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Tiled ID problems

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Somebody please help me. I'm using tiled and every time I try to insert a map with map changes, it tells me that the ID was not located. I am using the newest version of Tiled and a very descriptive explanation would be extremely helpful. I can't find a video on it anywhere and all of the written tutorials are based on an older version of tiled that I do not have. PLEASE HELP :'(

I think the main problem I have is how do I set the ID? because in the tutorial it shows the ID as a property and the # (ie. 0 or 1 or etc) as a value. Yet it doesn't explain whether that value should be a bool, int, float, or string. (It can't be a bool and I doubt it's a float.) But even though I've tried all options it tells me the ID is wrong. I don't have the same version as in the tutorial for tiled since it's an older version, so I'm thinking that may be the problem.

TL:DR I cannot get the ID's to work. It ask me to use int/string/bool/float for the value, and everything is so confusing....

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I'll use my current Chapter 1 map from my hack, seeing as I'll be getting rid of it and replacing it.

So here's my map open in Tiled


Notice how there's an arrow pointing at "Main"? Well that's what I named that layer, because it's the main layer. The map with no tile changes. What you name layers does NOT matter AT ALL.

So once you're done making the main layer, have that layer highlighted and click "Properties". You will be able to re-name it, name it whatever you like. However, the important part is adding your own custom properties. Click the + and add a custom property named "Main". YOU MUST NAME IT "Main". And I think it's case sensitive so just do as it shows in the following picture.


Now that you've done that, you can add more layers. I'm gonna show you what "0" does. I named it 0 because that's its ID.



When "0" is selected, the top left tile gets changed, as pointed out. Make sure you got your tile change placed exactly where you want it.

Afterwards, you must add custom properties to that layer. And you must add these custom properties to every layer after "Main". Example here:


These are pretty self-explanatory. The only thing you need to know for height and width is, if it's more than 1 high, or 1 wide, the X and Y values will be in the top left of that tile change. Understand? I hope that was clear.

Tiled will also show you the coordinates of your tile if you have the cursor hovered over any place on the map in the bottom left corner, so you can help you.


Here is all of my layers selected and changed.

I must add, however, that Tiled reads values in Decimal, and Event Assembler reads values in Hex. So what that means is when you give your tile change an ID of "10" in Tiled, it'll be "0xA" in Event Assembler.

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Okay, thank you for your response. Sorry it took so long to reply. I just got off of work. But in any case, did you set the values to string or int? Because I do exactly as you show, and it seems like it still messes up. Always saying the ID is set wrong. I've followed the old tutorial and yours and for some reason i still get an error :/

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I guess what I really need to know is do i set the values to int or string.

P.S. my map is 40x40 for FE7, could that also be the problem?

Okay, well the maximum size I believe is 43x36. And I have no idea what int, string, bool, float means. I have never even heard of that. So that's probably why in any tutorial doesn't explain that. I've followed many tutorials regarding Tiled and that was not in any of them. Where are you seeing this prompt that asks you if it should be in bool, int, string, float, or whatever the hell that weird language is?

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