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BreadLord's attempts at mapping (and now mugs too)


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Okay so a while ago I started working on a Fire Emblem hack and I've discovered that making maps is a lot of fun. So since I'm new to this sort of thing I've decided I might as well post my maps here for critique and just general advice.

[spoiler=Spooky Temple]


This tileset was a pain to work with with all the edge tiles. I'm worried the bottom half looks a lot more bland compared the top half.

[spoiler=Castle Courtyard]


The first map I made. Really simple. The main prince character gets ambushed by some assassins here.

[spoiler=Obligatory Bandit map]


The river looks kinda awkward but otherwise I'm happy with this one. The good guys start on the hill in the top right.

[spoiler=Forest Map]




Decided to try something new and make this closed in pseudo indoors forest map. There's two versions here because I wasn't sure which I liked better, but I'm leaning towards the top one. I'm a bit worried about it being too chokepoint heavy though.

[spoiler=Defense Map]


So obviously this one isn't finished. Tried using FE Map Creator's random generation feature a bit for some parts. The mountain is super ugly but I don't really know how to do those.

So yeah, please tell me if my maps suck or not.

Edit: Fixed a height error on the temple map that slipped past me.

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They don't suck XD. On a quick look I can't see anything wrong with most of them, except for the mountain and maybe the "indoor forest" one.

The temple's my favorite one, especially because of the water, most of the time it's just pitch black on that tileset. Maybe you could add some more places where it moves, though that's just my opinion.

The Castle Courtyard doesn't have any technical errors, but it's kinda boring. Try changing the pattern you used on the northern wall, and maybe adding some dark grass, or making another part of the castle visible? The path could also be changed, though yours is probably more realistic, I would use the "dirt" path, not the "brick" one, it tends too look more... interesting I guess. Yours looks too meh IMO.

The Bandit map looks nice, though you do have some technical errors on this one, your paths tend to be missing a tile at the end, to smooth the transition from grass to dirt. The two paths on the left of the map, around the village are the best example of this. Try making the river less straight, that's probably what's making it look weird. Also this isn't an error or something, but I think that the single cliff tile would look better if it was facing the other way, to make it look like the middle part of the map was a bit higher than the rest.

Ok so the forest map looks off to me so I can't really tell you that it's good, but maybe if you get rid of the huge swathes of thicket tiles, and instead have a single thicket that doesn't let you pass into the "inner forest", than that would look better. You could also add some details inside of the "inner forests" to make the map look more interesting. The idea is pretty cool though I think it could be implemented differently. Also I feel the need to point out that there is more than one thicket tile XD.

As for the mountain map, it looks pretty good, though it could use something in the upper part of the map, it looks kinda empty.

As for how to make mountains, try reading this: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25963&page=4#entry3241524

Good luck making maps. I'm probably gonna try and make a forest like yours, I really liked the idea.

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So it's been a while since I've posted. I haven't made any new maps but I did try making some mugs that are for a personal project.So I guess this topic will be for maps and mugs now.


First is Mona, a mage.


And here's Bridgette, a soldier. Though I'm pretty sure this one is one color over the limit and I'm not sure how to fix it without making it look bad.

I've only made these two so far. I actually made them quite a while ago and wanted to wait until I had a few more finished but never got around to it.

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Aside from the helmet being a poor match for the rest of the portrait's angle, you haven't put any shading underneath the helmet so it looks like you just stuck it on

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