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Fire Emblem: The Last Stand

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Yep, it's me again. I really like making video games. xD
This fan-game is a lot further in development from my current FE9-Reimagined game. It takes place at the end of RD, in the Tower of Guidance.
Tellius. The year 648.
After a violent struggle between the Beorc and Laguz races, the medallion known to contain Yune, the goddess of Chaos, reached an unprecedented level of power. When it did, the unthinkable happened...
But instead of bringing about the chaos and destruction everyone had feared, she instead chose to oppose Ashera and in doing so, was to grant the Beorc warriors spared by Ashera's Judgement an amazing gift.
Unfortunately, Ashera had the same idea, bestowing upon her gold-armoured soldiers unfathomable power as well. Now, with the rest of Tellius a land of frozen statues, a battle never seen before in history will mark the end of an era...
You are tasked with the task of liberating Tellius once and for all. Choose your duo wisely and defeat the Goddess of Order!
General differences from regular Fire Emblem games:

Everyone is at Level 60 ( or 20/20/20 ). No grinding required! Order enemies are Level 60 as well.

Enemy stats scale depending on the difficulty selected.

Fast-paced, turn-based battle system similar to classical jRPGs.

Weapons don't break.

Magic targets multiple foes.

Affinity grant stat boosts; e.g: Earth units take less damage whereas Fire units deal more.

All generals, including allies, are weak against thunder. Makes perfect sense.

'Slayer' and 'Reaver' weapons are present.

Weapon triangle works a bit differently. If you hit an axe-user with a lance, they will absorb the damage dealt. Same with hitting a sword-user with an axe. And mages will absorb all damage from magic weapons, be they Runeswords, Runelances ( yes ) or Sleep Axes.

Cipher art for portraits because they're so purdy. <3

Battle BGM will change depending which main character is in your party. Dark Traveller will play for Micaiah on Easy/Normal mode,while Bearer of Hope would play on Hard/Lunatic. Greil Mercs would play for Ike on Easy/Normal, and Eternal Bond on Hard/Lunatic.

Bases stats stem from Awakening Lunatic Mode. Units use a combination of their FE9, FE10 and FE13 (Spotpass) growths. Units who did not appear in Spotpass were given class growths instead. Same with their bases. Some units ( like Lucia and Micaiah. Read: They're amazing ) are completely unrecognisable from their vanilla counterparts.

Magic rules in this game. Auto A-support too.
These two are amazing together.
Weapon swap in battle is GO! Stats are outdated, btw. Mia has 82 SPD now. Trueblades get +30 Crit too. Figured I'd bring it over from FE6.
May Ashera help you on Lunatic Mode.

The game itself still needs a few tweaks before I make it a public release. Currently, it only goes up until the Dragon chapter.

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Looks Good, you don't see many Fire Emblem games that aren't using the normal turned based unit movement style. The art is also pretty good, also how you have the equipment and skills set up is pretty cool.

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Until you have a patch which shows enough gameplay to make some sort of critique about it, off to Concepts with you.

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Ike stats:
Level 60 Vanguard
Base stats:
HP: 112
MP: 66
Str: 74
Mag: 47
Spd: 69
Def: 67
Tanky and strong, but weak against magic with poor speed.
Mia stats:
Level 60 Trueblade
Base stats:
HP: 95
MP: 68
Str: 59
Mag: 39
Spd: 83
Def: 48
Pure Speed with a 30 Crit bonus. Not much else. Weak against magic.
A-support: +5 ATK and +5 DEF
Comparison wise, Lunatic Mode Swordmasters have 110 HP/91 ATK, Warriors have 139 HP/104 ATK.

Updated video. Lunatic Mode (which I still have to clear >< It's that brutal ). Game itself is around 70% complete now. And Shinon is a Blade Lord >:D.

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