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MU partnersealed only skills on characters

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Hi guys, sorry for bothering you,

but i have nearly completed felicia, all skills and convo's unlocked (only one playthrough for spear master skills remaining).

And i just had a question, what other characters are difficult to get all the skills for?

Will be a fun challenge to get these skills too.

Also, now i can say that felicia IS the trouble :Cord: ...

I let myself out

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Any Corrinsexual character would be difficult due to requiring multiple playthroughs.

Gunter (can only get any Partner/Friendship Seal options in Conquest; has Jakob for Troubadour)

Fuga (Revelation only; has Hayato for Diviner)

Yukimura (Birthright only)

Izana (Birthright/Conquest only)


Scarlet (Birthright only; joins temporarily in Revelation)

Anna (paid DLC)

Flora (Conquest/Revelation only; gets nothing off of Felicia)

Reina (Birthright/Revelation only)

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I guess anna is the most played in this list.

That way i can put her up in my castle when people want anna skills as well, so i wont be doing it for nothing.

Lets see how much patience i have for this

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