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Heya I'm looking for help on FEF: Birthright on how to create strong children but since skills matter also I'd appreciate some help on what skills to equip to pass onto the children also, or what I should reclass each character to to get the skills needed. (should mentioned my avatar is female and I don't have a Kaze but I'm going to create another save file to get him)

Seals I have: Master Seals, Heart Seals, Partner Seals, Friendship Seals, Eternal Seals, Witch's Mark, Hero's Brand, Exalt's Brand.

Avatar (F) - Lvl20- Hoshido Noble

Str 36 Spd 31 Mag16 Lck 29 Skill 24 Def 22 Res 16

Skills: Nobility, Dragon Fang, Dragon Ward, Hoshidan Unity.

Saizo- Lvl 18- Master Ninja

Str 30 Spd 32 Mag15 Lck 22 Skill 40 Def 21 Res 18

Skills: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Lethality, Shrukenfaire.

Hana- Lvl 15- Swordmaster

Str 31 Spd 36 Mag 3 Lck 19 Skill 26 Def 11 Res 25

Skills: Dueslists Bow, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire.

Subaki- Lvl 18- Kinshi Knight

Str 21 Spd 23 Mag 7 Lck 20 Skill 36 Def 26 Res 18

Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Air Superiority, Amaterasu.

Silas- Lvl 14- Paladin

Str 31 Spd 27 Mag 4 Lck25 Skill 29 Def 24 Res 15

Skills: Elbow Room, Shelter, Defender.

Hayato- Lvl 17- Basara

Str 18 Spd 29 Mag 27 Lck 37 Skill 23 Def 21 Res 13

Skills: Magic +2, Future Sight, Rend Heaven, Quixotic.

Scarlett- Lvl 16- Wyvern Lord

Str 32 Spd 30 Mag 10 Lck 24 Skill 28 Def 30 Res 7

Skills: Strength +2, Lunge, Rally Defence, Swordbreaker.

Kagero- Lvl 16- Master Ninja

Str 31 Spd 30 Mag 0 Lck 19 Skill 17 Def 18 Res 33

Skills: Posion Strike, Locktouch, Lethality, Shrurikenfaire.

Hinata- Lvl 14- Master of Arms

Str 28 Spd 28 Mag 0 Lck 25 Skill 20 Def 23 Res 8

Skills: Vantage, Duelists Bow, Seal Strength.

Orochi- Lvl 15- Basara

Str 9 Spd 17 Mag 35 Lck 22 Skill 33 Def 17 Res 24

Skills: Magic +2, Future Sight, Rend Heaven, Quixotic.

Oboro- Lvl 14- Spear Master

Str 30 Spd 26 Mag 6 Lck 22 Skill 23 Def 24 Res 20

Skills: Seal Defence, Swap, Seal Speed.

Azama- Lvl 2- Great Master

Str 25 Spd20 Mag 13 Lck 19 Skill 17 Def 20 Res 18

Skills: Mirac;e, Rally Luck.

Setsuna- Lvl 9- Sniper

Str 18 Spd 35 Mag 0 Lck 14 Skill 27 Def 10 Res 13

Skills: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Bow

Azura: Lvl 30- Falcon Knight

Str 28 Spd 38 Mag 18 Lck 39 Skill 35 Def 19 Res 31

Skills: Luck +4, Voice of Peace, Foreign Princess, Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Inspiring Song.

Felicia- Lvl 40- Maid

Str 8 Spd 30 Mag 24 Lck 34 Skill 27 Def 15 Res 29

Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker.

Sakura- Lvl 20- Priestess

Str 20 Spd 31 Mag 35 Lck 33 Skill 23 Def 22 Res 30

Skills: Miracle, Rally Luck, Renewal, Countermagic.

Hinoka- Lvl 20- Falcon Knight

Str 27 Spd 35 Mag 15 Lck 31 Skill 31 Def 23 Res 39

Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Rally Speed, Warding Blow.

Rinkah- Lvl 20- Blacksmith

Str 28 Spd 30 Mag 13 Lck 21 Skill 32 Def 34 Res 9

Skills: Seal Resistance, Shove, Salvage Bow, Lancebreaker.

Kaden- Lvl 20- Nine-Tails

Str 30 Spd 40 Mag 3 Lck 29 Skill 28 Def 17 Res 32

Skills: Beastbane, Evenhanded, Even Better, Grisly Wound.

Ryoma- Lvk 20- Swordmaster

Str 34 Spd 37 Mag 2 Lck 30 Skill 29 Def 19 Res 16

Skills: Vantage, Duelists Bow, Astra, Swordfaire.

Takumi- Lvl 20- Sniper

Str 26 Spd 28 Mag 0 Lck 31 Skill 43 Def 21 Res 10

Skills: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Bowfaire.

Jakob- Lvl 40- Butler

Str 26 Spd 30 Mag 22 Lck 29 Skill 32 Def 22 Res 24

Skills: Resistance +2, Gentilhomme, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker.

Mozu- Lvl 20- Merchant

Str 32 Spd 29 Mag 5 Lck 28 Skill 33 Def 30 Res 29

Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, Spendthrift.

Reina- Lvl 20- Kinshi Knight

Str 29, Spd 30, Mag 6 Lck 20 Skill 19 Def 16 Res 21

Skills: Darting Blow, Camaraderie, Air Superiority, Amaterasu.

Shura- Lvl 10- Adventurer

Str 20 Spd 27 Mag 11 Lck 15 Skill 23 Def 14 Res 26

Skills: Movement +1, Lucky Seven, Locktouch.

Izana- Lvl 5- Onmyoji

Str 8 Spd 18 Mag 23 Lck 17 Skill 25 Def 14 Res 24

Skills: Rally Magic, Rally Luck, Miracle.

Yukimura- Lvl 10- Mechanist

Str 25 Spd 23 Mag 3 Lck 18 Skill 29 Def 21 Res 22

Skills: Golembane, Potent Potion, Quick Salve.

Ren (Prisoner) - Lvl 1- Mechanist

Str 12 Spd 17 Mag 0 Lck 7 Skill 19 Def 8 Res 10

Skills: Locktouch, Poison Strike.

I know this is alot of work but I'd really appreciate the help because I'd like to create the best children possible with skills also :) Thankyou very much for your time. <3

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use your exalt brand on your avatar to get aether, what is your avatar's talent?

also i would say A+ support sakura to hana so sakura can get astra from swordmaster

Reclass Rinkah to oni cheiftain for death blow

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use your exalt brand on your avatar to get aether, what is your avatar's talent?

there's unlimited Aether scrolls so unless they're sure they want Avatar as that class or want Awakening, then no, don't use Exalt on Avatar

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Rhajat (Hayato's daughter) has the potential to be very strong as a witch. If you marry Hayato and Orochi, Rhajat can act as a semi-glass cannot with a lot of Magic and decent Skill, Speed and Resistance. The skills I am using are Magic +2, Magictaker (you can get it from one of the Heirs of Fate DLC), Warp (Since Rhajat is a semi-glass cannot, this skill is to get her out of danger), Tomefaire,and Shadowgift (This skill is here so she can use Nosferatu).

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Well I find Rhajat useful as a Witch with her mother as Mozu, with good defense and speed. For skills I have Tomefaire, Shove, Death Blow, Counter, and Warp.

Also you can only get one Hero's/Exalt's Brand, so you should probably only use it on people who will benefit most from it.

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Rhajat as a witch is really good. I'd make her mom Orochi because she can get an intense crit rate (esp if you give her mjolnir or calamity gate) . If you ever can give her sorcerer somehow thats a super awesome class for her since she can use level s magic.

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