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I like having fun/different/completely strange classes on characters, so I figure I should do a PMU (also so I use characters I don't normally use). I'll choose the difficulty after I have all the units. If I get a bunch of good ones, I'll go Lunatic.

Thanks guys, I have a full cast for my PMU playthrough!


Any child character has to have both parents picked as well.

I don't have DLC, so class limits are 2 Dark Fliers, 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Lodestar, 1 Great Lord and 1 Witch OR Balistician.

If I get any of the children characters, then I'll recruit them as soon as their Paralogue becomes available.

The Cast:

1. General Eve (MU, +Def, -Mag. Knight Talent)

2. Dark Flier Saizo

3. Dread Fighter Kaze

4. Priestess Sakura

5. Lodestar Shura

6. Ballistician Niles

7. Adventurer Mozu!Velouria (via A+ Nina)

8. Bow Knight Keaton (via A+ Laslow. S Mozu)

9. Kinshi Knight Azura!Shiro

10. Paladin Ryoma (via A+ Xander)

11. Swordmaster Azura (via S Ryoma)

12. Sorcerer Mozu (via A+ Nyx. S Keaton)

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Maid Anna (if you have her DLC, otherwise PR Sakura)

(Note: PR = Priestess)

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