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FE 8: The Alternate Stones

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40 minutes ago, CrystalPoke said:

Editing your first comment, maybe.

I'll try that from now on.


Edit:  Also, I think Saleh just broke the game for me.


2nd Edit:  For the next update, can you do make the respawning units stronger?  I'm at chapter 17 (normal mode) and this piece of crap druid spawned.  It's just jarring that only the enemies that first appear are strong but everything else that comes after is just so weak.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 3.06.01 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 3.31.29 PM.png

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Hey, I'm just starting out this hack and loving the Rapier's infinite durability! That was an awesome change!

The doc is missing a bit of info though. Units after Dozla don't have their base stats listed and Garcia is missing from the spreadsheet.

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On 4/9/2017 at 6:39 AM, FranRedStar said:

Spawned in? he spawned in with those stats or did you grind him?

In regards to Saleh, I did grind for him.  I just find it ridiculous that he capped every single stat when no one else did.


For the Druid, he was one of the reinforcements that spawned on certain turns in chapter 17.  I just find it disappointing that an enemy that late into the game has such piss poor stats.  And it's not like he can't do it because some of the respawning Warriors had their stats buffed, so why not do that for the Druids.


Also, just to report, that the current placeholder supports for Aias are broken.  The list showed that one possible support for him was Cormag, so I got that up to C and saw that it was the C conversation for Cormag and Tana.  However, if I try to go for the ACTUAL Cormag and Tana support, the game won't let me.  Despite being next to each other for well over 100 turns, I couldn't get the support started.  So yeah, that's something the creator should look into.


One more thing, can the maker please lower the buffs gained by the Demon King's weapon or buff the caps for your units?  Him having 60 total points for both defense and resistance makes it so that nearly everyone you bring won't be able to actually hurt him, not even my maxed out Saleh, who destroyed everyone in his path, could damage him.  The only two who could deal significant damage to him are a maxed out Myyrh and Aias with the sacred dark tome, and Aias gets doubled by the Demon King even with maxed speed.  L'Archael and Natasha can do some decent chip damage, but since healers generally have lower health compared to other units.  Combined with the Demon King hitting like a truck, means that unless you give them Angelic Robes they will get one shotted by the Demon King.

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