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How come Yune couldn't just take a form of a dead human

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Yune could've just find a body and put her spirit inside instead of Michiah's body,even though she was alive!She didn't even make a appearnce in PoR!And there is a ashera staff and she didn't appear in path of radiance!

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If she was awakened in PoR,Ashera woud've been defeated in FE9,and Ashnard would've been killed in FE10.


Assuming they wanted to carry it that way and not do what Awakening did and resolve it all as one game. Since Ashnard could've been beaten and then you moved onto Ashera just chapters later at most.

It'd probably have killed the pacing between the two, honestly.

But I've yet to be able to play Radiant Dawn so I wouldn't know the full extent of everything involved.

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