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Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

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  1. 1. Favortie Demo Unit/Character

    • Algimas
    • Tactician
    • Ernst
    • Kurtis
    • Haylyn
    • Martel
    • Aceline
    • Boleslav
    • Negu
    • Gerwulf
    • Sven
    • Beatrice
    • Chiara
    • Robert
    • Nilda
    • Wayland
    • Vlad
    • Elaine
    • Celia
    • Foskey
    • Rorick
    • Odin
    • Meila
    • Lani
    • Brendan
    • Dita
    • Katarina
    • Aras
    • Warren
    • Franck
    • Auguste

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Ch. 15 seems to have some little issues involving the event of the governor fleeing (which happened like 3 times in 3 turns), and something with the "last turn" of said chapter. Besides that, nothing gamebreaking.

Ch. 16 went smoothly, no problems whatsoever.

Ch. 17 doesn't seem to have any proble... wait a minute, what?


So now I have a second tactician, which has no stats, came with a iron lance and has a E rank in dark and staves. Also getting her killed causes a game over.


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Chapter 15's repeated event of the governor running away seems to also cause some enemies near the starting area to respawn.


Edit: Also those pre-promotes (Chap 15) who show up if you take too long aren't very threatening. Their speed may be, but a promoted algimas can crush them easy. Had them feed exp to some lower level allies. 

Edit 2: Minor typo in Chap. 16 pre-chapter events. Clara says comman instead of common.

Edit 3: Cannoli's description (when cursor is on his name) is the one from the original FE7.

Edit 4: In Chap 17, the boss dialogue is messed up. She says something from the original FE7.

Edit 1000000000: In Chap 17, I had the same bug come up where the female tactician is in my party with 0 in nearly every stat. Also, her sprite was used in the cutscenes after the chapter instead of the male tactician.

Edit:5312384756: In Chap 18, the vendor and the armory have their items swapped. 

Just an Edit: Chap 18's village has no dialogue. This may be intentional though, but I just wanted to point it out.

Another freaking Edit: I assume it's intentional for the player to go to Chap 18x of the base game after Chap 18? I don't remember where the "demo" ends, so I I'll assume it is here.

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Algimas: Amazing speed. Promoted him a level early as his speed helps me take down some of the tougher bosses in the game whose speed seem to always be sky high compared to my group (maybe I should use more fast units...)


Clara: Won't show her stats as they are have only gone through one level. Otherwise, she has amazing bases as a pre-promote, and seemed to have decent growths as her level was pretty good. Plan on using her for, at the very least, the mobile healing and her support with Al (side note: I really liked their relationship and hope their convos will be good as well)

Wayland: I have mixed feelings on him. He's got great con and strength, but his lacking skill, speed, and weapon diversity cause him to be somewhat good, yet somewhat bad. His brother's stats are better in almost every way (except for strength, move, and con of course).


Kurtis: The better focused tank version of Wayland. Not much else to say. He's more of a knight than a soldier, but he gets to keep that one point of move, so I'm happy. He's dropped off a little bit since early-game, but he still kicks enough butt.


Strategist: A amazing dark mage who fits the role to a t. Not much else to say.


Rorick: Great bases, great con, great skill. Only thing he lacks is speed, a problem that I neutralized somewhat with a speedwing (iirc).


Lani: Another case of amazing bases. Her growths are surprisingly good as well. Her speed is one point behind Al's, making her another extremely useful unit for me. She's great and should probably stay around as how she is. Her defense is low enough, which I boosted with a dracoshield, to make her squishy enough to have a weakness.


Celia: Clearly you went the route of making archers have great growths to make up for their locked range and I love it. Her strength is her clear weak point (the opposite weakness of the other archer, Boleslav, I assume). The sniper crit boost though causes her to crit enough to make up for it though.


Elaine: Just a healer. Didn't use her much for combat as she needed to heal people most of the time. I like mobility and she had better stats than Haylyn, so I ditched her a couple chapters back for Elaine and I don't really regret it (except for the fact that she had a B support with Kurtis already)


Haylyn: Speaking of which, Haylyn was not that great. Considering the other two healers had more mobility and better stats, I ditched her. I'm not really sure how, but you may want to buff her as she is fine for early-game, but as soon as Elaine shows up, you begin to regret using her.


Melia: I love this girl to death. She's a great mage-killer, she has great evasion, and she has great con for a female thief. She won't kill much other than mages, but that's how it's supposed to be.


Ernst: The strongest yet slowest swordmaster. He doesn't really excel at any stat in particular it seems, but I may have gotten speed screwed for all I know. May use speedwing later to get him to double more.


Aceline: Mostly have used her for her bow. To be honest, she is just a worse Kurtis in every stat except skill and con. However, her higher end strength does help her one shot flying units (especially pegasi). Still unsure if I like the new general axe animation or if I like the original better.


Beatrice: The skill growth astounds me. Maybe I got blessed, but it is abnormally high for a mage. Boosted her speed and strength as they were lackluster. Maybe increase her speed growth (unless I just got screwed by RNG)?


Negu: A unit I regret using. I don't think her base strength has changed but twice. It may be my bad luck, but she could barely kill anything with her pathetic strength. For some reason I did not drop her though.


Chiara: A unit I don't regret using. She's basically a better version of Negu, but without the movement. Can't wait to see her promote as the Hero class is my personal favorite (thanks to Ogma) and I'm sure she'll be great.

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Are growth rates the same from the earlier patch that you posted a few pages back?

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No, they've been changed. I've been keeping a Pastebin with the growths and I re-did it after looking at the new patch in Nightmare. I'm iffy about posting it without TMR's permission though.

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this looks amazing. as a rule i try not to play stuff that isn't finished because it makes me sad when i cant keep playing it. but i'll be sure to play it once its done.

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Still trying to figure out how to properly insert fem tact's battle sprite without messing up the rom (Using HxD). Whenever I search for the offset provided on page 1, it says that the offset isn't contained in the rom data. I know I'm doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. At least I have the portrait I want; so I'm halfway to the goal at least.

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On 5/25/2017 at 1:48 PM, Bob of the A said:

Still trying to figure out how to properly insert fem tact's battle sprite without messing up the rom (Using HxD). Whenever I search for the offset provided on page 1, it says that the offset isn't contained in the rom data. I know I'm doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. At least I have the portrait I want; so I'm halfway to the goal at least.

Hit cntrl+g in HxD and then paste the offset I provided. then copy the palette data and hit cntrl+b then save the changes.

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33 minutes ago, TheMaskedRaider said:

Hit cntrl+g in HxD and then paste the offset I provided. then copy the palette data and hit cntrl+b then save the changes.

ERMAGERD it worked! I'm so happy now!

Seriously though, thanks for being so patient with me. I would not have been able to do this on my own.

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Now that I've completed the current patch I can provide a bit more feedback:

First off, let me say it's great that you're keeping on top of the bug reports that come in. This game has had quite a few. In fact:
-Katarina disappeared from my party after chapter 18. Might be due to FE7 vanilla events?
-Male Strategist does not have Staff access despite the female having them; I know this because of the duplicate genderbent tactician.
-Two more enemies with unusable weapons in chapter 16, this time two pegasi (one has a steel sword, the other a steel bow)
-There's also a random level 1 knight in chapter 18, despite everyone else being level 20.

I like the new sections of the game, the terrain of the maps is pretty unique across that stretch. I also like the changes made to existing maps; chapters 7 and 8 are a lot less tedious (and in the latter case, more challenging) due to the lack of a choke point in the middle. The extra gaiden is also nice so that Celia doesn't appear out of nowhere. The story is nothing spectacular, but it has its moments and I enjoy the main characters. Very curious to see what Jormund has in mind. Still, there are a few typos so you'll want to take another look at the script.

Now then, the units. I promoted most of them around the 16-19 range.



Algimas was the average-solid he was before, while Wayland is MUCH improved. Having two gaiden chapters to gain experience combined with much better Speed make him phenomenal, and sword-lock isn't so bad when you have 8 flying Mov and a Light Brand to work with.



The combat goddess strikes again! Archer EXP gain and the crit bonus made her a great boss-killer once she promoted, which was very quickly. Although she was stubborn about critting prior to promotion...



Healer/10 and yet another combat goddess when the situation calls for it. I'm considering giving her the next robe so she doesn't get one-shotted when Silver weapons become commonplace.



Not covering these two together would be a travesty, because their automatic A support is crazy considering how you changed the bonuses. For those who haven't peaked in Nightmare or paid attention, double Anima gives 30 Avoid at A support. This allows Foskey to face coinflip hit rates despite his lousy Avoid while Beatrice frequently faced hit rates below 20. I've since benched Foskey due to him falling off, but his wife remains a serviceable magic user (needed an energy ring for damage) and if there's ever free space I'll consider him for it.



MLG pro tip for anyone trying to make her good: give her the Speedwing. It takes her straight from no doubling/getting doubled land to doubling/avoiding doubles; from there her growth carried her, and lets her contribute far more effectively in her join map (which is already "all hands on deck"). I wouldn't put it past mine to be Speed blessed.



Solid filler in his join chapter (another "all hands on deck" situation) and good enough to keep going for awhile. I'm mainly keeping him around to keep the party from becoming Algimas, Wayland and the Ladies, but he does his jobs well enough.



Still a great Est character with a fantastic map to join in on. It took her time to promote (chapter 18 at level 19), but I have high hopes for her once the next patch comes out.



I saw how you changed her growths to differentiate her from the tactician so I decided to try her out, and I'm satisfied with the results. With how he was doing she effectively took his place. She took a robe and a talisman to patch up her durability, and it was worth it.



This game has no shortage of strong prepromotes, that's for sure. She may be a little mediocre compared to the others, but eh, that's not a bad thing when they're all so good. Gave her the other Speedwing to get her going so she can be Wayland's wingwoman.



Finally got around to using a Fighter, and he didn't disappoint. I started neglecting him towards the end but he remains a solid combatant. Monster Con makes him hard to transport but it all but ensures his listed speed is his Attack Speed.



Didn't get to use her much (I bumrushed Roswell with three fliers while he still had Purge) but she looks solid, if low on HP and Magic. Nothing a robe and a ring won't solve, and that high Luck could make her useful for baiting critical hit classes.

Katarina would've gone here or earlier if she didn't go poof.



And this is where we start encountering units that sort of dropped off. Lani was not as all-powerful as she was last time, perhaps due to the new maps (11 is less flier friendly for sure) and because everyone else improved. Still a strong unit nonetheless, and she was only just put on the bench, which may or may not be permanent.



Between me wanting to use Aras and his low speed, I ended up rotating him off and it became permanent when I discovered he doesn't gain staffs on promotion. Maybe next time he'll be fast enough to keep up.



Promoted him mid-chapter 11 in case I needed a strong boss-killer and with a C Algimas support he did well for awhile, but his speed falling off and other units being able to do his job better made me drop him at chapter 14. Good early-game carry.



Used her for thief utility and little else.



Earlygame characters who were benched but not immediately. Negu hung on until 12 but dropped due to lacking Str, Brendan made it through that chapter before dropping for the same reason, and Sven fell off a little earlier than Negu because his speed and defense were lagging. At least his situation is better explained in story, he seemed very shady beforehand.

All in all none of the characters are particularly bad, and I'll probably try others out in another save file. Tanya is particular looks crazy good.


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Also, the soldier with a chest key that starts in the top-right corner in chapter 7x should probably be made to move so that the player can get the chest key without wasting turns moving to the top-right corner and killing him.

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With the current patch out, there are several things I noticed with some unnecessary nitpicks. Sorry I can't give you save files related to the findings.

  • Waterfall cave in Foskey's chapter is identified as "Plain"?
  • When Dione battles units other than Cynthia and Eliana for the first time, her mug changes into a red-haired man with a quote that doesn't really reflect her personality.
  • In Ch 14, despite max turn limit saying 16, the boss runs away after turn 12. Also, the preparation screen says it's ch 13.
  • Event after defeating ch 15x shows FE7 dialogue's HM Serra and Oswin joining(?) instead. I get Wo Dao and it changes back into Algimas and Wayland.
  • I forgot which chapter, but there's a boss battle/death quote showing event conversation with Vlad.
  • There's a random female tactician mug after defeating ch 17 (I believe it's after Clara questions Algimas deploying troops without her permission) despite me choosing male tactician.
  • There is one pegasus knight unit with bow northeast of Dione in ch 17.
  • Cynthia's unit support list sprite glitches from Tactician onwards.
  • I suddenly get much more money than given in ch 15. I think I reset/suspended and restarted the game several times and went straight to battle preparation screen by pressing Start button. I ended up with 40k gold when I decided I was ready.
  • Dione has Farina's mug in ch 18.

Still an interesting hack. Might replay to try other units.

On ‎29‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 8:23 AM, X-Naut said:

Tanya is particular looks crazy good.

Looks like I'm missing on unit. When did you get her?

Random edit.

Edited by Connoc

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Um, is chapter 15 supposed to be the "Thanks for Playing" chapter or am I on an outdated patch?


EDIT: It was totally outdated and I fixed it.

Edited by Vaporox

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So, first impressions on the romhack. Keep in mind I've only played a few chapters so take it with a grain of salt.

I like it. I don't know if it's my favorite romhack, but it definitely catches my eye. I enjoy the ability to play with classes that the base games often ignore, and the tactician is an interesting class. Those things are definitely what's gonna push me to keep playing.

However, I do have some issues. Main one being that while the portraits and custom animations don't look bad, and I totally understand how difficult it can be to make them look good, they don't quite fit the general aesthetic of the rest of the game and they just feel... off because of that. It was something that really kept poking at my attention and made me a little uncomfortable while playing. Other than that, I think the characters could use a little bit of work to seem more like characters instead of just faces with stats. I personally have frustrations with Avatar characters in the Fire Emblem series because I feel like it takes up a huge space where a well defined character with a full character arc could be. This complaint could be fixed with further playing however, so definitely take that one with, like, 3 grains of salt.

I'll reply again once I've completed(or possibly just stopped playing in general) the romhack, give my full thoughts on it.

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I have a little problem. I just finished Chapter 15 on the so called "Last Turn" when the sun rises, and the cutscenes start playing no problem, but after Clara finishes her last sentence, the screen fades black twice and stays that way completely silent. Did I do something that broke the game, or somehow my patch wasn't downloaded right?

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