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Thracia77Swiss (Smash Wii U Tourney): Knife wins it!

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As per suggested by Knife, I am trying out the Swiss format of tournaments. For an explaination of what Swiss is, scroll past the rule-set.


3 Stock
8 Minutes
Best 2 of 3
5 Round Swiss Tournament
No Customs

Starter Stages
● Battlefield
● Final Destination
● Smashville
● Dreamland 64
● Town & City
Counterpick Stages
● Duck Hunt
● Lylat Cruise
● Halberd
● Omega Stages*
* Treated as Final Destination in banning phase. If Final Destination is banned, Omega Stages are banned and vice versa.**

What is a Swiss styled tournament? A swiss tournament, is when the players all go a set number of rounds against certain opponents. No one is eliminated, instead players get points for their performance every round. Those with similar points will face off in the later rounds, the first round will be based on seeds, that Euklyd my second in command so to speak, sets up. The point setups are thus. You get 1 point for winning a match in a set, you get 1 whole point for winning a set. This will result in the winner of a set getting 3 points, but if you manage a win even if you lose the set, you'll still come out of the set with a point to your name. A perfect score would be 15 points. As we are doing 5 rounds.

If there is a tie between two people, then we will have a best 3 out of 5 grand finals, if there is more than 2 tied somehow, we will continue with another round, until there is a proper victor

The way stage choice works is thus, either both players agree to a stage to start on, or do a method to decide who starts striking stages, my personal suggestion is Game & Watch Hammer, which is when both players pick Game & Watch and use his Side B move and whomever gets a higher number gets the first stage strike. This is also a good way to lag test.

The person who strikes first, strikes a stage from the Starter list, then the 2nd person strikes a stage and this continues until only one starter stage left which is the one you both play on

Whomever wins a match, can strike 2 stages and the person who lost may select out of the remaining legal stages. There is also something called Dave's Stupid rule, where you cannot counter-pick to a stage you've won on in the set

This will keep the strict timelines seen in Joined by Fate (JBF), However since this is Swiss, the time-frames will be somewhat more generous. 4 to 5 days a round

Character Changes - While you can change your characters during the set, you must tell your opponent you are switching and who to, as is proper in an official tournament. Unless you 2 agree to be secretive, I don't mind either way

There is also the Gentleman's agreement, in which both players can agree to play on a nonlegal stage, this also can override Dave's Stupid Rule

Mii Fighters are allowed, but they must be 1111 set, sorry folks.

- Not Sure About Replays at this point of time.

- Please give me your NNID when you sign up, even if you did previously, just for consistency sake.

Signups + NNID

1. Jedi - Jedisupersonic

2. Knife - omar8193

3. Tsunami - Tsunami922

4. Aura Wolf - Octaivian

5. Taav - TaavIsaac

6. SaltyBucket - badbot5000

7. MrStardustRicon - MrStardustRicon

8. General Horace - WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA

9. Dotty - RagamuffinDotty

10. Gemma - DunamisKing

11. Lord Raven - muheds

12. Euklyd - Euklyd

13. Batter - lolinternets

14. MCProductions - randomsonicvideo

15. Elieson - Elieson

16. Right_here - shadowdragon925

17. PKL -

18. IceSage - IceSage776

19. Shin -

20. Refa - RefaTheGreat

Edited by Jedi

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Since PKL wanted to join as well (he posted on discord earlier) ill join as well so it can be 18! 18 should be fine for swiss!

Nnid IceSage776

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Ok finally got on, yes 18 works for Swiss I just worked it out and it should still even out.

Also General Horace brought up an interesting point, would you guys like the top 8 of the swiss round to go into a small bracket for the "finals" so to speak? Then it'd go into regular style rules and stuff.

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I'd rather have a Bottom half of Swiss form their own league, where all the top quality players can go to town and let us scrubs have our fun with people on par with each other

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that's also an idea, the top half and bottom half could split and both have brackets after the swiss tournament has played out, that way there would be more games with people close in skill level (the first two rounds of swiss are usually not very close for the most part)

Edited by General Horace

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that's also an idea, the top half and bottom half could split and both have brackets after the swiss tournament has played out

Sounds legit, although our now uneven numbers could cause a problem? I'm not sure.

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could just run a 9 person double elim, it's kinda jank but the 8th/9th people would play in a pseudo round one (the winner would face the top seed, and the other is sent to losers) and then the tournament proceeds normally after either the loser of 2/7 or 3/6 play the loser of the 8th/9th game in psuedo losers round 1


Also when's the bracket going up? Ideally I wanna get my round 1 match done asap cause i'm pretty busy during the week this week. Unless we're delaying the start until next weekend fsr.

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