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Season3? Question Harder! #65. Would you rather? "...wield fire or ice powers?"

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Current Question:

Q65. Would you rather wield fire or ice powers?

Last Question:

Q64. Would you rather fight off the undead with an Axe or a Machete ?

Previous Questions:

Q63. Would you rather be the monster or the lone survivor?

Q62. Would you rather have to wear a mask or a wig?

Q61. Would you rather read or watch a story?

Q60. Would you rather, play Smash Bros or Mario Kart?

Q59. Would you rather be a good person's Dream or a bad guy's Worst Nightmare?

Q58. Would you rather be a Viking or a Samurai?

Q57. Would you rather train a Charizard or a Pikachu?

Q56. Would you rather, rob a bank or a train?

Q55. Would you rather be the tank or the dps?

Q54. Would you rather, use an Axe or a Spear?

Q53. Would you rather, play XBox or Playstation?

Q52. Would you rather, do you duty or play?

Q51. Would you rather, follow an elitist or a populist?

Q50. Would you rather, be Robin or Corrin?

Q49. Would you rather, fight a bear or a bull?

Q48. Would you rather, be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?

Q47. Would you rather, be Zelda or Ganon?

Q46. Would you rather, be a troll or a gnome?

Q45. Would you rather, be an artist or a programmer?

Q44. Would you rather, be a sausage or a condiment?

Q43. Would you rather, be a hero or an anti-hero?

This editions first question: Would you rather... be a hero or an anti-hero?

Season 2 thread

[spoiler=Season 2: Revengeance questions]


Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:02 PM

Yo yo, I decided to revive this.

Question 42: Would you rather eat a horse or a bison?

Question 41: Would you rather be the Hot Blooded Hero or the Distant and Aloof Rival?

Question 40: Would you rather bust down a door or carefully pick the lock?

Question 39: Would you rather be a mercenary or a knight?

Question 38: Would you rather eat turkey or ham?

Question 37: Would you rather drive or be driven around?

Question 36: Would you rather be the protagonist or the antagonist?

Question 35: Would you rather be a major character or a supporting character?

Question 34: Would you rather be the chosen one or the person who worked for the legendary weapon?

Question 33: Would you rather cook or go out to a restaurant?

Question 32: Would you rather keep quiet about a gold mine, or share it with everyone?

Question 31: Would you rather be a heavily modified cyborg or have a suit similar to Samus' Varia Suit?(and upgrades)

Question 30: Would you rather sacrifice everyone to save someone important to you or sacrifice said person to save the world?

Question 29: Would you rather be a Pokemon Trainer or a Digimon Tamer?

Question 28: Would you rather drive a tank or fly a jet?

Season 1 thread

[spoiler=Season 1 questions]

1st edition's FINAL QUESTION: "would you rather host or not host WYR?"

Last Question:

Q27. Would you rather, Defend or Attack?

Previous Questions:

Q26. Would you rather, be a greater LOVER or a greater FIGHTER?

Q25. Would you rather, learn from multiple failures, or only have minor success?

Q24. Would you rather, have Soup or a Sandwich?

Q23. Would you rather, Paint a Picture or Tell a Tale?

Q22. Would you rather, be completely bald and hairless or super hairy?

Q21. Would you rather, have piercings or tattoos?

Q20. Would you rather, do a guitar solo or drum solo?

Q19. Would you rather, be/play/watch/read Spider-Man or Wolverine?

Q18. Would you rather, be/play Nintendo or Sony?

Q17. Would you rather, be/eat Sweet or Savoury?

Q16. Would you rather, be Disney or DreamWorks?

Q15. Would you rather, be isolated, or forced to perform?

Q14. Would you rather, Have a Blast in the Past, or go Back to the Future!?

Q13. Would you rather, Trick, or Treat?

Q12. Would you rather, be a Zombie Pirate, or a Robot Ninja?

Q11. Would you rather, go out in a blaze of glory, or peacefully but alone?

Q10. Would you rather, be spaghetti, or a waffle?

Q9. Would you rather, be a Fish, or a Bird?

Q8. Would you rather, Sing for your Supper, or Dance for your Dinner?

Q7. Would you rather, be INVULNERABLE, or IMMORTAL?

Q6. Would you rather, be LOST on a deserted island, or in the jungle?

Q5. Would you rather, be a Kid(inkling), or a Squid? ~SPLATOON edition offered by EmeraldFox~

Q4. Would you rather, be Rich yet unknown, or poor yet Famous?

Q3. Would you rather, be set on Fire or be thrown into an Arctic Sea?

Q2. Would you rather, fight a Shark or a Bear?

Original Post:


Q1. Would you rather...? Be Superman or Batman?

-Me... Probably Batman.

...though sometimes I try to be Superman. :\

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Anti Hero. Being a hero trying to save the world sounds too much work, whereas being an anti hero means being the main character who has no care if the world is in danger or not, thus, reducing my responsibilities.

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Yare yare, sometime you found such good and original threads that you wouldn't suspect they exist !

Anti-Hero for me, like said above, being a Hero is way too much responsibilities. I have a hard time protecting my ass as it is already...

Of course, you can be a hero officialy , but an Anti-Hero deep down.

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I would like to be a hero... but I likely would be an anti-hero... as I question anything that seems too good to be true and never accept the status quo, even when working within a system.

Q2) Would you rather, be a sausage or a condiment?

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How Freudian, I guess a condiment, so I can put my liquid on stuff and not just be eaten all at once.

That still sounds wrong.

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Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage... or it's a sausage party. >.>

idk, I got amused by the Sausage Party thread. No deeper hidden meaning there for me... at least not for me, IDK about anyone else. XD

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As much as I love doing artsy things, I would NOT want to get into it professionally. I'm just not good enough at motivating myself for that \o/ I prefer it as a casual hobby.

So programming for meeee because even if it's really tough I think I'd be much better at learning it and getting a grasp on it

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An artist, then my drawing might actually be good. I wouldn't want it as a career, though, just as a hobby. I like my current job.

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I'm already both. Have done both professionally. Have sufficient training in both. Been doing art for longer, but I have my masters degree in computer science.

In a purely professional sense, though, programmer hands down (and this is my day job anyway). I love making art, but my quality of art drops off significantly when I don't have much personal attachment on the piece and only am trying to do it for the money. I don't have that problem with code. Even if I may not be personally invested in a problem, if it's sufficiently challenging enough (and hey, I'm getting paid to do this) I'll take it personally as a problem for me to solve.

Also job security and I get paid hella bucks as a programmer straight out of university I'm very glad to be working in tech

I did not get paid nearly that much as an artist

Edited by Thor Odinson

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programming ez

not even a question for me

this summer internship has been the most fun I've ever had in my school/work life and I don't see that stopping any time soon

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