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So, a random thought while playing through Fate's DLC. What is the concrete (evidence provided) Fire Emblem Timeline?

There are many hints and straight up sequels to previous games in the series that make this a lot easier after doing some research. For one: Hoshido and Nohr are referred to by Chrom in the Before Awakening DLC that they are some sort of legends. I feel like this is hinting at the fact that Fates has already taken place by the time of Awakening and since it's a legend I'd put it around the time of Marth's games considering Marth is referred to by the Awakening crew as a legendary hero. Awakening also takes place 2000 years after Marth's which in my head makes them the end of the timeline.

I hate to bring this up, but the Spotpass characters in Awakening don't include Fates which is obvious due to it not being released yet, but from a lore stance I feel like this means that the characters of Fates are forgotten to time and are so far back that they haven't been immortalized as Einherjar.

Here's my timeline for the series which I feel is supported by the many references strewn throughout the game.

1. Fates (Probably Revelations)

2. Shadow Dragon-Gaiden

3. Mystery of the Emblem

4. Genealogy of the Holy War

5. Thracia 776

6. Rekka no Ken

7. Binding Blade-Sacred Stones

8. Path of Radiance

9. Radiant Dawn

10. Awakening

This is my idea of the concrete timeline, but feel free to debate and tell me why I'm wrong.

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there is no concrete evedince to say where most of the games would land

not to mention the plot device that is the out realms

all we know for a fact is

Geneology is the oldest known

with Thracia taking place inbetween

then comes FE 1 then 2 then 3

and every game happened before awakening

however it may be possible that Fates happens after Telius as in Vanguard Dawn the map is refered to an old battlefield

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however it may be possible that Fates happens after Telius as in Vanguard Dawn the map is refered to an old battlefield

But that's an Outrealm, and once we take those into account, there's little chance this can be one timeline.

Anyways, my general idea of the main timeline was...

(And this is really just adding in Fates to yours)

Fates (Who cares which version) -> Gene-Thracia-alogy-> FE1 -> FE2 -> FE3 -> Awakening

Tellius and Elibe are somewhere in there. Maybe. Or maybe not.

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I think Fates is actually last in the timeline, as it should be, if not it's own universe. Sacred Stones is near the end, especially since it clearly shows themes such as Democracy (Carcino) and tolerance(Myrrh). Binding Blade should be probably in the middle of the timeline, and possibly Tellius at the very beginning, with Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral right after Tellius but before Elibe, followed by Magvel and Ylisse.

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Honestly, until we get hints that worlds are connected, I'm of the mind of several groups (And yet again, can't speak on Fates/Tellius. Though 9 and 10 being linked is obvious)

FE4/5 --> FE1-3/11+12 ---> That one Exalt ---> FE13

Scouring ---> FE7 -> FE6


And it's more than the outrealm. To me, FE shares similarity with FF in that many things are shared between titles, but few are in the same universe, never mind world (though obviously more of the FE titles are linked).

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I agree with everybody's opinions, so that makes this all the more harder to decide where the games go. I really hope FE15 clears some things up or at least doesn't have time travel *fingers crossed*. Or maybe even the mobile game can give us some sort of timeline?

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Here's how I think the timeline goes (note: this is a rewrite)

First, Tiki gives us a free pass connecting several games.

Shadow dragon and blade of light [FE1, FE3 book 1, FE11] -> Mystery of the emblem [FE3 book 2, FE 12] -> Awakening [FE13]

Also, putting sequels together, we have:

FE1 -> Gaiden/Echoes [FE2]

Path of Radiance [FE9] -> radiant dawn [FE 10]

Fire emblem [FE7] -> Sacred Stones [FE8] -> Binding blade [FE6]

Genealogy of the holy war ch1-5 [FE4] -> Tharcia 776 [FE5]  -> Geneology of the holy war ch6+

Next, in awakening, you visit a descendant of Ike. Also, Geneology and Tharacia are (apparently, I haven't played them) prequels to the original

FE9 -> FE10 -> FE4 -> FE5 -> FE1 -> FE2 -> FE12 -> FE13

Next up, there is evidence to suggest that Morgan is the tactician from FE7 (Matching clothes, both are aspiring tacticians, amnesia, Lyn recognises him/her, etc.) This means that  FE13 and FE7 are connected, but may be different timelines (as child units in Awakening move from future past to the main game)

The question is 'how', and we get an answer from Fates. As Corrin is probably the first manakete and Hoshido and Nohr are referred to as legends in before Awakening, Fates likely predates everything by a long time.

In Fates, there are 4 timelines: Birthright, Conquest, Revelations, and Heirs of Fate. FE6 likely takes place after revelations, as the scouring probably refers to Anankos's downfall pre-Fates, which can only be spoken about after Revelations. As for Awakening, in hidden truths 1, Anankos requests that the Awakening trio helps defeat Anankos. If this were on the conquest path, it would create a bootstrap paradox, and if it were on Revelations, there wouldn't be a problem to solve (also FE6-8 is already on the Revelation timeline). Also, it can't be heirs of Fate as that was created afterwards. Thus, it must be birthright.

Next, Heroes. This likely takes place after heirs of fate, as the gun that shoots heroes is very similar to Shigure's power. Maybe the avatar here is a descendant of Shigure?

As for what happened after the Conquest route, Nohr was always unstable and at least one timeline needs to be destroyed for Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Maybe a weakened Nohr couldn't handle a fell dragon invasion. As for why FE1 and FE13 characters are present, I'll just do what Fates did and call them reincarnations. (Copouts FTW)


--> Birthright -> FE9 -> FE10 -> FE4 -> FE5 -> FE1 -> FE2 -> FE12 -> FE13

--> Conquest -> Tokyo Mirage Sessions

--> Revelation -> FE7 -> FE8 -> FE6

--> Heirs of Fate -> Heroes

Needless to say, Corrin's choice matters. A lot. However, I have now run out of games to add, so this timeline is complete.:^_^:

Smash bros. happens


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Adding detail

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I think Fates came first in the timeline, as Corrin seems to be the first manakete, and manaketes/dragons are in the other games, implying they came after.

Also, in the "before awakening" DLC, Hoshido is referred to as a legendary [ancient] kingdom. This implies that Fates came thousands of years before Awakening. Other than Fates, Awakening explains the positions of the other games:

Fates -> Genelogy -> Tellius -> Tharcia -> FE1~3 -> Sacred Stones -> Awakening. The other games would go somewhere in between Fates and Awakening...

This makes a lot of sense and was what I was trying to say earlier.

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I don't think it's a secret that I love timeline discussions : P

Before I begin, I have to agree the Outrealms complicates things a lot, plus there aren't that many strings between all of the games in the first place.

With that considered, here are some of my thoughts:

1. The Tellius saga occurs first

The first clue is that the origin story, involving the Goddess creating life on the world, is only brought up here. Also, from a historical standpoint, it doesn't seem that a lot of time (just mere millennia) has passed since the origin of life either.

Secondly, I'm of the firm belief that the Laguz are the ancestors of the Manaketes/Taguel/Fates shapeshifters. There are just too many similarities, most notably the sharing of species. The Dragon Laguz likely became the Manakete, while the Beast and Bird Laguz became the Taguel etc. (although we've never physically seen any birds).

Thirdly, warp magic is being pioneered, with the highly experimental Warp Powder and, later, Rewarp staves. Actual Warp staves don't seem to be in production yet.

2. The event that caused the dragons to go mad in Archanea, Elibe and the Fates world is probably the same event.

One of my theories is that along the way, IS have been subtly explaining the lore using new games. In Elibe's case, the Scouring, which forced the Elibe dragons to take human form, may be the cause of the degeneration of dragons in Archanea.

For one, the event is just way too similar to be a mere throwback or trope. Secondly, in Blazing Sword, we know there's a Dragon's Gate that connects Elibe to another world--a world where Ice Dragons and Fire Dragons exist. Archanea could be that world.

(A disclaimer: the Dragon's Gate is a portal between space and time, so it could lead to a world before the Scouring happened, hence why the dragons beyond the gate can remain in dragon form.)

The event that caused the dragons in Fates to disappear is super vague, but again bears resemblance to the ones in Archanea and Elibe. Especially the dragons going mad and being unable to stay in dragon form.

Therefore, we can place the Archanea, Elibe and Fates stories after the same point in history: the Scouring. Same with Magvel.

3. Fates is somewhat of a bridge between the Tellius saga and the rest of the stories

It's clear there's a pretty well defined timeline of Genealogy/Thracia -> Archanea/Valentia -> Awakening. With a stretch, you can perhaps link Elibe to Archanea. Nevermind Magvel for now, it's tough to connect the Tellius saga and the Fates saga, except via Priam's existence (which can be handwaved via Outrealm shenanigans).

Now this is just a random theory, based on a few throwaway comments, but during the Fort Dragonfall chapters, the characters mention the fortress being built from the remains of a deceased Black Dragon King. In the Japanese version anyway.

We know of at least two Black Dragon Kings in the history of Fire Emblem; Deghinsea and Kurthnaga. It could very well be the remains of one of these, or maybe another that we don't know. The main point is that "Black Dragon King" is a very specific title and thus meant to be an allusion to the Tellius saga.

Thus the Fates world likely has some connection to Tellius.

Next, in the same chapter(s), they also mention the Black Dragon King being an "Earth Dragon". Again, this is a very specific term, obviously meant to allude to the nemeses fought in the Archanea games. So in one fell swoop, they've somehow tied the lores of Tellius and Archanea to Fates. What this actually means though, I'm not entirely sure.

Clearly, there are some major differences between the Black Dragons of Tellius and the Earth Dragons of Archanea. But just by looking at their appearances, the Black Dragons are very similar to the true form of the Earth Dragons--the Shadow Dragon, One could also argue that the White Dragons of Tellius are very similar to the Divine Dragons of Archanea...

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I think the elephant in the room here is that in awakening's DLC, Chrom has heard of Tellius (and obviously Archanea), but they specifically make sure Hubba is the one who introduces him to characters from Elibe and Magvel. The takeaway here is it seems the GBA trilogy of games aren't the same world, since Chrom retroactively knows of Hoshido and Nohr (making his knowledge near encyclopedic) it wouldn't make sense for him to not know of Elibe and Magvel at all unless they are different world(s). The fact that characters from Elibe and Magvel are blatant parallels to Archanea (more than usual, as in characters have identical wholesale plots with a few minor tweaks in 6 and 7 and 11/12 goes as far as to make parallels to those two games with new characters and plots like Gharnef's assassins/Black Fang and Nino/Katarina, in addition to more obvious ones like Gharnef/Nergal, Jahn/Medeus, Hardin/Zephiel, Roy/Marth, Binding Blade/Falchion and the Binding Shield, and so on) might in fact suggest Elibe and Magvel aren't "just" other worlds, but in fact parallel worlds that mirror Archanea, Valentina, and Jugdral.

Chrom knows about Tellius and accepts Tellian history as fact for the most part. However, upon meeting MU-14, he doesn't seem to have even thought Hoshido and Nohr existed. This suggests Hoshido and Nohr far predate Tellius, which is supported by a few things Anna says in the Japanese version.

I'd even hazard a guess the Tellian flood might be why Hoshido and Nohr were basically wiped off the historical map with little to no evidence left of them for Chrom to have

on the subject there's also substantial evidence to suggest Fates is in fact a Groundhog Day loop. Revelations being the final go around and where the loop ends. Whether Conquest or Birthright is first in the sequence ends up being irrelevant, but most of it ties into Alpha Yato and the fact the games split off IMMEDIATELY after MU-14 claims Yato. Alpha Yato seems to upgrade itself in response to MU-14's own inner energy; this, combined with both the "Branch of Fate" feature and the fact Alpha Yato is an algamation of Grim and Blazing Yato, suggests MU-14 has lived through both conques and birthright yet does not remember it consciously. This is also supported h the lyrics of Lost in Thought ("Even the thorn in your heart, in time it may become a rose" perhaps suggesting Yato puts MU-14 through two doomed groundhog loops just so MU-14 will grow as a person before being able to challenge Anankos with their inner power)

Thus the logical timeline I have follows:

Hidden Truths 2-> FE14-BR and CQ -> Loop -> FE14 Revelation -> Flood, Hoshido and Nohr become lost knowledge -> Tellius -> Jugdral(? Haven't played 4 and 5 myself to completely confirm so I'm just goin off of plot summaries off the Internet and general consensus for this one atm) -> Remake Archanea (11, 2, and 12) -> Awakening -> Hidden Truths 1

As for the other world I think Magvel happens after the scouring but before Elibe if it's the same world due to Manaketes being low in number

8 -> 7 -> 6

And just for fun here's the two timelines involving the original Archanea game versions

FE1 -> FE2

FE3 Book 1 -> FE2 -> FE3 Book 2

3 Book 1 overwrites FE1, but the DS remakes overwrite both of them and are referenced as the canonical version of events by Awakening and Fates.

Those seem to be the most logical conclusions to me based on Chrom's knowledge

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SPOILERS FOR PARTS OF FATES, AWAKENING, AND RADIANT DAWN, PLUS FRIENDLY THEORIZING Okay so what I know of the Timeline, we have FE1/11, FE 2 happens afterwards, FE3/12 happens 3 years after FE 1/11, FE4 is happening alongside this on a different continent and FE 5 is a side story of FE 4 in a way, 2000 years later we have Awakening. I'd like to think that there is 3-4 alternate realms that differ from this one. There is Elibe (FE6+7), Magvel(FE8), Tellius(FE9+10), and Whatever continent fates is on. I think that Ike leaving at the end of FE10 has him cross over to the first timeline/world, this is possibly hundreds of years before awakening but I feel safe to say after Marth (he is referred to as the Hero King of Legend, and the Radiant Hero would be Ike, which isn't mentioned as often as Marth) and possibly he married into Marth's lineage as that would explain why Chrom and Lucina have Aether. Priam could be their distant cousin who branched off from the family and was forgotten. This also means Ike's legends could have been heard off but maybe not accepted. This leaves Elibe and Magvel, which simply haven't had a outrealm gate crossover yet with any of the other worlds. This leaves just leaves fates. And tbh Fates screws it up. Based off of Chroms statement in the Before Awakening DLC, Fates could be a storybook land or something like that but yet have a physical presence through the outrealm gate. Fates also connects with Altea and Tellius if Marth and Ike's appearance as amiibo characters count as them being there. So we have where fates is in relation to the other worlds, but when is a different story. Fates seems to happen before awakening with the dlc of the same name, but also happens afterwards as the three units from awakening, Selena aka Severa, Odin aka Owain, and Laslow aka Inigo. Which the hidden truths dlc confirms them to enter FE14's realm when Corrin is just a baby. Yet Corrin is at least 16 or so in the Before Awakening dlc. So I think Fates is in a parallel with Awakening being both Before and After it, unless we consider the possibility of Fates crossing over with two versions of Awakening. Which could be possible since there is two canonical versions of Awakening, the one we play through in the game and the ruined future Awakening. The before Awakening world could be the ruined future world and the children could come from the Awakening that avoided that future. Then Fates would also be linked to Altea if we count Marth as being present there, which mean fates is linked to 2 versions of Awakening and Altea, which are linked to Tellius. Also the groundhog loop of fates version seems possible until Corrin is able to finish revelations. Of the two possible starters for fates I think Birthright would be the first in that loop since it would give Corrin the experience needed to handle Conquest then do Revelations. This all seems to fit I guess until we bring in FE Heroes, which may or may not be canon, but the ability to open gates to new worlds and close them could explain a lot of this, granted we don't have Tellius, Judgral, or Magvel present yet but that still doesn't mean this isn't possible, as they're not present yet as developers need time to program them in the game, so they gave us Altea, Ylisse, Elibe, and Fates to start with.

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My personal opinion on what the timeline SHOULD be.

Geneaology of the Holy War Book 1 > Thracia 776 > Geneaology of the Holy War Book 2 > Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon > Fire Emblem: Gaiden > Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem > Fire Emblem: Awakening


Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade > Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Fire Emblem: Fates


As for what it probably IS... We know too little to say at this point.

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My personal opinion on things is:

Tellius Saga-->Jugdral Saga-->Archanea/Valentia Saga-->Awakening

Magvel-->Elibe Saga


Personally,I feel that for the most part FE's world is mainly a multiverse and not so much all connected on one planet and timeline.

Jugdral through Awakening has been confirmed canon for a long time now so it only makes sense. Tellius was added in there cause Priam, though easily this could be Outrealm shtuff and Tellius could be its own universe for all we know.

I feel like Elibe is closely related to Archanea, they are just not A) in the same universe or B) so far apart in terms of geography that neither continent has discovered the other. I also just have a inclination to believe Magvel happens before the Elibe duology, tho again this is just a hunch and Magvel could take place after or even in a different unverse liek Tellius.

As for Fates, it just seems too different to be in the same universe. Or, Fates is at the very beginning of the timeline and was lost to time because of the great flood.

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you may missed a small detail that jake from shadow dragon and mystery of the emblem makes a cameo on blazing sword on the chapter with canas if you visit one of the house anna willl tell you she is waiting for her boyfriend jake and on jake's ending on shadow dragon and mystery of the emblem it says that he is with his girlfriend anna.

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