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Opinions on that Fire Emblem Fates character #1 - #65 (Check first page)

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Elise - Seems like the standard cute innocent sister. She ain't no Lissa. Personality wise I prefer Sakura over Elise, mostly due to the childishness of Elise being a tad irritating, especially since she's suppose to be an adult (Honestly she's more of a teenager of at least 15). With the way she acts with Corrin it makes me wish that the royals couldn't be wed to Corrin because all I can think of is that marrying her would be a betrayal of what your suppose to be to her and quite frankly it just feels wrong. Even though there is no blood relations to the Nohr siblings there's the sense of fetishness with this setup that I imagine was done on purpose (Because Japan). As a unit she was pretty good with the offensiveness and even with her rather low skill the high hit of tomes made it no issue. But she's the definition of a glass cannon as physical soldiers will tear her to shreds if left alone. [spoiler={spoilers}] Her sacrifice in Birthright had good intentions and all but I can't help but feel it was all in vein as Xander just brushes it off and goes full berserk mode against Corrin. This scene lost its effect more from his actions than hers

Ryoma - He seems like the more reasonable leader in comparison to Xander in the story but so far he's just alright. Kinda like some of the lords in the past where he's not terrible, but not outstanding either. But with that said I've done only a few supports with him at this point so he's up for reassessment in the future. He hits pretty damn hard, thanks to his personal weapon and while he suffer in the DEF department he does get some decent avoid, and more so thanks to the myrmidons skills. I dont think he's as broken as others have said due to said squishyness. [spoiler={spoilers}] Ryoma's death was better executed than Elise. Having him commit sepuku to allow Corrin not to have him kill his own brother was more powerful in execution and as a Samurai felt fitting. Poor guy had a shitty scenario to work with.

Anankos - With how this story has been so far I'm not expecting anything unique as from what I've seen of him via Garon, He just seems like a standard villain, wanting destruction just because he's evil and shit.

I'm going to post the remaining characters I missed at some point but It might take a bit to do it.

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I like him, he's a narcissist, but still a genuinely good guy with a fun personality beneath it all and does try to help out others whenever he can. I feel his biggest flaw (ignoring his questionable reasoning for attacking you in Conquest, I still think it was poorly shoved in just for duality with Keaton) is that he can come off as a bit bland in his supports. There are a couple supports like the one with Orochi where I was not really invested with what the characters were talking about. Also, he can be a bit grating once in a while with his beauty/"I'll pay you back" gimmick, but it's not nearly as terrible as some other characters can be, so it doesn't hinder him that much.

As a unit, he's Taguel 2.0, a fast dodgetank unit with meh strength and poor defensive, though with an actual Res stat so that he can help with the mages. However in execution, I feel he's not too much better then the Taguel since Fates doesn't like dodgetanks much unless they're Ryoma and his lack of strength and defense means he falls behind pretty quickly (especially in Revelations). Also, his high Res kind of goes to waste since he lacks 2 range, so he's just basically a wall that can't do anything in return, which makes him lose out to the ninjas easily since they can retaliate.


Puppy! If you looked at Keaton and said he acts like a dog, you'd be correct as that's basically his personality. With that said, I don't think it's really a bad thing in and of itself since a good amount of his likeable traits are related to that. I personally do like his loyalty as a character since he does show on occasion that he does care about those around him and will go out of his way to make them happy, even if it is in his own way such as arranging a hunt for Mozu or getting Selena a baby chick. I also do like that he's pretty much a failure of the tsundere archetype since he tries so hard to be the guy that doesn't care, but his body language betrays him. However, his biggest flaw is also associated with his dog-like personality, and that's his trash gimmick. Now, if this was something that popped up from time to time, it'd be fine, just an odd quirk. However, IIRC, it appears in a good chunk of his supports, and while the rest barely mention it (if at all), it's still one too many as it can be pretty repetitive. It's not enough to make me dislike the character though, as I still do enjoy his likeable traits and I still consider him pretty enjoyable.

As a unit, I feel he's the best you can make of the beast unit archetype in their current state (land-locked unmounted units that lack 2 range). His stats synergize well with the stones, so you can get a unit that can switch off between a berserker-like unit that can hit hard or a tank that can absorb damage, and his beast killing gimmick can be useful in certain chapters. Still flawed, but at least he's workable.


Who are you again? Why should I care you died?


I find her a bit abrasive, even ignoring Corrin's support. As a unit, she's too fragile for me, particularly since Fates doesn't like dodgetanks that much.


Probably one of the strongest characters in the game for reasons stated multiple times over. She's not gimmicky, they handle each aspect of her (her crush, her love of fashion, her hate of Nohr) rather well, and she's a decent unit overall. She's a good character, and she's one of the shining examples of Fates' writing.


I haven't bought her DLC, so no comment.


The precious little sister. As a character, I do appreciate her contrast between the cynical viewpoint of Nohr as despite it, she's still optimistic and looks for the bright side of things. It also actually has a place in the plot since her desire to find peace through friendship and kindness rather then war is what leads her to rebelling against Nohr in BR. It's through that role that she becomes one of the more proactive siblings in the game since she actually contributes to what's happening in the plot, unlike the other sisters, who basically appear and then stop mattering for a good chunk of the game. While her story was still flawed (mostly because of the aforementioned Xander), I do see what they were trying to do.

Support-wise, she falters a bit due to her more childish nature, which can be a bit grating, but she still has a number of good supports such as hers with Ryoma (C-A mostly, S depends on your viewpoint of the age gap). As a unit, she's a glass cannon, but worthwhile to use since she's such a great support unit.


Likeable, but he can be a bit bland.


Oh dear Naga, probably one of the most mismanaged villains in the entire series. He has a backstory, he has motivations, he does have a bit of character, and all of that is locked behind DLC. Why? If I just played Revelations, he'd be a horribly bland villain as he just comes off as another batshit crazy dragon that wants to destroy humanity just because, which gives me no reason to care about him. Even with the DLC in mind, I can't bring myself to like him as for all of the explanation they give for him, he's still another giant dragon that removes any personal stake in the plot, and through his existence is (plot-wise) responsible for some of Fates' worst plot elements such as Gooron and the dead parents brigade. So even with the bits and pieces of goodness within the character, it doesn't save him from being one of my most disliked parts of the game. He does too much harm to the plot for me to overlook just because he gets a sobstory, Fates' plot would've benefitted more from having him taken out of the story and having more emphasis placed on the events of the war.

With that said, at least his dragon form has a nice design. It's familiar in shape, but it's still somewhat alien, so it's at least interesting to look at.

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Already the Finale? It was a very good topic, I'm going to really miss it! And it brought some activity to this forum, which is always nice.

I might edit this post later to add all my post on previous characters, and maybe complete it with those I missed.

Elise: My favourite little sister, and maybe the biggest surprise in this game. I'm not into manga/anime and this kind of stuff at all, so I first thought she was going to be a stupid loli character. I was wrong. Maybe NoA's localization contributed to make her less Japanese and more likeable for me. She's "cute", yes, but she's so more than that: caring, cheerful, etc and has a great role in each path: she's the only royal you don't fight except in chapter 6. She's better than Sakura, who's too bland and annoying with her "I-I'm shy". She's much better as a unit too. She may be frail, but she's a monster. She's so useful throughout the game. Before she promotes, she's an incredible support unit, my favourite troubadour in the series: with her great mobility and magic, she can heal efficiently, while her personal skill combined with Demoiselle is very helpful for tanking. After her promotion she's still a very good healer if you need it, but with skills like Sol and Lifetaker, you'll be able to use her as a combat unit, and... Wow, she's so good at it. She's very gimpicky like a lot of units in Conquest (that's why Conquest's gameplay is my favourite in the series). Her Mag, Spd, Lck and Res are insane. She will double almost everything, and deals massive amounts of damage against everybody, even Mages, or units with high Res, units she can easily take care of thanks to her amazing Res (Which reached 37 in my file). Her flaws are her low HP, Def and Skill. Her skill is not really a problem since Tomes are very accurate anyway. Her low HP and Def make her very fragile against physical units, so you'll have to her with extreme caution against those foes; but because she's a Tome-user, most foes won't be able to counter attack anyway. The most dangerous foes for her are Javelin-users, because they can have high Str (especially generals who can OHKO her in Endgame), are accurate (plus Weapon Tria gle advantage) and can attack at one and two range. I don't fully consider her a glass cannon since she can tank any magical enemy she'll meet. As Odin's husband, I gave her: Demoiselle, Inspiration (both works perfectly with her personal skill), Live to Serve, Bowbreaker (because bows can attack your second line and they will now have 0% hit combined with weapon advantage) and Vengeance (Kinda useless because of her low HP). Conclusion: Used CORRECTLY, Elise will erase anything crossing her path.

Ryoma: Lobster man. I began Fates with Conquest, so I was first indifferent to him. But after Chapter 25 and Conquest's Endgame, I started to love him.

[spoiler={option}] Those who think he did what he did because he was dishonored, or because he lost the war are mistaken. His death scene was wonderful. Maybe my favourite moment in Conquest. In his lasts moments he understood what Corrin was trying to achieve, and finally accept her as his sister. He trusts her, and considering how it will affect her to take his life with her own hands (and Yato will not stay true after that, as told Xander before the fight), he decides to give Corrin a chance to continue, and that's a magnificent and brave gesture he did considering the reasons above. The cutscene is magnificent: Matthew Mercer did an amazing job here once more, the execution was insane, combined with the music, Raijinto's fire and lightnings, make a beautiful cutscene, kinda raw and hard emotionaly (almost shoking) to watch. His last words and smile mean everything, as explained during Azura and Corrin's dialogue.

I didn't see much of him yet in BR, because I just got him, but he seems quite bland though. I still prefer Xander (but I love both).

As a unit he's very spectacular with a lot of procs (Crits, Astra, Vantage, etc), and he's kinda broken with his amazing base stats, but I still consider that Hana would make an even better swordmaster if Ryoma hadn't Raijinto.

Anankos: Who?

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I liked this topic, too bad we hit the finale already. It was nice to see all the different perspectives on the characters. But regardless of anything I'll give my thoughts on these last few characters:

Elise: My favorite of the two little sisters, I just have this thing for cute characters and the fact that she's more energetic and less of a crybaby than Sakura is the reason why I prefer Elise. Elise is also a great unit once promoted to Strategist, she destroys generals and any unit that has lower speed. I think she's as effective as Leo once used properly, albeit more fragile. Either way, Elise is an awesome unit and one of my favorite characters in the game.


Ryoma is the best unit in the game right next to Xander, they're both amazing sweepers with the game's best weapons, the difference is Xander has more Defense and Resistance whereas Ryoma has more Strength and Speed. They both embody the best aspects of both factions in terms of both gameplay and character. And they're both quite similar in personality so I'd say I like them pretty much equally. And of course, I loved their supports with each other. All in all, Ryoma is great.


How fitting for him to be the last one, not that he's that great of a character. Anankos has what every other villain in this game lacks: Personality, backstory, motives. But they're all locked behind a DLC wall, so if you played Revelations without the DLC he's as bland as they go, even more bland than Garon. But even with the DLC it doesn't give him enough to hold a candle to most of the playable characters, so yeah I don't like Anankos.

Closing thoughts:

Well that was the full cast of Fire Emblem Fates, some were good, some were bad, some were ugly. But I liked the overall cast of characters, especially the Nohr characters. whereas the game's plot was messy and the villains were terrible, at least the playable characters were pretty well done.

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Some of you guys are missing out on a lot of offensive potential by choosing not to reclass Elise. There are plenty of staff users in the game who can take her place once she's reclassed. But nobody else can really do some of the things that she does.

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0 characters left

Today's characters are none and none, with a bonus character, no one.

What is your opinion on those non-existent things?

I was expecting more Elise hate, not this.

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Smug generic Paladin should have have been a unit for the smugness.

Generic merc, ninja, spear fighter and beast tribe characters look more like actual units rather than generics. Especially wolfskin dude.

There should have been a main unit soldier class to constrast Oboro.

Nice going everyone. Guess our opinion mission is complete.

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Just amazing in all areas.


Definitely not a fan. That certain scene really rubbed me the wrong way.

No one:

No opinion, really.


I quite like her but she's still my least favorite Nohrian royal for having none of the baddass points. But she's cute as intended and even a little funny at times and a nice gall. Despite sharing so much of Lisa's traits I do find her a bit more cynically aimed to a certain crowd, I'm not sure where the difference comes from.


He's a bit bland compared to Xander but I like him well enough. Ryoma is a killer unit and his relation with his son was kind of interesting.

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Anankos: His existence is just to explain a little nitpick thing about Corrin... And allow the Corrin's S Support with their siblings

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Oh, so no one? Here, have a bonus character:

Haitaka - This scrub from Nowhereland can be recruited in Conquest to fight against Hoshido because I don't even know how the fuck this is justified. But once he is, he's a really cool mix of offense and support. He can either Rally Defense your squad, turning Ninja Pinball into a joke, or charge the front with nice bits like Seal Defense. Because he's a Spear Fighter, he can get a proc through Rend Heaven, which JUST SO happens to jive nicely with Seal Defense. If that's not enough, pop back into Spear Master for Seal Speed and Lancefaire, thus ensuring that he'll either cripple his opponent, or shank them outright.

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Oh, so no one? Here, have a bonus character:

Haitaka - This scrub from Nowhereland can be recruited in Conquest to fight against Hoshido because I don't even know how the fuck this is justified. But once he is, he's a really cool mix of offense and support. He can either Rally Defense your squad, turning Ninja Pinball into a joke, or charge the front with nice bits like Seal Defense. Because he's a Spear Fighter, he can get a proc through Rend Heaven, which JUST SO happens to jive nicely with Seal Defense. If that's not enough, pop back into Spear Master for Seal Speed and Lancefaire, thus ensuring that he'll either cripple his opponent, or shank them outright.

I was gonna do something similar.

Nichol - I wish this dude was playable like he was hinted to be. Not as good as Haitaka but I think he had my favorite design of the capturable bosses. Also another Malig Knight is always cool. IS please.

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Gazak: a Berserker, with a 70% defense growth? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!

This guy basically solos with his great skill access and great stats and growths, he'll make the bandit brothers look like nothing.

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Yay capturables!

Senno: This guy looks like a Feudal Japanese version of that mouth breathing creep that used to sit behind you in History class, and leer at you if you came to class wearing stockings. He kinda acts like it too. Yet, on Hard and above, he comes with some pretty good skills. He gets Lucky Seven and Seal Magic. notbad.gif And the Merchant class tree skills are kinda alright. He can go Mechanist and get Replicate so two mouth breathing creeps can try to go murder things. Hes got a decent Speed and Str growth too.

Candace: Leave it to Candace! (to be a bit disappointing :( ) Plucky adventurer that takes what she sees. Sucks she cant reclass due to her unique model. Her unique model is part of why shes kind of an intriguing character to nab. I think id be happier with her if she wasnt so mediocre everywhere else. Shes a bit on the slow side for her class. All these flaws could actually be fixed, but lack of reclassing...OUCH. Poor Candace.

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I actually legitimately like Senno's design. I capture him almost every chance I get and end up not using him. Just can't stand to put him 6 ft. under without having him on my team.

Fun fact: I captured him just before Ch. 23 recently, and I think we're up to eight persuasions without him wanting to join. IDK if that's supposed to happen or not, but there you go.

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One of the more interesting side characters. He wants all the powerful tomes but he's just an apothecary O.O


I'm a sucker for pirate-looking characters, except we fought him in the desert and he's not a pirate at all.


Reminds me of the clothing store, Zara.


Creepy af don't trust her, no depth, looks like a clown


Porky the Pig's cousin


Let down. He's a basara (one of the most awesome classes to come out of Fates) and he was really weak.

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Porky the Pig's cousin


legit, why you gotta body shame like that? D: Candace is lovely, and im not joking around.

Daniela: Probably my favorite design out of the Capturable Bosses (next to Candace). She reminds me a lot of Gangrel. Unfortunately, her bases arent like his were. She makes an excellent backup heal bot though. I havent tried really tinkering with her, but i really love getting her. The only BR boss i love to get.

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Generic Hero: I seriously thought you were a playable character, you look amazing!

Ditto for Master Ninja, I love those guys' design

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Well after many edits and delays between days it's FINALLY time to play catch ups and knock off the missed ones

[spoiler=Here we go!]

Inigo - Inigo was one of my least favourite of the kids in Awakening as his flirtatious attitude in comparison to Virion came across as rather sleazy and he definitely looked like someone who wouldn't stop flirting even when married which made me feel sorry for whoever got married to him. So far he doesn't seem to have changed too much from Awakening, maybe a slight more mature but overall not much of a change. He's just alright for me atm. I did like his support with Peri and Severa though. Haven't used him much as a unit but his personal skill, while small is a neat little buff that can add that little difference.

Shigure - Poor Shigure, [spoiler=Spoiler]left motherless on 2 paths.

His design is decent, the haircut is rather odd. His voice is quite soothing to the ears. Haven't used him much but since this is Azura's kid I Imagine he will follow in her footsteps and be a hard hitting glass cannon.

Selkie - I liker her design but like Effie I wasn't expecting her voice to be what it was (In selkie's case, very squeaky). She seems rather playful and naive. I haven't done much with her and from her stats seemed rather similar to Kaden.

Flora - I'm glad the maid designs in this game weren't too fetishized, knowing what they could have done with them. I like her design and her unique skill can come in handy...if only she could take physical hits. She was rather meh in my conquest run and ended up more in utility rather than offense. Personality is alright, I suppose another victim to the corrinsexual syndrone that others have described certain characters with. Why the hell did she not have more supports? The limited supports with certain characters bothers me as other games had characters right near end game that had WAY more than these characters (E.G Renault, Elincia, Etc). And since she worked with characters like Gunter and Jakob it's a rather glaring flaw and denial of potential character development. [spoiler=Spoiler] Also her suicide in birthright was rather puzzling. Why/How did she burn herself to death? Not what I expect from someone of the ICE tribe. This seems more like something Rinkah would have done.

Scarlet - Poor, poor Scarlet. Here's a wasted potential character. She seemed like someone that should have played a bigger role in Birthright and hell even in Revelations, but like other characters unless their Corrin or Azura they aint getting any love. [spoiler=Spoiler]Her death in Revelations was out of nowhere and quickly moved on and her's in conquest was certainly expected (and rather brutal considering the potential scenarios).

She seemed alright as a character, someone who loves gem crafting in weapons and has a rather spunky attitude but she really needed more supports. Why none with Ryoma? That seemed like a missed opportunity there and if they could S rank that would have given MCorrin an extra slot to marry someone without losing one of the kids. Haven't used her yet but she looks promising and her skill, while situational could prove to be handy.

Severa - The Tsundere we all know and love? Personally she's the kind I can tolerate and in Awakening she was just more of a bitch and she acted tsun tsun to everyone, not just to the opposite sex. She seems to have matured a bit since Awakening and ain't so snappy, but she does have her moments here and there. Didn't used her yet but her skill could be nice if used with a partners killer weapon (looking at you Takumi). Man I really forgot about mercenary's in this game.

Nyx - Well first things first, dark mage designs are doomed to be bikini fanservice designs. I wish we could go back to the ominous heavy robed designs. I like her design face wise though with the long scruffy hair and the head piece. Has a fortune teller vibe to it. Personality wise she's quite the distant woman. I can't blame her for her frustrations with having to always explain her situation to others as she's probably done it so many times now. Need to do more with her supports to see more of her character as at the moment she's just alright. Her voice is quite amusing though, especially the little grunts she does when attacking, it's quite cute. She's got some good magic growth and can hit hard but is as fragile in DEF as elise and has bad luck to boot. Also suffers in the skill department which in Fates unforgiving RNG is a problem. Suffers the same way that Arthur did for me, but in his case he suffered more from Axes having crap hit, Nyx doesn't growth too well in Skill.

Takumi - Out of all the royals I feel like he gets more of the attention in most of the stories and he certainly gets the most shit flung at him storywise, whether it's his possession in Birthright or pretty much everything that happened to him in Conquest, hell just in Revelations he almost fell to his death, poor guy can't get a break. His focus on not trusting those he meets is somewhat reasonable, especially with those of Nohr, but his personality overall is solid. You get the feeling he want to prove himself that he's a strong leader for Hoshido and he's a nice guy when talking to those he likes. As a unit I have to say if there's one guy who get's them crits when I need them It's Takumi. Probably done thanks to his great unique skill, which is simple to achieve and gives him great buffs in return. His unique bow also is fantastic on terrain heavy maps, making him flexible in alotta maps. That and thanks to the new type of bows has made me like archers again which I haven't had a turn around to since Radiant Dawn.

Corrin/Mary-sue - WARNING: RANT INCOMING: Oh geez where to start. After what we got from Robin I wasn't having too high hopes for Corrin to be much better, but I certainly wasn't expecting him to be much WORSE in comparison. Corrin is a spineless, naive, worthless, pandering coward of a protagonist and the fact that everyone just worships him with such high praise and the fact he's designated leader while other more competent leaders are around him makes me sick. Conquest Corrin in particular was especially bad as him joining back with Nohr after the sword Garon gave him kills his mother and lots of hoshidans and the fact that he remembers that he's not his real father and he even admits that he intended for that to happens makes no sense. I mean I know that he want's to stick with his Nohr siblings but the fact that upon returning he's almost killed by Garon really should have been the sign that he should get the fuck out of there, it's not like Xander or anyone else is gonna be able to do shit since they're too scared to stand up against him. His lack of actions really hurt him, such as the rebellion of Cheve. Instead of stopping Hans from killing everyone, he just lets him get away with it with no resistance. If any other Lord were in his place they would not put up with that shit, especially if it was someone like Ike, in fact he would have just stuck his sword in Hans throat upon his declaration of slaughter. His lack of explanation of garon's true form to his siblings is a bonehead move and makes him and Azura look like complete dicks as even though they can't say where they got the info from, they HAD ways around it they could have done (like write it down or force a prisoner to say it to prove the curse) but nooooooo gotta keep everything hidden just because (This gets especially galling after playing Revelations where they have NO problem explaining that they had to be secretive otherwise that curse will kill them). That bloody curse is just as flimsy, if not worse than the blood pacts in Radiant Dawn and hell I liked the idea of the pacts (It just suffered from poor execution). Also why the fuck does he not kill Iago or Zola with his own hands?! Iago especially as he flat out admits he was tormenting Corrin this whole time which should have been more than enough reason to put him down personally but nope, Leo gets to take the glory. Why couldn't Leo be the main protagonist in Conquest? He's much more reliable a leader and actually has a fucking brain in comparison to this pathetic excuse of a "Lord". I don't know how people can self insert into this guy (apart from the fact that he has a character which I reckon clashes against the whole Idea unless they're a complete blank slate like the protagonist in persona 3) Because who wants to self insert into a useless, pathetic leader who may as well be one of those harem protagonists in any harem anime you can name. I wonder if he get's alot of comparison to Kirito from Sword Art Online as I hear he was a prime example of a mary sue. Overall character wise Corrin is the absolute WORST Lord I have seen in a Fire Emblem game. Worse than Micaiah, worse than Robin, I can only hope that they axe this custom avatar crap for their next game but I highly doubt that'll happen because Japan is Japan and they know what sells. Either that or they can get a new bloody writing team to avoid this drek. Well at least performance wise he's pretty solid apart from the usual low RES that most lords get and the fact that the dragonstone drops off mid-late game.

Sophie - Used her a bit in Birthright but apart from that not much. Her design is alright, an odd haircut and the unnecessary lack of pants is another case of unnecessary sexualization but it is less noticeable ingame in comparison to Camilla with her arse sticking in the camera. I've heard people describe her similar to Awakening's Cynthia but so far I don't see it (Arthur's more closer to the comparison IMO but i'll get to that soon). Her personal skill is...rather odd. The damage is nice but why does it involve stripping the enemy? (Though overall that feature was a rather odd thing to have and just rather silly, what is this Ikki Tousen?).

Shura - Could have been more interesting if not limited in supports but like Reina, Scarlet, Izana, Yukimura, etc he suffers in this department. The fact that you can actually kill him instead of recruiting him is interesting and makes this choice alone better than ALL the choice options in Awakening combined as it actually has consequences (Although since I did birthright first and knew he was neutral I knew I could recruit him so I did not kill him first time round). Haven't used him in combat yet.

Saizo - In comparison to Kaze he seems more serious in his duties and is a feisty little ninja to boot. I quite like him, his design is good, I've liked the supports I've seen so far from his past relationship with Kagero, to his cute one with Sakura to the rather interesting discussions had with Beruka. With his voice I imagined him being voiced by Steve Blum for some reason. Currently using him in Revelations and he's been pretty damn good. Hard hitting, lotsa doubling, has gotten me some clutch crits and his skill, while dangerous is handy as it's practically an area poison strike (And I love this skill). Along with Kaze and Kagero they make for great ninjas.

Velouria - First things first, did anyone else get a Nah vibe from her design? the pointed ears, the way the hair looked in her portrait, her voice? It didn't help for me that I liked Nah with Henry's hair, it's been hard to shake the comparisons (although that alone is a problem I have with the majority of the cast), personality wise she does differ thankfully, that of a huge daddy's girl with her dad's similarity in habit of collecting junk. She's quite cute but I admit I still need to do more supports. I used her along with her father in Conquest and she did very well, especially with her unique skill that helped in surviving the hits. She was slightly less tanky in comparison but hit much harder and helped secure the kill on the final boss. The wolfskins overall are very good and she was one of my MVPs for that run.

Fuga - Not much to say about him atm. his designs good but storywise ain't too important.

Subaki - From what I've gotten so far he seems like a male Cordelia, but unlike Cordelia who was not trying to be the best and was rather modest about it, Subaki WANTS to be perfect and comes off as more of a show off in comparison. He did alright for me in birthright but I wanted to use Hinoka for my first run so he got benched.

Hinoka - I've noticed that the majority of people think of Hinoka as the blandest of the royals and while I haven't done many supports of hers to assess whether this is the case or not, I still think I prefer her over Camilla as Camilla suffers from actual flaws that I can't overlook that Hinoka simply doesn't suffer from. Her relationship with Corrin is not creepy and it's touching that she devoted herself as a soldier to get him back, also her support with Ryoma was cute. She's a tough, friendly gal who also did well on the field for me. While squishy she doubled all the time and hit pretty hard for me.

Niles - The sadistic Outlaw himself, and the unit mages dread to fight against. His attitude got me some laughs and he reminds me of Azama in that he loves teasing his comrades (A shame they couldn't support each other, it just seems perfect). Having a thief class with High RES was what I wasn't expecting from Niles but good god was it useful. He did really well for me early and mid. Speaking of Azama It puzzles me that from the opinions I found on here that people don't like Azama's personality because he's an arse who's mean to people and yet have no issues with Niles who literally gets his kicks from the misery of others, I mean hell he's a SADIST. It just seems a tad hypocritical or at the very least inconsistent.

Felicia - Miss doki doki maid. Her gimmick is rather annoying as it feels like what they did with Sumia, but there could be some supports i've missed that avoid it. Her growths for me were wonky. Some good some bad, haven't used her much apart from early game. Also alot of people dont seem to like her voice but, I don't know I find it quite charming and lines like "We've got Trouble" never fail to make me laugh.

Kagero - Even though I ended up using her in Birthright I didn't do too many of her supports so assessing her character atm is a tad hard. She's serious, devoted to her Lord and makes freaky art. I like the detail of her having dated Saizo in the past, gonna have to see their supports to see where it goes. She was good as a unit, doubling, pretty tough and a good skill to screw over ninjas. Solid unit.

Kana - What kind of nutjob parent would send their 10 year old child to fight in the war? oh wait. Kana just seems WAAAAY too young to be fighting, I know young warriors in Fire Emblem aren't rare but this is pushing it. I've heard of comparisons to Morgan but I don't see it so far. Morgan was much better. Haven't used her in battle much so no comment there.

Effie - This girls gotta eat and get huge, HUGE! she seems a tad gimmicky with that shtick but she has her moments (I recall someone compared her to Obelix from Asterix the Gaul which is a funny comparison but could be rather close). Design wise, thank god they fixed the over designed armour from Awakening, they looked MUCH better in this game, I'd say her's is perfect...and then she stuck her arse out at me in her victory animation and why is she not wearing pants? As a Knight, well, refer to the comment I made earlier. As a Knight she is fantastic, Great DEF, good attack thanks to her skill and once she has her General skill at lvl 5 she is a tough nut to crack. Her growths for me were quite wonderful too, which considering her growths it was quite delightful.

Jakob - Quite the arse he is, at least from what I've seen so far. Strict and snappy. Haven't used him much so this is a bit brief.

Leo - Why wasn't Leo the protagonist of Conquest?! Anyway from what I've seen so far he seems pretty solid and a smart tactician to boot. As a unit he's alright. He has high damage but lacks speed and fell off for me late game. His personal tome is alright but it ain't nothing like what Takumi has to offer.

Hayato - A near clone of Ricken, Same hair and colour, same class, same clothes colour, another young kid whose treated as a child which he objects to (His support with Corrin didn't help) but much cockier and confident in his magic. Despite the above I'm kinda alright with him but his clone factors are hard to ignore. he's done alright as a unit in my Revelations run, good magic and decent speed.

Hinata - On glace a carry over of the Vaike's personality but maybe not so meat headed. His supports seem pretty decent so far, I Liked his support with Rinkah (Got them paired up). As a unit he fell short to Hana as while he has better defense and a useful skill he suffers in speed and strength which for a myrmidon is rather shaky.

Silas - The president of the Corrinsexual fan club. He seems to like helping people alot but I've heard conflicting opinions on him with certain supports. I guess in due time I'll find the dodge ones. As a unit he seems decent, although I dropped him early in my last run.

Hans - Just your typical evil commander. Nothing special bout him except now I can see him without thinking of his head as a giant thumb.

Orochi - Why the hell did Orochi rank right at the bottom on the official poll? As a mischievous diviner she's jolly good fun. I like her design, her magic was really high and made for an overall pretty good mage for me in Birthright.

Mitama - One of my favourite of the kids so far. Her star eyes are a bizzare feature but apart from that her design is good (I like the fact that Azama has the same eyes that we'll never see). Her sleepy attitude reminds me of Haar (One of my favourites from the Tellius series). I need to do more of her supports but I did quite like her support with Corrin where she bonds with him over Haikus. I did use her in my Birthright run where she was a bit more utility based. Needed her for staffs and extra bows.

Charlotte - Literally a gold digger. Tis a shame her and Anna can't support each other. She's one of the hardest gals to find a good pair for as apart from Benny it seems like she has trouble bonding with the others, with her whole goody goody persona and shit. Hell she'd abandon her lover quicker than Inigo. haven't used her yet but her starting stats weren't too convincing and her skill while scary is just too limited as female classes are far and few between.

Owain - Out of the 3 Awakening kids to return he seems to have been the one that's changed the least with the exception of his class (I guess he decided to finally embrace his mother's magic growths that he got). Not much to say about him at this point except he's Owain we all know from Awakening. He did decently in my Conquest run but fell off a bit late game.

Zola - A bit better than Hans in character but that's not saying much. I like his voice acting, a cackling little rat he is.

Peri - I've seen some conflicting opinions on this little psychopath, it seems like you either like her or hate her. I'm probably in the middle at the moment. On the one hand her design is cute, she goes with the theme of Nohr having messed up characters and her decensordised attitude to violence having come from such a tender young age could be possible (I mean hell, just seeing your dead mother would be enough to cause some serious mental damage). On the other hand she is just a bit too unstable with her killing habits and it seems like any smart army would not be having her around, and it does put a bit of contradiction on Xander as he warns Corrin about Hans background as a criminal and murderer and yet he himself has a retainer that'll kill people whenever they hurt her feelings. She did well for me in my Conquest run, while a bit sqiushier than I'd like she hit decently and her unique skill + azura's dance was pretty useful when needed.

Midori - Such a cute gal she is. Another favourite of the kids so far. While her size does make me question if she really is an adult (Similar to how I questioned Elise) I could image her just being a short person, and I've had friends and relatives that fit that physical description. Haven't used her yet though so still up for assessment.

Benny - The loveable giant of a man. Although I can't help but feel he shares a similarity with Kellam in that they both struggle with socialising with others. With Kellam it's his unexplanable invisibleness to others while Benny is more the opposite as people look at him, and flee in terror. What have these guys got against male knights? Using him in revelations atm and so far as a tank he's pretty damn good. Having more defense growth than Effie helps and with the guard naginata is near inpenetrable. Only problem is that he lacks in killing power in comparison to Effie and his growths haven't been as amazing as hers. Still pretty solid overall though.

Arthur - With his whole schtick of Justice I'd say that he's the male equivalent of Cynthia (Feels more accurate than Sophie in my opinion) but replace Cynthia's nativity with Arthur's bad luck. He does suffer from the gimmick syndrome but at least it's a gimmick that isn't too annoying as I've not had too much of an issue with him and he has had some nice supports (The Azura one in particular was very good). While his skill growth seems to be decent I just have so much trouble with him and accuracy. I put that blame squarely on axes due to their usual stats. That combined with his dreadful luck making him at risk of getting crits makes him rather tricky. Tried to use him in Reveleations but he's probably getting cut. I will try him again in Conquest at some point.

Iago - Another bland villian to add to the bland ante ray of Fates villains.

Hisame - One of the few children not too similar to their fathers. haven't used him much so not much to say bout Hisame. Seems okay atm but why the hell was he labelled a Pickle Pro in his epilogue?

Camilla - Oh boy Camilla. I knew straight away judging from her design that I would have complaints about her character and after playing Conquest I was right. I have nothing against sexy characters but the way they did it with Camilla was not subtle in the slightest, from the battle panties to her own cinematics that practically focus all on her "ass"ets. This is the kind of crap I'd see in an ecchi Anime. Her kind of character is what make's me worried about the future of Fire Emblem. Pandering design, creepy, avatar lusting attitude and fetishising Incest even if it's technically not incest. Which is a shame because take away all that and her characters not terrible. Like Tharja she's at her best when she's not focusing on her biggest flaw, In this case her creepy affection for Corrin and that mostly bothers me because she ONLY acts like this to Corrin, not to anyone else. It's obvious what the creators were doing with her and I'm disappointed in them for doing this. It's because of these flaws that I currently prefer Hinoka. At least as a unit she's pretty decent. When you get her in Conquest she's a useful clutch for those tough moments (especially on the chapter you get her) and having axes and magic at her disposal is quite useful. I gave her the mechanist class to have duplicate and having two of her flying around was very handy.

Izana - To quote Nyx "Appearances can be deceiving". A quirky fella who sadly suffers from lack of supports and absence in Revelations. Surprisingly I did use him for Conquest as a backup mage and healer which proved useful in the end.

Nina - My favourite designed of the children characters. A mix of cute and sexy of the subtle kind NOT of Camilla's battle lingerie design. Her being a yaoi fangirl though was certainly not expected (reminded me of Harumi Fujiyoshi from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and I'm hoping that she doesn't make it too much of a gimmick like others character have done with theirs. Her support with Soleil was quite amusing though, indulging in each others lewd fantasies.

Dwyer - Another design I like. I took one look at the guy and said to myself "That's a paranoid looking fella right ere". While his personality didn't exactly match up to what I had envisioned he seems like he could be interesting. The fact the he can do better at butlering than his father and yet can't be arsed to do so is quite humourous. Haven't used him yet.

Kaze - The ladies man Kaze, He certainly has been the most flexable when it comes to finding good pairings. He's just an overall nice guy that's committed to his duties as a Ninja. With that said however him joining Corrin in Conquest does reflect rather poorly on him, particularly for his reason for joining you and betraying Hoshido. It makes him look like a filthy traitor. I know they wanted to give you some source of Ninja for Nohr but they could have given him a better reason to join rather than just "a sense of trust". As a unit, constant doubles, great RES and good skill make him a solid Ninja. Can't go wrong with him.

Azama - A clever little arsehole and I like him, although many seem to be otherwise. I will admit because of his personality he is one of the hardest to pair up but on his own he just makes me laugh for just how much he doesn't give a shit. His snarky, blunt attitude makes for a good source of entertainment in his supports. I did find his support with Felicia to be pretty good though and so far is the strongest in chemistry he's got going (Plus gives Mitama her pink hair). Haven't used him yet but looking at his good strength growth definitely ain't making him a dedicated healer. his personal skill is crap though once promoted.

Gunter - It's nice to see characters that look physically older in your party again. Had a funny moment with Gunter where after his "demise" into the bottomless pit, once I could grind in Birthrights I went to do so at the canyon and the sparkling tile gave me "Gunter's Potion" and the first thing to come out of my mouth was a despaired "GUNTEEEEER!!!!". What an appropriate item to find. Another character though that suffers from few supports. I liked how he looked after Corrin during his time at the fort (A solid support overall) but he needed more, particularly with characters like Felicia and Flora. As a unit I could immediately tell he was a Jeigen and pretty much benched him. Then I saw his growths and was DEFINITELY not gotta use him anytime soon. While his starting stats could be usable in Conquest, in Revelations forget about it. And as for his growths...well fuck they are quite frankly atrocious. Also the lack of supports in Revelations was an immediate warning sign that some shit was gonna happen to him so no point feeding him there (Haven't gotten to the disaster yet but wiki spoiled it for me when I checked his growths so oh well).

Azura - A possible attempt to make lightning strike twice by making a new Lucina. Funny how that's not worked considering her poll position, the fact the she doesn't get a figure while the nohr sisters and Corrin(F) get some attention. Her role in the story has quite a few probs, mostly stemming from her lack of explanations in the story. Her secretive nature I think hurts her the most and with the knowledge she has on both routes it really makes her look like a selfish bitch. While I don't detest her like I do with Corrin I do feel like they failed in her utilization into the plot and the end results just ain't pretty. Also like Corrin she also suffers the most in Conquest for the same reasons as Corrin. Design is certainly pretty and gives off the exotic look rather well but the single stocking/underwear thing is rather odd (can this be counted as fanservice?). I have to say though that as a dancer/singer class she's one of the strongest I've encountered in Fire Emblem. Hits really hard, always doubles and good resistance makes for another magic murderer. Only problem, her DEF and health are crap. Definitely someone who needs seraph robes and draco shields. She makes for a pretty good pegasus rider though and her pool of skills are handy for utility.

Mozu - One of my favourites of the 1st Gen. I've always had a soft spot for the country folks in Fire Emblem, from the shy Nephenee to the family man Brom to the jolly Donnell and now I've got the Tough gal Mozu to add to the list. Although unlike those guys she certainly copes it bad with her family, not the merriest of recruitment's. Her supports are pretty solid overall, Notable favourites atm are Corrins, Takumis, and Keatons. As a unit sadly she ain't no Donny due to aptitude's nerf and with this games RNG was getting mixed results in growths, but then again that happened alot of the characters. She did make for a decent Master of Arms in the end though.

Yukimura - Another character that could have played a bigger role and had more supports but alas was abandoned to continue praising the lackluster Corrin. I have to say though that his support with Corrin made me lose respect for his as a tactician when he mentioned that his plan of traps to ensnare the enemy was scolded by Sumeragi. I mean come on, PEOPLE DIE IN WAR! It's inevitable and when facing your foe it's kill or be killed. Yukimura was in the right and would have done you well for doing what he wanted to do. how spineless he is for the fact he succumbed to his "wisdom". I can see now where Corrin get's his fantasist Pacifist nature from.

Setsuna - The archer in her own world. She really reminds me of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh with her absent minded habits and slow voice. While from the supports I've seen so far she does seem to play up her gimmick of falling into traps a bit too often, but even with that in mind I don't dislike her. I guess it reminds me of characters in the past that I've liked like Mia and Ilyana who, while not deep in character development were likeable as they were. Now as unit Setsuna kicked plenty of arse with her ridiculous speed that could challenge even Kaze's speed. Her decent damage combinged with skill made her quite scary and if she could use Takumi's bow good lord it would be a hailstorm of arrows.

Soliel - I swear the first time I saw this gal her face looked WAAAY to similar to her father. It was hard to look around that. Apart from that her design is pretty good. The fact that she wears Olivia's headband is cute and a potential memorial piece as if this Inigo is the one from Awakening who lost his mother in the grim future then this is a sweet, touching little bit of detail to have. Also I was curious about the controversy of her support with Corrin. From what I've heard apparently she actually knew about the powder and wanted to take it rather than her drink being "spiked". I may be wrong but if that's true than the whole controversy was WAY overblown and made a deal out of nothing. Attitude wise she's coming across as a female Inigo (which as his daughter makes sense I guess), It is amusing that she gets the ladies easier than her Father and I haven't seen a character this into the ladies since Heather from Radiant Dawn. Although as a bisexual, why the hell was she not given the S rank with FCorrin?! It makes the most sense with her and they didn't even do that? Instead who gets it? Of course the bloody Tharja clone so we can have a Tharja that can marry the avatar regardless. Go figure. I've liked her so far as a character but I've heard bad things about her support with Ophelia. Gonna have to see that for myself I guess. As a unit she was pretty solid considering I wasn't using any other Mercenaries in my Conquest run. Hit hard, good skill for Sol procing and an easy skill to utilize as long as she had a female to pair with (I mostly did her with her mother Peri or Nina).

Reina - A somewhat more bloodthirsty Cherche minus Minerva and supports. Again, could of been made more interesting if not for the lack of supports (As a retainer for Mikoto, where's her supports with Yukimura and Orochi?). Her support with Corrin was good in telling him about her life before she became a retainer but she hasn't got much else apart from that. I do like her design though and her voice is well done especially with lines like "oh...THRILLING". As a unit though, at least in Revelations she was eh. Not growthing too well for me and got quickly dropped when other units got into the group. Could give her a chance in my lunatic Birthrights run though.

Overall: I've noticed a theme of copy and paste from Awakening from the Trio that made it into Fates to the cheap clones on the Hoshidan side to certain character traits that were present in Awakening's cast put upon the Fate's cast. So far some have been pretty good, some alright and some downright awful. It's the definition of a mixed bag. One thing for certain though, there are some trends I want to see perish which would include:

  • The scantily clad designs for females in the way of Camilla's design. Or just designs that are sexy just for pandering sake (Like Effies, FCorrin, etc)
  • The avatar. Just drop him entirely and give us set characters again that aren't mary sues.
  • Similar characters from the most previous game (similar characteristics are sometimes unavoidable I know but doing it from your last game which isn't even that old yet is really cutting corners here. hence why some similarities like Mitama's to Haars isn't too irritating cause of the time gap while ones like Hayato's copied character from Ricken are more galling.
  • The undeveloped, forgettable villains. Seriously they have been doing poorly in recent days.
  • If you are gonna keep the Avatar character (which at this point I wouldn't be surprised with in the slightest) DON'T make them the primary focus of the story.

However I doubt that they'll do that as at this point they have become well too predictable and these things are most likely gonna be a trait for Fire Emblem games now. But one can only hope that they may change their ways. On the plus side there are still genuine good characters here and I would only give up on Fire Emblem if ALL the characters suffered from things like the above. And this game is still good thanks to it's well improved gameplay that make's Awakening look dated as fuck in comparison. In the end I find this game is the game in the franchise I like and dislike as It excels in gameplay but really drops the ball with it's writing and somehow made Awakening's story look more competent.

Also for the poll I voted for Awakening Characters as I did a run of Awakening before my copy of Fates arrived at my house so the characters are still fresh in my mind.

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Generic Troubadour is absolutely adorable to me and I don't know why. Maybe it's the hat? Or the color pink. That'd get me.

Runner up is the Generic Adventurer for being so swagtastic cool.

It they didn't have such shit growths I'd use them.

Also I'm honestly not a fan of the capturable Bosses. Not bad, just not my taste.

Ok, besides Haitaka for being broken.

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so we started talking about random units now eh?

In any case, I decided to make the character things about Awakening now that I'm a bit forgiving towards it a bit. I'll probably start it once I finish the game (And return it).

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More spoilers for important reasons:

Hana - Not as noteworthy as Effie but Hana stood out for me in her support with Hinata and how she loves training. Nothing like a good old fashioned training to say up yours to the patriarchy am I right? Seriously though like Hinoka, she got the short end of the stick.

Oboro - Can I just have her be the one that dies instead of Zola or even Kaze because honestly I just hate her and glad I can clock her in Conquest. The only thing positively noteworthy of her is her relationship with Takumi and her justifiable reason for hating the people of Nohr becoming a Skill you can add into your life. But honestly otherwise she is only good as a unit and not as a character. It makes no sense why she had an outfit in the Nohrian Festival though when she hates Nohr and Nohrian fashion!

Anna - I usually don't mind references to old Awakening games but she's the easiest unit to obtain if not the most memorable. I don't like it.

Elise - The smartest of the Nohrian siblings in Birthright in my honest opinion. In other routes she reminds me of my younger cousin in Miami because she is spoiled sweet. I like how the 3DS cutscene with her in Revelations made her look like she was actually hugging me. Elise is my favorite personality wise and I wish I had all the A supports with her. Though someone summed up why her death wasn't as memorable for me.

Ryoma - His seppuku cutscene made me emotionally drained the most. What Elise's death scene didn't make me feel. Aside from that he is Xander's Hoshidan counterpart so I am not one to judge. I married him to Orochi and got a Shiro that I liked. Wonder what other pairings work.

Anankos - I hate him in both Birthright and Conquest but in Revelations there is hope in me he isn't like Slime Monster King Garon (who reminds me of the one and only Gumby) and that he has development but seeing how Revelations is going for me so far I doubt it.

Bonus Round:

Candace - A unit I love capturing. I hate how she runs away from me though. It is annoying. But it is all worth it since she has critical hits. One of the bosses I wish I can have a support with.

This ends.

Conclusion: Fates is a disappointment for me but I am now only playing new files to get the waifus I want (excluding Zola for a really stupid reason.) I was hoping for more world building and more reasons to love my team on either route like in Awakening. I thought the second generation will have a better reason to be in the army outside of 'Deep Realm Babies' and I hate that incest is more prominent here than in Awakening. I kind of want to scream with how much I hate Fates' story as well. It is a cliche storm. If they made fun of it like in Rocky Horror Picture Show I would hate it less. I think of other video games that did Fate's cliches much better. In fact, Prince Cort from Legend of Legaia is a better King Garon!! Sorry I had to bring that up.

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