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Altean Tactician

Altean Tactician's Let's Plays - Important Update Today!

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Hey everyone it's me Altean Tactician! I am coming here to tell you all of my Youtube channel! I want to use this thread to easily link all of you to my videos as well as to keep you all updated on my channel and my let's plays without having to make a ton of update videos. I also wish to use this thread to answer any questions you all may have. I will have polls in this thread as well for you guys to vote on what game I play next after I finish an LP. Currently due to high school, my upload schedule is every Saturday and Sunday as well as whenever I can find time during the school week. Link to My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWb9IrJmExAXprDVe7B9Tg

{Current Let's Plays}

  • Ocarina of Time (Morning upload) - On hold until my friend Nick and I can find time to record
  • FE7 EHM Randomized (Night upload) - Main focus as of now

{Update 9/30/2016}

  • Chapter 14 (part 5) of my FE7 randomized should be up in about two hours as of the time this is being posted
  • I'm going to bed soon because I have a cross-country meet in the morning, so good night everyone!

{Update 10/1/2016}

  • Chapter 15 of my FE7 randomized run should be up in about 3-4 hours as of this post
  • I'm looking for at most four members here that have a Youtube account. My reasoning is that I wish to do a FE12 Hard Mode Ironman Chain Play. There are 24 main story chapters and 6 gaiden chapters in that game so each person would play six chapters each, and we would alternate every chapter or every six chapters. If you are interested just post in this thread with a link to your channel. (If I can't get four more people on board then I can settle for three and each person would play ten chapters) Each person would upload the chapters they play to their own youtube channel as well. I will update you all when I plan to start this.

{Update 10/2/2016}

  • FE7 Part 7 is up now
  • I am still looking for people to do the run that I talked about yesterday.

{Update 10/5/2016}

  • No new video today, editing is taking longer than I thought...

{Update 10/8/2016}

  • I am starting to record FE7 part 10 but due to life things it won't be up until tomorrow, so expect two videos now on Monday.
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