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Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

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  1. 1. Favortie Demo Unit/Character

    • Algimas
    • Tactician
    • Ernst
    • Kurtis
    • Haylyn
    • Martel
    • Aceline
    • Boleslav
    • Negu
    • Gerwulf
    • Sven
    • Beatrice
    • Chiara
    • Robert
    • Nilda
    • Wayland
    • Vlad
    • Elaine
    • Celia
    • Foskey
    • Rorick
    • Odin
    • Meila
    • Lani
    • Brendan
    • Dita
    • Katarina
    • Aras
    • Warren
    • Franck
    • Auguste

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Saying "play it on VBA" doesn't exactly fix the problem considering some people can't run it on VBA. I had to switch to OpenEmu because after a few OS upgrades my computer has become incapable of opening the program.

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I'm also having problems with finishing ch 13. You said that renaming the visual boy's save file extension to .sav fixes the problem, but it didn't change anything for me. For reference, my save files are usually .sa1. Any ideas for what I could be doing wrong? I'm already on VBA, so that shouldn't be the problem.

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I'm also having problems with finishing ch 13. You said that renaming the visual boy's save file extension to .sav fixes the problem, but it didn't change anything for me. For reference, my save files are usually .sa1. Any ideas for what I could be doing wrong? I'm already on VBA, so that shouldn't be the problem.

There's apparently different versions of VBA using different save file extensions. I stuck with an older one for a long time which used .sav, then got hit with a horrible problem where I could not get it to play at normal speed whatever I did to the emulator settings (never dropping below 600%). So I downloaded a more recent version (which played normally), but found it was using .sa1 for its save file extension instead. Changing the extension will still let it work when you first load it up, but then VBA will likely just create a new save file back at .sa1 next time the game saves/autosaves and will prioritise that one over your .sav.

Best thing I suggest then is to check through the older versions of VBA until you find you find one which uses .sav's instead. Either that or fiddle around in VBA's settings; there may be something I'm not seeing in there.

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Looks neat, I'll have to give this a spin when the FEE3 deadline isn't looming.

One (amusing) thing I noticed, we've got a chapter with the same name lol.



Not that it's a unique and out there chapter name that nobody would expect to see twice, but I found it interesting/funny nonetheless.

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Good job this is another great hack.

So this still being in the demo phase means that mugshots are subject to change and characters possibly being removed in a later version?

Also, how far away are you guys to completing the rest of the remaining chapters?

Overall I really enjoyed, as someone mentioned above, just a few rebalancing touch ups and your golden.

One more thing, do you plan on support convo and such?

EDIT: Just remembered a bug I encountered in Ch 13 that if i tried rescuing Cynthia, on the following player phase when i would try to select the unit that rescued her, the menu screens and interfaces would be glitchy or disappear and if you tried dropping her, then her map character would just disappear, no longer there.

If it makes any difference this would happen when she was on the move, I havent been able to test whether it was fine while she was still stationary.

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Loved playing this hack. Just finished Chapter 14, and I was very impressed. I like that it allows for varying strategies, and Warren being a boss and a playable unit just made him even more fun, though like Silas, he forgot a couple things about weapons, as he couldn't weild Silver weapons when he joined.

I used almost all of the mounted and flying units (Dita and that Wyvern girl in chapter 14 are the exceptions), and it made a HUGE difference in chapter 13. Saving those villages would have been impossible without Lani and Sven.

Speaking of him, Sven was a boon during my playthrough. Though he never leveled resistance, he was still useful because he hit like a truck, and giving him a hammer just trivialized most armored units.

On to the rest of my final roster.

Algimas was great. No two ways about that, he gave Ephraim a run for his money in terms of sheer killing power.

Wayland was good. Hit real hard, but couldn't quite one-shot.

Tactician was ok. Had difficulty doubling, but no difficulty making the enemy suffer.

Aceline was a godsend. I loved having an Armor Knight that could use bows, and she ended with B ranks in lances (barely) and bows (easily), and got a couple axe swings in while she was at it.

Negu was an exemplar of what Paladin's should be: fast, moderately strong, and rather difficult to hit. Doubled everything, and rarely got hit back.

Gerwulf was awesome. I'm a Great Knight fanboy, and seeing one with 8 movement by default was a joyous experience.

Elaine was essential because she was better than Haylyn in every respect.

Lani was used because she was there.

I kept Celia around after recruiting Brendan, and she killed a few flyers and was a very good chip damage unit.

Brendan did much the same thing as Celia, except he could actually kill things, being a magic-user and all.

Meila was awesome. She actually managed to get a lot of kills in when she was in a combat area, and I promoted her in chapter 14, and being a Rogue fanboy, I was once again delighted.

As I hate dancers in most circumstances, I was surprised by how much I actually used Katarina, and she has definitely secured a spot on my endgame roster.

Warren was not quite as good as Aceline, but those two held the left side of the map on chapter 14 all by themselves, and Aceline wasn't even hogging the kills.

Franck was great to have on the field, and excelled at keeping the right side of the map in chapter 14 down with the rest of the mounted units.

And that was my team, and my opinions, having finally beaten chapter 14, after 3 days of frustrating restarts. Keep up the good work! I would have left most hacks if I had failed as many times as I did, but this one kept me just close enough to victory to want to see it through.

Also, the story is very well done. Actually having politics in anything related to Fire Emblem was really nice, and kept me interested in the dialog, instead of just hitting enter to skip and get to the fighting.

One of my last points: I checked out Al, Wayland and Tactician's promotions, and I can not wait to see how they work on the field, Wayland in particular. That particular type of mobility is a favorite of mine.

I love this hack, and I want to see where this goes. Raider, you and your team are very talented and it shows.

Edited by Vaporox

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Its a bit late but thanks for the reviews. We've been working on hashing out what needed to be fixed and giving it time to be scrutinized by others.
On that note we are beginning work on the last leg of the hack with about 12-13 chapter estimated remaining.
With that said I don't have a definitive schedule on when all of these will be done cause we will also be redoing some of the older maps that were seen as too poorly done or that we could improve upon as well

as major testing in some issues we have seen through most peoples run(such as staff exp unit balance and ch13 endscene.)

So all in all it will be done in a reasonable amount of time but we need to do some housekeeping and such along the way.

And if anyone is interested I am looking for a sprite artist to help with 1 or 2 animations. 1 being the final boss and the other being a possible touch up for Algimas base class animation.

If anyone has yet to try the demo I recommend giving it a go now so we can take your input into account for the full release!

And yes Trestkon, supports are most definitely going to be a thing.

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So I ended up getting a new Windows laptop since my Macbook is getting old (and bad for engineering program compatibility), and what do you know VBA was the best thing for it! I was finally able to complete the last chapter, and while I'll need another playthrough to remember things in finer detail I can give you a rundown.


First, I'd like to say that I like how normal Algimas feels compared to the typical Lords. The tactician felt kind of dry, but I can understand why you'd be careful with them and I love how the male portrait looks like a smug bastard.

Unit-wise, Algimas was fairly mediocre, never fantastic but never awful. His weapon type and serviceable bases (for early game) saved him from being Roy-tier, and as you can see he ended up very balanced. Xavier was a solid attacker that could take a hit when needed, and with the high accuracy of Flux plus the range of Seere he was a great supporter. I gave him a shield to improve his Nosferatanking capabilities, and that tome was handy for Chapter 14.


Algimas' younger brother, on the other hand... not so much. He was too slow to double most enemies, not that much of a tank, and was always short of OHKOing mages, as Eclipsd pointed out. That said, he saw better use and better levels in 14, and I won't spoil his promotion but I've... seen it. That's all I'll say on the matter.


Man do these two make a great team. Beatrice was an effective magic nuke before her husband joined and became even better after, with the defensive nature of their support patching her durability. She took a wing in 14 because her Speed was falling behind, but now she's back in ORKO territory. Meanwhile, the same support that made Beatrice go from frail to decent makes Foskey near-immune to physical attacks. That support fixes his accuracy and luck problems nicely.


The queen of combat, in all her golden glory. With the archer experience buff she was my first unit to 20, and after promotion she had the same killing capability with an Iron Bow that she had before with the Killer Bow. She could fight some of the Sages in 13 and Longbow'd the boss of 14 to death.


While Negu had some early damage issues, she's overcome them, although I should give her a Killer weapon in the later maps... not bad on durability either.


Standard-mounted-healer-out-of-10. Her 10 Magic might seem low, but it's sufficient with a Mend staff and will probably be enough to do something with Fire after promotion.


This girl is queen and probably the best unit overall. 7 Con is sweet alongside the reduced weight of heavier lances, and her first levels were amazing. Gave her the Boots because she earned them, and they were helpful for Chapter 13.


Drunken thief out of 10, she replaced the other one because her stats were better. Although I mainly used her for utility, C Swords and the Light Brand meant she could contribute in battle where needed.


Not bad, she's another well-rounded cavalier and took over the vacancy Gerwulf's mediocrity left. Gave her the robe to improve her durability.


Very dodgy but mediocre early-game healer. I'll probably bench her in the future, but she did her job in the early maps and that's what counts.


The heroes of the eastern wing in 14, for sure. Paladin Dolph will certainly see use again, and while Foskey gives Boss Turned Ally a run for his money he may be decent filler if someone's too frail. Without them clearing out the enemies would be a lot worse.



Aside from the Con gripe, I found Auguste to be a decent Est unit. Contrary to what Eclipsd said, it's not that hard to get her kills when she has the above two bodyguards and from what I've seen her growths are great. (Of the three attempts I needed for Chapter 14, this was her worst performance. Still great gains.) I had Haylyn join them as a healer and to deliver an Iron Axe and Hammer, and once the influx was under control fed her kills as they kept coming. Will probably continue to train her once the game continues.


Dancing was very, very helpful for the two chapters she was around, as was the extra Heal staff in the latter. Will probably rotate her in and out of the party.


Ernst was a good pseudo-Jeigan with his near-ORKO capabilities with Iron and ORKOing with Steel or a Killing Edge. I couldn't deploy him in the last map though (needed Meila for chests), and he's starting to wear off...

He's the cutoff point for team players, everyone beyond this is an honorable mention.


These two were good until Celia and Foskey showed up and obsoleted them. Bowslave (sorry but the name is just too close) had a strong chip to his name while Aceline was a decent tank, and bows even gave her acceptable 2-range! Maybe they'll make the cut in a future run.


As an earlygame dragon rider he was consistently on the team, but as of Chapter 14 he's become a weak link. He's too slow to keep up, and his poor Luck and Res are dragging him down, plus I just got a new one and he kept being a weak link against the waves of enemies.

Other than that we have the Mercenary, the Gentleman and the Scholar as well as the other thief, who saw meagre use while they were around and not facing competition. Martel, Kurtis and Gerwulf were too mediocre to see continued use once I got a squad going, while everyone else was typically benched after their join map. Brendan was sadly left behind, as I mentioned. Next time.

[spoiler=Other comments]Like I said I'll need to play again to give full feedback, but for now:

*I noticed the weapon rank bonus system in place, and while it looks inconsistent (does C Axes do anything?) it's still a nice touch.

*Chapter 13's gimmicks were totally out of left field but I loved them. Really kept me rushing forward.

*Chapter 14 is pretty boring; there isn't much to it beyond getting the chests and having a new mound of enemies vomited at the two entrances. At least it's free training for Auguste, and you can end it early by bosskill if you're too bored.

*Work on that error in Chapter 13. Maybe you need to sacrifice some of the eventing, but a lamer scene beats an unavoidable game-halting crash.

*Somewhat spoiler, but why does the tactician lose Con for promoting? He doesn't look any lighter to me...

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Will there be paired endings in the final version? Also how do I create my own portrait? Is there like a video to show me how to do it. Because the standard male portrait looks NOTHING like me.

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Nevermind I noticed you want to create your own.

There is instructions how to insert them in the OP, but you will have to look around for a tutorial for creating your own. I'm sure there is a tutorial somewhere on here

Did you notice there is a few other portraits in the OP?

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Will there be paired endings in the final version? Also how do I create my own portrait? Is there like a video to show me how to do it. Because the standard male portrait looks NOTHING like me.

There will be paired endings in the final version yes. As for creating your own portrait you will have to make your own.

To do that I would either do it yourself or even request it from one of the sprite threads taking requests if there are any.

If you do decide to make your own, attached is a useful tool to help you slap one together.

You can use it to make sure your portrait fits properly and it will help easily grab the talking and blinking frames.

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Hey man, I started playing this hack yesterday and so far I'm on chapter 7 and I really gotta congratulate the excellent looking portraits, I really liked them, all of them. Something that I noticed is that Algimas' portrait looks incredibly similar to this, is it a coincidence or intentional? GoT fan :p ? Also loved the preparation screen music, I love Tactics Ogre LUCT, wish you had added more of them. The concept of a mercenary group traveling around reminds me of Berserk's Band of the Hawk and is a good change from the young lord who lost his homeland and starts a rebellion against the empire kind of plot.

My favorite characters so far are: Boleslave, Aceline, Negu, Beatrice and for some reason I also like Martel, mostly because he is a bandit and I don't know why but I just like the way they attack.

Something weird I noticed is when I did Negu and Gerfwulf support conversation a Sain - Kent interaction happened instead. I also miss javelins and hand axes on shop, they'd be really useful.

I really hope this gets completed, I'm having a great time playing it. Awesome work so far.

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are there growths rates for the characters I'm debating on whether or not to use kurtis or nilda. Kurtis has more strength and defense, but nilda has more speed and res. I tend to like speed since it allows me to double, however he has one less con meaning she is going to lose one more point of speed that others. for people that have used both what are your guy's opinions

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No it is not complete yet

are there growths rates for the characters

yes here is all of the ones in the demo, though we are doing some retooling here and there.

Listed as HP/Pow/Skl/Spd/Luck/Def/Res

>Al: 80/55/55/45/50/35/30

>Tact: 60/65/50/35/50/25/55

>Ernst: 70/45/60/50/40/30/25

>Kurtis: 80/55/55/20/40/50/20

>Haylyn: 40/55/30/60/60/15/60

>Martel: 80/60/50/45/35/25/25

>Aceline: 75/45/40/40/35/60/25

>Boleslav: 70/60/65/25/50/30/20

>Gerwulf: 70/60/40/35/25/40/30

>Negu: 60/55/40/55/30/25/25

>Sven: 90/50/40/45/25/35/15

>Beatrice: 45/50/60/40/60/20/45

>Chiara: 80/40/55/50/45/30/20

>Nilda: 60/40/55/55/50/35/25

>Robert: 65/50/60/40/55/20/40

>Celia: 60/40/65/60/45/20/30

>Foskey: 90/50/40/30/20/60/30

>Wayland: 90/60/45/30/30/50/25

>Vlad: 90/50/55/35/30/35/25

>Elaine: 45/40/50/40/65/15/45

>Lani: 60/40/50/55/40/25/30

>Meila: 55/40/40/65/45/20/55

>Rorick: 90/65/35/60/35/20/15

>Odin: 90/60/50/40/15/40/25

>Brendan: 60/40/50/50/50/25/45

>Dita: 65/40/50/45/45/30/25

>Katarina: 40/30/10/80/80/20/60

>Aras: 50/70/25/55/35/35/50

>Auguste: 80/55/35/55/30/35/30

>Franck: 80/35/60/35/45/25/20

>Warren: 120/60/45/15/10/60/10

And that's cool ghast thanks for the future input.

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This hack is great if there was anything to say about it is the stats balancing Boleslav even though he is strong his lack of speed made Ceilia much more better, he does have a good defense growth but i prefer a fast crit sniper Boleslav just felt like a knight to me. Kurtis he has high damage,skill,defense and a decent res but his speed is inferior at lvl 20 Aceline had higher speed. Foskey is good but if you had trained Aceline Her stats will most likely surpass him having higher speed,res,def and skill. Melia is just OP Robert stand no chance unless you want a lucky skillful thief instead of a high speed mage killer. Algimas and Chiara res is too unreliable having not gone up once. All the mage units are just normal mages honestly nothing wrong there. some other units I haven't used yet due to the slow exp gain. Nilda is pretty op her speed has a 100% max res is decent better that Kurtis but her def is pretty bad you would think someone who keeps talking about her armor would be sturdier than that I love my Halberiers. Also Ceilia and Melia can solo the Sages in that one stage with that fat bishop they don't stand a chance XD.

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hey so apparently chapter 13 going into 14 is bugged in where it freezes. I use openemu one mac which seems to be the problem here. Can someone help me with this. I tried and see if I could take the save file and transfer it over to another emulator that works except it does not separate the save file by game. It just has 1 giant save file for them all. Can someone take my giant save file and fix it? Also the site does not apparently let me upload a file of this kind.

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