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Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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I mean, Valkyria Chronicles kind of does, except really that conflict is more WWI with WWII tech(though the Empire in that game is way more repressive, by a huge margin, than the Kaiserreich or Austria-Hungary ever were).

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On 20/8/2017 at 7:52 AM, blah the Prussian said:

I mean, Valkyria Chronicles kind of does, except really that conflict is more WWI with WWII tech(though the Empire in that game is way more repressive, by a huge margin, than the Kaiserreich or Austria-Hungary ever were).

Really? To me it reminded me more of Cold War gone Hot, considering the Empire's geographically located where Russia (plus Warsaw Pact) would be.

Then again, I've only played the first game, so I'm not full versed on the entire political situation of the series.

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It's coming now...

Chapter 25: The Fate of the Hoshido Empire - Introduction 1: Occupy Tokyo


(War plans for Operation Victory - declassified in 1956)

After a further two weeks in marching up the Tokaido, we finally set afoot in Ofuna, just south of Yokohama. We expected another intense fighting in the streets of Yokohama and Tokyo. Truth be told, Sakura and Xander wrote to the Imperial Government recommending a peaceful surender. In examining past archives and correspondence, our letter to Emperor Hirohito seemed to have never reached him, instead being intercepted by the army stationed in the Imperial Palace, with a bogus reply, stating their absolute refusal to surrender under any means. Having no choice, we decided to force our way into the metropolis.



(War plan map of Tokyo CBD)

(Legend - 1: National Diet; 2: Nohrian Embassy; 3: Ylissean Embassy; A: Shinbashi Station; B: Tsukiji Markets; C: Tokyo Station)



(The aftermath of the prior bombing)


This was turned out to be easier than what we anticipated. Prior firebombing have levelled much of the city, allowing limited opportunities for guerrilla warfare. Again, mass surrender ensued as they say the sheer number of us marching into the capital. It would be only a matter of time before we would establish control of the capital.


(The National Diet in Nagatacho, Kojimachi Ward; Notice the farmyards in the
foreground, suggesting food shortages during the Hoshidan campaign of invasion.)


The problem however, that the small number of buildings that did remain turned out to be the stronghold of Hoshidans, thoroughly armed and garrisoned. Army Minister and brother Ryoma and Prime Minister Hideki Tojo have apparently anticipated a last stand against us in the National Diet Building in Nagatacho, Kojimachi Ward. By the time we arrived there, the majority of forces had the southern half of the 35 Wards covered. Johnny and his men had just established their base at Suginami Ward, and are preparing to take over the northern wards.



(Embassy of the Ylissean Commonwealth, Kojimachi Ward)



(Embassy of the United States of Nohr, Akasaka Ward)


Lucina and her Ylissean contingent marched along the big avenues in Ginza and established their base in Nihonbashi Ward, while a couple of her regiments went over to the Ylissean Embassy in the Bancho area at Kojimachi Ward. As for us, we occupied the now empty Nohrian Embassy in Akasaka, to establish our position there, before preparing to storm the nearby Diet...

Chapter 25: The Fate of the Hoshido Empire - Introduction 2: Ryoma


We navigated the once-dignified, yet now-deadly corridors of the Imperial (now National) Diet. Azura was following me as we searched for Ryoma from one side, while Xander and my other siblings were navigating on the other side. It was difficult ascertaining which room Ryoma was in. While the decoding Purple Machine gave us which government building Ryoma was in, I forgot that the Diet was huge, and it took a while to even memorize the floor plan, let alone pinpoint which room Ryoma was in.




"Azura, if you have any idea where he might be, now's the time to fill me in," I urged.

She took a sigh before speaking up. "There's a secret space in front of the assembly hall. You must pass by it to get there. I can't think of where else he could be. He's likely planning a last stand should we make it that far."

"In front of the assembly hall?! But that's where Hideki Tojo and his attachment are too... If you're right, we'll have another bloody battle on our hands..."

"I know. I'm sorry, but things don't seem to be going our way at the moment."




We raced through the corridors for another couple of minutes. Finally, I saw a sign pointing towards the assembly hall of the lower house.

"Are we nearing that space you were talking about, Azura?", I asked.

"We are," she replied. "After we pass through here, we'll be in the throne room."


Just then, I noticed a menacing shadow at the end of the anteroom, in front of a door which looked like it led into the main chamber.

"Gods! Is that...Ryoma?!", I exclaimed.


Indeed, it was Ryoma, kneeling in front of the door, facing towards us.

"You...have done well so far...", Ryoma said, seemingly emotionless.




The next second, he stood up and loads his magic Raijinto bazooka, sending out a shockwave that further lightened the lights bright white.




"But that was just practice!", he roared, firing a shot at a chandelier between him and us. As it fell onto the floor, the carpet caught on fire. I saw him glaring at me with the flames spreading around the carpet.




"No more games - to the death!", he roared.




Before I knew, my siblings, my soldiers, and General Doug all appeared with me to confront Ryoma. Bless the Lord, who provided me with stalwart boys and girls.

"So, you all made it," Ryoma said, seemingly unfazed by our number. "That can only mean one thing... The Hoshidan army has fallen."




Leo stepped up and started to taunt Ryoma. "How observant of you, Prince Ryoma. Your troops have been routed. Everyone has either perished from, or surrendered to our supreme forces. Princess Hinoka is one such prisoner, and Prince Takumi fled Shimonoseki in shame."

"What?! They're both alive!?", Ryoma exclaimed.

"Indeed, they are," General Doug replied. "And we shall likewise capture you alive."

"It can't be...", Ryoma lamented. "Don't tell me Princess Sakura surrendered as well."




"Well," the General continued. "She decided to make an even wiser choice; that is, she decided to defect to our side."

"Clearly, she comprehended that your government has a lost cause and no hope remaining whatsoever," Leo further taunted

"WHAT!?", Ryoma yelled, in a voice that caught my shock. "She... she defected!?" In a fit of rage, he aimed his bazooka at me, further catching me off guard. "This is madness! Do you really mean to tell me Sakura turned against us on her own?! Answer me, Hisashi! ANSWER ME!!"




I could not get my words out for a second. One wrong word, and it would be all over for me.

"What should I say...?" I frantically thought as I proverbially searched through my brain for an answer.




"Yes, nii-sama, it is true."

Ryoma shifted his eyes further ahead, while Leo and I faced towards the rear. It was Sakura, who I thought I told to stay at the Nohrian Embassy. I also saw Xander and Kaze, who must have followed Sakura.

"No, Sakura. It can't be... Please tell me you're lying...", Ryoma pleaded.




"No, nii-sama, I am not lying," Sakura refuted. She then made an angry glare and raised her voice.




"I had enough of this country's madness! I want out! I cannot bear to see this land being scorched anymore. I can't bear to see people die in such a pointless war! A war that should not have been started in the first place! Can't you see how much grief our vanity has caused?! Can't you see how our people are starving, without a roof on their heads?! Can't you see how we destroyed people's lives and homes all over Asia!? If this country insists on fighting to its final death, then such fighting shall not be under my name! Not anymore! No, both Kaze and Hisashi nii-sama, know this much better than you will ever be..."




We would have liked to think how priceless Ryoma's shocked face would have looked like. This would definitely be the case, and we would have been laughing hard, in any other circumstances. But not here, as after Ryoma's initial state of shock, he went into an even bigger rampage. In the first second, he repeatedly fired his bazooka towards me. I was frozen at first, until Kaze and Xander tackled me away from the ammunitions' fire line.


"Argh!", I yelled as the two took me under cover. We dodged further attacks, in no small thanks to Xander covering me. Progressively, the entire anteroom started to disintegrate from Ryoma's repeated bazooka shots while he edged us closer. By the time we regained ground, Ryoma was just only several steps away from Xander, visibly fuming.




"Don't you dare try to stop me, you kichiku! This doesn't concern you!", Ryoma spat at Xander.

"Calm yourself, Prince Ryoma," Xander requested as calmly as he could.

"I will take back Sakura from you scums! I will not rest until I take her back myself!"

Before we knew it, we saw some figures approaching us from behind.


Sakura let out a scream while Kaze readied his gun at the enemies. It was Saizo and his Elite Ninja regiment.




"Your trail of treachery end here, Princess Sakura and Prince Hisashi. As for the rest of you, Nohrians, your trail of blood ends here."

"Saizo! Please stop!", Sakura pleaded.




"Brother! Let the Princess go!", Kaze ordered as he darted over to Sakura.

"Hmph! You know, I should have disowned you like you father did ages ago.", Saizo taunted.




"Can't you see the futility of this?!", Kaze protested.

"Better to die in honour than to live serving the dogs of the earth like- AUGH!"

Saizo and his men collapsed in front of us. Behind, there were Azama, Setuna, and the rest of our men, armed with guns.




"Like you, try-hard coot?", Azama taunted.

"Azama? Setsuna??", Kaze exclaimed. "What are you doing with the rest of us?"

Azama sighed before he started to talk. "Well, I hate to admit this, but I reckon Hinoka's going a bit too mad. She is clearly more brawns that any brains or even any good cause whatsoever, really."




"No! It can't be!" Saizo protested. "First it was Hisashi, Kaze, and Sakura, and now you too!?"




"Well, I just can't take this anymore either... You always scold me for thinking about your so-called kichiku-bunka, and you never allow me to eat chocolate or any of the European sweets. And I'm desparate for them right now...", Setsuna complained.

"We'll...worry about that later...", Kaze awkwardly replied. "Anyway, we need to get you out of here fast, your highness!"

"Oh we better! These coots are getting madder every day!" Azama grumbled. "Anyway, follow us."

"Azama! Setsuna! No!", Saizo yelled in horror and anger as he struggled to catch up with them. "Grrr! Men, forget those guys! Get the traitor prince instead. Make sure he does not escape."


Suddenly, Saizo's men turned back and started to attack me. I dodged their gunshots while looking for an opening. To my horror, I saw more of my soldiers retreating without noticing me.




"Ugh! Let me out! Boys! Girls! Somebody!! Help me!", I frantically yelled, but to no avail. Before I knew it, Saizo's men trapped me within the anteroom. Before I had a chance, they shut and barricaded the exit from the outside. I struggled for a good twenty seconds to force the door open, but to no avail. All while Ryoma was awaiting for me to take notice of him.


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Another update: It has come to my attention that the Miiverse is closing down soon. As I do not know of any other easy way to capture game footage within the 3DS, I will take records of game footage of remaining chapters over the next week or two. As such, there may be some delays with the current story.

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On ‎30‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 10:09 PM, Purple Mage said:

How about a capture card? I don't have one, but from what I know they're really handy.

Oh, I think I'll be fine. I'll just need to do my actual run sooner than later.

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Chapter 25: The Fate of the Hoshido Empire - Introduction 3: Our final call to arms


Meanwhile, the rest of my forces gathered back at the foyer. They were all panting heavily, worn out from the frantic retreat they made. From what I would hear after the battle, Sakura was visibly shaking in terror, while Lucina collapsed from the sheer emotional and physical strain she experienced. Even the hardiest soldiers such as Effie and Arthur were visibly panting.




"I... I'm sorry everyone... I guess I am a weak, useless member of royalty after all..." Sakura stammered as she wept.

"Look like this wasn't such a good idea after all...", Doug said, with a grim expression.




"Oh, well, at least we now know...", Elise said, trying to cheer everyone up.

"Indeed, let us refrain from doing this again," Xander agreed. "Having said that, I can only admire your courage, Princess Sakura. If only more of the soldiers and especially your siblings would listen."




"Siblings..." Sakura muttered. "Huh? Wait, where is Hisashi-niisama?!"




"Actually...yeah, have anyone seen him?!", Silas spoke up.

Everyone started to frantically look around for me.




"Oh God, oh God, oh God, OH GOD!!!", Felicia yelled as she ran around the foyer.

"Flick, chill, girl!", Beruka admonished her, tugging her maid sleeves.




She then turned to everyone and said, "Everyone, stay calm and quiet for a second. You all did see my husband at the anteroom with Ryoma, right?"

"Certainly so," Silas replied.

"I swear, the top apple was in front of ma' eyes!", Mozu piped up.

"I too shall attest in the affirmative!", Arthur concured, and some others also verified as such.




"Okay, then. Have any of you seen him through the corridors after that, when we all evacuated ourselves and Sakura?" Beruka further asked.

This time, there was a murmur amongst the group that spoke of doubt.




"Uhhh, now that's a good question...", Niles and Setsuna replied in union, to each other's surprise.

"...Frankly I do not remember seeing him then...", Charlotte confessed.

"Uhh, I was too preoccupied in carrying Princess Sakura...! ...Oh God, no! We all must have forgot about him then!", Effie exclaimed, with everyone else's horrified gasps following.




"Effie! You gotta be kidding me!", exclaimed Elise.

"Senator Elise, I'm sorry, but I can't see any other explanation," Effie refuted as she shrugged.




"GOD DAMMIT!!!", Xander and Beruka yelled, cursing themselves. "I can't believe we all lost him!!"

Camilla sighed and confessed, "We've got a lot of explaining and apologizing for Hisashi. Oh, Hisashi, I hope you'll stay safe."

"And maybe find the heart to forgive us... I hope he won't have to pay for our cockiness...or, mine...", Leo admitted.

Just then, they heard a faint voice from further back along the corridor...


Back in the anteroom, Ryoma was with Hideki Tojo, facing against me.




"Kono Hikokumin!!", Hideki yelled at me. "We could have shared our glory with you, were it not for your kichiku thoughts and deeds! Your brother shall force you to atone for your transgressions. This is the only way we can deal with you."




"I will have revenge for my country! I challenge you to a duel!!", Ryoma yelled at me as he aimed his bazooka at me. "I will not rest until I kill you myself, you traitorous scum! When the sun sets on this day, one of us will be dead. No one will get between, me and my revenge!"

"Ryoma, please, for the sake of your own life, surrender for us!", I pleaded, my rifle still pointing downwards.

"NEVER! It is either your death, or mine!", Ryoma roared, unmoved by my pleas.




In response to the faint, nevertheless clearly articulated echo that reached the foyer, Xander yelled, "No, I won't allow it! I shall not stand idly by while you attempt to harm my brother. Soldiers! Protect Hisashi from this madman at once!"

The next second, they saw Hoshidan remnant soldiers taking their positions to fight us.




Saizo came up to taunt us first.

"We've trapped Prince Traitor in the anteroom. He shall not last long against Lord Ryoma and us Imperial Troops. As for us, we shall take back Princess Sakura."




"If you desire to die for your worthless cause, then so be it!" Beruka retored. "As for us, we shall see that both my husband and my sister-in-law come out in one piece."




Then Ryoma's other retainer, Kagero, came up with her platoon.

"Princess Sakura? Azama...and Setsuna too?? What are you doing here?? Please, all of you, stand back. We'll take care of this."




"Kagero-san... I'm sorry. I've decided my fate now. And it will be one that you would not like," Sakura replied.

"What do you mean, Princess Sakura? No, wait. So it true that you have been siding with Senators Hisashi and Xander."

"Indeed. And I've dragged Azama and Setsuna with me. They were kicking and screaming about this."




"What?!", Azama and Setsuna exclaimed. Azama then continued, "Princess Sakura, are you sure-?"

"Stand down, Azama-san!", Sakura ordered.

"I see...", Kagero affirmed. "I must admit, as highly traitorous a move this may be to Lord Ryoma, I can't help admiring your purpose or your audacity. If only I had such certainty within myself."

"Kagero, please! Hisashi-niisan would happily accept you joining us."




"Princess, I'm sorry, but I cannot accept. I am aware than I may be a foolish woman... But I am too wound-up with my duty, and my servitude with Lord Ryoma. I'm afraid we'll have to come as enemies."

"Kagero, please, no...", Sakura sobbed.


"We await your orders!" the boys replied.

"Ready when you are, sir!" the girls announced.

"Thank you both," Xander replied. He then turned to the rest of the crew. "You have my attention," he ordered. "Ready your weapons. Brother! Sisters! Let's take these soldiers out and go help Hisashi."




And thus, God willing, for the last and for all, to arms, boys and girls!

So we have a different kind of Camus, and at least three Birthright-only units who decided to switch sides in this version of Conquest. Too bad that they can't be used in actual gameplay...

Stats: Before Chapter 25 



Stats prior to commencement
Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 10, HP 44
24, 16, 23, 27, 11, 19, 18 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, (HP+5), Renewal, Shurikenbreaker, (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 29, HP 28
10, 22, 26, 22, 32, 14, 25 Dagger B, Staff B
Extra skills: Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Nobility

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 10, HP 27
6, 35, 20, 27, 34, 12, 34 Tome D, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Rally Speed

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv10, HP 38
27, 3, 24, 27, 24, 25, 17 Lance B, Sword C
Extra skills: Luna, Sol, Aptitude, Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 10, HP 40+5
31, 0, 30, 20, 17, 29, 14 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 10, HP 41
38, 2, 22, 18, 27, 32, 13 Lance B, Axe D
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 11, HP 34
17, 23, 27, 22, 24, 20, 18 Tome B
Extra skill: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Duellist Blow

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 10, HP 30
21, 22, 20, 35, 14, 20, 33 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 11, HP 36
34, 5, 35, 31, 19, 22, 16 Bows B
Extra skill: Profiteer, Pavise (with all Villager and Archer/Sniper skills)

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 30, HP 30
24, 10, 29, 31, 30, 12, 18 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, Profiteer, Nobility, Replicate

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 10, HP 37
25, 2, 31, 19, 21, 29, 14 Lance E, Axe B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Sol, Savage Blow

Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 10, HP 39+5
24, 3, 20, 30, 18, 26, 14 Sword B, Axe E
Extra skills: Aptitude, (Shurikenbreaker), HP+5, (Poison Strike), Air Superiority

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 8, HP 33
26, 9, 23, 27, 20, 22, 15 Axe B, Lance D (Used Godess Icon)
Extra Skills: Aptitude, (Swordbreaker), Bowbreaker and all Wyvern/Malig class skills

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 10, HP 40
18, 26, 22, 20, 20, 17, 25 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 11, HP 52
34, 0, 15, 18, 18, 30, 14 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 11, HP 42
28, 4, 22, 23, 24, 26, 17 Sword B, Lance D

Extra skills: Sol, Aptitude, Aegis

Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.



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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Next update: Chapter 25 Battle: Tokyo Showdown! The Battle of the Imperial Diet

Project-related threads like this and your LP, and anything showcasing your Creative works in the Creative thread allows double-posting and necroposting. (Otherwise, I won't be able to update my stuff either without getting demerit points.)

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Chapter 25: The Fate of the Hoshido Empire: Battle of Tokyo - Imperial Diet


Back in our barracks in Yokohama, Peri decided to do something new - Ylissean cuisine! Ever since being married to Laslow, she took up the challenge to make the best Ylissean cuisine that she could, and remove its negative stereotype. The other day, she made the traditional Fish and Chips (Exquisite Fried Fish), and the results were legendary. Every Nohrian we had in our barracks wished that they have Peri's dish again, while our Ylissean friends started weeping in nostalgia, the taste reminding of their homes, which they long to be reunited with.














In game terms, everyone gained an extra 2 points in Speed, Defense, and Luck.




Before I start, I divided our main team into two groups, barring myself - as I was trapped in the diet chambers. Team A would proceed west from our initial position to engage with the Imperial Guard infantries (Swordmasters) and 1st Division infantries (Ninjas). Team B would go through the opposite side to take down the few Volunteer Partisans (Master of arms) and other 1st Division infantries (Ninjas). Here are the list of people that I assigned.


Team A: Arthur, Effie, Elise, Leo, Keaton, Camilla, Odin, Mozu

Team B: Selena, Silas, Niles, Azura, Beruka, Xander


Turn 1:
Team A advanced onto the area just outside the attack range of Imperial Guard infantries and 3 x Elite Ninjas. One of them had armor-piercing bullets (Armorslayer) so Effie needed to stay out. Team B also advanced up, with Selena and her diggers taking up their position to engage a Volunteer Partisan platoon, while staying out of other units' ranges.



(End of Turn 1)


To our surprise, nothing happened. No engagements, no ambushes, nothing.

Turn 2
Team A further advanced up cautiously with their 2-3 units, in the hopes of distracting a couple of the enemy squads.



(Team B before movement)


On the other hand, Team B was more aggressive in their advances. Silas's troops attacked the Elite Infantry further up north, but the shots missed, prompting Xander's regiment to assist, resulting in an instant rout of the enemy. After that, Beruka proceeds to attack the bottom Volunteer Partisan platoon, incapacitating 30 out of 47 soldiers (HP). Beruka proceeds to support Selena and her diggers as the latter routed the already weakened enemy.



(Team B after movement)


On the enemy phase, the 1st Division soldiers with their grenades (Shurikens and Poison Strike) attacked Keaton and Selena. As for the enemies on the Team A side, they yet again stayed put.


Turn 3:
Team B:

Beruka and her squadron of jet-pack soldiers swarmed over to where Selena's diggers were fighting, and started shooting at the 1st Division soldiers with Selena's diggers providing support fire. Silas and his troops also joined in the fray, and with Xander supporting (attack-stancing), routed the 1st Division battalion.



(Silas vs Enemy)


Selena then moved back to the corridor she was earlier and engaged one of the 1st Division battalions, resulting in an instant rout. Right after, Keaton and his supersoldiers started to devour the troops of the other 1st Division battalion, and the surviving soldiers all ran in fear. (another OHKO)



(Selena vs enemy)


(Keaton vs Dinner - declassified in 1961)



Team A:


(Before moving any units)


In order to break the stalemate, I first sent Mozu's Women Sniper Corps in to rout the Imperial Guard infantry battalion. Her sharpshooting skills had earned her the title of the Phillipine Simo Hayaa, respected by her allies, and feared by her foes. After this war, and the Manchurian War would start in the 1950s, there would be rumors abound that whole battalions would flee or surrender at the sight of Mozu's platoon. As the below declassified footage shows, her battalion certainly helped in building the reputation they have today.



(Mozu vs enemy battalion)


From what I heard from Effie and her bazooka troops, Mozu's troops instantly killed the entire opposing battalion with their single gunshots.


As soon as that was done, Effie's battalion was teamed up with Leo's, and Arthur's riflemen with Camilla's jet pack pilots, and took position in the doorway leading into the first chamber office barricaded by the 1st Division battalions.



(frontline battalions)


On the enemy phase, the three battalions engaged with Team A, throwing their grenades to throw our four frontline battalions into confusion. This was to very little gain, however, as two of their units ended up being counterattacked by Effie's bazookas, leaving them with 3 surviving soldiers each. (3HP)

Turn 4:
While the enemies were reloading their guns on the left side, Odin's and Elise's combined magic bazooka battalion snuck to the front and ambushed the remaining 1st Division battalion. Azura gave them the double time, and Elise led the final routing shots.


Meanwhile, Team B have further advanced up the hallways of the Diet to take on the next group of garrisoned enemies.


Turn 5:
Team A:



(Arthur and Effie at the front vs Enemy)

Arthur and his Yankee riflemen started shooting at the Imperial Guard infantry battalion. In the midst of them distracting the enemy, Effie and her soldiers charged at, and routed the enemies with their bazookas, before the enemy battalion had a chance to use their Venge Katana Rifles.


Team B:



(Silas and Selena)


As the above shows, Silas and Selena advanced up to the split in the hallways to engage with the Volunteer Partisan platoons.

On the enemy phase, one of the modified Goliaths (Automaton) attacked Arthur (Team A) and Effie, while a Volunteer Partisan platoon on the other side continued to engage against Silas and Selena.

Turn 6

Arthur's (Team A) riflemen ignored the Goliath machines for the moment, and fired their guns at the other Imperial Guard battalion.



(Beruka and Niles)



On the other side, Beruka and Niles swooped ahead of Silas and Selena and blitzkrieged the Volunteer Partisan platoon which attacked the latter two in the previous turn.

Turn 7


Odin and Leo on Team A took out two of the Goliaths, while Felicia snuck through to search for hidden doorways. At her signal, everyone on Team B would charge through the narrow hallway...


On the Enemy Phase, one of the 1st Division battalions exchanged shots with Beruka (Team B) and Niles's.

Turn 8
Silas's (Team A) infantries took out the Elite Ninja for Beruka, while she took hold of the right office room. Meanwhile, Xander and Keaton made a move into the hallway...



(narrow hallways)


Meanwhile, on the left side, Effie (Team B) blocked off the entry to the next office room to take position against the next wave of garrisoned enemies.


(Effie blocking the ingress)


On the enemy phase, fighting was seen on the left side of the National Diet. Another 1st Division battalion attacked Xander's (Team B) troops, while another Volunteer Partisan platoon attacked Beruka's jet-pack soldiers.


Turn 9
Xander and his troops (Team B) blew open one of the doors into the other office, while Felicia and her troops snuck through a different doorway to ambush the aforementioned Volunteer Partisan platoon.



(Felicia vs enemy)



(Team B - after movement)


Then Niles and his Snipers attacked the 1st Division soldiers from the room ahead, while Silas, Selena and their divisions took their positions and blocked off the room ahead from other soldiers.


Meanwhile, on the left side, Effie (Team A) and her troops attacked one of the Imperial Guard battalion with their Javelin-Mk2 rifles. Immediately after, Leo finished the enemy pff with his reverse-engineered Bakon-gata Bazooka. Azura double-timed Effie, and the latter took her position at the doorway into Saizo's security office. Meanwhile, Arthur and his Yankee riflers attacked the other Imperial Guard battalion.



(Effie securing the entry to Saizo's chamber)


On the enemy phase, Saizo's two 1st Division battalion and one Imperial Guard battalion attacked Effie (Team A), but the former two were annihilated to Effie's counter attack, and the latter barely survived with one (not-so-)lucky surviving soldier out of 42 in said division.

Turn 10
Team A:

The lone Imperial Guard infantry standing also died to Elise's flamethrower (Ember Tome) with a critical, and on the signal, everyone barged into Saizo's room to confront him.


Team B:

Selena and Silas moved away advances up to Kagero's room, while Xander routed the last (Master of Arms). During the enemy phase, one of the 1st Division battalion attacked Silas from Kagero's room. In response, the last remaining 1st Division soldiers attacked Silas's crew.

Turn 11
Team B:

The last remaining 1st Division battalion outside of Kagero's room had finally routed under Selena and her digger's volley of rifle bullets, and Xander and his men took position just outside the door to Kagero's office.


Team A:

Arthur stood against Saizo, glaring at what the former saw as the madman's mad dog. Arthur would not let Saizo go unpunished. This was not only for oppressing Hoshidan citizens and murdering Nohrian soldiers with underhanded and ferocious tactics of feigning surrender. I assumed this was the case, but I would later learn that Arthur had a much more personal reason as well.

"For the last time we warn you," Arthur warned. "You are on the high road to destruction! Release our Senator Hisashi and stand down, and we shall guarantee your lives."

"Hmph, such lofty words for lowly kichikus," Saizo retorted. "Just to let you know, I have Prince Traitor trapped in that room. And I shall get my hands on Princess Sakura. They shall be re-educated in the ways of the heavenly emperor..."

"Not if we can help it!", Arthur refuted. "I have my faith on our defector from dictatorship, and we shall see him safe with us, for that is the justice he deserves! If you do not relent from this, you shall face justice on behalf of our Senator!"

"Enough with your hypocrisy, you white dog!", Saizo yelled. "The Hoshidan way shall prevail!"



(Arthur vs Saizo)


Arthur and his riflemen broke the standoff against Saizo and showers the latter with his bullets of freedom and justice! Camilla joins in the fray with her big machine guns and fires a wave of big deadly bullets onto Saizo's face, resulting in his men fleeing the office in fear! Saizo fell onto the floor, with these ominous last words...



(Camilla vs Saizo)


You may shed our blood. But you never be able to subjugate us... May our pride and glory come back to draw your blood...and tear you in pieces... Dai-Hoshido Teikoku banzai....



(Saizo's last words)

Bah, what a nutcase. Just like the rest of the Hoshidon'ts. But hey, at least the door to the anteroom is open now!



(Door opened)


Anyway, after our phase was done, one of Kagero's Volunteer Partisan platoon engaged against Xander, in which the latter counterattacked with Felicia.

Turn 12:
In response to the enemy, Felicia routed the Volunteer Partisan platoon, and at her signal, everyone else on Team B barged into Kagero's room.




"Kagero!", Sakura announced as Team B entered the room. "I'll ask you again, please, for your own sake, cease resistance!"




"Indeed, as Sakura said, cease resistance, and you shall live! There's no need to fight to the death!" Xander likewise proclaimed.

"Princess Sakura and Senator Xander!" Kagero yelled back. "For the last time, I shall not! Brace yourself, for we have chosen our own paths. It is too late; I cannot, and I will not, turn back!"

Sakura remained silent as tears rolled from her eyes.




"Well, actually, since this will be the final time we'll be together, let me tell you this. I certainly remember the good times our big family had with Azura. I remember how you, I, and a number of other family members enjoyed the sophisticated music from Nohr. I remember we all enjoyed toast, cereal, bacon and eggs in the morning brunch we had with Ambassador Arete. I remember all these things, and I miss them, just as much as you do. I miss the times when Arete and Azura were all girls that we were friends with."

"Kagero...", Sakura murmured.




"Princess Sakura, as gruelling as serving Lord Ryoma was, it was people like you who gave me the enjoyments that I needed. Alas, if only our nations were under peace... Or at least, if I had the same audacity as you..." Our soldiers saw an smile of doubt and regret from Kagero as she spoke. Then she frowned, one that showed her submission to her cruel fate.




"Now, please stand back, lest you get caught in the crossfire. This is the least I can do for you. As for me, I have a duty to fulfil, or die trying. Farewell, Princess. Until we meet in another time, another space..."




Sakura continued to cry in regret as other soldiers moved into Kagero's chamber.


Turn 13:

The standstill against Kagero was broken by Beruka's machine gun-toting jet pack soldiers. They fired a particularly intense wave of bullets against Kagero.



(Beruka vs Kagero)


Being dazed from the intense pain, Kagero saw Keaton morphing into Wolverine to her horror. Kagero was knocked out in one blow, with her dying words as follows, more tragic:



(Kagero's last words)


Alas, so the inevitable happened... Please...stop Ryoma... He...is a lost...cause... And Lady Sakura... please...stay strong...and help...Lord...Hisa...shi...

Turn 14-17:




Everyone gathered in the main chambers of the Senate Chamber where Ryoma and I have been standing off, while Niles snuck into the other hallway to get the mortar rounds (Silence stave). A full four turns passed which seemed like forever. We all anticipated for the first move. Who will break the silence?

Turn 18:
Then it all happened. The moment when the fate of Hoshido was sealed. When the Allied democracies finally secured victory against one of the most bloodthirsty dictatorships human has ever known.


Firstly, the standoff was broken by Leo, who aimed and fired his magic bazooka at Ryoma. There were some fierce exchanges of fire which lead to my crowd cheering. Even though this has been a common knowledge amongst my family, it always amazes me that Leo is unhesitating in giving me a helping hand when I need it.



(Leo vs Ryoma)

However, even he can only do so much before his vigor starts to falter against Ryoma's sheer firepower. I decided to step in on his place, while giving him his much desired cover. He gave me a thumbs up while we switched places. In addition, amongst my crowd's cheers, Arthur came along and provided me support fire.



(Arthur and myself vs Ryoma)


I then stepped in forward at Ryoma, with both pf us aiming our guns at each other. But not before exchanging a couple of words...


"So, traitor, have you got your last words?", Ryoma verbally taunted.

"Ryoma, just to let you know, this is the last thing I wanted," I replied.

"Hmph," he scoffed. "Such fitting words for a treacherous lair."

"...Are you really going to fight to your certain death?", I asked.

"Better to die with honour than to submit to treacherous white dogs like you and Sakura," he replied.

"Ryoma, you are mad," I warned him. "It's people like you who sowed the path to your destruction. You know we could have stopped before, stop more the destruction, and rebuild the country sooner... But if you really insist on destroying yourself and your home, along with the rest of us, then I shall have no mercy."

"So be it!" Ryoma roared defiantly. "Let's see if you have the real power to beat me and my Raijinto bazooka!"


No sooner have we armed and exchanged booms of firepower. And no sooner did we finish firing our guns.



(Myself vs Ryoma)


The next thing I knew, I saw Ryoma lying in the ground with agony.



(Ryoma's defeat)


"No...this cannot be... Hoshido, Your Imperial Highness...I have failed you...", Ryoma groaned in a puddle of blood.


While it was different to how I wanted, we nevertheless won. We now shall commence occupation of Tokyo.

May peace prevail, and may God bless the United States of Nohr...

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Now showcasing: Chapter 25 Battle: Tokyo Showdown! The Battle of the Imperial Diet
  • 2 weeks later...

Grand Epilogue 1: Defiant to the end


Just then, Sakura bursted into the main hall to witness the aftermath.


"Nii-sama...!! Ryomanii-sama...!!", she exclaimed, shocked at the puddle of blood Ryoma was in.

"Hmph...", Ryoma scoffed at Sakura, still stubborn.




"No... this can't be... Hisashi nii-sama... Uso desu yo ne... This can't be happening, am I wrong...?", Sakura asked me, with her whole body shaken.




"Sakura-chan...", I said, only now realising the horror of what I just did. "Yes... I really did shoot your brother... It is exactly as you are seeing..."

The first second, Sakura remained silent. Before I could say anything more, she ran off, sobbing.

Dejected, I muttered, "Sakura-chan... I'm sorry..."


Before I knew it, our soldiers restrained Ryoma and put him onto a strecher. Finally, I realised that Xander, Elise, and Azura were asking me something.

"Oh, sorry!", I exclaimed. "Did you say something?"






"Goodness, Hisashi... you look so pale," Azura said.

"I can't blame him," Xander replied. "After all what has happened since we went into Korai... Anyway, do you want the medical staff to give Prince Ryoma medical attention?"



"Yes, please," I begged. "I can't let him die like this. Not when I've seen so many deaths and suicides throughout our expedition..."

"We'll get onto it," Elise assured.  Then her face turned less confident.




"...Stay stong, big brother. If not for Ryoma, then for me. ...You don't know just how much your perseverance meant for me..."

I stared at her, while she stared at me. We tried to force our smiles onto oursleves, but I could tell that Elise could not hide her distress any better than I could. She went over to where Ryoma was laid, while Effie and Arthur started to lift Ryoma away with the stretcher. Xander and I turned to each other with heavy frowns on our faces. We drew a sign together.


"I hope this would be the last of it...", I commented.

"I hope so too...", Xander agreed.


At this moment, there was a further commotions, screams and and angry shoutings amongst my troops. We turned around to see Ryoma shoving our troops away. "Hyah!! Away with you, heathens!!"






"Stop! Ryoma-niisan! What on earth are you doing?!", I yelled as I saw him rearmed with his katana.

"Prince Ryoma!", Xander exclaimed. "Please, control yourself!"

"Brother! Please! Put your weapon down this instant!", I pleaded. "Please! Don't! Kill! Yourself!!"

Maybe we can sieze that katana from him, we thought. Xander and I ran towards Ryoma in an attempt to snatch the Katana away.

"I cannot fall into the hands of an enemy..." Ryoma replied, driving us away from him with his katana. Then, the unthinkable happened.




"So I...", Ryoma continued, preparing his katana. "...Fulfill a samurai's...final duty!" And at that very second, he stabbed his own stomach with his Katana, with a hellishy painful expression. This was his last moment alive.








"Brother! NO!", I wailed as I knelt in front of his body, in an even bigger puddle of blood, now lifeless. I sat and wept for several minutes while my entire army came around to witness the horror. Azura, Elise, and Xander were especially shocked to witness another suicide, especially when the one back in Seoul was not enough. When I stood up, feeling a bit less shaken, I saw what I had not seen in years. Beside me was brother Xander and Elise who was audibly sobbing, with continuous tears from his eyes.






"Brother? Elise? ...Are you crying as well?" I asked him.

"We... We are...", Xander stammered in distress. "I never realized just how harrowing this is. Forgive me, Hisashi, for I have been utterly insensitive to your sorrows. I think I finally understand a fraction of what you felt..."




"Why...!? Why did he have to do this!?", Elise wailed as she blubbered, traumatised. "Why couldn't he just move on...? Why did we have to see disgusting blood like Seoul all over again?!"


Just then, a voice came in from the Diet chambers ahead. "Senators? Senators!"

We did not notice the voice notwithstanding.




"Senators? Senators! Is everything all right?" It was Jakob and Felicia who came up to us.

"...Not really, to be honest.", I replied quietly. Both Xander and I quickly realised that something was up, and we regained our composure. "Sorry, what do you need to report?"






"We've located Prime Minister Hideki Tojo!", Felicia reported. "We've apprehended him, so he'll won't kill himself."

"Would you like to send him to our assigned prison cell?", Jakob asked.

"Hang on, let us talk to him," Xander replied. "I'm sure I'll need Hisashi to translate for us."

"Sure thing," Felicia said, as she directed us to the chambers inside. There we saw Hideki Tojo tied up in a rope, surrounded by our soldiers. Beruka and Kaze held the end of the tied rope, while Silas and Mozu held Tojo at gunpoint. General Doug was standing in front, awaiting us. I initially thought I was not needed; actually, yes, I did need to be there as I was the army's commander after all.






"So we meet again, Prime Minister", I said flatly in Hoshidan.

"Why you traitor...", Tojo growled.




"From this point onwards, you are a prisoner of war under international conventions," I instructed him, ignoring his anger.

"How dare you!", Tojo snapped at us.

"You really want to die now? Not enjoy the peace after this war?", I asked him.






"I have never been humiliated in such a manner. Much less to dogs like you all!!", he retorted.

"Well?", I replied. "What are you trying to achieve by killing yourself? What are you trying to achieve by driving your countrypeople to suicide?"

"It is better to die in honor than to live under humiliation! Humiliation from you kichikus! Dishonor is a fate worse than death..."

"By destroying your own homes and those of others?", I asked incredulously.


Meanwhile, Xander was listening to my conversation intently to make sense of it. Struggling a bit more than he liked, he turned to Doug and Kaze and whispered, "What are they saying?".






"Senator Hisashi-san is trying to convince Tojo to call it quits, but it does not seem to be working," Doug answered.

"Indeed," Kaze concurred. "Prime Minister Tojo is way too caught up in the Senjinkun - he seem to find too much shame in defeat with survival."




I continued my persuasion to Prime Minister Tojo. "Just to let you know, we've caught Princess Hinoka alive. Takumi fled from Shimonoseki in shame, and Sakura outright joined us." I continued explaining.




"WHAT?!! YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT THEY DIDN'T KILL THEMSELVES IN HONOUR?!! HOW DARE THEY!! THEY'RE JUST AS MUCH AS DOGS AS YOU ARE!!!", Tojo yelled in rage. His roar made Silas and Mozu flinch for a split second before they regained their composure. I then continued.

"Well, they are alive all right," I affirmed. "And we shall hold you in prison, and you will be kept alive there too."

"No! No!! NO!!!", Tojo protested.

"And, most likely, General MacArthur and the General Headquarters for Occupied Hoshido would like to try you for war crimes," I said. "Apart from war crimes against your belligerents, I shall ask them to charge you of state-sanctioned murder against your own people."

"NOOOOOO!!!", Tojo screamed.




"Geez, what a madman... No offense, Hisashi, but is that what people become under a samurai-style fascist dictatorship?", Silas asked me.

"Well, I have to admit, I think you've just answered your own question," I replied. "All the more reason to stay with Nohr..."








"Shall we take him away?", Mozu asked me.

"Please, do so," I instructed. Then I turned to the rest of my troops who were there. "The rest of you, can you all help Mozu and Silas?"

"Yes, sir!", they all answered.

"All right! You scumbag!!", Jakob roared. "In the name of our Senator, I command you to walk!!!"



 And thus we hauled away the Prime Minister to our base prison. A fitting end to one of the worst dictators of the Twentieth Century.



Grand Epilogue 2: Anticipation


After our apprehension of Hideki Tojo, the next in line arranged for a ceasefire with us, effective for 120 hours while we try to restore order to the city. After our battle, we all retired for the night as we have to rest to get ready for more work ahead of us. We expect a peace treaty very soon, now that we have the capital occupied.

In our tents I would wake up to a brilliant morning the next day. The smokes that rose up from the guns and bombs have mostly cleared around the Shinagawa area where we pitched our tents. It was hard to believe that we we in the midst of battle just the previous day. Still dazed from all that commotion, I made my way to the mess hall and met my siblings there. In contrast to the sunshine outside, everyone including myself acted dreary, glum, depressed, or just plain tired.

"Good morning, Hisashi," Azura greeted me. She seemed just as tired as I was.
"Morning, Azura," I replied, as I slinked onto the canteen line.


"...How are you doing?", she murmured.
"I'm quite devastated," I said, finding no use in lying and pretention.
"Was it about Ryoma yesterday?", Azura said.


"Yeah," I said. "Xander and Elise told me last night. They tried to save my brother, get him medical attention. Yet..." Here I lost my words as I tried to fight back tears.
"Don’t worry. I think I know what happened," Azura replied, with a forlorn expression. "Just one thing."


"Please know that we all in this together. We all look up to you because of the difficult and depressing decisions you had to make. There's no shame in crying, and no shame in admitting that you have a problem."
"Did everyone find out what I did yesterday?", I asked Azura.
"Absolutely so. I talked to Silas and Kaze last night, and they was quite shaken as well," Azura explained. "Felicia and Elise were sobbing in bed, and when I talked to them, they said they felt helpless watching Ryoma end his own life."
I remained silent, astounded that I didn't know the extent of the trauma.
"In fact, I had to stay up yesterday to calm nearly everyone down," Azura admitted. "I had to say, none of us had any decent sleep at all.
"Azura, thank you. I hadn’t had a clue that you spent the entire time comforting people."
"It's okay, Hisashi."

Just then a couple of other troops came in to join us.


"Morning, Senator..."
It was Arthur, who had a ghastly face, in complete contrast to his usual radiant heroic expression.


"Holy shit!", I yelled. "Oh, my Lord! For a second, I thought you were a ghost!"
"It is not just him, Hisashi", Beruka said. "Everybody else are like this."
"Are you two okay?", I asked them.


"I do not know, my friend," he replied. "I was expecting a victory parade after our occupation of the Diet yesterday. But after seeing your brother take his own life away, it feels like we've utterly failed you..."
"Our dear hero, as much as it hurts to say this...", I replied. "...there was probably not much we could have done. I wish we could, but I'm afraid it was too late."
"I still do not understand," Arthur complained. "I still do not understand why Ryoma could not comprehend surviving as a choice. After all that trouble you and Kaze underwent in creating those leaflets..."


"In wartime, indoctrination is a thing," Beruka explained. "Kaze would know this better than anyone else, but I've also had spies finding out information. Their doctrine is of a twisted form of the Bushido code with Hoshidan supremacy, under a society which values collectivity. Once a society forms a general consensus, it is very difficult to question that. I've talked to captured prisoners on both sides and read books with our Under Secretary, and I think I found out why Sakura was not in Hoshido proper; she's too outspoken and independent."
"They must have found her to be a nuisance," I replied.


"Come to think about it now," Azura remarked. "I remember how she was always the one that wanted to play swing dance music in our dinner parties. I also remember how she actually made her own choices when my mother and I asked her what she wanted. I don't remember that happening to others; they would always defer to us or others."
"Do you know if Sakura spent more time with you than anyone else did?", I asked.
"Now that I think about it," Azura mentioned. "She might have. She was one of the few people we say regularly. That reminds me, actually, I heard some people talking behind Sakura's back. It was quite awful; they mentioned how Sakura is unpatriotic, how she's all rude and selfish, and how she'll be a shame to her family and to the nation."
"Well, there you go," Beruka replied.
"No wonder why she wanted to join us, then," I concluded.

Just then, Leo came in to relay us a message.


"Morning everyone," he greeted us. "I need to let you all know that the President will be coming in tomorrow. He's just about to board a plane from Hawaii as we speak."
"Wait, the president!?", I asked.
"Indeed," Leo affirmed. "This is all happening while General MacArthur and Under Secretary Grew are negotiating surrender terms with the Hoshidan Government. I'm expecting to see Hoshido agree to the terms sometime this evening."


"...So we finally get to see peace by then," Azura remarked.
"I'm hoping that would be the case," Leo said.


"Fingers crossed, then! And once the agreement comes, then it would be finally a time of rejoicing and celebration!", Arthur said, his face beaming up back into his old self.
"Oh, I wouldn't be sure about that," Leo warned. "There's a lot to be done after Hoshido's surrender. Anyway, Hisashi, I will need you to issue an announcement to everyone."

That evening, all of us anticipated the inevitable news. The one that would end this war once and for all. Some of us including Xander and I awaited the Generals to come back with the news. Some of us stayed up and away from our beds - even though lights were supposed to out well before - hoping to be the first ones to hear the news.

Mozu and Silas were reading the Bibles together to try to calm themselves down. Upon a glance, they were reading one of the passages of Hebrews, which talked about confidence and anticipation. I had not had the time to listen to them as I was doing my patrol duty. Nevertheless, they read the virtues of endurance and steadfastness that shall be answered with God's power, his wisdom, and his compassion. This did pique my interests, and I regret I have not paid as much attention when I was in Sunday school with my siblings. I made a note to myself to ask Silas if I could join in for sermon.

After a good several hours, the Generals came back to our base.


"Welcome back, gentlemen," Xander greeted them.
"Ah, Xander, Hisashi," General Marshall greeted us with his usual gruff manner.


"How's things on your end, ol' sons?", General Doug asked us.
"Uneventful," Xander replied. "It is hard to believe that we had intense fighting just a day before."


"I must admit, it's scaring us a bit," Silas said.
"Yeah, poor Silas has been a giddy horse," Mozu explained. "I had to read out a bible passage to him to calm him down."


"Well, we can all rest easy, once and for all," Under Secretary Grew assured.
"Wait, is it the ultimate good news!?", I asked eagerly. "Have we won?!"
"Indeed so."

At this moment, the Under Secretary's words blew all of our fatigue away as we let the words sunk in.


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Not just yet! I still have some more stuff to go through! Including having to upload mock-game footage images onto the previous post.

Anyway, we have finally won the war!!! Let's celebrate!



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On 8/20/2017 at 7:52 AM, blah the Prussian said:

I mean, Valkyria Chronicles kind of does, except really that conflict is more WWI with WWII tech(though the Empire in that game is way more repressive, by a huge margin, than the Kaiserreich or Austria-Hungary ever were).

What exactly does the VC Empire do?

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All right, mock-game-footage images are uploaded for Episode 1. Gotta love that evil grin that both Felicia, Mozu, and I sported on.

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On September 20, 2017 at 11:54 PM, Sigismund of Luxemburg said:

What exactly does the VC Empire do?

Well, they commit genocide against the Darscens, who are basically Jews, the Emperor has absolute authority unlike in the Hohenzollern or Hapsburg Empires, which were Comstitutional, and the main antagonist(who's basically Lelouch but if the narrative would stop being so edgy and actually treat him like the villain he is) has a mother who was implied to be murdered by the Emperor. So, genocide, absolutism, performing state sponsored assassinations Putin style. Overall Valkyria is actually quite Monarchist in themes, given that the nation the protagonists are from, Gallia, is a Constitutional Monarchy and the Princess Cordelia is consistently shown to be brave, honest, and an inspiration for her country's resistance in contrast to the cowardly and corrupt politicians, and in that the Empire's main rival, the Republican Atlantic Federation, is implied to be quite corrupt as well, although not quite so much as the Empire. You should check the game out, it's one of the best SRPGs ever, IMO. Great story, great gameplay, great visuals.

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10 hours ago, Sigismund of Luxemburg said:

Your favorite form of government, I assume? I prefer either that or limited ("Prussian") constitutionalism.

Prussian Constitutionalism is superior in cases of extreme instability(see Jordan in the Middle East) whereas a full on Constitutional Monarchy is better for periods of normality. I like the system for the UK, where the monarch technically has some power but in practice would not use it unless, say, the BNP won the election and proposed a bill to kill all Jews and Blacks.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi, sorry for the late update. I've been asked to work at our company's factory and the commute has been both time-consuming (1.5 hours on the train) and exhausting. Anyway, I've uploaded images for Grand Epilogue 2.

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Finale 3: Victory!


We all stood silent as we sunk the Under Secretary's words into our hearts. It was initially one of disbelief, not least we have been fighting for so long. Just to be sure, we asked the Under Secretary again.


 "We've won?", I asked. "Not a ruse? We've genuinely won?!""Indeed so, and I've asked our President to come to Tokyo. Peace in our time. We've sent a couple of copies of the agreement to Washington DC. Here is one spare copy we have."

We silent gathered around while the Under Secretary showed us the signed documents.


 "By the Lord! It is true, it is a surrender document, signed by both us and the Hoshidan Government," Xander exclaimed."So it is really true. We've finally won! We don't have to fear battle anymore!! We're finally in peace!!!", I exclaimed. And at this moment, we all started to cheer.
"Victory is ours!", one of our soldiers yelled.
"Hoshidon'ts have surrendered!!", another hollered in joy.\
"Peace, finally!!!", a third similarly yelled in rejoicing.

Sooner or later, Leo, Camilla, and Elise came up.

Bt38Wq9.jpg LEILGwa.jpg  ET6tWLf.jpg

 "Gee, what's with all that ruckus?!", Elise grumbled.
"Boys, can't you see we're trying to sleep?", Camilla similarly complained.
"At least you better have a justifiable reason for this commotion," Leo similarly accused us.
"Elise, Leo, Camilla," I called. "We've got the ultimate good news now! We've finally won!"
"Oh sure," Leo replied sarcastically. "You all have gone mentally insane-"

But before Leo could finish his sentence, Xander handed him the surrender documents signed by the Under Secretary and others. His irritated and skeptical frown gave way to an elated smile as he read the documents.

xFoJ4v3.jpg qJPdJWd.jpg VKoeSIG.jpg

 "So it is true," Leo said. "We've finally did it."
"Thanks to everyone, we did it," Xander affirmed Leo and Elise.
"It's been long, hasn't it? Too long...", Camilla said, with a smile and tears of joy.
"Wooooo! It's party time! Gotta wake up Effie!", Elise yelled as she ran back into the sleeping quarters.


Soon, everyone joined in the rejoicing. Everyone who were previously sleepy suddenly exhibited a renewed sense of energy as we all drank, chatted, and sang songs together. For the first time since the war started, we all had a spontaneous moment of fun and elation as we enjoyed the fruits of victory, which lasted well into 3am in the morning. While some of us dragged ourselves to bed, a great many of us dosed off in the main office.

I found myself slouched on a chair in the main office. The sun was already up, with a ray of light peering into the tent. I woke up with a yawn, and came outside to see the warm sun rising from the east. There were a couple of soldiers that were already awake, but the majority of us are still dosing off.

General Doug came out of the tent, similarly awake. He joined me basking in the sun outside as we felt our first sense of calm since the first gunshots were heard across the Pacific.


"So this is it,” I said. “We really finished our jobs."
"We did," General Doug said as he looked up to the blue sky.
"Now that all is said and done, the sky looks beautiful as ever," I said as I similarly watched the birds chirp and fly across the sky.
Doug did not say anything, but I could tell that he agreed with me as he started to smile. The smile that you rarely see in the battle-hardened general. The smile that speaks of relief. The smile that speaks of serenity.

Suddenly, it hit me like a tidal wave. The feeling that was like a cocktail of sorrow and relief. My lips trembled at the thought. My smile dissolved into distress. It was the thought of having to turn against my countrypeople and my birth family. To turn against them, to destroy my relationship with them, and to kill those that resist, all for the sake of what I believed in. And upon the thought that I no longer had to stain my hands with their blood, I wept.

Doug was admiring the sky for a full hour before he took a glance at me. While I was too caught up in the emotion to notice, he seemed to have noticed my distress. "Hey. ...My boy! You all right?"


"It's over... Finally, it's all over..." I murmured as I kept weeping
"Son, look at me," Douglas verbally urged me. "What has been troubling you?"
"It's over now... I can finally rest..."
"What is over, son? Wait, are you saying that you don't have to kill your own people anymore?"
I finally took notice of him as he was staring at me, and I nodded.


Doug sighed, then said, "Hah... I thought that was the case." He then continued, "I've seen many men fight in the war. Some for money, some for fame. And there are those who wanted relief from bordom, and those that wanted to join their friends, and they are the ones that also have such strong convictions to help their country's cause. But there's only one that I have seen that rose above all that. And that lad wanted freedom and peace in the world, and his conviction was so stalwart, not even his bloodline could arrest such conviction. He has a special place in my heart."

"No, sir." I looked up and Xander was standing there besides us.


Xander then continued, "He does not have a special place in your heart, general." There was silence from both of us for a few seconds.


Xander then smiled and said, "He has a special place in all our hearts. It is his spirit which brought us forward – to fight what we believed in."
"And he made an unmeasurable sacrifice to make our beliefs come true," Leo added. I also saw Camilla and Elise standing beside Leo, smiling with gratitude.
"We all stand together with you, Hisashi, no matter what comes out our way," Camilla assured me.
"And until the end of time, it'll stay that way!", Elise chirped up.



 Grand Finale...


It was a glorious day for all of us. We all stood proud, lined together to see the convoy carrying the President and other military and government staff arriving in droves. We all eagerly anticipated the speech; the words that every child wanted to heat from parents: Well done. In due time, we all saw the President arrive out of one of the jeeps and walking towards the podium. We anxiously tried to be on our best behavior, as children during the Christmas season would to hopefully get his presents from Santa Claus.


To our Generals George Marshall and Douglas Macarthur. To our Senators, Xander and Hisashi Windham. Ladies and gentlemen of the Omega National Regiment. Today shall be a day of thanks and rejoicing. Today is the day when freedom is secured at home. Today is the day when peace reigns over the Pacific.

Especially, we owe our victory to the few people who defected for our causes. Within that, there was one special gentleman who rose above his personal conflicts, and instead, led our fight for freedom. Through the islands of the South Pacific, to the mountains of Korea, and eventually through the city streets of Japan, he led our forces to victory. More importantly, however, he showed us that even in the midst of fighting our foes, there are those who are willing to sacrifice what they have known, sacrifice their own bloodline, and sacrifice even their own homes to fight for freedom. The freedom to know peace, the freedom to improve society, and the freedom from fear or destruction.

That person is Senator Hisashi. With him, our finest men and women fought for freedom and peace in the Pacific.

We also owe our respect and gratitude for Princess Sakura, who also decided to join our cause. After her surrender in the battle of Seoul, she called the Hoshidan troops to lay down their weapons and spare both us and themselves from further meaningless destruction. It was, no doubt, a difficult decision she made, with the knowledge that she would turn against her own family. Yet, she believed that her freedom, and her country's freedom was worth her family lines.

Words and accolades cannot adequately describe how much we especially owe the two. It is my government's decision that we are to award Senator Hisashi our Medal of Honor, for his dedicated and stalwart service and leadership for the Omega National Regiment assembled here today. We shall also entrust him, on Sakura's behalf, the Congressional Medal of Freedom, for her service in spreading our cause for freedom and liberty. Come, Senator Hisashi!

I walked up to the podium where our President was standing. I remember all my struggles, both when running across the battlefield, and when I meditated about life. Whether my decision was worth the sacrifice of my blood family. Whether it was worth betrayal. Now, at this moment, I knew that our peace and freedom was worth my sacrifice and betrayal.

I stood before our President and General Marshall. One of the government staff held a plate displaying two medals, which the President took one. He then turned to me, holding the medal that I was destined for.


"Senator Hisashi, I present to you, the Medal of Honor, the ultimate medal for service during battle."
I bowed down to let the medal hang from my neck, and I arose again. There was another medal remaining, which I deduced was for Sakura-chan.
"And for this, I entrust to you, on Princess Sakura’s behalf. It is the Medal of Freedom, for those, Nohrian or otherwise, who made exceptional service for Nohr’s cause for freedom."

I bowed down again while everyone from our highest rank to the lowest cheered for us!


"May our cause for freedom and our friendship prevail!", Silas cheered.


"Three cheers for our awesome big brother!", Elise and Leo yelled. While Elise would always be a chirpy cheery girl, this was the first time I saw Leo cheer so loudly in a long time.


"Three cheers for my dear husband...", Beruka remarked quietly. While I could not hear her cheers, her beautiful smile made evident that she was celebrating too.


"Never have we been so inspired by our brother... And never have so much for me been owed by my fellow senator...and my brother..." Xander commented with tears of joy and relief strolling down his cheek.

Indeed, it really was a victory day for us.



...Or is it?

All of a sudden, a mixed gunshots, angry yells, and explosions cracked across the field, to which we all instinctively ducked down in shock. We did not even have time to react. Ferocious yelling came from all directions, and before I knew it, I was knocked off the platform, rolling around amidst fleeing footsteps. I was then yanked off from the ground and by one of my own soldiers. Almost all of us fled to our barracks as we were all unarmed at the time. While we saw such ambushes during battle, none of us expected to see the same thing after a surrender.


"Who’s there!?", Xander yelled. "Show yourselves!"

When we came back to the front however, we saw a scene unlike what we ever saw before. And we realized what happened and who was responsible for the callous attacks.

None of those soldiers were Hoshidans. Some of them wore Valmese uniforms, while others wore Plegian uniforms. As for the rest? They were Nohrians. But that was not all: One of those usurpers was our father. Another was Iago. And they held our president and his aide under gunpoint.


“What is the meaning of this!? I order you to let me go!”, the President yelled.


"Hmph. Freedom, shmreedom! ", Iago scoffed as he pointed his gun towards us, while one of his henchmen pointed his gun at the President. "You believe in such fairy tales of freedom and liberty? Face it, those Hoshidon’t will only know of blood."
"What are you talking about?!", I yelled back.


"Ha. Nothing you need to know about, foolish children!", our father roared. "We shall create a new world order where Nohr rules the entire world. This shall be our next frontier for our chosen Aryan race! The gooks and communards shall bow down to us as the supreme rulers of Nohr and the world!"
"As for you monkeys, my boys would like to have dinner...THEIR DINNER!!", Iago taunted.

Before we knew it, we had a number of Faceless barging towards us. Xander sprayed bullets from his Siegfried MKII machine gun against them, and others came back with their weapons to assist us. Amidst of all the commotion and firefight, I heard a similar yell of the wolves – the one I heard when we similarly fought the Faceless in northern Korai.


"I knew it!", Keaton yelled in supersoldier form as he clobbered the Faceless. "I knew there was something fishy about those Faceless!"


"Whaddya mean!?", I asked. "Wait, don’t tell me these and the ones in Korai were Iago’s!"
"Yes! They all smell like East Coast Nohrians!!"
"So that was his doing!?"


"You betcha! He’s been double-crossing us the entire time!"



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