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Conquest Hard PMU again

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I can't get enough of this game


-10 first gen characters and 5 children will be used.

-Children can be picked regardless if the parents are a picked unit.

-If Niles is chosen, then someone can choose a boss character for me to capture and use

-Gunter is not allowed as a pick.

-The avatar's bane/boon or class can be picked alongside a unit pick.

-A single Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Anna, and either a Witch or Ballistician are available classes. No other DLC is available.

-Important rule: Here is a list of the characters I got from my last PMU. If you're going to pick someone I've already used, then try to make them an entirely different class.

1. General!Nah (Corrin) Boon Str/Bane Res
2. FalconKnight!Elise
3. WyvernLord!Arthur (S Beruka)
4. Adventurer!Anna
5. DarkKnight!Camilla
6. GreatLord!Selena
7. Hero!Lazlow
8. Paladin!Peri
9. MasterOfArms!Leo
10. MasterNinja!Xander (A+ Kaze)
1. MaligKnight!Dwyer (Elise)
2. Berserker!Percy (Beruka)
3. Sorcerer!Forrest (Nyx)
4. Wolfssegner!Shigure (Keaton)
5. Maid!Ophelia (Felicia)


1. CorrinM!SpearMaster +Strength/-Luck

2. Felicia!BowKnight

3. Elise!DarkFalcon

4. Silas!Hero

5. Effie!Basara(Corrin)

6. Camilla!WyvernLord

7. Benny!Berserker

8. Lazlow!KinshiKnight(Azura)

9. Fiora!Sorcerer

10. Izana!Swordmaster


1. Kana!Witch(Effie)

2. Nina!Strategist(Elise)

3. Ophelia!MasterOfArms(Mozu)

4. Soleli!DreadFighter(Azura)

5. Midori!Berserker(Charlotte)

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Oh yeah, feel free to suggest whatever weird (though not necessarily outright awful) character & class choices you can think of. My previous playtrhough was pretty easy as a whole so I don't mind the challenge.

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Hmm, looking good so far...

Needs more chuun.

MasterOfArms!Ophelia from Mozu parentage.

I guess she does have the class naturally as well from Odin.

Edited by TrueEm

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Correction: it seems what Thane was going for was Charlotte!Midori as a Berserker.

Anyway, Strategist Nina, mothered by Elise.

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The character list has been reorganized by recruitment order for my convience. I thought about polling whether I should use battle/visit bonuses or not but I think I might need them this time.

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I'm done posting screenshots for ingame stats, it's too time consuming and annoying. Though I'll probably do it as apart of my final unit recap.

Chapters Prolouge-6

Gave Kobe all the kills I could to get him to level 10 before the immediate class change. He pretty much got all the kills in chapters 3 & 5, which was surpirsingly not difficult.

Here's how he looks:


He kind of resembles a generic enemy, and if you look at his overworld sprite at the right angle it looks like he's wearing a toupee

Chapter 7

I really tried to get Felicia some levels to make up for her terrible start, and she actually got strength twice. Silas and Elise remained their base class for this chapter for convience, though I've made it a rule that characters who change their class must do so before the next chapter they join at the latest.


          Class         Level  HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def  Res
Kobe      Spear Fighter 10.97  27 15  4   15  10  6   13   4
Felicia   Bow Knight    5.32   22 9   6   10  13  11  7    11+2
Elise     Dark Falcon   5.76   21 6   15  3   14  14  6    16+2
Silas     Cavalier      7.45   23 11  0   9   9   7   10   5
Effie     Knight        6.61   23 13  0   8   5   10  12+2 4

I think now I'll do some visit battles to grind for some gold bars and probably sell some of the bonus items I got, Heart/Partner Seals aren't cheap at this point in the game

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Chapter 8

A little bit annoying without a healer, but having a flying mage made up for it. Had flying units been able to go over obstacles I would've tried to beat this chapter with all houses visited, just for funsies.

Paralouge 20

This was actually really tough at this point. I had to give everyone tonics and use every at my disposal. Kobe with Felicia tanked most of the right side of the map, and I had to hold off on reclassing Ophelia because she was more helpful as a Dark Mage than a Samurai. I was able to get three of the houses, including Horse Spirit & Calamity Gate.

Paralouge 22

Not too hard actually, the only tricky part was figuring out the first 4 or so turns. I missed every treasure except the Goddess Icon, but other than potentially the Shinign Bow for Felicia their loss won't matter that much.

Paralouge 2

I had to let Kana kill a good portion of the map, I couldn't handle the Falcon Knights at this point. I took long enough for the bosses to show up, but Silas with the Axe Splitter tore through them.

At this point, I will no longer be using unpicked units. Though if chapter 10 is too annoying I might make an exception for just that chapter

          Class         Level  HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def  Res
Kobe      Spear Fighter 15.22  31 17  6   20  13  9   15   6
Felicia   Bow Knight    12.81  28 9   8   13  15  18  7    14+2
Elise     Dark Falcon   14.12  23 7   22  8   19  22  7    23+2
Silas     Mercenary     14.6   27 16  0   14  12  10  12   10
Effie     Spear Fighter 15.76  27 17  0   16  13  16  11+2 9
Kana      Witch         10.0   26 5   16  15  17  13  10+2 10
Ophelia   Samurai       11.26  25 7   6   12  16  15  5    9
Nina      Troubadour    10.97  20 8   10  12  11  16  4    14+2

Also, can I get this topic moved to the Let's Play section?

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Chapter 9

Actually kind of annoying because I thought Felicia could take more abuse than she was able to.

Chapter 10

Somehow I still won this when I screwed around the whole time (like trying to have Silas kill Takumi but bailing when reinforcements came)

Chapter 11

Elise was able to take on the mage section without taking damage, having 30 res this early in the game is too good.

Chapter 12

Not as difficult as I thought, the only difficult part was the several enemies after Saizo & Kagero. And I accidentally killed Ryoma with a crit a turn earlier so I missed the left chest, whatever that was.

Chapter 13

I got pretty lucky in this chapter, a few turns in Scarlet and Reina were attacking me and every hit had to connect or I'd die

Paralouge 6

With 3 flyers I was easily able to surround Candece and kill the rest of the units.

Paralouge 21

I sent my units to the enemies that they'd be effective against, like Elise against the mages for example, so this wasn't hard other than maneuvering everyone through the patches of trees.

Shoot, this playthrough has been pretty uneventful, I think the next time I do one of these it'll be on Lunatic

          Class         Level  HP   Str  Mag Skl Spd  Lck  Def  Res
Kobe      Spear Fighter 18.34  33   19   6   22  17   14   17   7
Felicia   Bow Knight    18.38  31   9    10  14  21   22   7    16+2
Elise     Dark Falcon   18.25  24   7    26  13  21+2 26   8    25+2
Silas     Mercenary     18.8   29   18   0   18  14   17   16   11
Effie     Spear Fighter 18.69  29   20   0   17  15   18   13+2 11
Camilla   Wyvern Lord   4.12   32   23+2 5   19  22   15   22   11
Laslow    Sky Knight    16.6   29   15   0   17  16   19   7    12
Benny     Fighter       17.49  33+5 16   1   19  10   13   17+2 12
Kana      Witch         19.58  27   10   21  22  24   20   12+2 18
Ophelia   Samurai       17.12  30   10   7   18  22   19   8    11
Nina      Troubadour    17.44  22   9    14  15  16   20   6    18+2
Midori    Fighter       15.77  31+5 16   2   19  12   14   10   5
Soleli    Dread Fighter 15.67  27   19   5   14  17   12+4 13   17

My best characters so far are Elise and Kana, I'm really surprised the latter is doing so well considering I thought all she'd get was useless strength. Felicia is falling behind pretty hard, but she's still good for flying units and magic users.

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Man that 26 Magic that Elise has... It looks like she only needs Fire/Thunder tome for a good while. I've got Elise at Lv 3 Strategist, and her Mag is at 27.

I gather that you are not going to do Paralogue 1? Speaking of which, Mozu was the only unit I reclassed, actually. Everyone else remains at their original classes+promotion.

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