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Opinions on that Fire Emblem Fates character #1 - #65 (Check first page)

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Not actually much to say about her except I like her more then Tharja, but at the same time she's an Awakening clone and probably took up the slot of a more interesting character. For me she usually has Felicia's pink hair, so it's kind of funny.


A guilty pleasure I guess. I really like Ophelia, I find her adorable, and in general I use her a lot as a crit machine. I felt bad for her in most of her same sex supports, it feels like she gets picked on more than anything. Her support with Hisame is adorable.


meh/10, good design though

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Shiro: Easily the most well rounded of the kids, he's not guided by a gimmick, he has a believable relationship with his parents, and he bounces off well with other characters in the cast. It's really a shame he's locked into being a Gen 2 character because I feel he would've benefitted from being a part of the main cast.

Forrest: One of the biggest surprises of the cast, he has feminine traits and he could've easily been turned into another one of IS' feminine guys, but they take a different route with him and he benefits greatly from it. He understands that his likes are more feminine, but he doesn't mind and still enjoys it, and he shows a lot of confidence in who he is and what he likes. It's great to see a character like that, especially since it's so easy to screw up someone like him.

Beruka: A bit repetitive in her supports, but at least her gimmick makes for some good interactions such as with Saizo and Niles.

Garon: A terrible mixture of Vigarde and Travant that lacks anything good about their portrayals while also being horribly executed. What makes him worse is that the building blocks for a good villain are there, but they clearly didn't put too much care into developing those aspects and just left us with a glorified pile of goo.

Rhajat: I do like that her supports show her nicer side as well as her more socially awkward moments (ex. Selkie's), but I feel she's held back by being cheap fanservice to Awakening. She would've been better off as her own character rather then being tied to her predecessor.

Ophelia: She's cute, but she often comes off as just a knock off of her father rather then her own character.

Sumeragi: He only exists to die in the backstory and then reappear for cheap feels in Revelations. He does have some supports that give us bits and pieces about him, but they fail to expand on them, so ultimately he just feels like a prop that the story brings in whenever they need him to move the story along, and then discard as quickly as he came.

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Okay, I got back from my short trip.

Since I never played Awakening, I won't know much about Tharja, but after reading all of Rhajat's supports, I got an understanding about Rhajat's character.

Rhajat never focused about Corrin in her supports, even when we got about the topic of her stalking Corrin, she gave a reason for it unlike Tharja.

As for her actual supports, she seems to change in nearly every single support toward her feelings toward that character, whether be it friendship or love, and that's somewhat a good thing. But here's the problem, the thing that I don't like about Rhajat is her cursing people, and her reasons from what I understood for doing that is either she wants them to be away from her, they angered her, or she just does it for fun (without it being too harmful). Most of Rhajat's supports are good, but the cursing thing just turns me off. But her design is pretty likable though.

Unit-wise, she's pretty great, she has access to lots of good skills and has the highest magic growth if the mother is nyx, but that personal skill is pretty useless, you create a character with great magic potential, yet have her have a skill that requires the enemy to stay alive.

Ophelia: even though I haven't seen most of her supports, she's pretty identical to her father and maybe even Lissa from that before awakening mission, and I wasn't a big fan of Odin's personality.

Sumeragi: Cool design, it's interesting that Takumi can wear the same armor as sumeragi if you reclass takumi into swordmaster

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But it's still sad since some characters won't get their justice like Sakura compared to Elise, or characters like Dwyer that are hardly noticed.

Don't be sad. What's important is that they have loving fans and aren't so well hated. I mean, FE is considered a niche, but no one here is sad about that.

Anyway, moving on to the characters of the day.


Guh, I hate her supports with Corn. Why does she always have to be stalking the Avatar? Why can't it be that she does it at first, but learns the folly of her ways? Instead, you've got her pretty much always stalking the Avatar in the supports, and it gets to a point in the S support where Corn actually turns and stalks her, turning it all into some sick stalking game. Ugh, that's not cute or funny, that's creepy as hell. And how does it fit with the established character of Corn? And how is it that they turn this fucked up relationship into something long-lasting? In this respect, Rhajat is way worse than Tharja; at least Tharja had the integrity to try something different (but then again, there was an implied rape scene, so... yeah...).

Outside of those supports, I don't know too much. I hear that there's no mention of Corn in her supports with other characters, so that makes her a tad bit better than Tharja. If it weren't for her being obsessed with Corn and basically being a clone, I feel she'd not only be a significantly better character, but make a great bisexual option. But I guess we can't always get what we want, can we? Here's hoping next time, the writers will have enough confidence in the series to let the next game stand on its own two feet, with characters returning only in DLC akin to what we had in Awakening. Though we do need more RNJesus in the next game. There was a crazy lack of her in most of this game. There wasn't even a Secret Shop anywhere!


Female Odin, pretty much. If she was her own character - completely unattached from Odin - and Odin wasn't in this game, she'd make for a fine appeal to the Owain fanbase. However, as it stands, her existence is really redundant. I mean, we had an Owain in the previous game; then he came to this game. And now he has a daughter who's pretty much the same. I mean, I love Owain, but goddamn, this is too much Owain.

Seriously, if Ophelia replaced Odin, things would be better for her (and possibly the story and overall character make up).


Got nothin' to say about him that wasn't already said. Poor world building and all that.

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Rhajat: better Tharja in terms of characters, worse in terms of design (I know it doesn't change that much, but something makes Tharja better, don't know what tho)

Ophelia: Odin's annoying personality but with a nice/hot/cute design

Sumeragi: does he matter? (no)

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Rhajat is an improvement over Tharja because she has an actual reason for the stalker attitude so taken on her own I like her a little more then Tharja. But as with the other clones she doesn't stand on her own. Her origin still hinder her validity as a character.


Ophelia looks cute and I enjoy the small throwbacks to Lisa but I find Ophelia to be a bit to much like her dad. The same can be said about Percy who I really like but the superhero theme just really speaks to me while I found Owain's act to get a little tiring after two games.


I find Sumeragi a good contrast to Garon from a more meta standpoint. Unlike Garon we are never told anything that implies Sumeragi has a lot of interesting things going for him. As a result he comes off better for not horribly failing to live up to expectations.

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Rhajat: Like all Awakening 2.0 characters from Hoshido, I prefer the original.

Ophelia: I love Ophelia. She's like a mini-Odin, but better. Some could say that's she's too gimmicky, but she's so adorable and funny that doesn't bother me, and she makes an awesome unit. Her supports are OK, not very deep maybe, but make sense as a normal discussion between her (considering her personality) and a comrade. It's always difficult for second gen characters to have solid backstory anyway, because they all share more or less the same childhood. That being said, I consider Ophelia one my favourites children units. I love her references to Awakening, like Missiletainn or her brand, or friendship level-up quotes in Private Quarters, that's a plus most children don't have. Her VA is good (I'd rate it 8 or 9/10), not awesome but still solid and perfectly fit the character as a whole (design and personality). Her paralogue was very fun to play too. As a unit, she's incredible. She deserves a slot in your endgame team. In my file, Elise was her mother (that's pretty common), and she was very useful. Frail, but deals massive magical damage, her speed is very solid too, so she often double. I was just a bit disapointed in her Res, quite low considering her class and her mother (only 30 in Endgame, against 37 for Elise). I recommand not to count on her crits unless you give her Death Blow, but that's not accessible in CQ unless you buy it (that's not the case for me, I use only accessible skills). Her skill is quite low too, but tomes are accurate weapons so that shouldn't be a problem. You can just give her a Calamity Gate when she does not have Weapon Triangle advantage. I gave her that plus Missiletainn, Lightning, Horse Spirit and Odin's Grimoire (this one is very useful for Dual Strikes, since she can't double anyway). She already has access to a lot of skills she likes too. Personaly, I give her Duelist's Blow, Vantage, Vengeance, Lifetaker and Malefic Aura. Pretty simple, but efficient.

Sumeragi: No opinion since don't know anything about him yet.

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I like Beruka: her supports are generally nice and, as a unit, she is actually pretty good, with her worst negative trait being that she always joins alongside Camilla, who is just much better than her


I really disliked Cordelia and Caeldori is literally her clone, so I never got interested into seeing more of her supprts


Probably my favorite Female Royal, I like her: she is shy, but she tries to stop having such a trait, which is something shown especially in her Xander support. She is also very nice and, as a unit, she is really good, just like the other royals.

Also, I loved her chapter in CQ.


He is considerable as a clone of his father, since the only differences are just being very lucky and being a child.

I still like him as he is quite funny to me.


Eh, I don't have an opinion on her.

Ignatius: Just his paralogue was more than enough to make me like him a lot and his supports just made me to love him even more: he is a coward yet he wants to go in the battlefield, he wants to fight for those he cares and that is something I find to be very admirable.

Garon: He sure is evil.

Seriously, I don't really have that much to say about Garon.


I like her more than Tharja: her obsession of Corrin is kind of justified, her design is cute and she is nicer thank Tharja.

Plus, she is an amazing unit.


Basically her father but cuter, this doesn't stop me to like her tough

She is a best as unit, especially if her mother is Elise.


Sumeragi has such an amazing design and I really like fighting him with Ryoma, however, we don't get to know much about him, so It's nearly impossible to be attached to him.

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Rhajat: I dislike her. She's my least favourite child unit, not helped by the fact she's a stalker which just kinda shows up in such annoying places. I like some of her supports though, but I really hate the fact she's not!Tharja.

Ophelia: She's okay I guess. I'm not fond of her design... or her father's design. I do like her supports.

Sumeragi: I mean, I get he's a plot important character, but again the game gives me zero reason to care about him beyond: he's someone's father. And only Ryoma gets battle dialogue with him. Unacceptable. He shows up out of nowhere in revelation. Like why is he here?

Actually, as a side note, the final map of the heirs of fate is better in feels than this guy, and that's just one map. And Rhajat's dialogue with Hayato actually sheds some light over how low Anankos sinks... And again, why does the main game not explain this in the story?

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Rhajat: She really plays up the socially awkward af goth teen angle rather well. Shes seriously isolated, but didnt have too much an issue with it until she realized she didnt have friends. Her stalking of Corrin is actually not very pronounced at all, and seems to happen because Corn saved her. It literally never comes up in her supports. Her supports are her trying to break out of her weirdness and make friends. (or weirdly making friends) For that, i really grew fond of her. She is a bit better than Tharja as a result, and this is coming from someone who digs Tharja. As a unit, with the right mum, shes goodshit.txt. Sakura seems to be the best fit for her tbh.

Ophelia: MY SWEET ADORABLE CHILD! I love her, shes adorable and she actually looks like a friend of mine. (ESPECIALLY with blue hair) She makes me giggle with her Luna Lovegood line delivery and LARPer attitude. As a unit, she whomps, plain and simple. Ive never had a bad Ophelia.

Sumeragi: needs to keep it in his pants.

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Rhajat: Much better than Tharja, and most of her downfalls can be pretty much attributed to having to pretend to be very similar to Tharja in some supports. The least disliked child expy of second gen but no one I'd consider a must have in my army.

Ophelia: Basically Lissa if she had Odin's personality and having such a similar mindset of both, makes her rather redundant as far as personalities are concerned. I don't mind her, but she doesn't feel that much interesting as she lacks more humanizing moments in the sense that she does not act like Owain, she simply is and while that's good in a certain sense such a personality can be perceived as unnecessarily floral. She's pretty good I'd say, but again not someone who makes it to my main army when I have her dad ready to fight in battle. A sad fate most child units tend to have in my runs not named Shiro, Siegbert, Nina or Dwyer.

Sumeragi: Nice moustache, Lobster King.

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I don't care about Ophelia's looks. I just think her gimmick is written better than Owain's because of the way her dialogue is written. She doesn't go out of her way to pester people like her father does. She's usually just sitting there divining or whatever a godlike mage does, then someone butts into her personal space, to which she politely replies. But since Odin is always starting the conversations in his supports, usually about nothing, he's treated as an annoyance.

There's also the fact that she never lets on that she's joking, which is another reason everyone makes fun of Odin. It's pretty clear that he's just screwing around most of the time, which is why people are so annoyed with him, but Ophelia never seems to let that on. She seems straight-faced and honest about everything she says, and on top of that, she is an actual magical prodigy in-game, so you're never really given a reason to doubt her when she is talking about being chosen by the power of the stars and stuff.

In a way, she reminds me a lot of Luna Lovegood in that she's totally unaware of how loopy she is. But in the context of magic, an otherworldly concept to begin with, it's kind of hard to define 'out there' in any way other than speech pattern. She seems to have an obsession with space, due to all of her celestial references. Odin talks about power like he's read too many fantasy novels. Consider me squarely in Ophelia's corner.



Yeah, I don't regret adoring this character. Odin never says anything like that.

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Rhajat - barely sees play because I can't stand her father. In terms of actually being a unit, her Skill is VERY suspect. Don't have much to say about her supports, since I can't be bothered to get her that often.

Ophelia - I wanted to slap her for her Forrest support, it was just. . .bad. . .well, not as bad as Nina/most of the male cast, but still down there in terms of making Ophelia look good. As a unit, she's a bit frail, but that could be because I did Odin/Elise.

Sumeragi - Screwed thanks to the story.

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Beruka - I like wyverns, so I wanted to use her, but in her join chapter she missed a few too many pegasus knights for me to want her on my team. Still, a lot of people seem to like her as a unit, so I'm curious to see what she'll turn out like with a bit of investment.

Caeldori - I like Cordelia, so Caeldori gets a few points just for that, but I haven't really seen enough of her yet to know how she measures up. She looks like she'll make a good mage-killer though.

Sakura - I really really like Sakura. She's so sweet and quiet but also brave. And she's been doing very well as a priestess too. She's probably my favourite Hoshido sibling.

Percy - He has a similar personality to his father, but Percy just doesn't seem to suit it as much as Arthur. Maybe just because he isn't so unapologetically over-the-top about it, or because he's so young it seems more like a phase. He was also kinda lackluster as a unit, though that might just be because Peri was his mother. I don't understand why you can marry him, he's like eight.

Rinkah - She seemed like she should have been a lot more awesome than she was. She has such a cool design. But, she got benched in both Birthright and Revelations. Especially in Revelations, her joining stats were just so underwhelming. But, as a results of the benching, I haven't seen many of her supports, so I can't really comment on her personality.

Ignatius - He seems like a nice guy, and a great tank. I never really used him or his father all that much because I had Effie and Xander to be my tanks.

Garon - It's been said many times, but he could have been so much better.

Rhajat - Tharja was one of the few characters in Awakening that I really didn't like, so I have a bit of negative bias about Rhajat. That said, my main gripes with her were how she treated her husband and Noire, which probably won't be an issue with Rhajat. Though from what I've heard she still randomly curses people in supports, so we'll see.

Ophelia - I love her, favourite female child/10. I kind of felt that she approached the gimmick a bit differently to Owain? And the thought of them bonding over dramatic RP games is just really cute. Her voice suits her perfectly, it's got a really nice dream-like quality to it. And of course, she's an excellent unit.

Sumeragi - I've yet to encounter him, so I have no opinion.

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4 More Left

Today's characters are Kaden and Keaton, plus a bonus character, Arete. What is your opinion on those characters?

Kaden: in my first impression of him, I didn't really like his attitude, though seeing a bit of his supports made me like him a bit better, not a big fan of his design though. Gameplay-wise, he's amazing, he'll be pretty fast to double lots of stuff and kill lots of things just like a laguz.

Keaton: I liked him from my first impression unlike Kaden, but his supports are pretty garbage. unit-wise, he's good, but the transformation looks ugly as hell.

Arete: good design

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Rhajat is automatically better than Tharja just for not being an abusive parent in another timeline. She also has an actual reason for liking the Avatar this time, rather than just randomly for no actual reason. I actually really liked Tharja's supports in Awakening, she was actually a decent person, but I always felt a little bad marrying her off to anyone.

Ophelia is basically in the top 3 characters for me. Awakening and Fates helped me find out that I'm a sucker for chuunibyou characters, so it's no surprise Owain and Ophelia are seriously some of my favorite in the series. I also don't think that Odin and Ophelia are as cut and paste of each other as everyone else does. They have a good amount of differences between them that make them unique from each other. I originally didn't like her VA, but I grew to both really like it over time, especially after hearing her normal voice. "Take this maiden seriously!"

Sumeragi is... weird. I never understood his motivations. [spoiler=Revelations Spoilers]He talks about wanting to fight and have an honorable battle with Corrin and Ryoma, but is that just Anankos talking, or does Sumeragi actually want that? It's honestly really confusing to me. I guess it's just another checkmark on the "why Revelations sucks" chart.

Kaden is cool. As a character he's pretty nice, a bit selfcentered sometimes, but overall not bad. I still dislike the Kitsunes as units though, dodgetanking just does NOT work in Fates.

Keaton is also kinda cool. While his Camilla support shows the weirdest side of him, I don't mind his other supports regarding his collection hobby. It shows more about the diconnect between the Garou and the nations rather than Keaton as a person. He's an amazing unit as well, filling in the opposite role that Kaden and Selkie do, as a HP tank and overall solid unit.

Arete is another reason Revelations is kinda dumb. [spoiler=Revelations Spoilers]Her, Garon, Sumeragi and Mikoto get no real character building and are just thrown at you with no real reason besides Revelations has to put in aaaaall the characters! It really helps solidify how dumb Revelations is.

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Kaden: Standard foxman/10. I guess some people like it.

Keaton: Tsundere Unicorn Werewolf Dog. The actual fuck is going on here.

Arete: Ignoring the plot failure, she was pretty poorly implemented as a boss, so much missed opportunity.

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So you're saving the Fashionista and Cinna-rolls for last? That's fine by mii.

Staff Lieutenant Kaden Alenko

Alright, so lemme be frank with you. Furry appeal characters tend to annoy me. Furries in general tend to annoy me (at least the... uh, "vocal" ones). To me, they just seem like Mary Sues with the added bonus of being hypersexual and anthro. Either that, or they try way too hard to be endearing, sometimes with their personalities oozing with the author's intent.

So as soon as I saw him, I was prepared to hate him. But lo and behold, I actually don't hate him at all. To be fair, he's much less a furry than most furries I see; he only has the ears and tail (and probably some body fur we don't see), whereas most furries are full-on anthro, with the whole animalistic look while still being bipedal and probably having human-shaped hands. I mean, the way he's portrayed in BR cutscenes, he seems to be every bit as annoying as I thought he'd be, but he's a man with great integrity. Sure, he's got that kinda "furry" attitude going for him, but he's more than just some jackass obsessed with his own species, and he isn't looking to "yiff" in the Buvins.


I'd say he's sort of the same as Kaden's case, but not really.

I actually thought I'd end up liking Keaton more, seeing him in BR, since that was the first one I played. He seemed cold and harsh to his enemies, yet protective of his friends; he seemed like potential for a great, well-developed character. Yet when I actually get him... he's a furry Frank Reynolds with a tendency to get lost a lot? A really off-the-wall character, and really not what I was expecting. He's pretty gimmicky, so he ultimately isn't all that great. But he's not really too terrible, either.

Arete how the fuck is this supposed to be pronounced? Was there any voiced dialogue with her name spoken at all?

So there's a pattern of garbage story-writing going on here. It's the kind of crap you'd see in a shitty fan-fiction or YA story (written by a young adult, mind you either that, or written by a sleuth of Japanese businessmen). You know you've got a shoddy story when dead characters - some of whom you've never seen before, but knew about through dialogue - come to life to fight you. I'd understand if this was, say, some immortal plane of Hell or whatever, but Valla is just as much a mortal plane as any other; it just happens to be ruled by some crazy dragon god dude, and it has a rather convenient plot device curse attached to it.

There's nothing that can actually be said about any of these characters because there's scarcely any real character development. Arete has the most development (or rather, build-up) out of all of them, and even then, it's rather lacking. And like someone said, you don't even know what they were like when they weren't in Valla (well, except Mikoto), so you don't know if they even have a semblance of themselves left in them. It's just fan-service garbage. Nothing more to it than that.

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No real opinion aside from me liking his voice in both versions. He seems like a rather boring character though, and I've got no interest in finding out more about him - he's one of those characters that are just there.


Well, he doesn't mind me marrying his daughter, so that's cool I guess.

Of course, not a single line of dialogue changes no matter who you marry in the game but whatever.


Can someone tell me what the point of this character was? No, seriously, it's Azura's mother and...that's it, that's the only reason she's even in the game to begin with. She's got no real personality and no purpose to exist other than to be a bland antagonist in Revelation to try and score some quick emotional points.

Look, I criticize Azura heavily because she knows everything worth knowing about the conflict and it's only due to plot convenience and horrible excuses that Birthright and Conquest even exist, and so one would think that I would welcome Azura actually encountering a surprise that might help her character growth, but this is not the way to do it! I don't care about this woman, which makes the inevitable "sad" scene completely toothless.

Like Sumeragi, a complete and total failure.

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I saw this thread and decided to share my spoiler-rific two cents:

#1: Laslow/Inigo - Meh. I liked him better in Awakening. After listening to Camilla's backstory, her support with Lazlow made sense. I obviously prefer Donnel!Inigo with Libra!Noire though. However, Camilla with Lazlow is an interesting surface look on her past if you hate NilesxCamilla.

Character-wise, once again I feel he is much better in Awakening because his conception with Donnel and Olivia was cute and the gimmick of being 'Second-Gen Virion' was already something I liked because Virion was the first unit I ever married in Fire Emblem EVER.

#2: Shigure - I love him more than his mother. Let's be clear here. I honestly didn't like Azura all that much (then again, I didn't like Chrom all that much compared to all the other characters in Awakening). Azura was a pretty hard unit to handle in Conquest and the fact people with Corrin makes me squick with disgust. (Shipping Corrin with Shigure or Azura!Dwyer though is a guilty pleasure I actually attempted.)

Shigure seems also more full of life than Azura so I actually felt more interested in him than Azura and wanted to see more of him in the plot (cue 'Heirs of Fate' which I never played yet. Tbh, I didn't like how that doesn't let us see the hair colors of our pairings.)

#3: Selkie - Let's Play! I love Selkie too. She's one of my female second generation units. She's so full of life and energy and I like when she visits my unit's treehouse. Getting her in game was easier too because I paired Kaden up with Hinoka.

I liked the idea of Hinoka!Selkie because she also gets to be a princess of Hoshido (and it makes me think of Princess Cynthia of Ylisse and how so full of energy she was) and she would look cute as the dickens.

#4: Flora - I might be the most irritated about how you actually try to recruit her in Conquest/Revelations. In fact I never tried it because I can never get the items mentioned to work for me. However I see why people like Flora. It's just I wish Flora had better taste in men.

#5: Scarlet - My waifu. Seriously, I love her. I hate how even in Birthright she is pushed to the side for Azura and her supposed 'romance' with Corrin. Just... Yeah, I wish Scarlet was treated better. I can't wait to actually marry her in game though.

Revelations though makes me hate the writer for Fates a lot. What was the point of Birthright and Conquest? And why did you need to kill Scarlet twice you clown?! Why must you pull her out of my arms in that game you asshat? And why did you decide her and not another Corrinsexual character like Shura?

#6: Selena/Severa - I didn't actually even like her in Awakening. I liked her Future Past conversation with Gregor because Gregor tends to say the same crap I did. Then again, I grew up not liking the 'tsundere' archetype, and Selena fits that with a T.

I paired her with Keaton and to be honest, I am glad she wasn't being annoyingly 'tsun' there. I wished the people voting on most popular Awakening characters had better taste and I wish another girl replaced Selena instead. Maybe everyone's dream girl, Noire?

#7: Nyx - I remember someone doing a confession on Tumblr saying she fits the 'mysterious woman' archetype better than Azura and I actually agree with this. Outside of that 'little girl' exterior is a woman who has seen some horrors and is trying to cope with them. That and her English dub voice makes me think of Peridot from Steven Universe but higher pitched.

'How very annoying' though is that I like Nyx with Xander the most. He actually opened Nyx up as a person and their interaction and chemistry kind of worked similarly to Corrin and Azura's relationship except without the angry soldiers at their door.

#8: Takumi - Poor Takumi. He has the most development out of all the Hoshidan siblings but this game won't catch him a break. He is also pretty 'tsundere' so he honestly wasn't my first pick. Though I like how I am not the only one to ship Oboro with Takumi.

#9: Corrin - My least favorite character surprisingly. Corrin isn't the brightest crayon in the shed and since I play as them I am really irritated I only get to pick certain choices and all the supports only. Corrin needs a better tactician, maybe someone who is more headstrong and knows more about the world they are in than him. Maybe they need someone that understands how to take care of a dragon and won't come off as weak. *cough*I am referring to Robin but they aren't well-written either.*cough*

Conquest had one shining moment with Corrin after Ryoma's seppuku to protect Corrin one last time. I was also pretty depressed after that scene and I felt that it was one of the better scenes in the game as a whole.

#10: Sophie - She's cute. I thought she would be like Cynthia but instead I got a girl with a hard to control horse. I hate that that's her gimmick when we could be talking about so much more from her. She is Silas's daughter after all. We can at least make Silas out to be not a jerk in her supports.

#11: Shura - I... I actually didn't care much for Shura. I spared him in Conquest because I am not heartless but seriously I don't see why he is in the game at all whatsoever. I know there are plenty of people that will disagree with me but seriously, I honestly didn't understand his existence. Clearly my least favorite Corrinsexual.

#12: Saizo - Saizou I didn't marry my character off to. I paired him with Belka because I liked the pairing the most in Revelations. However in Birthright I paired him with Mozu and I don't know if I made a mistake or not. I just probably will never marry Asugi off to anyone.

#13: Velouria - Daddy's girl. She doesn't have as much bounce in her personality like Selkie does. She also scarily enough reminds me of someone I used to room with at school with her long hair and her hoarding crap. Also, her love for Keaton and her mother is kind of creepy in my eyes, just as creepy as Soleil's bisexuality being shoehorned in almost every support she has with a female character.

#14: Fuga - He should have stayed an NPC in Revelations. I hate that they killed off Izana for no good reason outside of 'for drama'. If you have too many characters, just do the Kaze thing and have people A-support the characters they actually like. Do frickin' natural selection and don't add new characters afterwards! Simple as that! It can also cut down on the second gen children no one wants either!

#15: Subaki - Ehhhhh? He was one of the more popular male units? He sounds like Virion 2.0 with extra ego seasoning. There is no way I can see outside of that. He also kind of sounds like Robin Hood? Ugh. So many things I see wrong here.

#16: Hinoka The most underdeveloped Hoshidan sibling. Like what the Hell, guys? You seriously made her an afterthought like Scarlet. I think it is official that the writer for Fates doesn't care at all about female characters that can be characterized as tomboys, and it is especially shown with Hinoka.

#17: Niles - The first guy I married. I married him as a guy too. Niles is also my kind of guy. He's lewd, crude, and I love him for both of that. Personally, the idea of me marrying a sadist is probably the most baffling since I don't enjoy sharp pain inflicted on me to be honest, but Niles... Well, I probably wouldn't mind as long as we switched often. I can see why he's on the top 5.

#18: Felicia - Clumsy cute maid. I married her to Silas and after thinking about it, their relationship is like stale toast in comparison to the other relationships they could be in. But at the same time I like Sophie with pink hair. I will keep that pairing because honestly I can't stand Sophie looking any other way.

#19: Kagero - Dark haired beautiful goddess. I regret all the suffering I made her go through to get to the point in her relationship with asshole Azama to have another beautiful baby girl in Mitama.

Unit wise I like that she is fast enough to kick someone's ass. I made her and her (brother's?) fight as Master Ninjas in my first playthrough of Birthright.

#20: Kana - Mama? Papa? God I love Kana. I hate how Kana has such a stupid parent in Corrin but I don't mind Kana being Corrin 2.0 as long as they have a parent that can make up for it in certain people.

Though, if they are children of Azura or one of her children, I might want to check if Kana will get any unique mutations as well, or if they'll be as ditsy as their parent or worse? (As you can tell, I kind of... Don't like incest in my video games? As you can tell though (and to be fair), I do like Shigure and Azura!Dwyer and I did pair Corrin with the latter in my first run of Revelations. But honestly, in Awakening I avoided any incestuous pairings like the plague. In Fates, I hate how it got worse.)

But back to Kana though, cuter than Morgan 10/10

#21: Effie - I love pairing her with Arthur and I am sad I put the both of them on the bench so I can ship other people in the game. I also hated how I couldn't pair Effie with Hinata in Revelations and Hana with Arthur. Honestly I wanted to do a wife-swap with my favorite supports and God won't let me. Also, Effie is underrated. I love her dedication to Elise and how it isn't creepy at all like the other female-female supports out there.

#22: Jakob - Duuuuude. Shit parent but I also personally hate that the only supports with other women that don't make him out to be an asshole are F!Corrin, Azura, and Mozu. I obviously paired him with Azura the most and always got Azura!Dwyer, though seeing how Dwyer is, I am pretty sure he WOULD get the sleepy personality from a stoic woman named Azura who would put up with shit. But with Jakob... I do NOT see what other people see in him romantically.

#23: Leo - Aside from killing Zola (that rat bastard Leo should have at least made Zola develop outside of Birthright in Revelations at least) I kind of see no actual personality outside of 'Obviously-Not-Takumi' and 'I'm smart! I obviously got a bachelor's in biology and my final was making trees grow from the ground super super fast!'

I guess in Conquest I like how despite how 'progressive' Forrest was in their unique fantasy setting that Leo was a better parent with him than Jakob was with Dwyer.

Also design-wise, I wish Leo was fat. Like for real. I think it would also be nice since it'll probably make him stand out more from his other siblings. If people don't want fat, they can just go for someone else but seriously, Leo to me looks like a generic pretty boy (or Rose from Homestuck) and giving him more meat in his bones might help him stand out as a unique design for Kozaki.

#24: Hayato - The better written tsundere in the Fire Emblem franchise, Hayato is also pretty damn cute. Supposedly he has a great support with Felicia and I may try that out someday. Seriously, I am looking forward to seeing their support. I married him already to Sakura and Mozu.

#25: Hinata - He is an improved Vaike. In fact I love Hinata's supports more than Vaike's supports. Honestly my favorite support is with Hana so far (I like how Hana calls Hinata out on his traditional views too). I kind of don't have much with him outside of his relationship with Hisame. I wonder if the writer for Fates ships VaikeXMiriel? If he does... *shiver* though I do like Laurent but seriously.

#26: Silas - He's okay I guess. I noticed a fewguys wanted to marry Silas with male Corrins instead of Niles and I can see why (just look at how cute he kind of acts). I ship him with Felicia though I feel like he is condescending towards Felicia but in a more subtle and patient way than Jakob is. It might just be me reading into things. He also needs to chill around Birthright!Corrin. My God.

#26.5: Hans - Oh! Hans! Go easy on the sauerkraut! Seriously though Hans is nothing more than a bloodthirsty beast. Seriously the character, Songi from Legend of Legaia is more subtle in how much of an evil asshole he is compared to Hans. I am glad he gets less screen time than the other villains but I hate him more for killing Scarlet and her crew in Conquest.

#27: Orochi - She is pretty cheeky. The fact she's the only retainer Lady Mikoto has that isn't Corrinsexual also makes me giggle. I paired her with Ryoma and honestly it was worth it. Rend Heaven with Shiro sounds more badass. Also did I mention I should have used Orochi to capture Zola when I had the chance? That's why I suck.

#28: Mitama - She's a mixed bag of goodies. I like how her support with Azama is how I feel about him and I like her with black hair. Her S-Support with Dwyer is pretty poetic. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that pairing than Dwyer and Velouria.

#29: Charlotte - I love her. I love her with Benny, I love her with Corrin, I honestly can't wait to marry her. She is beautiful and I want her children.

Also XanderXCharlotte is a pairing I am in the minority with in the sense I don't like it as much as BennyXCharlotte or CorrinXCharlotte.

#30: Odin/Owain - He's pretty tolerable in my opinion in both Awakening and Fates. I am sad I don't get to see him with Lon'qu's pretty black hair but it is okay. I am cool with that.

#30.5: Zola - I want to marry him. I wish I can S-Support with him but the only way I can even keep him around is capturing him. Guh! Honestly I didn't have a reaction with him until WAY after his death in Birthright where I kind of want to punch my gut for not saving him. It was the same reaction my boyfriend got to not A-Supporting Kaze in Birthright. Just... Crap dude.

#31: Peri - The third girl I am madly in love with in Fates. Peri is so bloodthirsty that it is entertaining! Her support with Kana is also kind of cute as the dickens as well?

#32: Midori - Mighty Midori! I love giving her blue hair the most. I paired Kaze with Peri first and got this cute kind of hair color for her. She also has this cute little voice. If Kana were her sibling, I think she would enjoy playing doctor with them too much. D8 I paired her though with Ignatius and Hisame in Conquest and Birthright respectively and the comedy between them is exactly why.

#33: Benny - Benny looks tough but he's a teddy bear. Like I am serious. I felt hurt when I killed Benny in Birthright. His interactions with Ignatius are cute too.

#34: Arthur - We all need a hero of Justice! He is just entertaining to watch supports with him in. I guess if I had more room I would marry him but honestly I can not unsee him as anything but Hero-class. An odd contrast with the other male retainers outside of Odin and Lazlow of course.

#34.5: Iago - Slurp on my gurp cuz you know is purp. Take off my shirt because it's covered in dirt. Yeah, who is Iago again outside of a generic vizier type character? If his name were Jafar I think Disney would like to have a word with Nintendo (lol). Also hate how he's named in both English and Japanese after characters in Shakespeare that were written much better than he is. Like why is he blindly listening to King Garon Slime Monster when he could be plotting to kill King Garon Slime Monster and his family and take the throne for himself? He is so generically written that I seriously don't understand his motivations.

#35: Hisame - He is a darling son of Hinata. Also... Laurent with a personality outside of his mother's? I wanted that to be a thing and I think I found it in Hisame. I also like how he loves vegetables.

#36: Camilla - Camilla reminds me of Jessica Rabbit. She's better written than what erotic fan fiction writer could come up with for her, and she is popular mostly for her sex appeal despite having more than just that. I sadly can only see her as my character's older sister though since I have been playing Conquest the most. I do see why she is popular though. I just wish it was for the right reasons.

#36.5: Izana - I'll put a ring on Izana, girl! I seriously want to marry Izana in game. Izana is funny, pretty, and honestly I wish he had a support with Nyx. I think they'd have some chemistry and they both have emblems on their faces. I also hate how they written Izana off in Revelations. There was no reason for it when he was able to do the same things in Birthright just fine without killing himself.

#37: Nina - As much as I love Niles... I don't think I like Nina as much. She's a fujoshi like me but she is very creepy about it. Like she ships actual people in real life. Stick to fictional characters like a normal person, Nina. At least some of them are canon. 8/

Seriously, as a unit she is awesome but to be honest, she is creepy to Forrest in their support together and I regret pairing the two together.

...and who wanted Nina in a kimono?! I mean really! Though if she married Shiro it might be solved perfectly.

#38: Dwyer - Azura!Dwyer is best Dwyer. I can not deny it. I also love a lot about Dwyer since I relate to him the most. We are both tired and we both live messy lives, and we both have older brothers to look up to (but my brother is no Shigure). I am hesitant on pairing him with Nina though, especially after the incident with Forrest.

I forgot to add I married Azura!Dwyer before Shigure. Also, I guess Dwyer can one up his dad now since Dwyer I like more than I like Jakob. You are welcome.

#39: Kaze - Poor Ninja Bro... I paired you with Peri, Belka, and now Setsuna. You don't know what is going on in your life but you met the child you tried to rescue out of a tortured life and want to protect them now but instead they chose to marry a guy who possibly had a crush on Lady Mikoto, can't see for shit without his glasses, and probably would listen to Arcade Fire with said child while he is busy with making automatons and being a father to a rowdy whippersnapper that could have been yours. You could have been a father of two but God had other plans for you. You will forever have blue-haired Midori.

Seriously, I like Kaze as a character but I would never marry him. I do like his supports with other girls though. They are the cutest.

#40: Azama - Keep your absurdist and nihilistic ideology out of the Hoshido family tree you freaky ass bastard. Don't you dare try to convert me into your religion either!

Though seriously, I don't like Azama. I can see people that like him but I personally see no charm in someone that likes trolling the shit out of people for shits and giggles. I was in a friendship with someone like him and it was toxic as Hell and showed the worst aspects of me as a person. I actually hated him and Azama was one of the few people in Conquest (outside of Subaki and Oboro) I didn't mind killing and I didn't feel sad about.

#40.5: Gunter - If Fates were better written, Gunther would be looked up to by everyone, not just Corrin but Xander and Leo. However, people are stupid and Gunther gets less screen time in all of the above, pushed to the side for stupid crap involving Azura telling Corrin they are the chosen one and crap like that.

#41: Azura - Unlike Shigure... I don't like Azura as a unit or as a support. She's a weak support, she is hogged up most of the character development in Birthright and only shared with Elise, and her relationship with Corrin is considered the canon pairing and THEY ARE BIOLOGICALLY RELATED AS COUSINS! Barf me out and gag me with a spoon!

The only support I actually played with was with Jakob but honestly I feel like everyone loves Azura and it ticks me off so much.

In all of my fan fictions though, she is dead. Like after the war of Hoshido and Nohr she dies like she did in both Birthright and Conquest. It sucks. I want to like her but there is nothing more to write about her on after that since her development came and went mainly in Birthright and Revelations. I am glad she was an afterthought in Conquest compared to them save for some scenes because I pretty much did not like any scenes involving them outside of the dance numbers.

I get she is a tortured character with a mysterious past and that's why people love her. Also, even if Azura wasn't blood related to Corrin, why does her supports with F!Corrin have more chemistry than with M!Corrin?

#42: Mozu - She is such a precious cinnamon roll to good for this world and too pure. She did not deserve to see the people she loves die horrible deaths in her Paralogue. I love pairing her with Leo the most, but I also like the pairing with Saizo and Hayato.

#42.5: Yukimura - The first Corrinsexual I actually married and I obviously love him a lot. Like for real. He is precious. I don't like getting him angry like in Conquest/Revelations and it hurts me when he asks me why I betrayed my people. But his support actually flowed the best in my opinion because it had a good theme? I can see why other people don't like him though, especially if you played Revelations.

#43: Setsuna - Hinoka, sweetie we love you but your retainers both need help. Especially Setsuna. Who I volunteered Kaze to do the trick. See? You're doing great Setsuna! Keep it up! I like her too since she's as airheaded as I am in general. I fall into crap all the time if I am not careful.

#44: Soleil - In Japan she's popular... Ummm... Why? Do people honestly fetishize homosexuality there even more than in the United States and to the point where they don't care if the character is actually creepy about it? Actually, fetishize isn't the term. It is obvious the writers of Fire Emblem are very uncomfortable with homosexuality and I fear Soleil shows us why like a whole lot. I feel bad the most for Ophelia.

#44.5: Reina - If she wasn't Corrinsexual, I would have shipped her with Shura. She's my second least favorite Corrinsexual but only because I am more occupied with another Corrinsexual flyer in Scarlet and another Hoshidan vassal in Yukimura. At least her purpose as Lady Mikoto's retainer fits.

#45: Xander - For the glory of Nohr! Also he and Ryoma are both bitter about you leaving them for the other. It is actually kind of creepy? Like they are almost as if written to be similar people? Obviously Ryoma is the more headstrong one while Xander is more reserved and calculating but only because I am told these things and not shown these things.

Xander is the one male sibling that gets married the most outside of Takumi. No joke. I guess people like Nohrian siblings more since it is obvious they are not blood related to Corrin but in all seriousness if they were biologically related to you people would back off Xander's Siegfried in fear Siegbert will have a sixth toe or something.

I ship Xander with Hinoka because unlike Ryoma and Camilla, they actually have chemistry together.

#46: Asugi - God... They made a one-dimensional Gaius. I guess if he were actually fat and Saizou's concerns were if he was getting bullied for it rather than criticizing him for not appearing as agile as the rest of the ninja clan but Asugi being a ninja actually doesn't get noticed for it and no one cares and treats him no differently to when he is skinny could be an actually interesting support to read instead 'Asugi force feeds Daddy Saizou his candy'. Seriously, I don't care how many 'diabetes' jokes you shove in my face for it but if that were the case I could have married Asugi off to someone instead of Kiragi if he were fat so I can see what his potential wife would think of him.

Also, one-dimensional Gaius could be added some extra dimension if Saizou was worried he decided to rename himself Asugi if he thought Asugi was actually self-conscious of himself but is actually more confident in his skills as a shinobi than his own father is in his skills. Hell, it might be a more interesting support than Jakob trying to one up his own son as a butler.

#47: Shiro - I like Shiro. I really do. I am mad he didn't get a CG in the Hoshidan Festival for Babies at all. I mean sweet baby Jesus heaven forbid outside of Midori that a Hoshidan gets to wear a kimono after winning a contest at a Hoshidan Children's Festival! Also, who the Hell decided to make Nina the fujoshi wear a kimono and not an actual Hoshidan kid?

Outside of that rant though, I stumble upon a lot of Rule 34 of this guy. Don't know how I should feel about it to be honest...

Also why do I need to fly Ryoma over with Hinoka to get him?! C'mon! That just ain't right!

#48: Siegbert - Not as popular as Shiro but I had a much easier time getting him in his Paralogue. He is actually more reserved than Shiro and I think they would be cute together platonically at least. Also, with Nyx's hair color, if he cuts it really short he might look like my brother a little bit.

#49: Kiragi - Not as popular as his brother or his counterpart, Forrest, I like how bloodthirsty he is. He's like a male Peri but he only does it for animals. It made sense that Oboro was the mother of this little murderer. Give this kid the Fujin Yumi and let's see how much he kills...

#50: Forrest -"Nohr's next drag superstar needs the uniqueness, charisma, nerve, and talent to impress me and save themselves from getting eliminated in the battlefield." - Forrest when he is king probably.

Seriously, I grew up liking the crossdressing male characters in anime but Forrest didn't stand out for me in context romantically for me and I actually don't like him as a blonde like in Heirs of Fate because he looks like a scrapped concept of Maribelle in Awakening.

Speaking of Awakening, I want to ship Forrest with Rhajat because I shipped Tharja with Libra. I am actually pretty excited since their support is actually more entertaining than the Tharja and Libra one and that is coming from someone that makes TharjaXLibra my go-to pairing in all of my Awakening runs. At least their child gets to be a 'Noire-ian' Princess too! 8)

#51: Beruka - I like her more than Selena/Severa as Camilla's retainer to be honest. Also pretty sure I written someone much like her who treated their flirty lord/lady with the upmost care.

#52: Caeldori - She's... Not Cordelia? I have yet to finish the pairing I made with her and Shiro but I am actually kind of glad she has more depth and isn't infatuated with a male lord. I may pair Subaki with Severa in my run so I can get Caeldori and Severa awkwardly trying not to call her 'Mom'.

I love her with Rinka's hair color too.

#53: Sakura - She is just too precious. I loved having supports with her and Hinoka since they open up new things about them. In Conquest I was scared Sakura and Yukimura were going to die since I was already spoilered on Elise's death in Birthright. I am glad to know that she lives through all the routes albeit a sad scared and confused girl in Conquest.

#54: Percy - Percy is just as entertaining as his father. I am glad I get to meet him and I married my Conquest Kanas (since all my Conquest Corrins were men so far) with him and that's why it is cute as the dickens to see Percy interacting with people.

#55: Rinkah - Not much I can say about her except that she is strong but antisocial. My biggest fear is that Rinkah originally had all the sad things that happened to Scarlet happening to her in the script but they later switched it up. That is the only explanation why Rinkah gets pushed aside in all the routes like Scarlet did after Chapter 6.

#56: Ignatius - I like him. He is an inverse of Charlotte which I love the most in this. Though I also like Elise taking care of any problems Ignatius has as well.

I paired him with Midori and I do not regret it in the slightest.

#56.5: Garon - See, King Garon doesn't get a redeeming aspect to his personality outside of what we are told instead of what we are shown. It's kind of LissaXLon'qu and ChromXSumia bad except I at least like these pairings. Nobody understood why the Nohrian siblings outside of Elise stood for him in Birthright. It was an abort mission that should have been made by the writer of Fates.

Also, if written better, maybe, just maybe they got the picture but don't want to admit it and they looked up to Gunther more as a parent but overall King Garon doesn't sit well with me as a villain.

#57: Rhajat - The darkness whispers... This girl got the Necronomicon. Lol I liked Tharja the most out of the trio that got to be reincarnated in Fates from Awakening. I also like Rhajat as well. I married my Birthright Kana to her when Kana's father was Yukimura and Rhajat's mother was Hayato. It made for a good giggled eat.

In Revelations though, I do plan on marrying her to Forrest. I liked Tharja's relationship with Libra and I watched a Support video of Forrest with Rhajat and liked it even more.

It's a sugary sweet little angel trying to cheer up his dark and gloomy girlfriend and they get a makeover together and end up falling in love. That's why I like it.

As an S-Support for Female Corrin? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I mean I did the support with her and the chemistry kind of fits but based on Tharja's creepy support with Female Robin I probably won't try it ever.

#58: Ophelia - The darkness whispers... This girl also got the Necronomicon! Ahhh, fair finger of fate!

I love Ophelia. I loved Lissa, I loved Owain, this girl is no different. I wish Soleil was similar since I liked Olivia and Inigo somewhat but that never happened. Soleil came off as creepy especially to poor Ophelia.

I paired Odin with Elise first and got her and I wondered if she had purple streaks like Elise did. On my Peri run though I married Camilla to Odin to avoid making Soleil. I can only take one or the other - Either Nina or Soleil. If they're together I might be annoyed to death in Conquest.

#58.5: Sumeragi - Now this guy I was curious about. Maybe once I finish Revelations I can learn more about him outside of Yukimura's support.

#59: Kaden - He is so vain I love it. I also like how he gives Hinoka's pegasus beauty tips. It is phenomenal what Kaden can do in my life. Though I also really like Selkie more?

#60: Keaton - How about I tell you I love dogs and I don't like the design of Wolfskins in their beast form, but Keaton is so cute. I also feel bad for him for Velouria. Like how in the world?! I like how he is trying to make her an independent woman.

#60.5: ArĂȘte - Ummmm... Wow. What can I say? I am very interested in her, moreso than I am interested in Azura. Like what the Hell? And her voice is like pure ecstasy. I know where Azura, Shigure, and Dwyer get it from actually. Very beautiful!

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Kaden and Keaton

I'm actually going to bundle these two up because, despite being different characters, I share a similar opinion of both. Namely that I love them. I have a weakness for dogs and foxes, and I admit that characters with animal ears and tails I tend to find especially cute. I liked these two a lot, actually. I like the kitsune transformations, I like the werewolf transformations. I find them both to be enjoyable characters. Kaden is a sweet guy with a bit of an appreciation for... well... his own appearance, and Keaton is a tsundere I can tolerate because the dog parts of him give away his emotions. They both have really good voices too. 9/10 i'd pet.



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Kaden: I don't have a lot of things to say about him. I like him quite a lot, but I don't find him that interesting. He's an awesome unit too.

Keaton: His gimmick bores me. An awesome unit too.

Arete: Another perfect example of Revelations' plot being terrible. Why should I feel bad for killing you?

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Cool design and awesome idea for a shapeshifter. Too bad his personality is being a violent narcissist.


Cool design and awesome idea for a shapeshifter. Too bad his personality is being a literal dog.


I don't see the point of suddenly introducing a character with major ties to one of the main characters if that isn't going to add anything to the lore or backstory. Making that character a major antagonist in the last route with no buildup or context is equally dumb.

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#43: Setsuna

I like the carefree attitude she has and how she's generally lazy and just like Azama I'm confused as to how they even got accepted to be retainers but they're both funny in my opinion. As a unit she didn't get that many use and I stopped using her like 4-5 chapters after Takumi joined but I liked her supports.

#44: Soleil

No comment, didn't recruit her but I like how she looks just like Inigo and inherited his insane lust for women. I find it creepy how she was hitting on her own mother though.

#44.5: Reina (8/9/2016)

No comment, same case as all Corrinsexuals for me. There's not much to those characters.

#45: Xander

Xander is really cool and a caring father figure to the Nohrian family. Xander is for me one of the top 3 best units alongside Ryoma and Corrin, an excellent tank, probably the best in the game due to his ability lineup and of course the almighty Siegfried. All in all, awesome unit. And just like Kaze there's not a single support I read of him that I disliked.

#46: Asugi (8/10/2016)

Unlike the Awakening characters I actually dislike the three awakening clones. Simply because they're a shell of their former selves, they took just a single aspect of their personality and made the entire character based on that. Gaius wasn't just a mere candy lover, there were more to him, and now there's less. I don't like Asugi, Rhajat or Caeldori but I do like them as units though. And it's cheap that their names are anagrams, it's as if it needs to be more obvious that they are clones. Bottom line is I like their original version as they had more depth but now they're turned into a joke.

#47: Shiro

I like Shiro and I like that he's just so chill but can take things seriously when need be, despite the fact that he's mostly cocky. And he's a hellish opponent, if only he had Raijinto like he did in the DLC he'd be unstoppable.

#48: Siegbert (8/11/2016)

Pretty much same as Shiro, I like Seigbert and how he aspires to be as great as Xander, and you can tell he's trying hard. And man, he was a god in the Heirs of Fate DLC.

#49: Kiragi

I like Kiragi and his cheerful personality. I also like the fact that he's very much a mini Takumi which I guess can be said for some of the other children but damn Kiragi is a very skillful Archer and I enjoyed some of his supports.

#50: Forrest (8/12/2016)

One of the reasons why I like Forrest is all the children at least exhibit some aspect of their parents but Forrest doesn't give a shit and just goes with whatever he likes. Aside from that he didn't get that much use from me I liked Leo more as a unit.

#51: Beruka


#52: Caeldori (8/13/2016)

Same as Asugi

#53: Sakura

Despite the fact that I like her she's probably my least favorite of all the royals not counting Corrin. She's a good healer/mage and she's cute but her crybaby attitude kinda turns me off a bit. But I like her shyness though, I find it to be a bit appealing, kinda cute.

#54: Percy (8/14/2016)

No comment.

#55: Rinkah

No comment.

#56: Ignatius

No comment. I'm sorry but I haven't used these units all that much it's just a coincidence they're next to each other with the RNG.

#56.5: Garon (8/15/2016)

I can describe Garon in two words: Wasted potential. He suffers from the same problems that every other villain in this game suffers from, he is severely lacking in depth and character development. It's a shame because from the game's marketing I thought he was gonna be an awesome villain.

#57: Rhajat

Same as Asugi.

#58: Ophelia

Ophelia is like Odin on steroids so no, I'm not a big fan of her, I like Odin but there's a point where I draw a line. But she's not bad as a unit.

#58.5: Sumeragi (8/16/2016)

You idiot, why would you take your baby to a "Truce Meeting"? Doesn't make any sense!

#59: Kaden

Kaden is kinda meh I like his personality somewhat and I used him a lot in Birthright but he outlived his usefulness in Revelations since Keaton was better.

#60: Keaton

What a coincidence, Keaton is a monster of a unit through and through and I like his supports particularly the one with Selena.

#60.5: Arete

No comment, the reason why I shrug off Sumeragi and her is that besides a few mentions here and there their stories aren't expanded upon.

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