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Best parents for strong kid units?

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What would you guys say is the best pairings for the best kids?
I am replaying Awakening since I'm through with Fates- Playing Lunatic, so I want the best stat/most powerful and damage doing kid units.
This is including Morgan.

MU; + Luck, - HP (If this proves a terrible idea, I'll probably change it.)

For a project to work on in my spare time, I want to clear every paralogue and get every unit. I am not new to this series so don't worry about confusing me with stuff.
I usually play while aiming for mainly offensive units with three or four tanks paired with high-attack support.
This is my first Awakening run of Lunatic but I have an idea of how insane it can be. I've heard that it is harder than SD's H5 and a few other game's top difficulty levels so I'm not going in expecting to clear it within a week.

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Why the heck are you running -HP???

Aside from that, Chrom/Sumia is a good place to start.

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+LCK/-HP isn't exactly a good place to start, even if you're going after a max Luck Morgan.

You'd also want to be a bit more specific on what you want out of the kids, like highest stats, Apotheosis runs, etc.

+SPD/-DEF is good for those who want a hyper-offensive Morgan (ie. one mothered by Sumia!Lucina).

+STR/-DEF would be good if you want a Morgan capable of hitting 61 STR cap as a Berserker or General without Limit Break skill after marrying Vaike!Gerome.

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Well, I can see I've already messed up. (-HP is what I usually played in when I cleared Hard mode so I picked it out of habit. If this proves a terrible idea, I'll probably change it.)
I am planning on clearing all the paralogues so I have every unit.
I usually play while aiming for mainly offensive units with three or four tanks paired with high-attack support.
(Will edit this onto the first post.)

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That's a little better.

Tanks - Cherche has a positive Defense modifier, Maribelle has a positive Resistance modifier, and Nowi has positive modifiers in both. Furthermore, Gerome won't get Galeforce ever, and Nah requires specific pairings to do so. So Gerome can be a physical tank, Brady can be a magic tank, and Nah can do both. Tiki can also pass down decent tank modifiers, but that seriously limits your Morgan's choices, so I won't invoke this unless necessary.

Everyone else - Owain, Laurent, Noire, and Brady's mods scream magic, though Owain might be able to get away with mixed if Lissa marries a father with a high Strength mod. Gerome and Yarne are your best bets for physical units. Severa, Lucina, Inigo and Kjelle's weird-ass mods can be mixed, though growth rates indicate that they'd rather be physical, and Cynthia is best focused on Speed IMO.

So it looks like the children will be divides as such:

- Nowi: Pure tank

- Brady: Magical tank in a magical class

- Gerome: Physical tank in a physical class

- Laurent: Magical support, because he lacks Galeforce

- Owain: Magical or mixed

- Noire: Probably magic, maybe mixed if Tharja marries a physical guy

- Lucina: Wants a Galeforce mom, most likely physical due to her unique boomstick

- Inigo: Probably physical

- Kjelle: Probably physical

- Severa: Physical, despite Dark Mage in her class set

- Cynthia: It doesn't matter as long as she doubles everything

- Yarne: Pure physical

- Morgan: Whatever is needed

Soooo. . .

Lucina: The intersect of "Galeforce mom" and "funny sword class" is Olivia.

Inigo: He gets to come along due to attrition.

Nah: Libra's her best choice for mixed tank mods IMO.

Gerome: Best combo of Strength and Defense is Frederick (Kellam's class set doesn't work well with Gerome FSR).

Brady: Oddly enough, Kellam's mods DO work here.

Cynthia: The only reason why Henry is here is because Gaius is needed elsewhere. This means that Cynthia will be a mixed attacker, and she's got a load of mixed classes to choose from.

Yarne: Vaike for mods, Stahl for class set. I'd do Stahl because Vaike can donate his class to another kid, and Luna Bunny is funny.

Noire: My OTP is Gaius. It's funny no matter what.

Owain: Virion gives him okayish everything, and turns him into a half-decent mixed fighter. Gregor pushes him more towards physical, but he also works.

Kjelle: If you want Galeforce on her, pair with Donnel. Otherwise, I'd say screw the mods and class set, and go with Lon'qu for a hilariously fast support unit. Vaike also works, for strength.

Severa: I can't stand her or Vaike, but damn if he doesn't make her a hell of a physical unit. Lon'qu if you'd rather have speed instead of strength.

Laurent: Ricken for a stupidly high magic mod, or Gregor for better utility.

Morgan: If you want speed, and haven't paired Lon'qu, do so here. If you want strength, and haven't paired Vaike, this works. If you need Yet Another Tank, marry Tiki. Mods are +Str/-Def (strength), +Spd/-Def (speed), +Def/-Lck (tank).

I'm rusty as all hell, but I hope this helps!

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Well... this depends if you're going to grind or not and using DLCs. People have many different pairings, but if you're going to use a Rally Bot, it wouldn't matter too much who the father are. If not, well here's mine that I think are the best.

Lucina - Well Sumia the mother because I think a Speedy and Skillful Lucina is pretty good. With Limit Breaker + Rightful King, Lucina tends to activate Aether often and can dodge a lot.
Owain - Donnel because Owain will end up with 50 Luck or more for sure and Donnel gives Mercenary for Armsthrift and Sol as Hero as they're both very useful.
Inigo - Virion seems okay as a father. Not much skills Inigo can use, but I think he makes an OP Sniper and Hero.
Brady - Ricken because their support was nice to me. Not much to add but I like how balance Brady is with Ricken as the father. By balance, just his growths, stats and nice set of class.
Kjelle - Didn't put too much into this, but I liked it in the end as Gaius is the father. Makes her a speedy tank but I don't like generals so she goes to Paladin lol. Gaius also gives Pegasus Knight class to females too for Galeforce fun.
Cynthia - Due to limited supports, Chrom as father makes Cynthia interesting. Nice Str and Spd so she'll be double hitting most of the time and you get Aether no matter what.
Severa - My Unit as the father... because I like Cordelia and Severa really does get some interesting stat caps. Plus, she gets all classes but male meaning a second Morgan as everyone likes to call it. I build my Avatar with Spd+ and Res- because I didn't want to lose the Luck cap and losing Res doesn't seem that bad to me in mid to late game. Early game was hell against mages lol.
Gerome - Due to no Galeforce, I made Vaike the father because of that Str cap. Gerome will basically be a second Vaike from my experience but with better growths. Most of the time Gerome will be just carrying people around and be used as support mostly. Don't get me wrong he'll still kick ass but just be careful of Bows and Wind Tomes. Wyrmslayer maybe...
Morgan - Anything works. Cordelia the mother as you can tell from Severa. There isn't too much you can do with Morgan since they can fill any role you want.
Yarne - I do Henry because last I check, he doesn't get -Str I think? Otherwise you want Yarne to have great Str and Spd maybe. Def works too.
Laurent - Lon'qu as the father. Yeah I know having magic would be better, but Astra on Mages sounded like fun and it was. Plus, Lon'qu makes most children with great Spd and Skl.
Noire - Made Stahl as the father. Like with Brady, I tend to like having at least one or two balance/hybrid stats units. Stahl offers some great Skill Activation like Luna, Astra and Lethality and with Tharja's Sorcerer's class, you get Vengeance too.
Nah - Didn't need much thought in this. Gregor as father for same reason as Owain except the Luck part. Since Nah gonna be tanky in both Def and Res, I thought it'd be nice if I didn't have to buy a lot of Dragonstone+ due to Armsthrift.

A few things I also didn't mention, but get Galeforce on every children if possible due to it's OPness. Dual Support+ is what I usually give to the male children if they can't get Galeforce. The extra Hit and stuff you get from it is always nice and every point counts. As male, give any male skills to the female or skills the female won't be able to get from certain class for example, Gaius has access to Hero but Kjelle won't so I give Kjelle Sol because she won't be able to learn it. Pretty much that's what I consider as best even if it's mostly just for the skills and class they'll get. Like I mentioned before, if relying on Rally Bots, stats won't matter too much but sometimes having the extra 1 to 3 points of Str and Mag can change a lot. Otherwise, some people are more for the skills than the stats. In my case, I prefer skills over stats. Hope this helps you out a little.

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Pairings don't matter in-game if you're grinding ad nauseum on Lunatic after shelling out $2.50 for EXPotential growth. You can run My Unit!Severa, Cordelia!Morgan, Sumia!Lucina, and Cynthia!Morgan and get the same results with your favorite pairings because grindings breaks Fire Emblem in half. Honestly, if you're grinding then you should just play on Hard/Classic.

If you're not grinding and playing Fire Emblem how it was meant to be "played", very few pairings are going to exist because Awakening Lunatic/Lunatic+ consists of raising a few juggernauts to sweep the game.

Anyway, I wouldn't listen to the above two posters; lot of bad advice like having My Unit marry Lon'qu and Stahl!Noire. Go to the Pairing Thread and Lunatic Club/Resetless Lunatic+ threads, they have better advice.

Rather than trashing other people's opinions (which is a shitty thing to do), offer your own. Which is "go look somewhere else", apparently.

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The pairings I used for my final run (Lunatic+ Classic):

Robin (+HP/-LCK) + Cordelia; suboptimal, just my personal favorite pairing

Chrom + Sumia; Lucina gets a lot of Speed and Skill, also gets Galeforce and mixed offensives; Cynthia gets Aether

Frederick + Panne: solid STR mod for Yarne and can keep Wyvern Rider class

Maribelle + Gregor: just giving Brady Armsthrift access and some procs, rather suboptimal

Ricken + Miriel: Laurent gets +6 MAG mod and Luna

Vaike + Cherche: Gerome gets a +7 STR mod and Berserker access

Stahl + Olivia: Stahl!Inigo is very similar to Chrom!Inigo in skill access, just no Rightful King

Gaius + Tharja: Noire gets Vantage and Galeforce

Kellam + Nowi: Nah gets lots of DEF and Luna skill

Donnel + Sully: Kjelle gets Galeforce, Armsthrift, and other skills.

Henry + Lissa: Owain gets Sorcerer and can go mixed

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This is meh advice. Modifers don't matter for pairings and suggesting OP to run a full team is awful on Lunatic unless you shelled cash for EXPotential Growth. Good pairings in Lunatic consist of great availability and how strong those units are. Chrom x Sumia is great because of availability and both of them have several chapters to get out of being weak. Meanwhile, Henry x Lissa is awful unless you grind because one is a staffbot and the other is a late-joining Dark Mage who gets bopped by his join chapter enemies. And if OP does grind, he or she doesn't really have any reason to use your pairings honestly despite all the praise you're singing.

The run was not a no-grind run to begin with so anything goes (any pairings, kids, Einherjars, etc.). In fact, the run was made with breaking the game as legally hard as possible in mind (maxed out Einherjars, Chapter 5 Master Seal farming/items farming, maxed Renown, etc.). EXPonential Growth is only good for the first few times you use a unit for that map as other maps (namely Champions of Yore 3 and Lost Bloodlines 3) are more efficient.

If this were to be a no-grind run, most of the kids and pairings wouldn't have happened to begin with.

TL;DR: Not everybody plays Lunatic(+) no-grind.~

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