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CorrinQuest Submissions

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I already made a post about this, but...I really didn't get any comments on it, so I'm doing it again, but just for submissions.

I'm doing a run like Mangs with just Corrins or Kamuis or whatever you want to call them.


1. Corrins must be level 6-10

2. Corrins must have one skill bought from a mycastle.

3. Corrins must be reclassed into a class listed below.

4. Post that you are picking a class BEFORE you make it.

5. I'm using a US 3DS

Classes (I'm trying to get one Corrin of every class):


Grandmaster (Taken)

Great Lord



Shrine Maiden (Not Monk)


The other five must have specific names and be a specific Corrin (Long story):

Dark Mage (Taken)


Pegasus Knight



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Alright. That works.

By they way, I have another post like this on another site, and someone just made a Dark Mage avatar so that is taken.

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