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Partner Seal Chart - An in-depth chart of all possible S Supports in Fire Emblem Fates

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Here it is!

I was really glad that my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart" was positively received, and I hinted to the possibility of me making a "Partner Seal Chart" as well...
Well, after countless hours, I finally managed to make a complete chart of all possible marriages in Fire Emblem Fates!
(Yes all 817 of them!, at least when counted in one direction. In reality marriages work in both ways, so some information will be displayed twice.)

Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqZ3dpcjZwdU9CX0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-zq0JMUw2kAIcBfIeCmCR-A

This chart shows all the possible marriages, the classes and skills that are gained from said marriage for both the parent and the child, the support bonuses from both the guard and attack stance that the unit in question would gain from a S support, and last but not least, this chart also shows the stat modifiers from the parents that determine the maxium stat caps of their children.
I believe this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of what pair you should give that Partner seal to.

Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Partner Seals:
Partner Seals are used between two characters of the opposite sex that can support with eachother, (although there are two exceptions, Niles and Rhajat can have a same sex marriage with the Avatar) in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Friendship Seal, the Partner seal works in both ways. This means that when unit A has a S support with unit B, unit B also has a S support with unit A. From most marriages one or possibly two children are born, with one base class and two classes that are inherited from each of the parents. The parents also determine the possible maximum stats the child can reach in each attribute.

Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites.

I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! :):

I you would like to check out my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart", click here.

With thunderous ambition,

P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere or another kind of error.

Fire Emblem Fates - Partner Seal Chart.pdf

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I am currently doing a personal project, and this chart is pretty helpful, but I think there may be (at least) one issue. Elise marrying Jakob seems to give her 'Troubadour' instead of the 'Cavalier' I and fireemblem.fandom.com expect. Is this a mistake or is there some other reason why that is?


Another I found is that Takumi gets Apothecary from Mozu, while the document says he gets Archer. And also that he gets Monk from Hana instead of Samurai.

I found something interesting with Hana. My method predicts she should get Apothecary from Azama, but both your document and fireemblem.fandom.com say she doesn't get anything. Do you know why?


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