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Squidmark Iggy

Literally a Path for Lunatics: A No Healing run of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Lunatic

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So yeah, I exist. And so does this topic. which will take you to another topic that has the challenge in it

It's about this challenge I'm doing, which is a no healing run of Birthright on Lunatic, nothing special.

And by no healing...

I mean it.

I will not allow any healing whatsoever in my army. At. All.


With that said, here's the link to the topic! It's currently at Chapter 5.

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Pretty good run so far. Posting here so I'll remember to come back. And ditto with what Jedi said.

Thanks for the compliment! And for the good luck as well.


With that said, here's chapter 7, now.

Oh, and I think I should also post my castle's address, too. Here it is, for all of you european people out there!


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