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Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

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  1. 1. Favortie Demo Unit/Character

    • Algimas
    • Tactician
    • Ernst
    • Kurtis
    • Haylyn
    • Martel
    • Aceline
    • Boleslav
    • Negu
    • Gerwulf
    • Sven
    • Beatrice
    • Chiara
    • Robert
    • Nilda
    • Wayland
    • Vlad
    • Elaine
    • Celia
    • Foskey
    • Rorick
    • Odin
    • Meila
    • Lani
    • Brendan
    • Dita
    • Katarina
    • Aras
    • Warren
    • Franck
    • Auguste

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Hey fantastic hack! Probably one of the best I've played so far. 

I am encountering an issue on the last level. After Algimas gives his short speech, the cursor just disappears and I can't perform any actions. 

I'm using VBA btw.


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Hey thanks for the advice I managed to bypass the hang with the start button. 

Now that I've finished it, here are my thoughts about the game.

Story: Pretty standard fire emblem tale but with a mercenary flair. The fact that the conflict wasn't driven by some divine entity/dragon was refreshing and enjoyable for me. Pacing is pretty good for the most part but it gets a bit patchy in the last third of the game. Also I felt the ending was done quite well and leaves room open for a sequel. 

Difficulty: It leans towards the easier side for me so I felt that enemy stat progression could be increased slightly and enemies be given specialized weaponry. Some chapters like the castle defense one were solid. 

Characters: They felt unique and fleshed out with understandable motivations and actions. 

Enjoyability: I had a lot of fun with this game from start to finish. Varied map objectives were engaging and maintained the general flow of gameplay well. 

My final team unit analysis

Algimas: Solid infantry combat unit. Destroys everything with his prfs and fantastic stat progression. I gave him the boots so that he could keep up with my mounted units. His Rhongomiant comes at a decent time although it's bugged; granting res instead of strength. 

Ernst: Myrmidon jagen is a cool concept. Mine had a couple poor levels near the beginning but picked it up near the end. Still foot-locked though unfortunately. 

Boleslav: Archers are pretty good in this game with enchanced exp rates, strong bows, passive crit, and some scary enemies that need to be deleted. Boleslav just shows up and takes advantage of all of the buffs. Mine was a bit slow in the middle so I fed him a speedwing for him to continune his rampage. Surprisingly bulky. 

Chiara: A generaly solid infantry like Algimas although she lacked his strength to ORKO consistently. I gave her an energy ring as her strength but a bit lacking. 

Negu: Early game cavalry with good strength/speed progression. Her mount helps her a lot because of the large maps. 

Lani: Mid game pegasus knight with flier utility, support with Negu, good combat albeit occasionally lacking ORKO with somewhat shaky strength 

Wayland: Here we go boys. My favorite character and one of the best units. He's strong from the moment he appears and when he promotes be becomes a flying tank that can ORKO no questions asked. His speed can fall just outside of the doubling threshold so I gave him a speedwing to maintain his momentum. I think he should be given a secondary weapon type upon his promotion; most likely axes to mirror his brother and to fully use his massive constitution of 15 which would let him use every axe withouh a speed penalty. Damn bruh either Vlad's a good teacher or their family has some good ass genes or both. 

Celia: The only unit on my roster that reached level 20 promoted. She's a speedy, dodgy, crit machine who can kill the enemies that Boleslav couldn't double. 

Elaine: Mine got pretty RNG screwned so all she did was staff bot and chip. 

Auguste: Hey it's female Zeiss! She comes in underleveled on the hardest map in the game. But honestly I think she's worth it since fliers are a necessity and she's by far the best candidate for the afa's drop because she has the most levels to gain and her bases aren't as horrendous as other ests. 

Tanya: Pretty good premote Sage with good bases for her join time that can carry her through the rest of the game. Mine mostly chipped and healed since she either lacked the magic or speed to outright ORKO. 

Clara: Better version of Elaine. Again mostly chipped and healed due to lacking offensive parameters. 

Eliana: Late-joining falcon knight. A slightly worse Lani. Her weapon ranks are quite poor for her join time/level. 

Erwin: Late-joining sage. Chipped and healed. 

Katarina: Dancer who can heal a bit. Immensely useful for boss kills because some of them are terrifying. 

Adin: My man. The story hyped him up as a great warrior from a desert kingdom and he certainly lives up to it. He comes with S rank in swords/bows and 25 STR/28 SPD/24 DEF which makes him one of the few characters who can double the terrifying final boss. 


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I don't know if it has been answered, but I'm trying to figure out how to change the color palette for the Tactician. When I use HxD editor, I feel lost because I can't figure out where to switch the palette. Your quote says:
"For the battle palettes open the rom in your hex editor, copy the palette hex listed here and paste overwrite the current version(ctrl+b in HxD.) and save. Then you'll be ready to play the game with your choice of tactician."

I have no idea where to even paste those numbers at. I've been looking for hours trying to figure it out. Is there a specific set of numbers for the tactician that can be pointed out?


Also, on FEditor ADV, the tab to change colors won't work on the hack. It doesn't come up for me either, so I am stuck out of luck.

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Just use FEBuilder to do that it has a better gui support for things like that. I was trying to find it here on the forum but you can get it from the github and download the .7z file, extract with 7-zip software then start the application. The github is located here 

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So I've been playing this hack a few times. It's my favorite by far. So I wanted to go over the units and my opinions on them. 


Algimas: One of the best infantry units in the game. He's pretty solid throughout most of the game and does a lot of javelineering. His promotion bonuses are insane and makes him into a superman even if you were moderately unlucky with him (like I was in my most current playthrough). And Rhongomiant. Yeesh. Jormund is the only thing he can't completely crush in the late game.

Tactician: Really useful in the earlygame as he/she hits RES very accurately for huge damage, and is by far the best anti-armor for a good portion of the game. SPD is a bit of a issue in the long run though. Mine has been horribly unlucky in that stat in my recent playthrough (12 SPD at lv 20/1), so I dropped her. Oh, and Prydwen sucks, it's way worse than Fenrir.

Ernst: My favorite character. The best character for dealing with axe users when no one else can. His SPD is surprisingly shaky as 12 SPD as a lv10 myrm is actually pretty bad as far as myrms goes. I think Chiara's better in the long run because she can use axes and is usually faster, but I love his character so I never ever drop him even if I probably should.

Kurtis: Favorite class. Actually starts out slightly better than Al due to higher STR imo, but not a spectacular unit. his SPD base is mediocre and so is his growth, so he struggles to double things. He is still pretty useful though for chip damage, the heavy spear and tanking physical damage. I hate that he has an E is spears so he can't throw the javelin in the earlygame. Still, I love soldiers/halberdiers so I use him sometimes even if I get unlucky. I once got a ridiculous Kurtis with like 20 STR, 19 SPD and 16 DEF at lv 18 or something. That was pretty fun.

Haylyn: The best infantry healer I've ever seen. She gets 16 XP for Heal which is awesome. Her MAG base is pretty shit but her growth seems enormous, and shit MAG doesn't matter much when you're just healing. She's also fast as hell and got a ton of luck, so she's nearly invincible in a forest. It's just a bit unfortunate that having her use Astrum is pretty much infeasible. Even if I've had her do it once.

Martel: First axe user. Handy against armors and spear users. I prefer him to the fighters because I like berserkers more and because he's usually faster than Odin and way more easy to carry around than Rorick, but I drop him if I get unlucky. Which happens because his bases are pretty average.

Aceline: Horrible, like armor knights almost always are. 4 MOV is just horrendous. Atleast she's good for killing that myrm on ch. 2 to make the way safe for Martel and shopping when you have to bring her.

Boleslav: I hate archers, so I've never really seriously used him, nor do I want to, since I don't really like his character and I find his meme status annoying. He's not that bad though, he hits pretty hard and archers have near exclusive access to 2-3 range. But only attacking on player phase isn't that great.

Negu: First cav. Cavalry is always great, 10 aid on promotion is annoying and her STR is annoyingly shaky. I drop her sometimes but more often than not I stick with her 

Gerwulf: Axe cav. I usually drop him after a while because his bases are alright but his growths seem horrible. Mine has been incredibly lucky in my recent playthrough, even getting a perfect level up, so it's the first time I've ever promoted him. He's the best promoted cavalry unit because he can use every weapon in the triangle and has higher aid than Negu and because he has 8 move instead of 7, which promoted Dita has.

Sven: First flier, and probably one of the most useful units in the game. Flight is so valuable in this game because so many chapters have horrible terrain to deal with. His stats are also pretty great, with huge STR and solid SPD, though I do usually give him 1 goddess icon and 1 speedwing so he can double things sooner and so he doesn't get critted so much. Aircalibur is really scary.

Wayland: Tank, and one insane promotion. Goes from being a 5 MOV infantryman to an 8 MOV flier AND gets +3 SPD. He's impervious to every physical attack and deals huge damage. Swordlock doesn't even hurt that bad because his STR is so high that his damage is good enough even with magic swords at range. He's also the most consistent attacker when dealing with Jormund.

Vlad: I don't like Vlad. 11 STR isn't that great. He does have 6 MOV and con enough to carry people around, but he just falls off so fast because his base STR is so mediocre. Cool character though.

Meila: My primary thief because it's easier to get her to 16 SPD to steal the ch. 17 speedwing than it is with Robert. Neither will ever feasibly get enough SPD to steal Dione's Delphi Shield. Bad in combat, though she does do a good job at shanking fighters in the early chapters with her Steel Sword.

Elaine: Mounted Healer. That's incredibly useful. Her stats seem completely inconsistent though. Some runs I have had Elaines with bad SPD and good MAG and sometimes the reverse.

Beatrice: 2nd magical attacker. Her SPD is solid enough to double almost everything, but her MAG is really shaky. Still useful though, I usually replace her with Aras down the line, or Tanya. Her A support with Foskey means little to me since he's an armor knight and that's a horrible class.

Chiara: 2nd swordswoman. I don't usually use her since I like Ernst, but I done it sometimes and she was solid. IIRC she can't use handaxes immediately on promotion though, which is kinda annoying.

Robert: 2nd thief. The best combat thief imo. There are better combat units in the game but his offensive stats seem ridiculous, I've used him sometimes and he's pretty much like Ernst but not as critty on promotion. And I love his portrait.

Nilda: I've only seriously used her once, despite my love for soldiers. She seems better than Kurtis because she's way faster. Though at that point there's better people, and if I'm using Kurtis, I'm sticking with him. 

Celia: Archer, so I don't like her that much. People seem to have her stomp the game though, so I should probably give her a try sometimes. I don't really see how you need archers that badly in this game though. Bad terrain calls for a huge flier swarm. I can see her being pretty handy with a longbow on the chapter where you need to bring her for Brendan if you've trained her since McDowell is an insanely dumb boss.

Foskey: 4 MOV. Pretty cool character though.

Lani: 2nd flier. An amazing unit and perfect wingwoman for Sven. She does end up a bit underleveled for me since there's some chapters where I don't really have space for her, so I give her the afas drops. Auguste is good enough without it anyway. Mine is like -3 in STR in my recent playthrough though.

Odin: Green Fighter. Worse than Rorick and (usually) Martel due to inferior STR and SPD.

Rorick: Red Fighter. His stats are pretty good, but he's so huge that almost no one can carry him. And I think only unpromoted Auguste can carry him when he's promoted. You don't really need more than 13 or so CON to wield axes in this game. He also seems a lot more developed than his comrade Odin.

Brendan: I should probably give Brendan a try sometimes. His MAG seems pretty mediocre but his other stats seem good. He's also the only person who can feasibly use Astrum late game, which doesn't matter that much but it's something. I usually bring him to recruit Ayrlyn.

Dita: I usually use Dita over Gerwulf because her bases give her some wiggle room, I don't like how she gets 7 MOV promoted though.

Katarina: Dancer, so she's great. I don't usually use her though since there's people I just like bringing even if they're not that good.

Aras: The strongest magician in the game. Her bases are great, her promotion bonus is fantastic, and her growths are great. She can double things, she can hit super hard and she can tank almost everything. 

Auguste: Like Heath with axes. She's a flier with totally usable stats even on her join chapter. She's useless if you let her use her horrible Steel Axe, so I usually start Aras with her group on her join chapter and immediately give her an iron axe. With it she can actually ORKO some archers and soldiers depending on how the stats roll. She usually ends up as my most powerful air unit and unlike Sven she actually has LUCK and RES so she can eat some magic later on. Amazing unit.

Warren: I don't like his class that much, but he's pretty dang powerful on his join chapter.

Franck: Not bad at all. I usually use Negu over him though since she's usually just about as strong as him and faster too. 

Danica: Swordmaster who isn't Ernst. Benched. 

Tanya: Strongest Sage imo. And my replacement for my Tact if he or she ends up terrible. Luce's worth a lot of cash and isn't that strong, why's that?

Cynthia: Another flier, so she's great. I usually give her a speedwing ASAP because 15 SPD is too bad. Her other stats are great, and she joins just before a chapter with absolutely terrible terrain.

Eliana: The best prepromote flier in the game imo. Her bases and growths are absolutely amazing, 20% SPD growth don't matter much when your base is 20. Amazing unit, and you bring her and Cynthia to deal with the horrible terrain and fight Dione on the next chapter, and the rest of the game because most chapters in this game are air maps imo.

Clara: Fantastic, though REALLY frail. I usually don't use Drynwyn that much though.

Ayrlyn: Only Assassin you get in this game. You need to bring Brendan or Celia for her but it's still worth it even if you don't intend to use her due to her handy Runesword, which I usually give to Ernst. Her stats' are great, though she's a bit frail and she doesn't seem to get 2x XP for silencers.

Isaac: Pretty strong berserker, but it's too late. Either my Martel is terrible and I've replaced him with someone else I like like Dita. Or I have a great Martel and don't need him.

Andrew: I still don't like archers. 

Dione: the only flier that I don't usually use because her stats are usually just worse than the other fliers. She's still probably amazing because she's a flier. Delphi Shield is welcome nonetheless though. One thing that's great about her is that the status staffers on her join level always targets her and they've got no chance at landing one at all.

Erwin: Like Aras but less powerful and slightly less tough. Great unit, though I don't usually use him, because at that point I like my lineup too much to switch him in. He's the only Sage who starts with a good staff rank. I wish Warp was a thing, Haylyn is better with Fortify if you need it though.

Adin: Most interesting Gotoh ever. The only archer I like in this game.

I really want to hear some updates on this project too, but take your time. 

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20 hours ago, Bob of the A said:

Is Tanya a gaiden character? I think I missed her.

Nevermind, I figured it out. Fortunately I have a save from the chapter she's on, so I'm not losing too much progress.

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On 3/25/2020 at 11:44 PM, Bob of the A said:

Can anyone help me with how to change the colors on the FemTact's promoted class? Mine still shows up with the default colors.

I'm pretty sure I need the promoted pallet offset for HexEditor, but I have no idea where to find it or look it up. Does anyone know how I find it?

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HELP ME PLEASE, Beware spoiler for ch: 24


In ch:24 i killed Roswell the 2nd time and the cut scene doest play and I'm stuck with Roswell dead but I can't finish the chapter. Any help?





Edited by Razul

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My Cynthia glitched and is now a berserker with lyam's inventory and cynthia's stats (I presume) and weapon ranks (including lances) 

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3 minutes ago, D*ge said:

My Cynthia glitched and is now a berserker with lyam's inventory and cynthia's stats (I presume) and weapon ranks (including lances) 






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