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Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!

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Hi, I'm really sorry for the late updates lately. Apart from real-life taking over, I've also been losing a lot of interest in what seems to be quite a laborious process just to re-write and re-screenshot the fake cutscenes for Chapter 25 of the actual game. There was a lot to cover... I'm still going to try and finish this to the very end, but I can't promise regular updates anymore.

Anyway, Chapter 25 is now complete. And the true battle starts now...

PS Apparently, I have 222 screenshots total for this chapter alone.

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Chapter 26: The Business Plot: The Plot - Introduction 1:


Meanwhile, Garon and Iago were surveying the interior building of the Dai-ichi Insurance Building near Otemachi. After stuffing the President in one of the storage rooms on the top floor, they searched for the executive office, where the rightful General MacArthur was to be stationed before they seized the office from him.


 “Iago! Is that the executive room ahead?”, Garon asked.


“Yes, my liege,” Iago affirmed. “With Mr. MacGuire and his men about to take over the Congress Building back home, nothing stand in our way. The kingdom of Hoshido, and pretty soon, the Supreme Country of Nohr shall be all ours!”
“Oh supreme leader,” Validar said. “May you fulfill the supremacy of the Whites as told by the Silver League.”


Mwahaha,” Garon laughed in approval. “Indeed, Validar! The time has finally come! I myself have awaited this moment for decades upon decades... Years ago, I’ve managed to fake an accident for Katrina, for her punishment for daring to stand with that Hoshidon’t. Months ago, we’ve managed to smuggle our weapons and supplies for our takeover! And minutes ago, we nabbed the President under our clutches. Now, here’s my idea of how we move next. You two listening? I may need some ideas from you two...
“I shall take note whenever you are ready, sir,” Iago affirmed.

“Allow me to join in this brainstorming session,” Validar answered.


Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Retaking the Office - Introduction 2:


As for us, we gathered along the main street in front of the Dai-ichi Insurance Building near Otemachi. Our troops were on standby as Generals MacArthur and Marshall, Xander, Lucina, Laurent, General Keightley and I huddled to brainstorm and mentally rehearse our storming of Iago’s hideout. We knew that Iago and his men are all armed and dangerous with the latest Nazi Valm and Hoshidon’t weapons, including Faceless. The question was whether there were any accomplices...


“...Dang, and here we thought we kept him out from the main show...”, General Marshall complained.
“I still wonder how he managed to ambush us. Surely there’s someone who knows more than we do...”, I remarked.
“I did receive a memo earlier this morning,” General Charles Keightley spoke. “It was from the Intelligence back in Ylisstol. Said they had a couple of people missing from Valm and Plegia. Apparently, the two masters of biological and chemical weapons are gone without a trace.”


“...That reminds me,” Lucina said, stammering every now and then. “Sometimes we get close to them, they almost always sneak away, leaving with more Faceless or Risen for us to deal with. Other times, they send the Risens and Faceless from nowhere. I know, because of how they caught us off guard at the Bulge...”


“Wait, don’t tell me they’ve fled all the way to Tokyo just to join with Iago,” Xander said.
“We are not sure about that yet,” General Marshall replied.
“At any rate, we do not have much time,” Doug spoke. “It is obvious that Iago wants to do away with the President. And we still haven’t heard any word from vice-President Truman. We do not know what is exactly happening with the coup back home. It...”

At that moment, I noticed a brief pause in Doug’s voice. He sighed and continued.


“It’s going to be messy on our ends. I know this is a lot to ask of you, Hisashi, and we are taking a huge leap of faith. But I want you and your troops to get in there and rescue the President for us. Our country depends on you, my boy.”
“I shall fulfill your orders, General. Up to, and including my own life. Hell, even to hell and back if needed,” I verbally affirmed.

As we discussed above, we decided that time was of essence and that we would have to weather losses in order to save our president and our country. Unfortunately, we were unable to take any footages of the actual fight as our cameramen were injured in the ambush earlier this morning. (Actually, this was because of all of my photos lost in the Miiverse shutdown.)

At any rate, our forward units (including Lucina and myself) checked the the foyer of the office building inside, which seemed eerily quiet. We all entered the building and advanced into the foyer, being alert of possible enemies. Soon we saw Iago out in the open with one of his subordinates. They appear to be discussing matters amongst themselves, seemingly unaware of their surroundings.


“I wonder what are they doing? They seem to be unaware of us,” I remarked.
“If we can take them down, then we can break down their communication chain,” Lucina said.


“Allow me to bombard them with my magic artillery. We’ll incapaciate them while they’re disorientated,” Laurent advised us.
“Right-o,” I affirmed. I then promptly radioed Xander and others to barge into the building and prepare for battle.
“All right, Xander. We’re sneak-attacking Iago. Enter and prepare.”

After we took our positions, Laurent was the one to lead it. He readied his fire bazooka in the shadows of the corridors. He was aiming, then aiming – slightly adjusting his sights – then aiming again...

And he fired a shot! It connected with a scream!

All of us others ran forward with our guns to overwhelm Iago. Bullets hailed across the main lobby and grand staircase while Iago and his man desparately dodged them. While we cornered Iago, some others secured the exits for us. It took less than a minute to corner Iago; for all intents and purposes, we won...or at least so we thought.


“It’s over, Iago,” I declared. “You are herby under summary execution for treason against the US Government.”
“Oh? And may I presume you have a arrest warrant?”, Iago incredulously asked.


“Arrest warrant? We don’t need any arrest warrants!”, Lucina retorted.
“Agreed. Everyone, ready your guns now,” I ordered...

But I never got to say “Fire!”. Not even a syllable. For the immediate split second later, we heard a boom and a thud, and felt an immense burning sensation of pain right after that. We fell onto the floor, struggling to get up, our visions blurry. I mentally brought up everything I could to raise my eyes, and saw three figures on the opposite direction to where we faced Iago just before. Amongst the scattered ragdolls of incapaciated solders, there was a hole from the ceiling with crumbles of debris, and three figures. They were the aforementioned Iago and his subordinate, and another Mediterranean-looking, darker-skinned figure of sinisterism, who held a magic bazooka aimed at us.


“So, we finally meet, Hoshidon’t Senator,” the Mediterranean soldier taunted.
“Who... who are you?!” I asked.


“Validar!? No... it can’t be! You’re supposed to be dead!”, Lucina exclaimed.
“Humph, nothing of your concern, bitch!” Validar sniffed while he fired a few more shots at us. Lucina, Laurent, and I split into different directions as we ran and rolled across the hall. I barely managed to dodge the Validar’s and Iago’s shots, for the next thirty seconds or so. Alas, to my horror, I heard a pointed scream, and when I looked up, I saw a bloodied Lucina down the floor, struggling to move. 


“Lucina! No!” Laurent and I yelled as we caught her eye.


“And now, it’s time for you to say goodbye, bastards” Iago taunted as the three aimed their guns at us. I covered my eyes, frightened at my final vision I was to see...


Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Confrontation - Introduction 2:


...Only to hear an explosion that without any pain. I opened my eyes and saw a familiar figure in front of me.


“As though I would ever allow that to happen.”
“Xander!”, Lucina and I exclaimed.
Unfazed, Iago ordered Xander, “Senator Xander. Well, you too will be branded a traitor and executed for your disobedience to us.” Validar was silent with a devilish grin.
“So be it, you snake,” Xander retorted. “If you wish to kill Hisashi or Lucina, you will have to defeat me first. However, know that I do not intend to go down without a fight.”
“Hmph. You expect us to believe your claims?”, Validar asked us incredulously. He fired another ball of magic at us. Miraculously, we were unharmed.

“Hey! What the heck, bros? You don’t want me to join the fun?” a boyish voice called out.


Before we knew it, Leo was in front of us – he deflected away Validar’s magic with his . He said, “Laurent, count me in. I've long hoped for the chance to express my discontent with Iago's dirty schemes. If you are going to take him down, allow me to share in the pleasure.”

“What is with you pipsqueaks?! Bow down to, and perish against this mighty sorcerer”, Validar roared as he continued to fire his magic artillery. Yet they were in vain now that both Leo and Elise joined us.


“Yeah! Me too! You two are bad people!”, Elise trash-talked. “I hate you two! It's time to pay for being such big jerks!!”
“Augh! Die already, all of you!!”, Valider yelled as he fired his magic bazooka with increasing desperation. Yet they all were deflected from Leo, Laurent and Elise’s counterfires.


Before we knew it, Camilla joined us and said, “Hmm, well, I perhaps don't feel as strongly as our little Elise here... But anyone who tries to hurt my darlings most certainly deserves death. It's only fair. You're ready to die now, I hope?”

The next thing I knew, I saw Lucina barely standing up. “You...you may take my life...” Lucina stammered as she struggled to get her words out. “But you’ll...never break our resolve!” I asked a couple of men to hold and support her arms, and then turned to Iago and Validar.
“Iago, Validar, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’re going to get,” I shouted. “I always try to avoid needless violence...but there’s an exception to every rule. You want to see me act more like you? Like a merciless killer? Then watch this. Nohrian or Plegian, we will punish you all the same! Guys?! Girls?!”

One by one, my soldiers announced their presence, and their intent to follow me to the end.

“You get to come for Senator Hisashi’s tea time...” (Felicia)

X8IZuRO.jpg  IDfWwVQ.jpg
“And the menu is with tea that is made and extracted, that is, FROM YOUR OWN BLOOD!!” (Jakob)

3YAKdyU.jpg  fxEiaUF.jpg
“What rotten bad apples y’all are! My good man an’ I ain’t got time for that... Wait, no, my gun does! Teehee!” (Mozu)

“Actually, I shall join my wife in standing alongside my honorable friend. Fall, both of you, so that the Senator may live!” (Silas)

“You lay your hands on Senators Elise or Hisashi, I’ll crush you into scrap steel!” (Effie)

“Traitor Iago! Villain Validar! It is time for you to pay for your transgressions! If you do not surrender, if you do not repent, then we shall serve you justice on Senator Hisashi’s behalf!” (Arthur)

“The all-consuming darkness may have crippled Lucina’s spirit, but it shall not outdark Odin Dark! Tremble with fear, as the Sacred Darkness of Justice shall vanquish your darkness of malice!” (Odin)

“Hey, you know what? I’d like to torture you once all of this is done. It gives me soooo much more pleasure watching you scream instead of Lucina.” (Niles)

“It looks like some upstart boys needs a lesson in humility. As a woman with years of wisdom, let me volunteer for that.” (Nyx)

“Ya bloody pricks! Lucina or Hisashi, whichever you fuck, I’m gonna make you regret it, fair dinkum!” (Selena)

nL5vA77.jpg  xAKpGtk.jpg  KSsm5ig.jpg
“I could care far less about Lucina. On the other hand, my husband, and for the matter, my two sisters-in-law are an another story. Hisashi, Senator Camilla, can you please let me end these pariahs for you?” (Beruka)

“I’ve walked and stood alongside Senator Hisashi for our freedom. And that shall not be taken away by some arrogant upstarts. 覚悟しろ!(Kakugo shiro; En guarde!)” (Kaze)

“As a brother-in-arms, I will not tolerate treachery! Whether it is our beloved fair princess from home, or our brother Senator. In the name of the Ylissean Commonwealth, we shall honor Senator Hisashi’s orders on Lucina’s behalf! En guarde!!” (Laslow)

QMW6BYt.jpg  0XJdt6i.jpg
“Senator Xander told me not to kill people for fun. But guess what, he made an exception for you two! I’m gonna have lots of fun drawing your blood!” (Peri)

“Hmph! You bastards ain’t made of genuine currency anyway! Our Senator is the real pure gold! You two bastards are just fucking turds!!!” (Charlotte)

aEnraYY.jpg  vXAwxpp.jpg
“I may be a coward...but I know even worse kinds of cowards when I see them!!!” (Benny)

“Heh, so how’d you like that, you goons? You thought you were smart? Guess what, I knew you were fishy, and I was right! Stand still so that I can eat you to the bone, losers!” (Keaton)

54kzDG1.jpg  ULCO7BC.jpg
“I shall fulfill my Senator’s orders to the last letter. That is, in executing you with complete prejudice.” (Flora)

Soon, we had the Ylisseans join us in the confrontation. They met Lucina with screams and gasps of horror!

q7T8x10.jpg  sItE0Wc.jpg
“Noooooo! Lucy!! What did these villains do to you?! That’s it! I'm going to kill you two for this! I'm going to plant a flying hoof right in your villain faces!” (Cynthia)

“If you believe in the Almighty God, you'd better pray to Him now! Because, by the Justice of the Lord, Lucina shall be avenged!” (Kjelle)

“Three have fallen to Validar once. And two more have fallen in this moment. I shall not grant you any more victims! I must gun you down where you stand!!” (Gerome)

f5DXtd5.jpg  zuhwX5P.jpg  x84v862.jpg
“*huff huff* I’ve failed in my objectives to provide the utmost protection of our majestic royalty... And I shall not allow such fate betide the rest of my comrades! Such is the objective of my strategy. Stand down, or forever accept your fates, you toxic adversaries!!” (Laurent)

Iago and Validar whimpered and staggered back as Xander and my soldiers edged closer on him.

“So this is it! We all share the sentiment, and we have your back, Hisashi. You and Lucina are still the leaders of this coalition army, and we are awaiting you orders. You have plotted the course, little Senator and little Princess. Give the word, and we shall act upon it!”, Xander announced.

“Right...! Friends... ready your weapons!”, Lucina ordered as she collapsed to the ground again. A medic came in to give her attention. To be honest, I feel that Lucina was on her last legs. Looking at the expressions of the other Ylisseans, they must have felt the same thing. But there was no time for grieving as we have a country needing saving. I then shouted out the following.

“These men have employed cowardly tactics to hurt innocent people! They have destroyed the reputation of our beloved nations! They are traitors, and they will pay for the crimes with their lives! Hurry my friends! It is time to obliterate the fascist traitors and take back Nohr and Ylisse! To arms, boys and girls!


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Stats: Before Chapter 26



Stats prior to commencement
Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 15, HP 49
27, 21, 26, 31, 24, 22, 20 Sword B, Tome D, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, (HP+5), Renewal, (Shurikenbreaker), (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 36, HP 32
14, 25, 31, 28, 33, 15, 27 Dagger B, Staff B
Extra skills: Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Nobility

Removed: Res +2

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 15, HP 30
7, 38, 22, 31, 35, 12, 34 Tome D, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Rally Speed

Removed: Res +2

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 15, HP 42
30, 3, 29, 30, 27, 29, 19 Lance B, Sword C
Extra skills: (Luna), (Sol), (Aptitude), Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 14, HP 44+5
32, 0, 30, 23, 17, 32, 16 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 15, HP 45
42, 3, 24, 21, 31, 34, 15 Lance B, Axe D
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Removed: Def +2

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 14, HP 35
18, 24, 29, 24, 26, 22, 20 Tome B
Extra skill: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Duellist Blow

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 15, HP 33
23, 25, 23, 36, 15, 22, 35 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 15, HP 39
34, 6, 37, 35, 23, 25, 10 Bows B
Extra skill: (Profiteer), Pavise (with all Villager and Archer/Sniper skills)

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 34, HP 32
26, 11, 32, 35, 27, 13, 19 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, (Profiteer), Nobility, Replicate

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 15, HP 40
24, 3, 36, 21, 26, 34, 16 Lance E, Axe B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Sol, Savage Blow

Removed: Str +2

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 14, HP 42+5
27, 4, 24, 33, 20, 30, 15 Sword B, Axe E
Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker, HP+5, Poison Strike, (Air Superiority)

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 15, HP 38
29, 10, 29, 30, 22, 27, 19 Axe B, Lance D
Extra Skills: Aptitude, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker and all Wyvern/Malig class skills

Removed: Str +2

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 15, HP 42
21, 31, 23, 25, 22, 19, 28 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 15, HP 56
38, 0, 15, 19, 20, 34, 14 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 15, HP 44
31, 4, 24, 24, 28, 30, 19 Sword B, Lance D

Extra skills: Sol, Aptitude, Aegis

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.



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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Coming Soon: Chapter 26 Battle: The Business Plot! Iago and Validar's Conspiracy!

Hey there! I have some WW2 facts for you.

Back when the Japanese occupied the Philippines, they issued their own version of the Philippine Peso, which then became subject to extreme inflation, devaluing it to the point that one needed a whole sack of bills just to buy some rice. For some reason, the Filipinos called it "Mickey Mouse money".


The more you know! Also, in the Philippines, the general populace actually likes Douglas MacArthur, for liberating the nation from the Japanese occupation, to the point of some streets being named after him. One of his most famous quotes was what he said when he retreated from the country: "I shall return."

And he did.

Also, during the Japanese invasion, a Filipino by the name of Jose P. Laurel willingly collaborated with the Japanese, and he was made the president of the Second Philippine Republic, which was a puppet government controlled by the Japs. This caused many of his own countrymen to despise him, although the general consensus in modern times is basically "Hey, if he didn't do that, things would've been a lot worse. He did it to save his fellowmen.", and considering all the crap that happened, it was a good thing he collaborated with them, or else even worse crap would've been the outcome. So he's counted among the legitimate presidents of the country, being the third president.

History is interesting. It's currently the only subject in school that isn't boring to me.

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Really collaboration in general during WWII is interesting to me. It's obviously an extremely sensitive topic, but I can't help but feel that whether you're a treasonous collaborator or a forwards thinking hero depended on if your side won.

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@Purple Mage: Welcome back. Great to see you again! Yeah, I also heard that the Japanese government issued their own version of whatever currency the locals had. In turn, apparently, the US did a reverse-version of Operation Bernhard and counterfeited the Japanese invasion money!

@blah the Prussian: Glad to see you again too! BTW did you get Radiant Historia 3DS? Apparently it's out worldwide now.

Chapter 26: The Business Plot - Suppression of Iago


While the other Nohrian and Ylissean units went after Validar to avenge Lucina and Laurent, my main team went after Iago, the orchestrator of the whole Plot. We had to move carefully, however, as we could see more of the traps that earlier befell the Ylissean royalty. We also took some steroids along the way. It also helped that Peri made us some Cabbage Strudel the night before, which helped our soundness in body and spirit with some extra stamina for running. (Def/Res/Spd +2)

 Unfortunately, as our cameraman got injured in the ambush earlier this morning, footages for this battle were mostly unavailable. (In real-life terms, this was due to me forgetting to retrieve all my photos before the Miiverse shutdown. I will add simplified diagrams of my units' locations with map from the Japanese FE fan site Kawaki Chatei (かわき茶亭).)

Str +2: Mozu, Xander, Effie, Silas
Def +2: Elise, Leo, Mozu, Felicia
Mag +2: Felicia, Elise, Niles
HP +5: Elise, Felicia, Niles, Azura, Odin
All +2: Azura, Odin

(Before commencement of battle - Map from the Kawaki Chatei かわき茶亭FE fan site)

Turn 1 – 1000 hrs:
So we started with the mechanised (mounted) units in the back (top), and others at front (bottom). Intelligence reports showed that Iago in the central office had a Silence, Freeze, and dispatched around him, which made manoeuvring tricky. We needed to have the higher-mobility battalions buddy up with the lower-mobility ones so that we don’t get caught in the attack perimeter. The other problem was Johnny. We saw no sign of him since the the ambush on the ceremony this morning, and we feared that he must have died in the ensuing gunfight. The implications from intelligence was worse, but we had no idea how bad it was until we would actually see him…

So firstly, Mozu and her battalion of snipers did a hit-and-run on the door separating us from the enemy, with Azura’s double-time command. Other battalions took their positions around the door to prepare for a possible ambush.


Turn 2 – 1010 hrs:
One by one, we took our actions carefully. Effie and her battalions of bazooka-holders fired their round of ammunitions at the door, while other forward units stepped into the next room to take their positions, armed with longer-range guns and artillery.

In response, the first wave of enemy riflemen (Hero units) engaged us at the door, but we were successful in attaining higher rounds of kills, incapacitations, and routs. We wait for our next turn.


Turn 3 – 1020 hrs:
We finished off two of the three remaining traitorous riflemen with overkill MVPs to Effie and Xander’s battalions. The rest of my forces moved through the first hall chamber which was within range of Iago’s mortar artillery (status effect staves). On the enemy phase, Keaton devoured the last remaining traitors, with a critical attack for his supersoldiers’ dinner.


Turn 4 – 1030 hrs:
Now it was our turn to turn the tables against Iago. Elise and her magic artillery battalion fired their EMP mortars (Silence staff) against Iago. It did not seem to be effective. Iago then retaliated, firing a Enfeeble gas mortar against Beruka.

(Start of Turn 5 - Map from the Kawaki Chatei かわき茶亭FE fan site)

Turn 5 – 1040 hrs:
Camilla batters the next door down, leading in to the side corridor on the left. Niles, Selena, Effie, and Leo’s battalions destroys the two awaiting Faceless. Meanwhile, Iago fires his stun mortar (Freeze stave) on Azura, immobilizing her.

(Start of Turn 6 - Map from the Kawaki Chatei かわき茶亭FE fan site)

Turn 6 – 1050 hrs:
Keaton and his supersoldiers rush up to the next door down which leading into one of the smaller office meeting rooms, which was filled with Faceless and a Stoneborn. They started battering the door down while the rest of us proceeded forward. The Stoneborn fired his rocks onto Effie and her heavy infantry battalion, but they held their ground well.


Turn 7 – 1100 hrs:
Once Beruka battered the door down, we all barged into the next room, firing all of our guns at the Faceless and the Stoneborn. Xander, Arthur, Leo supported each other to take down the 2-3 Faceless on the southern end of the room. Meanwhile, Silas and Mozu took down the Stoneborn, and Effie and Camilla proceeded to clean up the remaining two Faceless on the northern end of the small meeting room. The remaining Faceless retaliated on Camilla, but was promptly put down, allowing us to secure the room.


Turn 8-9 – 1120 hrs:
During 1110 hours, we secured the perimeter of the room, and took a breather beforeproceeding further. By 1120 hours, we battered down the next door, leading into another corridor, which was manned with a battalion of light rifle girls (Maids) and a Faceless. As before, our troops were strong enough to take both down with ease.

(Turn 10-11 - Map from the Kawaki Chatei かわき茶亭FE fan site))

Turn 10-11 – 1140 hrs:
We then started to batter down the next door, leading into the office directors’ meeting room, which were occupied by Special Bazooka Men (Berserkers) and Heavy Infantry battalions (Generals). Selena and her Aussie diggers distracted two Special Bazooka battalions, in which her diggers successfully incapacitated one of the battalions. There were bit of toing and froing on our side, but by 1140 hrs, we took down the first four SB battalions.


Turn 12-14 – 1210 hrs:
We then took out the remaining two SB battalions by 1200 hours (Turn 13). So far so good. However, my emotional battle has just started. Amidst the herd of fallen men, I saw what it looked like…Johnny? What was he doing there? Yeah, it was Johnny; it was the gruff, hard-ass warrior we have known, but something was off about him. He had a malicious shadow casting over his face, one that I have not seen before. But we had no time to engage him as the Heavy Infantries approached to engage us. Beruka and her paratroopers took one of their battalions down before two others approached and engaged Arthur and Effie. Our exchange of fire lasted for another turn until the other HI battalions were downed as well.


Turn 15-16 – 1230 hrs:
Our moment of truth came right after the battle when we were left with Johnny and one of the HI Battalions.


“Johnny! What are you doing there!”, I called out.


Johnny seemed to have noticed my voice, but alas, he was no longer on friend terms. “Raaawwwwwrrr! Must kill Senator! Must kill Senator!! MUST KILL SENATOR!!!”, Johnny roared.
“No! Johnny! What are you doing! It’s me! Hisashi!”

It was no use. Johnny was swinging his rifle, showering shots all around us. We all instinctively ducked and either took cover under, or rolled off to the side.


“You dare to side with the traitors?!”, Xander roared. “You dare throw away everything you fought for!?”


“BuT oF cOUrsE! TO FuLfILL IAgO’s DEsTiNy!! We sHaLL rULe thE EnTiRE WORLD!!!!”, Johnny shrieked.

While this convinced the majority of us that Johnny was a traitor and a lost cause, Beruka and I were thrown off by Johnny’s unnatural behaviour and speech.


“Hisashi, Senator Leo, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”, Beruka asked.
“Huh? Oh you mean Johnny’s behaviour? Are you thinking something is strange, as I am…?”, I asked back.
“…Yes,” Beruka affirmed. “I’m wondering what is with the sudden change…”, Beruka mused.


“This is quite unlike him,” Leo remarked. “He may be a brute, but he excercised a lot more restraint before. And that voice… Words utterly fail me… There must be more to this than what meets my eye…”
“Alas, we don’t have time to think about that. But let’s see if we can subdue him long enough to figure this out.”
“We’ll try…”, Leo and I replied. But I lacked any confidence that we could keep him alive. Leo and I stared at each other, and while he was silent, it was clear that he did not have such confidence either. With such chaos, we prepared ourselves for the worst. After all, we cannot afford to fall here and allow the President to be assassinated…


Turn 17 – 1240 hrs:

At my signal we all rused back into the hallway to quickly overpower Johnny and any other remaining battalions inside. Niles and Effie’s battalions rushed onto one of the remaining heavy infantry battalions, while Odin’s engaged the other. Meanwhile, Mozu, on just her own, rushed up to Johnny; Silas and I could not believe what we saw.

“Mozu, no! What on earth are you doing!”, Silas and I yelled in horror.

The next thing we knew, Mozu dodged whatever Johnny threw at her. I swear, if there is a more effective way to get a heart attack than parachuting down onto the coast of Normandy, it was this. Every second felt like minutes; we might as well be watching a slo-mo replay. The very next second, we saw Mozu switch the bolt on her rifle; the second after that, we saw her pull the trigger, and the bullet piercing through Johnny. Now Johnny was staggering back. But he was still standing. But such moment only lasted for a few seconds, for Mozu made another shot which similarly pierced through Johnny.

And Johnny went down with a crashing thud.


Turn 18-19 – 1300 hrs:

Now it was time to wrap this up. While Beruka and Mozu started obliterating the door panels leading to where Iago was hiding, Elise set her EMP Silencer up to disable Iago’s weapons. This time, it was a success, as we all heard Iago cursing at his weapons while fumbling with them. Pretty soon, the doors were down, and we saw Iago with his proverbial pants down.

For someone who we all thought was a dangerous mastermind of conspiracy, he went down disappointingly but also relievingly quick. Xander shot his rifles at Iago; while his first couple of shots missed, Azura double-timed Xander, and the next set of shots landed right on Iago’s ass. We have now incapacitated Iago. While some of our other troops navigated to the other rooms to make further capturings, our main group shall commence our summary execution of him.


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Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Epilogue 1: Iago Subdued



All of us surrounded and moved closer towards Iago, whose back was facing the wall.
“It’s over Iago,” I declared.
“Not quite, chumps”, replied Iago as he took a step back away from us. As he flashed what looked like a radio device, he yelled “Hans! Kill em all!!”

We glanced to the back, and we saw a bloodied Johnny rise up with his gun, with his ghastly roar from before.


The scene was paralyzing pure eldritch horror. Such horror, that we dis-remembered what we saw and what we seen.

Suddenly, we heard a large thud, and a yelp of pain from Iago. Before we knew it, Johnny also collapsed forward with a roar of pain, dropping his rifle in the process. While I didn’t know what or how the events exactly happened, I knew one thing: Johnny was not himself at the time of battle. The real turn of events were additionally sinister when Beruka, Leo, and I connected the dots. Actually, it was indeed Beruka, with Mozu who took down Iago, and Mozu also smashed the latter’s transceiver as well.


“S-senator...? What is going on? What was I doing...?”, Johnny asked me, heavily breathing.
“He’s back!”, I said. “Someone, get help! A stretcher!”

There was general confusion amidst us at the scene. Just minutes ago, here was a man who seemed to have turned against us, and yet now he seems to feign both ignorance and pain. However, Beruka, Leo, and I knew better. It was up to us to clear up the confusion. We knew what happened during the time when we fought Johnny. His mind was manipulated by Iago’s radio transceiver, and as of now, he was freed of it.
“Ah! Noooo!! My transceiver!!” Iago yelled, horrified at himself being cornered, both figuratively and literally.


“So that’s what you used to control Johnny’s brain signals,” Beruka commented. “Hisashi, Senator Leo, and I knew there was more at play than just Johnny turning against us.”


“We saw everything now,” Leo taunted. “Don’t even think about denying it!”

Iago squirmed at his own foolishness as he realized his tricks were now exposed. But then again, he made another sinister defiant smile.
“Hmph, it should not matter by now. Just wait to see the Ylisseans bleed under Validar’s fist of iron. Even if you can release Hans from my mind-altering radio waves, you cannot resist against Validar’s-”


“Oh you mean, him!?”
We all turned around to see a group of people approaching from our back. It was the Ylisseans with Validar tied up and battered. Soon, we all heard Iago started to whimper and eventually scream from panic. A second later, we saw a flash and smoke coming out from nowhere!

“Ugh! Dammit! Where is Iago!?”, I yelled.
“I can’t see a thing,” someone else yelled.
“Ow! Watch where you going, idiot!”, another yelled. We were all panicking as we tried to locate each other and Iago.

The smoke cleared up in several seconds, but by then, Iago and Validar were running away from us.


“Hah! See you later, bastards!”, the two yelled.
“No! Don’t let them get away! Boys and girls, after them!”, I yelled as I started chasing them.


Yet, another split second later, I saw a figure overtake past me and heading straight for Iago and Validar; it was a bloodied Johnny! With such visible force he tackled the two down to the ground like a defending linebacker. The former two were shrieking in pain as Johnny was manhandling them into submission like a wrestler.
“Johnny! Easy buddy!”, I yelled as I caught up. “Take it easy!”
“Ah... Senator... Make sure you don’t screw this up again...”, he warned me with a look consisting of one-half pain, and one-half menace. He then collapsed to the ground again. Xander and other caught up several seconds later, and we saw a completely battered Iago and Validar, with Johnny not much better.


“Johnny, at ease. We’ll take over from here,” Xander commanded. “Hisashi, stay with him. Elise, get the doctors and the stretcher here.”
“Aaaaah! Thank you, Senator,” Iago said in an unconvincing voice.
“May you grant us mercy!”, Validar also pleaded.
“Enough!”, Xander shouted. “You are to be summarily executed for threatening the President’s life, conspiring to overthrow the Nohrian federal government! Soldiers, apprehend the two men!”



Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Epilogue 2: Johnny's Last Words


Everyone moved out of the area with Iago and Validar in tow. Meanwhile, Elise and I were tending to Johnny’s wounds as we tried to save the latter’s life.


“Senator... I’m really sorry...”, Johnny apologised. “I’ve done the most terrible thing... I do not deserve to live through this...”


“No, Johnny! You’re a good man!”, Elise protested in tears. “It’s Iago who’s a bully, not you!”
“Likewise, I don’t care what happened before!”, I protested. “It is clear; Iago controlled you.”
“Nein, Senators, you don’t know what I have done...”, Johnny continued. “I thought Ich could take these two on with my brute force, like what we did against the Neo-Cons... So a few of my men und I went to their office to threaten them. To beat them up. You know how much of a coward Iago is...”

“Yeah, we know.”
“Alas, what they lacked in muscles or courage, they more than compensated in trickery... They brought out this device... and the switch went on. Uhhh... the head hurts, so much. Even thinking about it now hurts my head. I thought I died after that... I did see glimpses of visions every now and then...but all I... consciously know...was from when... you surrounded... me and Iago just before... Ahh... ”
“Hang on, Johnny!” Elise yelled. To the approaching doctors, I further yelled, “Quickly! It’s this gentleman here!”

yaxUYsv.jpg  0NW5RSi.jpg

“Tell those two... tell them... that Ich shall see them... in Hell...”, Johnny pleaded, his breathing heavier.
“No! We won’t let you die here!”, I yelled.
“Tell them...”, Johnny whispered.


Despite the tireless efforts, Johnny was no more.
“Poor Johnny...,” Elise sobbed. “He...he’ll never see peace with us...”
“I wish...we could have done something earlier...”, I similarly sobbed.

We further stood at our spot, blankly watching the doctors hauling Johnny away. Elise was leaning on, and tugging at my suit while I laid my hand on her shoulder, hugging her on the side, and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes. It was a moment of reflection, and a moment of mourning as we saw a valued comrade and friend fall.



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Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Epilogue 3: Last Rites


But we could not keep moping in sorrow, because there was justice that needed to be served. I joined the rest of my army as they led a tied-up Iago and a similarly tied-up Validar into the backyard of the building. Lucina was also there, as she barely held ground even being assisted by Cynthia and Laslow. While medics did their best, it was too late, as it was only a matter of time before Lucina would be no more – a slow and painful death. We had to avenge her predestined death for her, and the summary execution was the only choice we had.


We eventually tied Iago and Validar onto a makeshift pole, while Gerome, Kjelle, Selena, Odin, and Lucina aimed their guns at the former two. For the very latter, Cynthia held Lucina’s shaky body while Laslow held Lucina’s gun steady. Laurent, Leo and I stood beside, overseeing the execution.


“Any last words, villains?”, Leo asked. Even for him, his contempt sounded much harsher than usual.
“Aiiieeeeeee!!! Mercy!! We shall truly repent!! Spare us!!!”, Iago wailed.
“We’ll do anything besides death!!”
“Hmph,” Leo sniffed. “You’ve crossed the forbidden boundary with the knowledge of its prohibition. May our Lord have mercy for both you and us, as we certainly recognize brutality on you! Senator Hisashi, may you please conduct the honors?”


“All right, the time is nigh!”, I declared. “Everyone, ready!”
I saw everyone loading their bullets, except for Lucina who clearly struggled with the latches. I patiently waited for several seconds while she and Laslow slowly loaded theirs.

Everyone did so, with Laslow helping and propping up Lucina’s gun a couple of seconds later.


With an explosive blast, our bullet rounds pierced through Iago and Validar. That was not too bad, I thought, as I saw everyone seeming firing their weapons simultaneously. But hang on. Lucina had a bit of trouble...there she goes! Her shot halted whatever pithy whimpering Validar did. Laurent checked the pulses the two insurgents, and gave a nod.


“The two are dead. Execution successful. Well done, soldiers,” Leo said.
“Thank you...”, Lucina whispered, struggling to get a smile. “You’ve...made...my last moment... I guess...it’s up to you now...”


“Milady...”, Laslow muttered. “Forgive me. Forgive us all. We have failed you...”
“Not yet, Laslow... Our Senator is still here...”


“It... won’t be the same without you, Lucy...”, Cynthia stammered.
“I know, but you can all do it,” Lucina verbally encouraged Cynthia.


“So...you’re not going to see the peace we are so close in grasping...”, Odin muttered. Unusually, but quite justifiably, he said all of this without any of his theatric antics.
“No, but I know you all will. I guarantee it. And Selena...”


“Y-yeah...?”, Selena replied with her awkward tsundere demeanour and Aussie-ocker accent. Ever since Selena was verbally dressed down by Lucina during the Siege of Nagoya, the two’s relationship have been awkward.
“I’m...sorry that I yelled at you in such an over-the-top manner in front of Camilla and Xander the other day...”
“Thinking about it now, I’ve embarrassed and humiliated you, unnccessarily. You deserved better than that.”
“I just want you to restrain yourself more. Please, look after yourself and others; I don’t want you to get into trouble.”


“Lu... I’m sorry too,” Selena sobbed. “I feel bloody awful now, buggering up our friendship like this. I’m sorry, Lucina! I’m really sorry! I don’t deserve any of your forgiveness! I really don’t!”
“Take it anyway, Sal...”


“Princess, may you rest in peace, and may the Lord welcome you to His dominion,” Gerome mutedly yet solemnly declared. A brave, solemn face he put up, but his occasional movements show that he is just as distressed as others. “Until when the eventual death summon all of us to His kingdom, farewell, our beloved.”


“And until our victory comes, we shall lead your people, and we promise we’ll protect each other,” Kjelle similarly promised to Lucina.


“And I shall put all of my endeavor as strategist to ensure that our, and our Senator’s hopes materialize in due time,” Laurent also declared.


“Thank you, all...and...I love you all...”, Lucina replied with a smile on her face. And these were the last words she said.

Chapter 26: The Business Plot: Epilogue 4: A New Hope


Meanwhile, in the spared hospital building within the Tokyo University grounds in Hongo (later Bunkyo) Ward, a female warrior has awakened.
“Oh goodness! You’ve awakened!”, another young lady cried out besides the former.
“...I must have survived...
“Yes, you have! I’m so glad you’re alive!”
“...I’ve... no, this cannot be.”
“Kagero-san, please. We need to move on. This is a chance to start afresh.”
“Start afresh, Lady Sakura?”

“Yes! Afresh with our lives. This is the time we break free from our past.”
“Break free?”


May God Bless the United Kingdom of Great Ylisse and her Dominions, and the United States of Nohr.

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On 3/13/2018 at 1:56 PM, henrymidfields said:

@blah the Prussian: Glad to see you again too! BTW did you get Radiant Historia 3DS? Apparently it's out worldwide now.


Nah, I've already played the original game and have a bunch of other stuff to play right now.

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40 minutes ago, blah the Prussian said:

Nah, I've already played the original game and have a bunch of other stuff to play right now.

Still, is it worth playing for the story? I'm thinking about moving to Atlus for a bit, with the Persona series and what not.

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 26 Complete!
2 minutes ago, henrymidfields said:

Still, is it worth playing for the story? I'm thinking about moving to Atlus for a bit, with the Persona series and what not.

Oh yeah, I think it's one of the best stories in any game ever. It's one of the few video game stories where, if I read it in a book or saw it on a film, I'd still think it was good.

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1 minute ago, blah the Prussian said:

Oh yeah, I think it's one of the best stories in any game ever. It's one of the few video game stories where, if I read it in a book or saw it on a film, I'd still think it was good.

Well, I might get that after finishing Pokemon Sun, and call it quits for the 3DS. (I just got Sun just the other day.)

Anyway, everyone, while I still need to upload mock-footages, Chapter 26 is complete. As for actual gameplay footages for the last 2 chapters, I'll have to take pictures from my Samsung 7 and upload them that way. Hopefully, that would be quicker than the sluggish Miiverse.

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 27 Comming Soon
  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 27: The Business Plot: Father vs Son: Introduction 1


It was the darkest hour for all of us. Not only was the President kidnapped by a number of our men, we also received word that the White House and the Congress back home was stormed with insurgents led by Charles P McGuire and the Silver League. Even worse, one of the leaders who is going against everything our country stood for is our father. To be accurate, he wasn’t exactly the most loving father out there, but he was still family. To think that he’ll turn against us did not exactly sit well within our stomachs. It was under this circumstance that we stood in front of the door leading into the executive office.

“Is everyone ready?”, I asked. “This will be our most trying battle yet, but it should hopefully be our last. I urge you to stay on your guard.”


“Hisashi, Xander... Are you really, completely, absolutely sure about all this? About Father being a m-monster?”, Elise asked, still visibly hesitant to enter into battle.
“I wish it weren't so, Elise. But it's true. Our Father is no longer fighting for our cause. I know it's not easy to hear, but that is what we all saw.”
“...”, Elise mumured.


“Elise, I’m going to be really blunt,” Xander said. “He is no longer our father, and he is no longer someone who we can follow. I had a fear that this was as such since Mother died, and now I know. If he had our best interests, if he truly loved us, then he would not join with such treacherous snakes. But it is time to drag him into the postwar era with us. I...” Xander hesitated for a second before continuing. “I w-wonder if he truly loved Mother at all...”
“What do you mean, brother?”, Leo asked.
“This was when Mother died, before when you started grade school, Leo,” Xander explained. “You may not remember this, but I remember this very well. Ever since her funeral, I remember a lot of our friends showing distress for us, asking us if we are okay, or even inviting me for dinner. But not Father. Ever since, he acted indifferent, even with a cavalier smile. It made me wonder whether Father wanted to get rid of Mother...”

At this, everyone remained silent.


“Anyway, what has been done cannot be undone. Hisashi! Open the door and pave the way for us!”
“Roger!”, I replied, as Xander and I busted the door open to the executive room.


Chapter 27: The Business Plot: Father vs Son - Introduction 2:



From the opened door, we saw a big hallway branching out into different rooms on the sides. The door at the very back was open, and beyond there was Father. It was the Father that we grew up with, yet it was also the same Father that betrayed us. We saw him looking out of the window, with his back faced to us.

“So...I heard you came to stop me, children,” he said ominously.
“So you know,” I replied.
Everyone maintained an uneasy silence as we spoke.

“Father...”, Xander started to ask. “...Are you still siding with those Silver League rabbles?”
“Hold your tongue, fool. This is nothing of you concern,” Garon brushed off.

“Do you no longer care what we are about to get into?”, Leo interrogated.
“Do you no longer care what your children believe in?!”, Camilla joined in.
“Fools. You know that we have ruled the world order for decades. And it shall stay that way for generations to come. We are the ones destined for greatness, and no other race shall challenge that.”

“Father, please!”, Elise piped up. “Come back to our side! Let’s make world peace together!”

1auoQ7A.jpg D5hy0sf.jpg

“Curse you, traitors!”, Garon roared at us. “How dare you disobey your father!! You will pay for this indiscretion! All who defy this new world order must diiiiie!!”
The next thing we knew, Garon sprayed bullets at us five. While Xander and I made some narrow dodges, Elise, Leo, and Camilla were not as lucky as they screamed in pain.


“Ugh! Father... Why?!”, Leo grunted.
I helped up Leo while Xander helped up the other two and said, “Leo, stay strong! We have to fight!! If we back down now, he'll kill us all!”


“NO! This is too awful!! Please, Father! Stop this!”, Elise wailed.


“Elise! Now is no time to cry! We…need you to fight too!”
I turned around and saw Sakura with Setsuna and Azama and a number of other Hoshidan soldiers.


“You don't understand, Sakura-chan...”, Camilla replied. “Although we can see the truth, it's not so easy to attack the man we've called... I can't accept that Father really turned against us... I just...”


“Camilla! Leo! Elise! You can't be serious! Don't you see what he has become?!”

While Sakura yelled this at the top of her lungs, I noticed that there was also someone else’s voice. It was a stern-faced Xander, and we saw him aiming his rifle forward towards our father.

zajhfZt.jpg QhApjHG.jpg

"Father... no you scoundrel, re not the parent I once looked up to,” Xander declared. “All has become clear. I know...knew my family better than anyone. I always wondered what changed your heart, made it grow cold. Now I know. You were never the parent our late mother was!”
“Fool! You know nothing,” Father taunted.
“It is you who know nothing!”, Xander retorted. “Of my mother, of me, or of my brothers and sisters here. All this time, I have strived to be a good son and a worthy heir. I have faithfully followed your orders, even when doing so tortured my soul. I brushed aside my misgivings of you and accepted you as our other parent. I fought in your name, hoping one day you would soften your heart as our late Mother. Alas, such has become a lost cause...”

“Xander... I'm so sorry,” I said. “But you're right—this is not the parent we once loved. Fight with me, Brother! If you don't, everyone we love will die. We've come too far to lose heart now! Our mother, rest her soul with our Lord, wouldn't want this monster further soiling her family’s legacy!”


“Right you are, little Senator,” Xander replied. “That is why I shall once more fight at your side. Camilla, Leo, Elise! Do not stay idly by while Avatar battles for his/her life and yours. If you are truly Nohrian Senators, then stand up and fight! Fight for our nation and for our world... Fight for each other...and for our mother. In her memory, let us defeat this scoundrel!

9aEwS1M.jpg xy71OFj.jpg s3b7OJI.jpg

“Xander... You're right,” Leo admitted. “I lost my nerve for a moment, but I understand now. As a Nohrian Senator, I will fight for all we hold dear, I will fight until we have won!”
“This truth…It hurts...so very much,” Camilla said. “…But if we win this battle... Perhaps our mother's spirit will be able to rest in peace. I have to believe that.”
“I want to protect the people I love!”, Elise chimed in. “I won't let them die! Forgive me, Father, but... I'm through listening to you! And watch me…mommy. Watch us. And watch Sakura-chan and Broski Hisashi too…”


“A…allow us to lend you a hand,” Sakura declared. “And allow me to similarly pay my prayers and thoughts to your mother.”
“Sakura-chan…”, Elise remarked with smile and tears.


“Let us come as friends, starting today,” Kagero similarly encouraged Elise and myself. “I for one, lost my way through the chaos…but now my vision is clear. To fight for peace, and to fight for redemption of our society.”
“…and to eat tons of Hershey’s chocolates…mmmmm chocolates…”, Setsuna added.

3UjBnff.jpg Cpaxuce.jpg

“…Putting aside Setsuna’s…enthusiastic taste… I concur that dwelling in Ryoma’s lack of sanity is an utter waste of time. So are these upstarts. Allow me to smite and curse them for you,” Azama said.

“Thank you, my brothers and sisters,” I replied. “We will not let this beast prevail! We will fight, and together we shall rid the world of this pure evil! This evil that has crept into our world will force Nohr and Hoshido into further futile war... We will save the world and make our mother’s dream come true! To arms, Senators and fellow citizens!!

Pictures uploaded!

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 27 Introduction: Confronting our Silver League

Stats: Before Chapter 27


Stats prior to commencement
Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 19, HP 53
30, 21, 28, 34, 27, 25, 21 Sword B, Tome B, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, (HP+5), Renewal, (Shurikenbreaker), (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 38, HP 33
15, 27, 32, 30, 33, 15, 28 Dagger B, Staff S
Extra skills: Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Nobility

Removed: Res +2

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 18, HP 32
7, 38, 23, 34, 35, 12, 34 Tome D, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Rally Speed

Removed: Res +2

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 18, HP 42
30, 3, 29, 30, 27, 29, 19 Lance B, Sword C
Extra skills: (Luna), (Sol), (Aptitude), Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 18, HP 47+5
35, 1, 33, 24, 20, 34, 17 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 18, HP 47
44, 3, 26, 23, 33, 35, 15 Lance A, Axe D
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Removed: Def +2

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 19, HP 40
19, 27, 30, 25, 28, 25, 22 Tome A
Extra skill: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Duellist Blow

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 18, HP 35
25, 27, 24, 39, 16, 22, 35 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 18, HP 40
34, 6, 39, 37, 25, 28, 22 Bows A
Extra skill: (Profiteer), Pavise (with all Villager and Archer/Sniper skills)

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 39, HP 34
30, 14, 35, 37, 29, 14, 21 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, (Profiteer), Nobility, Replicate

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 17, HP 42
24, 3, 38, 23, 28, 36, 16 Lance C, Axe B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Sol, Savage Blow

Removed: Str +2

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 14, HP 45+5
29, 5, 27, 35, 21, 34, 17 Sword B, Axe C
Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker, HP+5, Poison Strike, (Air Superiority)

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 19, HP 41
33, 11, 31, 33, 24, 31, 21 Axe B, Lance C
Extra Skills: Aptitude, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker and all Wyvern/Malig class skills

Removed: Str +2

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 18, HP 44
22, 33, 25, 26, 23, 20, 29 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 16, HP 57
39, 0, 15, 20, 20, 35, 14 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 18, HP 46
34, 4, 25, 26, 30, 32, 20 Sword B, Lance C

Extra skills: Sol, Aptitude, Aegis

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.


Chapter 27: The Business Plot – Father vs Children



l4qcSfB.jpg  geGuq3R.jpg

So Sakura and her crew armed themselves under my command, in which they shall provide cover for us while we focus on Garon. As other Business Units were around the place, Sakura, Kagero, and others would sweep the rest of the building, arresting the usurpers where they can, and incapacitating them otherwise. Their troops followed them, securing every door and window they could find. Additionally, they were also tasked in locating the kidnapped President in the process. I prayed that their efforts would turn successful.

D9vIbzi.jpg  ulot2sN.jpg
(Starting positions)

As far as we were concerned, the majority of my troops infilterated the branch rooms, both to prevent reinforcements from flooding the main executive hall and to use the secret passageways to sneak past the main ringleaders. Only Leo/Felicia and Beruka/Myself remained in the main executive chamber. Also note that everyone are paired up with their best supporting teammates (which also happened to be their spouses, except for Xander and Camilla). While this battle took much shorter, it did not feel any less intense than our previous battles.

Turn 1 – 1500 hrs:

aJCcMoD.jpg  AQ8uAiw.jpg

vnKfDjn.jpg  nhpUJEy.jpg

YA7ReCU.jpg  qX9Ifov.jpg

For those that could attack and ORKO the reinforcing main enemy squadrons did so. Where this was not possible, we attacked the auxillary units [shown as healing shrine maidens] to prevent them from interfereing with our operations.


On the enemy phase, the main remaning squadrons retaliated, while the auxiliary units evaded us, attempting to move into the main hallway. This was not good – so we decided to eliminate the auxiliary units as well.


Turn 2 – 1510 hrs:

SNZUHOi.jpg  wbaffsu.jpg

Niles and Arthur started engaging the remaining usurpers, while Beruka took out one of the auxiliary units that was stationed with Elise and Odin. The other units then turned against the other auxiliary units that were attached to the main reinforcement battalions.


Turn 3-4 – 1520-1530 hrs:
Our units infiltrating the branch rooms started to head for the hidden stairways to approach the executive room, while Leo and I continued to distract the main forces in the hallway. The normal infantries were particularly dangerous as they had special kind of rifles and machine guns which would automatically return fire with certain kinds of attacks. [Shown in this game as Counter and Countermagic.]


Turn 5-6 – 1540-1550 hrs:

(Start of Turn 5)

(Start of Turn 6)

Leo and I started to make our escapes through the hidden stairs, and Xander/Camilla chased the remaining reinforcement (Swordmaster) through the branch corridor, joining with our allies in front of the main executive room. We engaged the reinforcement and one of the infantry squadron with their Counter-rifles, in which Mozu came in handy for circumventing the latter.

(End of Turn 6)


Turn 7 – 1600 hrs:

Once we lured the rest of the main enemy troops, we commenced our assault against them.


Xander took down one of the direct assistants of Father (Merchant), with Azura providing the double-time.


Meanwhile, Mozu circumvented the other soldier with their Counter-rifle, with her ORKO.


Felicia and Leo came to assist Xander with the latter providing support fire.

NFU8BQy.jpg  gUr8ztT.jpg

The last remaining battalion of usurpers were terminated by Selena and Beruka.


Turn 8-10 – 1610-1630 hrs:


We regrouped and took our next positions to engage against our Father, Garon.


Firstly, Effie initiates the battle with her Battleaxe Assault Rifle, trading fire with Father’s Volverk Machine Gun.


Keaton and his supersoldiers came up next to trade blows with Father, as some tried to bite him for dinner, while others fired their rifles.

uquhBOO.jpg  1jBzep2.jpg

Effie continued to trade blows against Father, but is assisted at the last minute by our resident Sniper, who gave the final shot.


And finally, did that befell Father…



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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 27 Gameplay: Father vs Children
  • 3 years later...

Sorry for the long hibernation, people. After a long period of getting sick with Fates, I realised that I wanted to start moving onto other projects. In saying this, I don't want to leave this unfinished. So here is the epilogue to Chapter 27 I left finished.

Chapter 27: The Business Plot: Epilogue 1: Arrest



“...Stand down, Father,” I ordered. “...or forever rest in peace.”
“Grrr...to think that I shall fall to a mere Hoshidon’t orphan...”, Garon grumbled struggling to remain standing.
“Welcome to the end of our World War...old geezer”, Xander taunted. Several of us turned our heads to stare at Xander in disbelief. This was the first time we heard Xander use other words to refer to our father, much more “old geezer” of all choices. Although, they were hardly inappropriate.


“Curse you, runt!”, Father yelled. “Curse you and your mother! Curse you for turning to the darkies’ side; to the filthy yellow people. And you all still call yourselves a Nohrian Senator!”
“Hmph, it looks like you are no better than the Hoshidan fascists,” Xander calmly retorted. “My mother refused to stoop down to their level, and neither shall we.”
“Yeah!”, Elise’s voice screamed pierced through the room. “Go screw yourself! We are through!!”
“Hmph so you say,” Father rebuffed. “You know that Macguire and his goons still holds the Capitol and the Vice President under ransom...”

“Not anymore!!!”, a manly voice called out.

I turned around towards the back, and saw Sakura, her new retainers, Generals MacArthur and Marshall.


“The Vice-President is now safe and sound, and we’ve got the radio broadcast to prove it!”, General Marshall proclaimed, while he turned on the radio, with the channel set to Voice of Nohr. A voice we recognize crackled through the speakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I hope you are all well. I’d like to announce that the Capitol is once again in safe hands. The American Nazis led by Charles MacGuire are being arrested by the dozens. While we are still trying to locate our President in Hoshido, rest assured that I, the Vice President, shall act on his behalf in the meantime! I repeat, I shall act upon the President’s duties as our Vice President!”

“Well, there we go,” Doug remarked as he switched off the radio.
“You shall hereby be arrested for treason and attempted overthrow of our established government,” General Marshall declared. “Under heavy guard, you shall be transported back to Washington to face legal proceedings. As with all criminal proceedings, you have the right to remain silent, under Miranda’s rights, and you shall have access to a lawyer.”
“Grrr...”, Father grumbled as the military police staff handcuffed him.
“All right, buster,” one of the MPs shouted. “...Now march!” 

And this was the last we ever saw Father besides us, as the MPs took him away from the office.

Chapter 27: The Business Plot: Epilogue 2: Takumi’s defiance



“Whew,” I exclaimed with relief as we saw the last of Father. “After this, we just need to find the president, and it’s all over for us...”
“Words are that Sakura and her company located the President,” Xander reported. “They shall arrive in any minute.”

No sooner did Xander finished speaking did Sakura, our President, and the rest of our new Hoshidan allies arrived.
“Nii-sama!”, Sakura called.
“Sakura-chan! Mr. President!” I called back. “Goodness, your excellency, thank the Lord you are safe!”


“As I am,” the President replied, “Though I never expected help to come from the Hoshidans. That was quick to switch sides, wasn’t it.”

“Well done, brothers and sisters,” Xander congratulated. “I think it’s time for an actual celebration.”
“Well, it looks like it,” I replied with my eyes beaming up. “It has been too long hasn’t it?”
“We’re still not over yet,” Leo cautioned. “We still have to sort out all the postwar arrangements.”
“Though that would be easier to deal with than all the battles we went through, no?”, Camilla asked.

“Not necessarily,” Leo refuted. “Considering what Wilson and others did with Valm years ago. Some of the decisions made after the war are the toughest. At least, with wars, we have a clear objective to unite with. In fact, they clearly didn’t have as much political will or the courage to either forgive or punish Valm thoroughly. Thus, we must be really careful with our choices with Hoshido.”


“Anyway, let’s get out of here,” Beruka said. “I think we all could do with some fresh air. And some less opportunities for assassins to get us.”
I replied, “All right let’s move-“

But I never finished the sentence. Suddenly, shots of bullets rang through the corridors.

To be continued... Next, the final chapter!!!

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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Chapter 28 Intro Coming Soon, once and for all!

Endgame: Kyujo Incident – Takumi’s Revenge: Introduction 1



As soon as I exited into the hallway to see what was going on, I nearly grazed myself with a bullet.



“Wait a minute…who on earth?” I wondered out loud as I started at the sniper. “No…No! I can’t be!!”, I exclaimed in horror as I realised just who that usurper was.



It was none other than Takumi, who escaped from Shimonoseki!


Endgame: Kyujo Incident – Takumi’s Revenge: Introduction 2:



Before we knew it, some more men, presumably soldiers under Takumi rushed to the scene and aimed our guns.


“So we meet again, Hisashi,” Takumi said coolly. While his tone itself was calm, I could feel the vengeance underneath his calm exterior.
“Takumi, what are you doing here?”, I asked. I could not comprehend what he was doing. Here he was a small group of insurgents, aiming their guns at us. Did they not know their country had lost? Or…did they simply not care.
“Get your president here. Now,” he ordered.
“No, we will not. You put all of your guns down this instant!”, I ordered back.


Blam!! Takumi and his men fired another round of bullets above us. We ducked instincitvely.
“You hikokumin! I will never submit to the likes of you!”, he yelled out as we slowly stood back up.


“Takumi-niisan! Please stop this madness!”, Sakura pleaded. “It’s too late! Our government signed the surrender! The Emperor called a truce-“
“As. If. I. Care!!!”, he retorted. “I will never stoop down to the dishonors of surrender! I will fight to the end! It’s either victory or death with honour! And you better come here and fight along us this instant!”
“Takumi, please stop this now!”, I yelled.

Blam, blam blam, blam!!! Takumi’s side started to fire further rounds. We hid in whatever doorways we could find.
“Death! Murder! BETRAYAL!! I will kill you, Hisashi! I...WILL...KILL YOU!!”, Takumi screamed as he kept firing left, right, and centre. An avalanche of bullets ensued from Takumi and his men.


Pow!! A sudden sting hit one of my legs as I tried to gain ground.
“Ngh! Shit!!” I grunted as I fell down.


“Big bro/Nii-san!! Noooo!!”, Elise and Sakura cried.


“Dammit, Hisashi! Get back here now!”, Leo and Beruka yelled.
“Eveyone, chip away at the soldiers one by one!”, Xander yelled as he fired his gun. “Hisashi, get behind us! We’ll take care of this!”

I crawled back into the office room as fast as I could. I lay down on the floor as others were crouching down and firing their guns. It probably took another minute or two, before the guys got out of the rooms to advance up the hallway.

But I still had trouble standing up and move around. I thought the only thing I could in the heat of the moment that would in some way make up for my absence. I turned to Sakura who was one of the two people tending me.


“Sakura,” I said. “I need you to take up my rifle and fight for me.”
“Sorry, come again?” she asked.
“I need you to join the guys and take my rifle for me.”


“N…no, onii-san…,” Sakura muttered. “I can’t possibly-“
“Don’t worry, you can do it,” I reassured her. “If need be, I’ll follow you through the hall with the others.”
“Hisashi, you sure you’ll be okay?”, Xander asked.
Sakura did not say a word, perhaps still confused by what I had been saying.
“Sakura, Xander. It’s okay. I’ve got everything bandaged. We’re trapped anyway. We’ll advance up slowly together. You, me, and everybody else. That’s the only way we’ll get through.”

Finally, Sakura relented with the following words.


“O-okay… B-but I need you to stick with me… Im still nervous about this…”, Sakura replied. “Also…promise me you’ll back down… Please…don’t get yourself killed…” 


“I’ll have to give my approval as well for now, but I agree with Sakura,” Xander cautioned me. “Please, do not overextend yourself. You, me, Sakura-san, every one of our family and friends… We been through a lot. We must make sure we get through this alive.”
“Brother, Little Sister, thank you both,” I replied. I then turned to the others. “All right! I’m ready! Let’s move out!”
“Wait, you sure you’re going to be okay, hun?!”, Beruka asked.
“We’ve figured it out. To be honest, I can’t think of a better choice than this,” Xander answered.


“As long as we stick together and work our way steadily, we can do this!”, I said.

To arms, Senators and fellow citizens!!



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  • henrymidfields changed the title to Let's play Conquest (Normal Classic) - WW2 Pacific Theatre Edition! Endgame Intro uploaded!
  • 2 weeks later...

Endgame: Kyujo Incident – Takumi’s Revenge: The Battle



So we had to go from the Company President’s room of the Dai-Ichi Insurance Building’s top floor, across the hallway to the elevator lobby where Takumi and his soldiers set up their guns. Even worse, they have machine guns set up [Takumi’s energy wave] and the soldiers adding the ammunitions. But we survived through many perilous battles before, and we will do so here.


Turn 1 – 7:00pm
So from the northernmost room, we rushed down the hallway as much as we can, with Effie and Arthur making good use of the chokepoints from the rubble that had built up. Felicia fired up her Silence EMP Mortar to disable one of the Oni Riflemen’s magic guns, and fired it up again against one of the rogue Pro-Nazi spies [Maids] with Azura’s double-time order.

On the enemy phase, light and heavy riflemen [Ninjas and Generals] concentrated their fire on Effie, while other Oni Riflemen took on Arthur.

Turn 2 – 7:05pm




Xander and Elise attacked the two Nohrian Heavy Riflemen, while Effie took on the Hoshidan Light Riflemen.



We noticed that some of Takumi’s allies took over some of the rooms further ahead. I sent in Odin with his magic bazooka and Niles with his sniper rifle to surpress the Onmyoji Granadiers. Silas and Keaton surpressed the campers on the other room, taking out a rogue Nohrian Marine [Hero] and a Hoshidan Light Riflemen respectively, aided by Mozu and my sweethart.



Meanwhile, Sakura and I took out one of the Oni Riflemen, while Selena took out the other one with a lucky hit. After all of this is done, I could order Camilla and Beruka to secure the area ahead. Felicia did her third charge of her Silence EMP Mortar and disabled the surpression weapon from one of the spies [Maid] from the next area of the hallway.

On the enemy phase, Dracon League Bazooka Infantries [Malig Knights] swooped in to attack Arthur.

Turn 3 – 7:10pm



We moved into the next area of the hallway. Mozu got rid of one of the Special Marines [Paladin] further ahead, while Silas took down another Hoshidan Light Rifleman with Mozu’s support fire.



Meanwhile, Odin on the opposite wing took down one of the Dracon Infantries (by this time we were one-shotting everyone). Arthur, seeing his chance swooped in to incapaciate the rogue spy firing her EMP at us, while Leo finished off the other Dracon Infantry. The rest of us moved forward, and we all set up for our barricades [Xander’s Dragon Vein] just as we heard one of Takumi’s goons calling for the others to ready their machine gun.

For the Enemy Phase, all of Takumi’s machine guns [dark wave attack] set off at us while we waited for the coast to clear.

Turn 4 – 7:15pm




There was one more enemy between us and Takumi’s barricade. It was the chief riflemen [Great Master] who effectively led the battalion against us. I ordered Keaton and Selena to advance up; the latter engaged the Great Master with the former providing support fire. Immediately after that, Beruka swooped in for the kill. Now we had a clear line of movement to Takumi!

But we had no time to waste, as other enemy soldiers were closing in on us from the side rooms.

Turn 5 – 7:20pm




We needed to deal with this fast! Odin and Niles took out the rogue magic grenadier and the rogue Special Marine on the west side.




On the east side, Felicia, Arthur, and Beruka did the same with the other rogue Special Marine and a Marine Sniper [Bow Knight]. 

Now, it was against Takumi’s barricade.




Elise released an Enfeeble Gas Mortar against Takumi, and Selena, Effie, and Mozu started gunning for it. A scuffle ensued and Takumi panicked with his other men on the barricade scambled to get their pistols. It was no use, however, as a well-timed shot from Mozu’s sniper rifle disarmed and disabled Takumi from further resisting us. At last, we’ve emerged victorious!



...Now for the ending!!!!

Stats: Final Results



Myself Nohrian Senator Noble, Lv 19, HP 53
30, 21, 28, 34, 27, 25, 21 Sword B, Tome B, Dragonstone B
Extra skills: Aptitude, (HP+5), Renewal, (Shurikenbreaker), (Vantage), (Heartseeker),

Felicia Kalosian/French Maid, Lv 40, HP 33
15, 28, 33, 30, 33, 17, 30 Dagger B, Staff S
Extra skills: Shurikenfaire, Aptitude, Nobility

Elise Medic Truck Strategist, Lv 20, HP 32
7, 38, 25, 35, 35, 12, 34 Tome D, Staff B
Extra skills: Aptitude, Rally Speed

Silas Light Tank + Paladin, Lv 19, HP 43
31, 3, 32, 31, 30, 30, 19 Lance B, Sword C
Extra skills: (Luna), (Sol), (Aptitude), Movement +1, (Astra), (Duelists Blow)

Arthur A true American Hero, Lv 20, HP 48+5
36, 1, 35, 24, 20, 34, 18 Sword D, Axe B
Extra skill: Lucky Seven, Aptitude, HP+5, Certain Blow

Effie Heavy Tank + General, Lv 19, HP 47
44, 3, 27, 24, 33, 38, 15 Lance A, Axe D
Extra skill: Aegis, Aptitude

Odin Magical Gun Tank Sorcerer, Lv 20, HP 41
19, 28, 30, 26, 28, 26, 22 Tome A
Extra skill: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Duellist Blow

Niles Elite Sniper Spy Adventurer, Lv 19, HP 36
25, 27, 24, 40, 16, 22, 35 Bow B, Staves D
Extra skill: Pass, Aptitude

Mozu Elite Sniper Spy, Lv 20, HP 40
34, 7, 39, 37, 27, 29, 24 Bows A
Extra skill: (Profiteer), Pavise (with all Villager and Archer/Sniper skills)

Azura Propagandist Singer, Lv 39, HP 34
30, 14, 35, 37, 29, 14, 21 Lance D
Extra skills: Aptitude, (Profiteer), Nobility, Replicate

Beruka Fighter Plane Wyvern Lord, Lv 19, HP 42
27, 4, 38, 24, 29, 38, 16 Lance C, Axe B

Extra skills: Aptitude, Sol, Savage Blow

Selena Royal Aussie Battler Ylissan Hero, Lv 20, HP 47+5
31, 5, 28, 36, 21, 34, 17 Sword B, Axe C
Extra skills: Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker, HP+5, Poison Strike, (Air Superiority)

Camilla B29 Bomber (Atomic Bomb) Wyvern Lord, Lv 19, HP 41
33, 11, 31, 33, 24, 31, 21 Axe B, Lance C
Extra Skills: Aptitude, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker and all Wyvern/Malig class skills

Leo Magical Light Tank Dark Knight, Lv 20, HP 44
24, 34, 25, 28, 25, 21, 30 Sword C, Tome B
Extra Skills: Shurikenbreaker, Aptitude, Nobility

Keaton Inglorious Bastard Supersoldier Wolfssegner, Lv 17, HP 57
39, 0, 15, 20, 21, 36, 14 Beaststone B

Xander Midweight Tank Paladin, Lv 19, HP 46
35, 4, 25, 29, 31, 32, 21 Sword B, Lance C

Extra skills: Sol, Aptitude, Aegis

Kaze Anti-facist Counter-propaganda and Japanese translation officer
Retired from active combat due to injury.



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On 9/2/2021 at 9:10 PM, Dayni said:

Hey, this got an update?

Good to see the finale has started too. Any parts you're particularly chuffed with?

Writing the Awakening kids in and writing their mischiefs depicted in the intermission between Chapter 24 and 25 were a lot of fun! Otherwise, I had a blast at writing Selena as an stereotypical Aussie Digger tsundere.

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  • 5 months later...

Ending: Part 1 Takumi’s Surrender



We all surrounded Takumi and his soldiers, our guns ready. One by one, the soldiers released their guns and raised their hands. I was still waiting for Takumi to raise his pair of hands, but he kept drawing himself back towards the elevator lobby.


“It’s over, Takumi. Put your hands up.”
“Dammit! How could I lose…?!”

I started to lose my patience with him, and started to load my gun. Suddenly, Takumi started to make a run for the stairs.

“Takumi! Stop this now!”

I chased him with my gun in tow, but a well-aimed shot from Mozu and others stopped him in his tracks as he collapsed onto the floor.


“Ugh! Dammit! You bastards!” Takumi screamed these words while crawling towards the stairwell.
“Guys, arrest him! Tie his hands!”


Soon enough, Effie and Xander wrestled their hands onto Takumi’s and tied them together behind.

“Huuh… Seriously, you really need to know when to give up,” I warned.
“…You murderers. You traitor. You think you can get away with this? Huh?” His tone and his eyes betrays his ongoing defiance.
“You think I care?”
“Just you wait. Someday, we’ll revive this great empire. And the next time, we’ll make your people suffer. We will not forget your evil deeds our great nation and culture.”

“Enough of your nonsense!”

I suddenly turned aside to see Sakura. Her high-pitched burst of anger pierced through the halls and caught every men and women’s attention.

“Takumi nii-san. No, Takumi would be more appropriate. I had enough.”
“You still dare side with these oppressors? Bitch, you’re no better than this bloodthirsty general.”


“No, it’s you, Hinoka, and Ryoma. You three, and many others, who insist on starting a futile war. We’ll bring glory to this Empire. We’ll show the western devils the greatness of our culture. Well guess what? We all ended up hungry or dead, people across Asia are also hungry or dead, and for what? No, this sacrifice was all for nothing. All because of people like you who hates people outside of our home. All because of you’re greed for prestige. All because of officials and royalties like you who ended up being thankless despite us being the only nation in Asia that avoided the colonial conquests, and attained enough respect from the European powers for them to leave us alone until now. All of you! All of you are a disgrace to us! And if your way is the only way for us to belong as Hoshidans, then I don’t want to belong to your stupid Empire anymore!”

Sakura turned to me and issued me the following words.
“Hisashi-san! As one of the head of authority of our former Empire, please arrest Takumi and take him away!”
“With pleasure and respect! Thank you, your Imperial Highness! Effie, Xander, Felicia, take Takumi away!”

And this was the last time I saw Takumi in person.

After this, we immediately head over to the Emperor’s Palace in the city centre. There were some reports from other Nohrian and Commonwealth forces that the Hoshidan Army remnants have barricaded all of the Palace’s gates. Our worry was thankfully unfound as we saw Allied forces escorting the surrendering remnants. Much less comforting was the blood spilt and the laying bodies across the entry grounds. We all figured out that they were from shame-induced mass suicides.

I’ll also add a few words in regards to Takumi’s fate. He was tried in the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, charged for various war crimes, including this uprising against us. There were many counts of the mistreatment of prisoners of war under his watch in South East Asia, prior to his withdrawal back to the Home Islands. His fanaticism also made many in Okinawa suffer; many of them were forced into suicide when they were surrounded by Allied troops. No one was allowed to surrender. Unsurprisingly, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, although when I recently checked the records for writing this memoir, he was eventually granted parole by 1958. I have asked a couple of his former colleagues about him, but they all declined to be interviewed.


Ending: Part 2 Tour around Tokyo



We spent the next few days garrisoned in the various former government buildings across Tokyo. There were some sporadic uprisings and some suicides by various groups across Hoshido. Nevertheless, from what we saw, the people seemed to have accepted our hopefully temporary rule. Meanwhile the General Headquarters by General Doug were busy stabilising the country and responding to needs of the survivors. One of the most urgent needs were food shortages, a chronic problem that lasted for the rest of the decade, and there were understandably a number of demonstrations from the populance.


(A picture showing one of the demonstrations. This one is actually from the real-life Food May Day in 19 May 1946 in Tokyo)

I toured around the city with Xander, Sakura, and Commander Laurent. 

“…I’m terribly sorry about what happened to Princess Lucina,” Sakura said to Laurent.
“The same could be said of your family. It’s most unfortunate that our history has come to this.”

Sakura and Laurent looked quite forlorn. But then again we all were. The real battle was just the beginning, and it was also one that was out of our hands. The bureaucrats and the politicians, both Nohrian and Hoshidan were in charge now. Moreover, there were growing disagreements across the Allied nations, most notably with the People’s Republic of Crimea. It was an uncertain time that would eventually develop into the Cold War.


“…So, what are you to do now that the whole conflict is over?” I asked Sakura. To be honest, this was the only question I could ask.
“I am not sure to be honest. There has been talks within my family and our [Imperial Household] Agency that some of our family branches might be demoted from being Imperial members. My family is one of those that they’re considering cutting.”
“Which means?”
“As the only surviving member of my family I’ll have to be an ordinary citizen.”

I was not so sure whether that was a good thing, but judging from her face, it certainly didn’t seem like it. Nevertheless, I decided to further ask her.

“And how do you feel about that?”
“I’m not too surprised,” Xander replied. “I suppose the Imperial Family and the Government are in dire financial straits at the moment. With all of the war expenditures and material shortages. Still it sounds very harrowing when being in the Imperial House is all you’ve known in your life.”
“A bit unusual, I have to say,” Laurent commented. “I’ve only heard of one possible case The British Monarch which was our previous King, and even though he have a lot of missteps including his association with the Valmese, the Royal Family never entirely disowned him and his wife.”

“Maybe it’s not too bad once I get used to it,” Sakura continued. “Perhaps I might find my newfound freedom I couldn’t have before… But it’s still terrifying.”


To be honest, I was at a loss of words myself. And frankly, I think she was exaggerating. She has been rebelling bravely against her own corrupt government, and she should have known this might have happened. And besides, my family and particularly I myself had to struggle our way up, something she never really had to. There were a lot of racially-motivated rumors particularly we, and particularly Mom, faced.

Many in our old town called Mom “tainted”, or a “Jap lover”, or something like that, some shopkeepers who she previously shopped with now refused to do business with her, and it only got worse after this war started. We did have a few friends who stuck with us thick and thin, however, and they were there to make our live more bearable.

 But I disgress, as I am not Sakura-chan.


Provisional release. Mock-footage pictures coming soon. 

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