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Birthright Heart Seal % Run

Pick my units!  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Unit (Heart Seal Class)

    • Rinkah (Ninja)
    • Kaze (Samurai)
    • Subaki (Samurai)
    • Silas (Mercenary)
    • Saizo (Samurai)
    • Orochi (Apothecary)
    • Azama (Apothecary)
    • Setsuna (Ninja)
    • Hayato (Oni Savage)
    • Oboro (Apothecary)
    • Hinata (Oni Savage)
    • Reina (???)
    • Kaden (Diviner)
    • Ryoma (???)
    • Scarlet (???)
    • Mozu (Archer)

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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted something here, so please excuse the roughness of this post.

I'm starting a playthrough of Birthright, but with a little twist.

All units must be in a Heart Seal class as soon as possible.

A unit must use a Heart Seal as soon as they enter My Castle.

I feel like Birthright is a little on the easier side, so I want to add a little extra challenge.

This run will be on Normal Casual (I set up this file for RNG abuse, and I really wanted to use this file for other stuff).

However, I need a little help. I need a LOT of Heart Seals to make this run work (at least 20), so if anyone has level 3 rod/staff shops and wants to be a (small) part of this run, let me know by posting your castle address. I'll try to post something about everyone I visit.

Also, to make things a little more interesting, I'm only going to use "popular" units and royals. I'm setting up a poll to decide my endgame team. You decide what units I will use.

The following units are mandatory and will not show up on the poll:


Avatar (Suzu, Fighter -> Berserker)

Azura (Sky Knight -> Kinshi Knight)

Jacob (Butler for Ch. 7, ??? after)

Sakura (Sky Knight -> Falcoknight)

Hana (Shrine Maiden -> Priestess)

Hinoka (Spear Fighter -> ???)

Takumi (Spear Fighter -> ???)

Kagero (Diviner -> Onmyoji)

I believe 16 units are allowed at endgame? So I will use the top 8 units in the poll, UNLESS there's too many units in the same class. Please, pick anyone you like.

I have already setup my file(currently going into chapter 7):


I will track my progress here (probably move this when it actually starts, in about 2-3 days? I can definitely do ch. 7 as I can deploy all units?). This will be a screenshot playthrough as I do not have access to a capture card.

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Wait, you can buy additional Heart Seals from other castles?

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If a castle's Staff/Rod Store is at max level, you can.

That being said, I think it would be easier to find random castles with fully evolved staff/rod shops, and do it that way.

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I've been doing a Conquest Lunatic/Classic playthrough that's pretty much this (Heart Seal everyone immediately, a few DLC classes are allowed, can use Friendship/Partner Seals when they apply, but no base classes allowed). It's tremendous fun, I really think more people should be giving these a try (though perhaps not on Lunatic, lol). You find new uses for units, like Great Knight Jakob becomes the new Frederick, and Wyvern Rider Elise seems terrible at first, yet becomes a monster later. I haven't done Birthright yet, but Samurai Saizo and Apothecary Azama seem like they'd be pretty good.

Anyway, good luck to you and have fun!

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If a castle's Staff/Rod Store is at max level, you can.

That being said, I think it would be easier to find random castles with fully evolved staff/rod shops, and do it that way.

Yeah, I've been doing this since high level people don't usually visit a low level castle. :(

I do have a Lv.3 Rod shop. Whenever you need some seals, feel free to pass by. Castle Code is on my signature.

Visited! Thanks for the Heart Seal!

You forgot Kagero, and Azama in Merchant class is beast.

I have forced myself to use Kagero as a Diviner, so she isn't listed in the poll.

I may use Azama, depends on the poll. (Definitely will make him a Merchant if he promotes) :D

Sorry for the slight delay, I'll try to update 2-3 times per week (around 10-11pm Pacific is my goal).

[spoiler=Story 0: Introduction]


Hi! My name is Suzu. Originally from Hoshido, I spent most of my childhood raised in Nohr. Not by choice, mind you. I was apparently kidnapped from Hoshido by some Nohr noble and sent to the palace. I grew up in the palace, combat-trained by Prince Xander of Nohr himself.

Apparently I'm very "skilled" at combat, but I'm not very strong, so Xander suggested learning how to use axes, as they "balance out" my combat capabilities. (His words, not mine) However, the people of Hoshido generally use clubs instead of axes, so I had to quickly learn how to use them as well. Luckily, axes and clubs are similar, so I caught up quickly. I learned how clubs are not as strong as axes, but work well with my ability to target enemies' weak points.

[spoiler=Story 0.5: Dimensional mail?]

So, I just received mail from... another dimension? I don't recognize this address...


Weird. Just by reading mail I can visit other dimensions?

Anyway, I find a fancy shop selling these strange yellow and red orbs called "Heart Seals" that can change the combat abilities of anyone. I remember Sakura mentioning how she wanted to try something different, so I buy one.

As soon as I put the "Heart Seal" in my bag, I'm immediately transported to Fort Jinya. Luckily Sakura is there, tending to the wounded after our last battle with Nohr. I'll deliver this to her immediately.

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Poll as of Oct. 24:

10 Silas
 9 Mozu
 8 Rinkah
 8 Saizo
 7 Setsuna
 7 Hayato
 6 Kaze
 6 Subaki
--------------------------- 8 slots
 5 Orochi
 5 Azama
 5 Hinata
 4 Oboro
 4 Kaden
 4 Ryoma
 3 Scarlet
 1 Reina

Looks like I'm using most of the early-game units, then.

Final team scheduled to be finalized on Oct. 29.

[spoiler="Story 1: Defending Jinya(Chapter 7)]
So Fort Jinya is under attack by Nohrian soldiers. I meet up with Sakura, who seems panicked as she runs out to meet me.
"Suzu! Thank goodness you're here! M-my rod won't react to me anymore! I d-don't know w-what to do!"
Looking at her, I can understand why, but not exactly how.
"Sakura, why are you wearing sky knight armor? Did you use one of these?" I say, as I pull out the Heart Seal from my bag.
"I guess so? One of our soldiers gave it to me, but as soon as I touched it, I felt... different."
Weird, I think to myself, I wasn't affected the same way when I bought this one...
"Maybe if I try to use yours, I can use rods again?"
"No harm in trying, I guess."
Sakura quickly grabs the Heart Seal in my hand. It glows for a moment, then lets out a blinding light. After it fades, though, Sakura was still in her sky knight outfit.
"It-it's not working! What am I going to do?"
Suddenly I hear screams from inside Fort Jinya and a battle horn from outside, at basically the same time.
"Well," I sigh, "looks like we're gonna have to make do with what we have..."

Turns out that Heart Seal affected everyone except Jakob, Hana, and Subaki. Everyone's in a new class, but more importantly, no one really has proficiency in any of the weapons of their new class. Azura is still in a naginata-wielding class, but she's not really proficient in it to begin with. At this stage, it's too late to get practicing, since the Nohrians have already started to attack.

Hana quickly runs over to Sakura and takes the Heart Seal and her rod from her. Immediately she's covered in a white light, and suddenly...
"I'll take over the healing duties, then."
"Hana, I have Jakob to--"
"I can handle this."
Great, now I have a not-magically-inclined healer instead of a sword user. Granted, I have Kaze, but...

"Time for Lady Sakura's second retainer to help out, too!"
Subaki decides to join everyone else and grabs a sword from I don't know where, and now he's a Samurai.

I turn to Jakob to see if he wants to change class, also. He politely declines, as he knows he can heal better than Hana. We'll see about that, but I hope he's right. It's time to repel the Nohrians.

I found your weak spot!

{Aside: 22 skill still isn't capped}
I get the Gamble skill here. I'll be a little more reckless if it kills faster and harder.

Sakura: "I'm not too good at this... Can I change back now?"
If only I knew how, Sakura. For now, you're gonna have to get used to this.

Subaki: "Still perfect, even with a weapon I just learned yesterday."
I'm really glad Subaki's still useful.
(Also, this guy tried to escape with my treasure. It didn't go well for him.)

Rinkah, on the other hand, isn't ANY help. She debuffed Silas on counter, and STILL can't do damage.

Hana heals for 8 HP. At least she's not totally useless.

Silas surrenders after a small fight, and we somehow convince him to join us. Even after I told him about the weirdness of the Heart Seal that he will most likely become subject to.

Also, Takumi and Ryoma are missing. Perhaps our neighbors, Mokushu and Izumo, know about their whereabouts? Let's go visit.

Should this be moved to Let's Plays? I'm not too sure if this qualifies. If it does, how do I get it moved?

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I can take care of moving it~!

Thank you!

[spoiler=Story 2: Mozu's Village(Chapter 7x)]

Not to be confused with Paralogue 1. Totally. It's after chapter 7, so I'm calling it 7x.

On our way, we hear about a Faceless attack nearby, so we investigate.



Good call. Let's rescue Mozu.


Here's the plan: The S-team (Saizo, Sakura, Silas, and me, Suzu) moves south, while everyone else moves west. The west team is clearly lacking strength, but there's much less Faceless that way.

Silas is pretty good as a mercenary. Good damage and defense makes up for bad speed.



Except he misses. 91%, Silas. *sigh*

I can't rush straight to Mozu because of this.


Instead, I crit a Faceless on the way.

Saizo can clean up any Faceless Silas and I leave behind. Sakura joins us just to fortify our defenses.



I catch up with Mozu just as the Faceless to the west spot her. I can tell she definitely wants revenge, so I offer her my Heart Seal and a Brass Yumi and...


...she destroys the nearby Faceless.



one of the Faceless here scratches Rinkah, and she's mad. Just look at that damage now!


She's even out-damaging Jakob, and he's more experienced.

We slowly bait the Faceless out, and meet at the northwest, in the center of the village. Mozu spots something odd about this Faceless, though...

Mozu: "That... That one over there! It killed my mother! Lady Suzu, permission to--"

"Of course, Mozu. Take it out."


Mozu decides to join us after cleaning up the Faceless. She probably wouldn't last too long out here, anyway, with everything destroyed.


I have plans for you, Mozu. You will definitely be welcome here.

I'm changing the update schedule to "whenever I feel like it, but generally no less than 1 per week". Also changing the time to about 11pm-1am Pacific (10pm-12am when DST ends, as we don't observe DST).

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Results are in!

[spoiler=Poll Results as of Nov. 1]

10 Rinkah (Ninja)
10 Silas (Mercenary)
10 Mozu (Archer)
 9 Setsuna (Ninja)
 8 Kaze (Samurai)
 8 Saizo (Samurai)
 8 Hayato (Oni Savage)
------------ 7 slots
 6 Subaki (Samurai)
 6 Azama (Apothecary)
 6 Kaden (Diviner)
 5 Orochi
 5 Oboro
 5 Hinata
 4 Ryoma
 3 Scarlet
 1 Reina

The top 7 units are set, but there's a 3 way tie for 8th! I'm tempted to just take Kaden to cover magic, as I have only one magic user. I may also take Azama, as I have only one bow user. I am definitely NOT taking Subaki, as I already have 3 sword users (4 including Jakob).

Update coming within a day or so (I hope). I may change the format to just show unit stats or if something important happens.

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