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Yang Kai(Yangfly)

Fire Emblem The Dark Emblem

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The Dark Emblem

Hello, this is my FE7 Hack, I've been working on this for some time last year, I had around 7 chapters done, when I lost my files, I didn't create backups online so I became sad and stopped the hack.

This year, I decided to try again.


This hack takes place in the continent of Runanian, there are two major countries there. Valor, the military and knowledgeable country and Kishin, the Draconian country.

The hack starts with the "Lyn mode" protagonist Kyle, the son of a great mercenary leader, he is an axe user that can uses lockpicks and can see at great distances in FOW, his personality resembles a lot Sain, from the original game, I should say it was greatly inspired on him.

The second part of the story, the "Eliwood Mode", starts with prince Alester from a minor country called Runaan, on his quest for knowledge and self-discovery, because his father and his mother died from illness and it was having a fight at the castle to decide who would become king, him or his twin brother, Anthony. He then created this excuse of "quest for knowledge" in order to avoid conflict.

Main Characters(Important ones):

"Lyn Mode"

Kyle Magnum (Protagonist)

Nella Swift

Natasha Swift

Niele Swift


"Eliwood mode"(Importants, also only the one really not spoilering.)

Alester Zell

Anthony Zell

Sheldom Swift

Some screenshots:




Download Link:



Will be added very soon.

One ting, when should I post a download link? How do you guys do? Once a chapter is finihshed or only when a entire Arc's benn finished? (Lyn mode, ELiwood mode etc)

Inb4: Bad Splices

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Projects without a UPS or IPS to download tend to stay in the concept subforum.

As for when you should post it, I'd say when you're comfortable showcasing whatever progress you have made to download, patch and play.

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Ok, I think I'm gonna post the actual patch. It has the prologue and the first 2 chapters.

Tell me what you guys think.

It has custom music inserted and new classes.

(I think it maybe can be moved back to the normal section)

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Lol she also looks stoned in that scene =P

Neat, I'll definitely check it out. Just don't expect feedback from me for a while.... time is something I don't have right now. But not like it's long so when I get some time I'll proly be able to finish it pretty quickly.

I do like the idea of the main guy being an axe user/thief hybrid and I always like to hear new stuff, especially classes.

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Kinda like that.


That's my bad splicing and eye framing for you. lol

Ok, take your time.

New classes and new songs are what is the best in this hack, plotline for the first part of the hack isn't very serious.

But trust me, the second part of the hack has some real nice and serious plotline.

Some updates, gave a lockpick to Kyle when he joins.

Even though you could just give Natasha's to him if you wanted to.

I also fixed the Cavalier's glitch animation.

I'm also changing some texts to make it less silly. lol

Also changed the chapters names and the player phase BGM on chapter 2.

Also i'm changing the palettes from the portraits, instead of using MS paint like colors, to the original FE7 palette.

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The Combat music for the player phase is this one:

Oh shit I swear my project has this soundtrack if not I highly considered it. I do remember listening to this.

9EtAF1R.png Wait, phone numbers? Is this like modern medieval times?

Hahahahahahahaha... sorry I can't help but laugh at this. I am also confused with the time consistency here.

Anyways, always good to see something new. And don't forget to backup your files in case something happens!! :)

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Shit another one I played and completely forgot to post on... Sorry I ended up playing a couple short demos a few weeks back, includng this, then I got really busy and forgot to post. I'm gonna have to replay it and give you feedback.

The good news was that I did enjoy it! The dialog needed quite a bit of work but I see you updated since I played, so I will have to let you know what I think.

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