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Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Character Recruitment Swap

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After learning how to create dynamic new blocks that mean we do not have to edit GameData, I now bring you, the Conquest recruitment swap!

What does this do?

Simple, you get Hoshidans while playing through Conquest!


Download HERE;

(This will most likely not work if Conquest was downloaded as DLC, feel free to try it though)

NOTE: This is NOT a story swap, it just swaps who you get with their Hoshidan counterpart, so some cutscenes will make no sense (or function properly), also note that for European versions, this was only done in English language, so on some other languages characters will have the incorrect portraits and voice clips during their join dialogue.

By default, Hoshidans cannot support in Conquest and Vice versa, I have included a GameData.bin file with the support lock patched out, but if you run another patch that patches this out and allows everyone to support on any route (Such as UnassumingVenusaur Expanded Same Sex Marriage hack) then you don't need the GameData file provided with this patch.

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