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Possible solution when you can't visit others My Castles.

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I dunno if people are aware of this or suffer the same problems as I do.

When I made a system transfer to a new 3DS about a week ago, I noticed most of my calling cards and several of my friends were greyed out and thus couldn't visit their castle any longer, even though more than 24 hours have passed. As many of you may or may not be aware it's has to do with the 3DS batteries getting changed and affecting the internal 3DS clock or something. There seems to be very few to none fixes to this, to qoute Masterthunderblade that helped me:

This problem seems to be occurring when changing 3DS' batteries, you're not the first one with such a problem either. No real fix has been issued by Nintendo beyond the usual "update your data".

These are some 'partial fixes' that seemed to have worked for some people but not all of them. You might want to try them out but don't be too disappointed when they don't seem to be working.

-Fix one: (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73467251)

1- Go to your crystal ball and hit "Update Data"
2- Inmediatly go out of your castle and scout a challenge, or use the free dlc if you're playing conquest / don't have any dlc.
3- At the character selection screen , close your 3ds for 5 minutes
4- open your 3ds and complete the battle
5- once you're back on your castle you'll notice that the "updating world" pop up will stay loading longer than usual , that means that the fix worked
6- check your feedback and accesories at your inbox and see if it worked

-Fix two: (https://www.reddit.com/r/3DS/comments/4dopjd/weirdly_specific_3ds_clock_issue_with_fire_emblem/)
"What you do is turn the game on. Save your game and then let the 3DS die. Just let the battery run all the way out. Leave it like that for a bit. While it's STILL TURNED OFF charge it til the charging light stops. After months of dealing with this problem daily, this is what solved it."
Also make sure the time on your 3DS corresponds to the current time zone you live in, apparently there are some issues otherwise. After correcting this, it may take some time to actually resolve.

Sadly these didn't work for me as I expected. However, I possible found a third solution on how you can revisit them. It's through the StreetPass Results. Since the streetpass even register when you visit other castles under your Avatars name you'll be able to fool the system with that. But for this to work you need to have fought with the other castle such as seized or won the castle battle them or it won't appear on your result list. I think it also record if you lose a battle but I haven't check that condition yet.

So if you have a friend greyed out, even after 24 hours but you have seized their castle before. Go then to your inbox and check your StreetPass result and check for your Avatar name, with the details "Castle seized!" or "Attackers won!". The text should be black meaning you can visit yourself but it's actually your friends castle. The biggest pain is that you can't see whom you seized.

I just wanted to share this with your folks since I haven't found any other solution other than Masterthunderblade mentioned and let me and others know if it works for you too.

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