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Revelation hard mode run

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I'm replaying Revelation for the second time, but it's the first time on hard mode. Classic mode. I'm struggling more than I expected to. I've been put to tears. Please help me.

I don't know if I'm going to need more help after this, but we'll start here:

Chapter 12. My avatar (+spd/-str). Keeps dying.

I gave her and almost every other unit deployed at least one of the following tonics (my avatar has all of them): HP, luck, defense, resistance. I believe some of them also had a meal that boosts speed.

In the past, I've put other royals on the same boat as the avatar, because they've always had the best stats for me. But because I now know about the Dragon Veins and how tedious the map can be without putting one royal on each boat, she is the only royal on that boat. I've been putting Subaki (reclassed to Samurai) and Hayato alongside her. All of my units so far have survived except Kaze and Saizo. I also have two bond units, one a Samurai, another a Wyvern Rider.

All three of those units on that boat get pretty banged up on, but my avatar gets it the most, especially from the Dark Mages. I feel like I've done all I can to prepare myself for this chapter, yet I can't stop letting myself down. Anyone, please give me tips. I need help.

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Who are you using? I'd consider using Reina for that map.

Maybe you're right.

I'm using Takumi, Azura, Kagero, Orochi, Mozu, Subaki, Hayato, Sakura, Hana, Oboro, and the Samurai bond unit.

I gave my avatar Dragon Herbs and have moved past the problem with her and am now just struggling to beat the chapter without losing units I don't want to lose.

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Is the fight with Flora and Camilla, right? Reina is very helpful to take down some of the enemies that are walking in the frozen water, also you can use her to move some characters from one ship to another, and skip the waiting for the Dragon Veins to surface.

If I remember very well my normal positions in that map, in the left ships I always deploy Corrin with Azura and Jacob (Corrin in the ship that is closer to Serena) in the upper left ship: Takumi, Oboro and Hinata, then in the right ships, in the one in the bottom of the screen I leave Hayato, Reina and Sakura, and in the other Subaki, Kagero and Kaze (and I think Hana too, I can't remember how many units I can deploy, sorry).

At the start of the level, I always use Subaki and Reina to move characters from one ship to another, that is moving Sakura and Hayato to the ship with the ninjas.

Kaze and Hayato, can help to take down the mages from the ship with Flora when they start to try to aboard your ships. The ship with Serena and Beruka have lot of axe users, so this side is good for Corrin y/o Hinata, Jacob can help, but if you don't use him or another healer, you can always stack Azura with Amaterasu for healing. Jacob and Takumi are used to attack the enemies that are walking in the ice, some can't attack back, so, that is good for them, Oboro helps too with a javaline. That could help until the DV appear.

Sorry if something sounds confusing or aren't helpful to you at all, I always have problems with descriptions.

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