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What is the Einherjar price formula in the logbook?

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I am trying to figure out why my Einherjar units' prices differ, even though their stats and skill sets appear to be identical.

I bought my first two generic Troubadours (Trim) from the shop. I used the Logbook trick to keep them level 1 while maxing their stats, gave them Boots, class changed them to all possible DLC classes, and applied all applicable skill scrolls onto them. Their final price is 73,300G each.
I did the same thing for the next pair of Shrine Maidens and their final price is the same at 73,300G.
And again for the next pair of Sky Knights and the price is the same.

However, when I trained a second pair of Trims again, their final price is 72,500G each.

At first, I thought I might have missed giving them a skill scroll or stat booster, but I double checked and both pairs of Trims have the same maxed stats across all classes and have all the same skills. I have been comparing them back and forth to make sure all the stats, movement, class sets, and skill sets are the same for the past hour or so. I even made sure they have maxed all weapon ranks to make them the same. All of them are also still level 1.

This is all I can figure out so far:

1. Each additional skill after the fourth skill increases the cost by 800G.
e.g.: A generic Trim fresh from the shop costs 3,000G. A Trim knowing one to four skills still costs 3,000G. Knowing five skills will cost 3,800G. Knowing six skills will cost 4,600G.
(I tested this up to eight skills on a fresh Trim.)

2. The first Seraph Robe will raise the price by 300G, the next by 600G, the next by 900G, etc. So cumulatively, 3 Seraph Robes will raise the price by a total of 1,800G (300+600+900).
(I tested this on a fresh Trim with 15 HP all the way to 35 HP.)

3. The first set 35 points of stat boosts (except HP) cost 60G each, the second set cost 120G each, third set 180, etc.

i.e.: The first five Dragon Herbs will raise the price by 420G each for a total of 2,100G. The second five 840 each and total of 4,200. Cumulatively, 10 Dragon Herbs will raise the price by 6,300G.

(I tested this up to the third set of 35 points, using normal stat boosters as well when the Dragon Herbs capped Skill and Luck on a fresh Trim.)

4. Each pair of Boots will raise the price by 10,000G, and obviously up to a maximum of 20,000G with two pairs of Boots.

5. Weapon ranks have no effect on price just like in Awakening.

6. The number of classes it can change into seem to have no effect on price.
(I tested up to four DLC classes on a fresh Trim, not sure about five or more classes for generic males.)

My Trims, Minoris, and Konoes all:

1. Have maxed stats across all classes available to level 1 units
2. Have two pairs of boots
3. Can class change into dread fighters, dark fliers, witches, and great lords
4. Have rank A sword, B lance, B ax, B dagger, - bow, S tome, and - stone
5. Know the following skills:
Paragon, Point Blank, Strengthtaker, Magictaker, Skilltaker, Speedtaker, Lucktaker, Defensetaker, Resistancetaker, and Heavy Blade

It is driving me nuts trying to figure out why they are priced differently. Did the dragon herbs gave the first three pairs an invisible stat boost over the stat cap on certain stats? Did the game ignore a skill (73,300-72,500=800)? Is there a discount mechanism in the game? Is it an exploit/bug/glitch and if so how do I duplicate it again? So many questions bugging me!

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Number of classes the Einherjar can access have no effect on price but number of stat points achieved (including those in a reclass option saved on the Einherjar) are accounted for.

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I still have not figured it out completely yet, but I think the bug/glitch/exploit or whatever it is happens during the first time you update the unit in the Logbook.

I think the game for some reason permanently thinks the unit has one less skill than it actually does, so it calculates the price as if one of the skills is missing. So if you have ten skills on a unit, the game will calculate the price as if it had nine, so you can basically save 800G every time you recruit that buggy unit.

I was purchasing a few Minoris and I noticed the price was different after using the Logbook tick. I am trying to figure out what I did differently. I think I was slapping on all the skill scrolls, updated, and then slapped on as many stat boosters as I can, and then updated it again. I noticed the price difference after the second update. I tried slapping on all skills again without putting any stat boosters or Arms Scroll and then update, but the price did not change into the lower glitchy price.

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I need to correct myself. The bug/glitch does not happen when you first update it, it seems to happen when you purchase the unit. So far, it seems to be completely random, so the best bet to get a unit with the bug/glitch is to buy a lot of generic units and test each of them.

To test it, just slap on five skill scrolls to check its price. If it costs 3800G with five skills, it is normal; if it costs 3000G with five skills, it has the bug/glitch!

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I will buy character units online and see if they have the glitch as well. Although 800G is less than 1% of 141400G, a penny saved is a penny earned!

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