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Birthright PMU By Michelaar

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I love Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, and I just finished Revelation. I want to replay these games, starting with BR. But with an PMU style that I have never done before.

my rules

- 15 units including corrin will be in this playtrough. 5 of which will be children. Kana is not required.

- I will create my character, but you can decide the Boon, bane and talent. Also the class what she will be. This will be chosen by one person

- Characters may be reclassed. Every reclass option (also from Friendship seals and partner seals) are allowed

- I won't be using dlc for this game. So you can have 2 dark falcons, 2 dread fighters, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Great Lord and either A ballistician OR a Witch. Using any of these classes at all is not required.

- Tell me how I can get reclassed classes.

- Pairings may also be decided. I don't care if I'm using them on my actual team or not.

- Don't do troll classes or units please


1. Alysia (Female avatar) +Spd -Res Mechanist. (Hinata S)

2. Blacksmith Orochi (Hayato S)

3. Paladin Kagero (Silas S)

4. Kinshi Knight Oboro (Subaki S)

5. Maid Hana (Jakob S)

6. Blacksmith Rinkah

7. Swordmaster Hinata (Avatar S)

8. Priestess Sakura

9. Hero Shura

10. Ballistician Takumi

Child characters

11. Maid Selkie (Hinoka) (Dwyer S)

12 Dread Fighter Asugi (Mozu)

13. Hoshido Noble Hisame (Avatar)

14. Basara Shiro (Rinkah)

15. Butler Shigure (Takumi)

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+Spd/-Res Corrin will marry Hinata.

Hinata will be a Swordmaster b/c dat coat.

Hisame, if I'm allowed to choose another, should be a Hoshido Noble.

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Hmm... How about... Blacksmith Rinkah. Pretty basic, I know, but people really dislike her.

Be happy I'm not giving you the Strategist Ryoma or Einherjar unit I have to use...

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Why not try a Rinkah!Rhajat as a Basara? Pretty simple, but at least she keeps her nice magic.

Hayato is already married to Orochi it seems.

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Rinkah!Shiro as a Basara. It also makes Shiro have white hair. :) It's perfect. Plus you'll get to see those incredibly over the top Basara crits

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