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Hi there.

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Hey there, I am sort of new to here. The forums at the very least I am new to. My name is Rieck and while I did create an account back in 2014 I forgot I ever did so when creating a new account I found my username was taken and well whatever. Anyway, I am a hardcore FE Fan, with FE7 being my first of the series. Though my absolute favorite is Path of Radiance which I have played at least once every 6 months since I got it for my 9th birthday (I am 20 now.). I also am a Let's Player, though I am just starting with only 3 videos on my channel now.

Anyway, I can be very social, but at the same time I do have trouble communicating with new people most of the time. Yet since this is an FE community I don't think I will have that problem since I have a general interest here that I can discuss with you guys or gals.

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Welcome to the Forest, GreatRieck! (your name got a good ring)

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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