camilla, you too. Do you promise to honour my and Hisashi's command?", Lucina asked Camilla.

"I will too, if that is what you and Hisashi order," Camilla replied.




"Good. Just to let you know, both of you," Xander warned. "All of what Lucina said are what I have not only allowed, but also what I will enforce myself where I can. I've made a similar warning to Odin who attempted a similar misconduct just before, and I've also made aware to Laslow."

"I too, shall see that Lucina's orders are enforced," Gerome declared.

"Thank you, Gerome," Lucina said. Shen then turned back to Selena. "And don't even think about lying to us about Laslow; he has every right to be concerned of your behavior. If we hear you injure him again like what you just did, then that too shall be grounds for court-martial. Not to mention, I'm ending our friendship."

"And Camilla," Xander continued. "If I hear any of your subordinates misbehave by your encouragement, I will court-martial you too and hand Selena back to Princess Lucina. Do you hear me."


They quietly nodded, even more intimidated.
"Good. Don't make me have to carry the punishment," Xander warned. "Dismissed."

Intermission 24/25 7: Surrender of Nagoya


We eventually heard words from the local delegates, just half an hour before we would had proceeded to engage the enemy garrisons. This was the fateful moment of the city.

"Hisashi, we've got a message from the city officials and the military command," Beruka reported to me, coming back from message relay.

"Thank you, darling. What did they say?"

"Well, we have a signed letter here showing their intent to surrender the city to us."

"So we can freely march in after all. Beruka, this is the best sort of victory. We get to preserve ourselves for the upcoming march into Tokyo."

"Even though I questioned your decision the day before, it seems like you got a good point. Having said that, I recommend exercising caution. Other enemy troops may come in to attempt taking back."

"Point taken. Anyway, let's move out. Order everyone to move in for inspection."


We eventually marched into the city. It was eerily quiet, without any of the fighting happening eslewhere. We eventually made our way into the barracks at Komaki, just outside the city proper. All of the Hoshidan troops there were present for the surrender proceadure. Lucina, Xander, Sakura and I watched the troops, one-by-one dropping their bayonets and rifles onto the piles of weapons, with Beruka and Kaze watching the surrenderers from further afield. During all of this, the higher ups, including Generals Marshall and MacArthur surveyed the entire grounds as for their new temporary office. All in all, it was a potentially tense, yet ultimately calm day for us.


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On ‎18‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 4:26 PM, Purple Mage said:

This LP is pretty hilarious. Although a passing reference about jeepneys a few pages ago is a bit anachronistic, as jeepneys were made from jeeps the Americans left in the Philippines after World War II.

This also makes me want to make an LP of FE12 revolving around the Philippines. Conquest's story sucked, but you somehow improved it. Thanks for making my day.

Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed my modified story of Conquest. As for the jeepneys, I initially thought the surpluses were from the Inter-War era, but it looks like the original US Jeeps didn't even exist until the 1940s, well into the period of Japanese invasion.

As for your idea for FE12's LP, what would your story be?

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2 hours ago, henrymidfields said:

Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed my modified story of Conquest. As for the jeepneys, I initially thought the surpluses were from the Inter-War era, but it looks like the original US Jeeps didn't even exist until the 1940s, well into the period of Japanese invasion.

As for your idea for FE12's LP, what would your story be?

Something about mixing up Filipino references. For example, Khadein is basically Philippine Science High School, a government-owned school focusing on science, Altea is basically Manila, and Chapter 2 will basically be about fighting rebels in guerilla warfare. I'm calling Rody "Rodrigo" as that's the first name of the current president. Chapter 7 will be about people looting a mall or something like that, and Chapter 8 would be on San Juanico Bridge. It ain't gonna be historically accurate, but I'll try to make up my own story. (By the way, note that the following section isn't reflective of my political views.) Archanea is China, and Aurelis is Japan. Talys is Taiwan, I guess? Chapters 11 to 13 will be North America, with 11 being a desert in Southwest USA, 12 being a volcano in USA and 13 being Canada. It's much more complicated to plan out when you have a ton of nations to work with. Dohlr and Macedon would probably be Negros Island, as its one island with a split jurisdiction.

Also, it would be a modded Hard/Casual run. The modding is there to make some units like Etzel and Darros viable, and I'll see if I can mod Jake and Beck as Ballisticians. It would make some sense, as it symbolizes the Philippines buying tanks from USA and Canada. Gra can be another country in Southeast Asia. It's all gonna be told through screenshots.

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@Purple Mage: Come to think about it, I probably could have done my LP on Casual mode...

Just out of curiosity, did you manage to get the irony of this entire LP?

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@Purple Mage: I kind of wish there were more Japanese-made games that allows you to play as the Allies in WWII... I mean, why not, considering how a number of US-based games allow me to play as the Axis, like Hearts of Iron, or Red Alert etc. Speaking of which, are you into that sort of games?

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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