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chapter 17 revelations. I'm stumped...


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At the beginning, go around the top to the right. It becomes much more manageable as you have only the Cavalry charging you, plus Xander and Leo are already right there.

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Guide to 100% clearing ch17 Rev Lunatic.

Step one

Pair up Ryoma and some nerd, chew tonics.

Step two

Locate fort

Step 3

Place Ryoma on the fort

Step 4

Locate Xander

Step 5

Allow Xander to casually saunter southwards

Optional bonus step

Use other units.

Sauntering on a horse takes a lot of practice so this may require a few attempts before you truely master the intricacies of this strategy.

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My most recent lunatic run:

Camilla delivers beast killer to Xander, and probably a concoction. Pair up with Xander.

Let Xander solo right side.

Everyone else goes left.

Give a ninja (preferably Kagero) hunter's knife, and sting shuriken. Put elise adjacent to her, and sakura within 2 squares. Bait the dork knight, and the strategist to their deaths turn 1.

Have hammers and armorslayers on people who can use it, and carefully bait the rest of the idiots to their deaths while using elise, and sakura's personal skills when you can.

Park weak retainers on the north and northwest forts when the area is clear enough.

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