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Fates - 0% Growths Hack [Chapter 5][Lunatic/classic] (no HP Tonic use)

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Hey all, I recorded some gameplay for a 0% growths hack someone else made after asking me for some initial help, and though I'd share this gameplay of the 0% growths hack, the person who made the hack has already completed both BR and CQ, so I decided to focus more on Rev instead.

Since this is 0% growths, everyone is at base, so here's a few things that make this different from normal:
1. base Corrin can't tank a wyrmslayer even with Sakura aura
2. base Kaze also dies if he tanks wyrmslayer + thunder (regardless of Sakura being near or not)
3. Because of this, you have to consistently dance around outside of wyrmslayer range until you can have Corrin kill the wyrmslayer pair
4. Even then, Corrin can't tank more than 1 thunder hit (10 damage per hit with base Corrin having 19 HP), so you also have to get rid of the dark mages before attacking the mercs.
5. "Why not just use the HP Tonic?", because I need it for Rev6.
This is probably the most consistent and safest strategy I could find, there might be faster ones, but this was pretty good for very first few attempts without prior planning.
There's a +1 def at the end of the video because the person who made the 0% growths file forgot to dummy out the Feral Dragon growths, I fixed that but sadly the video was already recorded, and I wasn't going to redo for a +1 defense that I save edited out anyways.
And as such, here is Revelation chapter 6, which I was able to complete thanks to the tonic I saved from Chapter 5.

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Did the person who completed the hack record their run anywhere? I'd be interested in seeing that.

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How is a 0% growth run even possible in fates when you get your full team by chapter 16 or so? Other games have a steady flow of recruits all the way to the endgame.

Because some units have strong bases, you're also forgetting about Fuga, the man with THE bases who joins really late, he's the unit who I plan to use the most actually.

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