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Favourite BGM in the series?

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Favorite Player Phase Theme:

Birth of the Holy Knight

Favorite Enemy Phase Theme:

Verdane Army

Favorite Boss Theme:

The Last Dragon

Favorite Final Boss Theme:

Shaman in the Dark

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Endless battle is a pretty good one I don't think many people have mentioned so far. I think it's sound and title encapsulate very well Marth's feelings on the war. Mainly how much he doesn't want to keep on fighting wars even when he believes he's found peace. Yet at the same time it manages to make the entire thing seem some what grand and epic befitting the more mythical style Marth's stories tend to have.

I also particularly like Zephiel and Yahn's boss themes. Zephiel's in particular fits very well with the animation he has going on. If he's attacking first the early build up of the music syncs excellent with his sword spin.

Naesala's battle theme is also way more awesome than it has any right to be

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